IT Strategy & Consulting Solutions, We Provide

When it comes to IT Services, it is observed that business organizations often struggle with some of the common IT issues. With every changing industry, the IT issues title and its level changes, which need personalized IT Strategic Solutions. Here are some of the common problems companies suffer from -

  • Access to experienced & reliable resources in budget
  • Threats against cyberattack & data security
  • Lack of planned IT Infrastructure
  • Compromise on work productivity
  • Clash between technical and non-technical expertise
  • Upgrading the resource and assets

IT Strategy & Consulting Solutions, We offer

To solve common IT issues in the business organization, we at Aglowid develop a proven IT strategic and consulting process that ensures your business's growth. Here at Aglowid, we are adept at providing a cluster of IT Strategy & Consulting Solutions that ensure business success.

Why Aglowid
  • Resource Management and Allocation
  • IT Assessment & Technology Consultation
  • IT Infrastructure Optimization & Upgrade
  • Process Optimization
  • Modernizing with Cognitive Tech Integration
  • Networking & Cyber Security Management
  • Governance, Regulation & Compliance Assessment

IT Strategy & Consulting Services, We Cater

At Aglowid, we specialize in IT strategy and consulting, providing expert guidance to help organizations leverage the latest technologies and stay ahead of the competition. From data management to software development, we offer tailored enterprise solutions to meet your unique needs.

IT Budgeting & Resource Planning

Budgeting and resource planning requires strategic IT industry experience, as the entire strategic development planning depends on it. Connect with Aglowid, and we help you with your entire budgeting and resource planning.

IT Strategy & Planning

Creating and implementing a result-oriented IT Strategy needs tons of expertise but is equally essential to achieve business goals. Looking for a reliable IT Strategy partner who can help you build your business? Just ping us and focus on your core expertise. We help you grow your business.

Technology Consulting Services

Choosing a long-term technology in this fast pace changing world is a tough thing. Leverage our Technology Consultants' Industry experience that enables you to adopt a technology that long last while reducing your upgradation cost, ensuring the perfect output.

Audits & IT Assessments

With proper IT assessment, one can optimize and create efficient IT systems that helps decrease costs, reduce security risk, and improve management. Contact Aglowid for 360 degrees IT Audit and Assessment.

Complete Risk Management

Every business has to take a certain amount of risk with respect to its decisions. However, identifying, assessing and controlling such risk is very essential in order to tackle it.

Digital Transformation Services

Transform your outdated manual work with digital technology and boost your entire business's operational efficiency at a lower cost. Aglowid specializes in the digital transformation services for SMB as well as Enterprise-level business.

Custom Software & App Development

Want to build your own business software or an app but not sure about the tech things? Just ping us and grab the prolonged industry experience of our app developers to build your profitable business app.

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Industries We Deliver, Strategic IT consultation For

Being the renowned IT staff augmentation company in USA and India, Aglowid had served reliable cost-friendly IT Staffing & augmentation services to number of industry domains, helping them by leveraging our talents for their IT services.

Automotive IT Solutions


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Aglowid delivers innovative IT strategy and consulting services for the automotive industry. Our experts help optimize operations, improve efficiency, and enhance customer experiences through cutting-edge solutions.

Real Estate IT Solutions

Real Estate

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Aglowid offers top-tier IT strategy and consulting services for the real estate industry. Our customized solutions provide innovative product design, efficient processes, and optimized supply chain management, helping you enhance your market presence.

Healthcare IT Solutions


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Aglowid is a prominent provider of IT strategy and consulting services for the healthcare industry. Our solutions are designed to improve outcomes and enhance patient experiences, helping you stay ahead in a constantly evolving landscape.

Transport & Logistics IT Solutions


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Aglowid delivers exceptional IT strategy and consulting services for the transport and logistics sector. Our customized solutions streamline operations, increase efficiency, and reduce costs, helping you stay competitive.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

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We optimize digital infrastructure for oil and gas companies, from predictive maintenance to real-time monitoring, ensuring efficiency and growth.

Retail IT Solutions

Our IT consulting services guide Retail businesses towards digital transformation, from AI-driven personalization to supply chain innovation, fostering growth and competitiveness.

Fintech IT Solutions

Navigating fintech's complexities, we offer tailored strategies to capitalize on emerging technologies, comply with regulations, and drive sustainable growth.

Aglowid – Top IT Strategy & Consultation Company

With our senior IT Strategy consulting team that has prolonged expertise in uplifting start-ups as well as commercial enterprises, Aglowid has managed to retained its name as a top IT Strategy & consulting Company while helping a wide range of organizations achieve their business goals.

Availing our IT strategy and consultation services benefits you greatly. From strategic guidance, technology expertise, risk mitigation, improved work efficiency and cost optimization, we can help you develop and execute the best IT strategy as per your business requirements.

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Aglowid is doing a great job in the field of web app development. I am truly satisfied with their quality of service.

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Their team of experts jotted down every need of mine and turned them into a high performing web application within no time. Just superb!

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