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Just a couple of decades earlier, people were dependent upon brokers or property dealers for buying/selling or renting properties. Yet, it was not so easy to find the desired property or get a satisfactory price for their properties by meeting just one broker. While today, it turned out as a piece of cake -thanks to the Real Estate App Development technology. The App works better than your agent and satisfies both buyers and sellers by helping them meet their purposes.

In fact, the requirement of Property Management App or Real Estate App is in the surge as there are more people using Smartphone than ever before. It has provided perfect online property booking solutions with ample flexibility to customers. Now they have millions of homes and properties right on their fingertip.

According to's statics, more than 51% people buy properties through app or websites while 30% people through Real Estate Agents and rest through other mediums. Therefore, if you want to expand your Real Estate Business and want to get more clients without the involvement of any middleman, then Real Estate App is the right option for you.

We at Aglowid -IT Solutions provide one-stop-solution for your Real Estate Business. We are a team of experienced, innovative and skilled developers and designers. We use cutting-edge technology to develop Apps to provide our clients seamless experience.

So, let's take a look at the benefits and features of Real Estate Apps developed by our team.

Real Estate Business App

Top Benefits of Real Estate App

Right from cutomer engagement to conversion, the Real Estate App can provide imennse benefits to your business. Let's check out in detail

Enhances Conversions

The number of Smartphone users is booming day in day out. And, Real Estate Apps are gaining popularity among the users due to its user-friendly features. That means the more users bring the more leads and that increases the conversion rate.

Enhances Your Online Presence

Google's Play Store and Apple's App Store have more than 1 billion active visitors on daily basis. Your mobile application in these app stores can earn you more profit than any other means of marketing campaigns.

Attracts Global Buyers

If you want to expand your business globally, then the mobile application can play a vital role. The Play Stores are visible globally and that can bring more international clients in your court.

Paperless Maintenance

The smart integration in the Real Estate Apps allows paperless facilities to admin. Whether it is to maintain property blueprints, sign agreements, verify loan papers, money transaction or others, you can carry on these work through the mobile application.

Endless Income

Mobile app earns you benefits not only through deals but also through in-app advertisements, paid subscriptions and third-party commissions.

Unbeatable Competition

When it comes to online business, competition is a big hurdle to tackle. But, Real Estate Apps saves you from over expenses as one app comes enabled with multiple functions like sales, customer service, marketing, data entry, operations and transactions.

24/7 Service

One of the biggest benefits of the mobile app is that it keeps your customers connected 24/7/365 days. It allows your users to access info, make enquiries, deals, etc. -all through the mobile app.

Customer Satisfaction

Mobile app brings a real-time solution for customers. For example, the app offer 3D virtual tour of the home with aerial 4D viewing provide clear ideas about home and neighbourhood to customers.

Top Features of Real Estate App

As your trusted Real Estate App Development company for so many years, we offer flexible options to our clients to choose the feature they want to be integrated into the apps.

Buyers/Brokers' Panel


This is a very common feature which allows the user to find the home of their choices.

Image Search

User can find a similar home with the image they may have in their Smartphone.

Profile Management

User can review, edit, make changes in their profile after they sign up with the app.

3D/4D View

With the 3D/4D view integration, users can get virtual experience and get glimpse of neighbourhood.

Meeting Scheduler

The exclusive 'Meeting Scheduler' feature, buyers and Seller can fix face to face meeting.

Calendar Integration

This Feature allows you sync Google Calendar with the app so that you will get reminder notification.

Area Unit Calculator

Area Unit converter will help users to measure space using their regional measurment method.

Visual Showcase

Visual Showcase will actually turn visitors into potential customers, you will get option to create a view.


Map to provide best user experience and help buyers to find properties in specific locations.

Smooth/Paperless Transactions

There will be safe and secure payment getaways to help customers make deals online.

Activity Management

User can view their activities like watch list, wishlist, history and favourites through this feature.

Live Matches

User can match tow different homes together to find the differences and similarities between.


The buyer and Seller will be authenticated through the phone number verification.


Users will get live notification about properties like price details or discount offered by the sellers.

One-Click Assistance

This feature will connect the user directly to the admin if they face any complexities.

Currency Converter

The feature meant to provide buyers to get sum of money into their own country's currency.

Sellers Panel

Add/Listing Properties for Selling/Rent

This feature will help sellers to edit, upload, resize and add properties online to attract customer.

Subscription for Listing Properties

Sellers need to get subscription, approved by the admin to get listing and other features.

Market Insider

Market Insider will provide a complete overview of properties and prices in the specific locations.

Alert Management

Alert Management will let sellers schedule notification and send push messages, etc.

Buyers' Analytics

This will help sellers to know the user interest on the particular property and number of views.

One-Click Assistance

This feature will connect the user directly to the admin if they face any complexities.

Email and SMS Marketing

Sellers can send a direct message or drop emails with lucurative offers and discounts to customers.

Advanced Feature

Sellers can send push notification containing special offer and discounts to potential cutomer.

Admin Panel


Admin can login using ID and password to access admin dashboard to mangae things.

Detailed Reports

Admin can check detailed reports of sales, rent, new user sign up and their activities.

User Management

Admin will be empowered to block or edit particular users and properties that are expired.

Property Manager

This feature will help admin to edit the property specification or even delete them.

Customer Support Manager

Admin can have direct interaction with sellers and buyers and help them sort out their problem.

Add/Edit/Remove Packages

Admin can add new subscription and remove the expired subscription at any time.

Earning Management

Admin can manage transaction acquired via deals, adds or subscriptions through this feature.

Complaint Management

Admin will get feature to manage complaint which were received from sellers or buyers' side.

Backup and Restore Database

Admin can backup data on regular basis and even restore them if it in case deleted mistakenly.

Inventory Management

Admin will have advanced data management option and can access anytime through this feature.

IDX MLS Support

Admin can buy third-party data from other agents, brokers or property management authority.

Email and SMS Marketing

Admin can also send notification, SMS and Emails with vouchers and offers to woo subscribers.

Additional Features

Discussion Forum

This feature will allow users including buyers, sellers, and admin to interacts with each other.

Interest Rate Calculator

User can calculate their interest rate provided by varous finance companies.

Area Unit Calculator

Area Unit converter will help users to measure space using their regional measurment method.

Premium Section

The section will be for buyers, sellers and admin for selected services.

Real Estate Tech App

The Technology we use to develop Real Estate App

We at Aglowid IT Solutions understand that innovation, cutting-edge technology and competence are integral part of business and its success. Therefore, our Mobile-App developers who dedicatedly create apps based on latest app development technology platform. In fact, we do not provide you app, but we offer you complete solution. Let's take a look at the technology and app develpment platorm we use.

How Much Does It Cost To Develop Real Estate App

Generally, nobody can tell you the right development cost unless you provide your requirement and the type of features you want in the Real Estate App. Besides, the price also differs from one app development company to another. However, if you choose offshore App Development Company in India, it will be cheaper, yet rich in functionality and uses, as compared to the USA and other European countries.

Real Estate App Cost

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