Challenges of Data Migration Services

Most businesses delay data migration even when their systems are critical and in dire need of modernization, upgradation or other forms of migration. Why? Because Data Migration is a huge responsibility that you need to implement carefully. Here are the common data migration challenges that clients often face -

Downtime and Business Disruption

Minimizing downtime is one of the biggest data migration challenges. Businesses fear disruption to their regular operations which can impact productivity and customer service.

How can Aglowid Help?

  • Conducting phased migration during off-peak hours for minimal disruption
  • Implementing parallel systems for seamless continuity of business critical operations
  • Offering 24/7 round-the-clock support during issue resolution phases

Industrial Regulatory Compliances

Ensuring that your data migration process complies with industry regulations and data protection laws can be challenging, and lead to legal and compliance risk, if not handled professionally.

How can Aglowid Help?

  • Conducting a detailed compliance assessment to understand your firm's compliance landscape
  • Staying informed about evolving regulatory requirements that impact your niche/industry
  • Implementing the right measures to meet & exceed any applicable compliance standards

Enterprise System Migration

Enterprise system migration poses many challenges like minimizing downtime, holding data integrity, overcoming security challenges and managing stakeholders' resistance to change.

How can Aglowid Help?

  • Conducting strategic in-depth assessments to formulate enterprise migration strategy
  • Post deployment ongoing support for smoother transition & ensuring project efficiency
  • Stakeholders are involved throughout the process to keep their queries answered

Data Quality and Integration

Ensuring quality and accuracy of your data throughout the migration process can be challenging. Data could be lost, corrupted or transformed incorrectly during the transfer process.

How can Aglowid Help?

  • Performing comprehensive data quality audits & assessment periodically
  • Utilizing data cleansing tools to rectify discrepancies and enhance data accuracy
  • Implementing validation checks at all stages of the migration process to ensure data consistency

Data Security Concerns

The risk of data breaches or unauthorized access increases during the migration process as it leaves the systems more vulnerable for exploitation.

How can Aglowid Help?

  • Establishing a robust infrastructure for ensuring secure & seamless data transfer
  • Implementing robust data backup protocols to safeguard against data loos
  • Conduct thorough security audits throughout the data migration process
  • Implementing rigorous access controls & monitoring tools to enhance security

Compatibility Issues

Mismatched data formats, dependencies, data structures between the source and target systems can result in major compatibility issues causing system breakouts.

How can Aglowid Help?

  • Conducting detailed compatibility assessments to find out problematic areas
  • Offering customized mapping services to bridge any potential system gaps
  • Using middleware & transformative tools for ensuring seamless migration
  • Enforcing stringent data quality assurance measures to guarantee the integrity of migrated data

Resource Constraints

Most times, companies don’t have adequate talents in terms of skilled resources & technological infrastructure that hinders smooth execution of data migration projects.

How can Aglowid Help?

  • Providing training and data migration consultation services for personnel
  • Leveraging automation tools for resource utilization and cost optimization
  • Providing remote data migration experts to hire individually or as a team
  • Providing scalable hardware resource support to support all migration demands

Testing & Validation

Testing and validating data during the data migration process is challenging with complex data structures, big data and disparate data sources.

How can Aglowid Help?

  • Developing & implementing testing frameworks for various data scenarios
  • Team of data migration strategist can provide strategic insights into best approaches & practices
  • Implementing comprehensive data quality assurance measures like validation checks
  • Tracking performance of data migration process in real-time, to identify & address any issues


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Our Comprehensive Data Migration Services

Aglowid provides end-to-end data migration services that covers various industries, use cases, and other requirements of any business of any scale. We are a leading data migration services company with services ranging from data migration consultation to enterprise migration services.

Data Migration Consultation

Aglowid has access to many expert data migration consultants that curate tailor-made data migration strategies, strategic guidance and risk assessment analysis to ensure a smooth transition with minimal disruptions.

Server Migration Services

Aglowid specializes in offering secure sever migration services, facilitating the transfer of data and applications between servers, whether it is on-premises or in the cloud, ensuring optimized scalability and performance.

Data Center Migration

Aglowid offers comprehensive data center migration services right from managing the relocation of business-critical infrastructure to servers and storage systems, ensuring minimal downtime and maximum efficiency.

Application Migration

We specialize in migrating applications to deploy them in new environments, whether it is migrating to the latest version of existing tech stack, transitioning to the cloud or moving to a more efficient platform.

Business Process Migration

We specialize in migrating complicated business processes with assurance of business continuity and efficiency during such transitions like adopting new workflows, restructuring operations or implementing ERP systems.

Data Storage Migration

Aglowid manages migration of data storage systems, optimizing data organization and ensuring secure transfer, whether it is migrating to a new hardware, cloud storage or other advanced storage solutions.

Data Storage Automation

All Data Migration Experts at Aglowid are well versed with data migration tools and scripts that allow them to automate and streamline data migraiton process with enhanced efficiency, reduction in manual efforts and accuracy.

Types of Data Migration Services

Data Migration Services cover a wide range of migration solutions tailored to specific use cases and scenarios. Here are the several types of data migration services we provide -

Cloud Migration

Elevate your business on the cloud with Aglowid’s cloud migration services. Our data migration consultants can transition your app and data to any robust cloud environment. We leverage cutting edge cloud technologies to provide scalable, secure and cost-effective data migration solutions.

  • AWS Database Migration Service
  • Google DMS Service
  • Azure Database Migration Service
  • IBM Cloud Turbonomic Migration Service
  • Dynatrace Cloud Migration Service

Platform Migration

Take your leap of faith and move to a new platform altogether to migrate your applications to a new platform – whether it is a shift in operating system, or technology stack for backend, frontend & database operations, our platform migration services will help you transition from one platform to another seamlessly.

  • Carbon Migrate Services
  • AppZero Migrate Services
  • CloudEndure Migrate Services
  • Chef Automate

Database Migration

Our database migration services act as a catalyst for seamless data transformation. We follow end-to-end data migration process utilizing the right data migration tools to transition it from one database system to another with precision and expertise.

  • AWS Database Migration
  • Azure Database Migration
  • Google Cloud Database Migration
  • MongoDB Atlas Live Migration
  • Percona XtraBackup
  • Liquibase Migration

Application Migration

Aglowid offers the best application migration services for companies looking for data migration services where they want to shift their software from one environment to another like migrating from on-premises to cloud or upgrading to a new platform.

  • Azure App Service Migration Assistant
  • Google App Engine Migration
  • RedHat Application Migration Toolkit
  • IBM Cloud Application Migration
  • AWS Migration Service

On-Premises Migration

If you are looking for on-premises migration services to move your app, data and IT infrastructure from an organization’s on-premises data center to another location – physical location, colocation data center or cloud environment, we have you covered.

  • IBM Cloud
  • Hewlett Packard Enterprise
  • Dell Technologies
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Cisco

Why Trust Aglowid’s Data Migration Solutions?

Aglowid has provided secure, reliable, rapid and hassle-free data migration services to a global clientele across various industries with consistent results and performance. We pride ourselves in our team of data migration specialists that enable us to be a reliable & trusted data migration solution provider. Here are the reasons why you should consider us for your data migration process -

  • Proven record in managing data migration projects
  • Minimal data migration time
  • Well-structured migration plan
  • Expertise in cross-platform migration
  • Maintained data integrity throughout the migration process
  • Zero down-time hassle-free migration strategies
  • Security and compliance assurance
  • Data validation and quality checks
  • Thorough data migration strategy building & roadmap planning
  • 1/3rd cost of setting up an in-house team
Why Aglowid

Data Migration Strategies, We Employ

Aglowid IT Solutions employs a range of data migration strategies to ensure smooth and efficient transition of client’s data from one system to another. The specific strategy that would be ideal for your company will depend on the nature of data, systems involved and the goals and urgency of migration. You can always reach out to our data migration consultants if you are confused, and then choose the right strategy for your project.

Phased Migration

We migrate data in planned phases, allowing for a more gradual approach to data migration.

  • Pro: Minimizes disruption to ongoing operations.
  • Pro: Better risk management as issues can be identified & addressed in smaller, manageable portions.
  • Con: Phased Migration can be time consuming and cause delay in reaping the benefits of the data migration process.
  • Con: Managing coexistence between old and new systems during migration period can be challenging.

Big Bang Migration

Opposed to phased migration, in our Big Bang Migration services, all data is migrated at once.

  • Pro: Rapid transition, resulting in earlier accessibility to new systems.
  • Pro: Easier to manage a single comprehensive migration event in terms of resource allocation and project management.
  • Con: Higher risk of downtime during the migration process, especially if the effort goes faulty due to unforeseen circumstances.
  • Con: Validating one consolidated system may pose challenges in identifying and addressing the issue due to the scale of the migration.

Parallel Migration

Parallel Migration involves running the legacy & modern systems simultaneously during the migration process.

  • Pro: Efficient validation as both systems can be compared in real-time.
  • Pro: Systems can operate during the migration process, minimizing downtime & maintaining business continuity.
  • Con: Managing two parallel systems can introduce business and synchronization complexities, with increased resource demand.
  • Con: Running two systems parallel will be resource intensive which would require additional resources to maintain and operate both systems.

Incremental Migration

Incremental migration allows organizations to only migrate parts of the overall systems that require change or upgradation.

  • Pro: Reduced complexity of the data migration process with smaller data sets.
  • Pro: Minimized downtime as only the changes need to be migrated, reducing operational resource utilization.
  • Con: Planning incremental migrations requires careful consideration about dependencies & sequencing.
  • Con: Ensuring data consistency between old and new data migration models can be challenging & time consuming.


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Data Migration Tech Stack We Leverage

Effective data migration process relies on the ability and skill of data migration experts to leverage the various data migration tools and platforms in the most optimal manner and crafting a customized data migration tech stack for each client. Here are the tech platforms we leverage for our delivering data migration services -

Data Integration and Transformation

  • Apache NiFi
  • Apache Camel
  • Apatar
  • StreamSets Data Collector


  • Talend Open Studio
  • Apache NiFi
  • Apache Spark
  • Kettle
  • CloverETL

Data Quality and Cleansing

  • OpenRefine
  • Trifacta
  • DataWrangler
  • Melissa Data Quality Tools

Change Data Capture (CDC)

  • GoldenGate (Oracle)
  • Maxwell’s Daemon
  • Liquibase
  • Attunity CDC

Database Replication

  • Symmetric DS
  • Tungsten Replicator
  • DMS (AWS Data Migration Service)
  • MariaDB Replication

On-Premises Data Migration

  • Cenerprise Data Integrator
  • CloverDX
  • Oracle Data Service Integrator
  • IBM InfoSphere

Cloud-Based Data Migration

  • AWS Database Migration Service
  • Google DMS Service
  • Azure Database Migration Service
  • IBM Cloud Turbonomic Migration Service
  • Dynatrace Cloud Migration Service

Version Control

  • Git
  • SVN
  • Mercurial
  • Fossil

Aglowid’s Data Migration Process

We come across many unique data migration services requirements every day. Hence crafting a unified data migration process becomes challenging. However, with the help of our data migration consultants and multiple data migration integration specialists we have outlined a general data migration process which covers all considerations and aspects of a successful data migration journey.


Data Assessment & Planning

Understand the existing data landscape, identify data sources and destinations, define migration goals.

Activities Included

  • Conduct a comprehensive data assessment.
  • Define data migration objectives and success criteria.
  • Identify source and target systems.
  • Assess data quality and completeness.


Data Extraction

Extract data from source systems while ensuring accuracy and integrity.

Activities Included

  • Making use of ETL tools
  • Extracting data in a structured format


Data Transformation

Converting and preparing data for the target systems.

Activities Included

  • Make use of necessary transformations using ETL tools
  • Handle data cleansing, normalization and enrichment
  • Ensure compatibility with target schema


Data Quality Assurance

Verify data accuracy, completeness and consistency.

Activities Included

  • Implement proper data quality checks
  • Validate transformed data against predefined rules
  • Adress and resolve data quality issues


Data Loading

Load transformed data into target systems. 

Activities Included

  • Use ETL Tools to load data efficiently
  • Monitor and optimize load processing
  • Ensure data integrity during data loading phase


Verification & Testing

Confirm the migrated data meets the initially set client expectations.

Activities Included

  • Perform data reconciliation between source and target
  • Conduct performance and functional testing
  • Verify applications dependent on data functions correctly


Project Handover

Transition from the legacy system to the new system seamlessly.

Activities Included

  • Plan and execute the project handover strategy
  • Implement necessary downtime or freeze periods
  • Monitor system performance post migration


Documentation and Knowledge Transfer

Document the entire migration process for future references.

Activities Included

  • Creating comprehensive documentation of the migration steps
  • Providing training to relevant teams on the new systems
  • Ensure knowledge transfer for ongoing maintenance

Things to Consider When Outsourcing Data Migration Solutions

Outsourcing Data Migration Solutions is a strategic decision that needs to be thought thoroughly before committing to an offshore data migration partner. Here are certain considerations to keep in mind before you outsource data migration services to an offshore development center -

Data Security and Compliance

  • Ensure your IT migration partner complies with all necessary data protection guidelines & regulations.
  • Implement encryption and other security protocols to safeguard data in transit.
  • Verify security measures in place to protect sensitive information during migration process.

Experience and Expertise

  • Assess the outsourcing partners’ experience in handling data migration projects
  • Confirm the expertise of the data migration team members involved in the migration process.


  • Consider the scalability of the outsourcing solution to accommodate your current & future data migration needs.
  • Ensure the migration service provider can handle data with varying volumes without compromising performance.

Technology Stack

  • Evaluate the technology stack and tools used by the outsourcing partner for data migration.
  • Verify compatibility with existing systems and ability to integrate with future platforms.

Testing & Validation

  • Establish clear lines of communication with the outsourcing provider and define mechanisms.
  • Develop a comprehensive testing plan to verify the accuracy and integrity of migrated data.

Downtime and Impact on Operations

  • Define acceptable downtime and assess the impact of migration on daily operations.
  • Work with an outsourcing migration partner to create a migration plan for minimizing disruptions to business processes.

Documentation & Knowledge Transfer

  • Request for comprehensive documentation of migration process for future reference.
  • Ensure the knowledge transfer sessions are conducted to empower your internal team with the needed skills and insights.

Post Migration Support

  • Define the scope of pos migration support and maintenance.
  • Ensure the outsourcing partner is available to address any issue/challenges after the data migration process is completed.

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Aglowid's Data Migration FAQs

Data Migration involves planning, extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) of data from one system to another. This procedure requires careful mapping, testing, and validation to ensure a smooth transition without compromising data integrity.

Under the umbrella of data migration, various essential components are involved. These include meticulous planning, thorough analysis of source and target systems, schema mapping, data extraction, its transformation, loading into the destination system (ETL process), rigorous data validation, and comprehensive post-migration testing.

The cost of data migration varies based on factors like the volume of data, complexity of systems, and chosen migration method. Expenses include software, hardware, labour, and potential downtime, making cost estimation crucial during planning.

The time needed for data migration depends on data volume, complexity, and system integration. To get the complete timeline, get in touch with our data migration consultant at [email protected]

The best approach for data migration involves thorough planning, risk assessment, and utilizing proven methodologies like ETL. Incremental migration, where data is transferred in phases, minimizes disruptions and allows for efficient problem resolution during the process.

Post-migration validation is crucial. It includes data integrity checks, comparison with source data, and validation against predefined criteria. Automated testing tools and manual checks are employed to ensure data accuracy, completeness, and compliance with business requirements.


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