Pros and Cons of ReactJS Web Application Development

By Ronak Patel   |   10 June, 2019
Pros and Cons of ReactJS Web Application Development

ReactJS is one of the most favored and popular front-end development library based on JavaScript programming language for developing innovative user interfaces for single page applications.

One of the best choices of developers, ReactJS allows developers to create reusable UI components which help in fast development.

The library was, first, created by Jordan Walke working as a software engineer at Facebook. It was made open source in 2013, and since then, the library has been the reasons for many investors’ business success.

Yes, you get plenty of benefits when you use ReactJS in your projects. Right from increasing productivity and shortening development time to reduce web development & maintenance cost and produce more standardized output are some of the competitive advantages of ReactJS.

But, like every framework and library which come up with some advantages and disadvantages, ReactJS, too, has some good and bad which you should know if you are planning to adopt this and implement it.

Why ReactJS Stands Alone

There are many tools, libraries, and frameworks which are very useful development platforms, but a few of them have changed the way of functioning and revolutionized the workflow.

ReactJS is one such open source JavaScript library which has transformed the tech industry and provided robust JavaScript framework/library to developers across the globe. If we check the statistics, we can observe that number of sites are using Reactjs.

Reactjs Usage Statistics

Top Features of ReactJS

There are a plethora of things why ReactJS important for developers and industries. For example;

Re-Usable Code:

The components created in the code using ReactJS are reusable. That means there is no need to rewrite new code.


Using JSX has replaced the regular JavaScript for templating due to its simple HTML quoting which is used as HTML tag syntax, helping faster subcomponents rendering. JSX + JavaScript turn into React frameworks.

Single Way Data Flow:

It provides faster data flow while emitting the traditional way of binding and reducing the boilerplate.

Virtual Document Object Model:

Gone were the days when developers had to render complete data if it requires any changes after completing the work while in ReactJS, developers need to render only the changed component.

Zero Dependencies:

Unlike most other technology platforms, ReactJS is an independent library/framework that provides complete freedom to developers to try a small feature in your ongoing project.

ReactJS Advantages and Disadvantages

Just like everything, ReactJS has both advantages and disadvantages which as a developer and investor you need to know.

In this article, we have given all pros and cons of ReactJS library. It will help you when you hire ReactJS Developers for your project.

What are the Advantages of ReactJS

Today, we have multiple open-source platforms which are easy to use and comfortable to create or develop applications.

ReactJS library is the need of time as it provides a number of benefits for both developers and websites.

Let’s take a look at its top benefits and why it is so popular.

Advantages of ReactJS

Soft Learning Curve

When it comes to choosing the right framework for your project, the first thing a developer or investor looks for is its usability -whether the framework is easy to learn and easy to use or not.

In terms of ReactJS, a developer can find plenty of documentation, tutorials, and resources help developers who come from a JavaScript background, can learn it quickly.

Importantly, Being it a View (V) part in the Model View Controller (MVC) model, which is no doubt, one of the parts of JS Frameworks, but comes with little flaws.

That means, it is not fully featured, but comes with a great advantage for it being open source UI library and enable developers to do away with complexities and execute the task like a pro.

Easy to Create Dynamic Web Applications

Before ReactJS, creating dynamic web application was cost and complicated affair.

Yes, a dynamic web application used to be complex, and it used even more complex when there used to be HTML strings as it makes development downright harsh and complex.

Developers had to go through complex coding while ReactJS has simplified this by offering rich quality and quantity of features and functionalities in less coding -thanks to the JSX (JavaScript Extension) which allow HTML quotes and HTML tag syntax to make machine-readable codes by rendering particular subcomponents.

Reusable Components

When an application is developed based on ReactJS, there are plenty of components, which are part of the web application.

Importantly, these components come up with their own logic and controls which make the components reusable HTML code which developers can use with other projects or wherever they want.

The components can be shifted or nested with other components, and in such cases, if you have a complex application to build, it will pave smooth ways ahead.

Furthermore, ReactJS also utilizes a mechanism based on virtual DOM to fill the data which enables fast development as it makes changes only in certain DOM instead of entire DOM every time of reloading.

Unbeatable Performance

Virtual DOM with ReactJS enables the library to provide enhanced performance. The cross-platform and programming API, DOM utilizes HTML, XML and XHTML markup languages.

The issue was when DOM updated, it slowed down the performance while ReactJS came up with intact solutions with its virtual DOM, which represents the browser’s DOM.

So, it leads to enhanced performance as when you write virtual code instead of writing directly to the DOM.

Importantly, all code will be automatically turned into DOM.

The Support of Handy Tools

ReactJS comes up with a set of handy tools which can make development, implementation, and tasks of developers easier and understandable.

The Chrome and Firefox dev extension, which React Developer Tools have been designed for, allows developers to inspect the hierarchies of React Components in the virtual DOM.

At the same time, developers can easily edit, examine props, and state by selecting the particular components.

SEO Friendly

Unlike traditional JavaScript framework, ReactJS comes with exciting features which help developers to navigate the application on various search engines.

Before the ReactJS, the JavaScript-heavy applications had an issue as the search engines could not read such an application properly.

The new one such React.js web application can be run on the server while the virtual DOM will make continuous rendering and returning to the browsers.

The Benefit of Having JavaScript Library

ReactJS utilizes rich JavaScript library which has grabbed the attention of ReactJS web developers worldwide.

Latest JavaScript library provides immense flexibility and the vendors and developers to make the most out of the JS and choose how they want it to be.

Testing the Codes

All a developer wants is easy testing and debugging, and ReactJS does it successfully.

ReactJS offers a feature called scope that enable developers to maintains smooth development by initiating testing and debugging utilizing the native tools.

Simple Functionality:

The use of just plain JavaScript, best component-based approach, and declarative view make code precisely predictable, which help in easy debugging and make the entire things easy and comprehensive.

Native Approach:

React introduced React Native library to provide a reliable platform to build Mobile applications for iOS and Android devices.

Besides, web applications created using ReactJS give an impressive result, hence it fits the industry requirement.

What are the Disadvantages of ReactJS

Like all other libraries and framework, ReactJS too has some drawbacks. However, the cons are curable and can be emitted, utilizing the proper tools.

Here are some of the most talked disadvantages of ReactJS.

Disadvantages of ReactJS

ReactJS is Moving Fast

It holds both good and bad. Great pace of development that makes the constant changes in the development environment creates noise to developers as they have to relearn a new way of doing the same things.

Sometimes, adopting new changes turn hard developers as the changes will continue to get updates. That means the developers need to keep their skills updated and that may not go well with all developers.

View Part

As ReactJS is used for developing the dynamic user interface, it has good reasons behind, but it has some adverse impact as well.

For example, developers need to rely on other technologies as well.

Poor Documentation

Due to fast-moving nature and the library receiving constant updates, documentation, which is the most crucial part, remains poor.

For example, there is not enough time to make proper documentation and help developers carrying out fast development.

In short, it affects development processes.


Yes, JSX is a barrier as it is complex for new developers to understand its complexity correctly and work on the projects like a pro.

In fact, JSX is suitable for ReactJS, in many cases. It enables developers to mix-up HTML and JavaScript together while it may provide bad experience to the fresher.


ReactJS turned out to be the most popular JavaScript library in a short period of time since its inception due to its fast, scalable, and simple natures.

You can make the most out of the library and get the best scalable projects for our business niche. Most importantly, the library is so famous that you can find the right developers for your projects.

However, you need to keep all its pros and cons in mind before you choose the developers. For example, ReactJS does not help you create comprehensive projects.

That means you need some other technologies as well to complete the projects. So, find the right ReactJS Development Company which offers complete solutions for your projects.

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