From Obstacle to Opportunities: Navigating Data Engineering Challenges

As your business grows, so does your data, and managing these data points becomes more so complex and challenging. As a company you need to grapple with vast amounts of information, varying data sources and also the need for real-time insights. However, what may come across obstacles at first can be converted to opportunities with the right data transformation & data engineering services. Our data engineering experts can turn your data engineering challenges to business opportunities like –

Data Silos Problem:

Data fragmentation across disparate systems can lead to inefficiencies and hinder collaboration.

Solution :

Our Data Engineers can implement unified data architectures, breaking down silos for creating seamless integrations to improve collaboration.

Real-Time Processing Demands Problem:

Modern data engineering services require real-time processing for business-critical decisions.

Solution :

Our data engineering team can create real-time data pipelines by streamlining ETL processes to instant analytics, enabling businesses to make on-the-go decisions.

Data Security & Compliance Problem:

Data breaches and compliance issues can undermine business trust and expose businesses to legal repercussions.

Solution :

Our data engineering solutions are built with robust security measures and compliances management.

Data Scalability Problem:

The data infrastructure needs to scale as the business scales, improper scalability can impede performance.

Solution :

Design and implement scalable data solutions to meet your data infrastructure scaling requirements with ease & efficiency.

Why Aglowid Is a Top Data Engineering Consulting Company?

Aglowid’s position as one of the leading data consulting companies rests on a proven track record of consistently addressing intricate data challenges with our innovative data engineering services. Outsourcing data engineering services to Aglowid is a strategic partnership decision. It allows our clients to channel their focus on their core competencies, while we take care of data engineering complexities with agility and efficiency.

From optimizing data pipelines to architecting scalable systems, Aglowid’s end-to-end data engineering consulting services transcends geographical boundaries. They key to our success lies in the professionalism of our data engineering team who bring a wealth of knowledge, experience and skills in navigating the intricate challenges of a successful data engineering project.

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Data Engineering Platforms, We Expertise In

To provide custom tailored data engineering services to our global clientele, our data engineers leverage cutting edge data engineering platforms. These platforms offer a comprehensive range from data integration and transformation to data engineering, analytics and machine learning. Here are some key platforms we excel at –

  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • AWS Glue
  • Amazon Web Services
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • Snowflake
  • Databricks
  • Trifacta
  • MySQL
  • PostgreSQL
  • Tableau
  • BigQuery
  • Power BI
Data Engineering Platforms

Enterprise Grade Data Engineering Services, We Craft for Our Clients

We live in a data-driven era, where information is the biggest asset an organization can have to truly stand out in their niche. To not only keep up but excel in advanced data handling solutions, clients need to look beyond standard offerings. At Aglowid, being one of the leading data engineering companies, we take pride in delivering enterprise-grade data engineering as a service, which puts you on the forefront of data-led growth journey –

Data Engineering Consulting

Renowned for our engineering consulting expertise, we specialize in delivering customized data engineering consulting services. Our adept consultants design bespoke solutions, enabling organizations to leverage optimal data engineering services for their unique needs.

Data Ingestion

We seamlessly handle data collection, transformation, and integration from various sources, unifying traditional databases and real-time streaming platforms. Our ETL and ELT services, coupled with scalable cloud architectures, automate workflows and ensure efficient system monitoring for your business.

Data Integration

At Aglowid, we adeptly unify data from various sources, be it traditional databases or real-time streaming platforms, ensuring a cohesive integration process. Leveraging ETL and ELT services alongside scalable cloud architectures, we automate workflows and implement effective system monitoring for your business.

Data Processing

Our data processing services is dedicated towards crafting efficient solutions whether the client needs real-time or batch-mode solutions. With our capable ETL processes, scalable architecture and cloud-ready capabilities, we set the stage for you to make strategic decisions based on actionable insights.

Robust Data Governance

We focus on data compliance and governance thoroughly with a streamlined approach to navigate regulatory landscapes adeptly, developing policies and frameworks that can secure your data integrity. We also follow compliance check best practices which instill confidence in the reliability & security of your data assets.

Data Visualization

We help clients make sense of all the complicated data by transforming them into clear, actionable insights with our unparalleled data visualization services. We can convert your business critical datapoints to an intuitive dashboard, presentation or other visual cues, that can help you make informed decisions with clarity and speed.

Data Assessment

Are you looking for professional data assessment services? Our data assessment experts can provide a thorough analysis of your data ecosystem. From identifying strengths to addressing areas that need improvement, we focus on delivering actionable insights with industry best practices.

Data Migration

Get seamless data migration services to ensure a smooth transition, leveraging our expertise in moving data efficiently and securely. Whether you need to migrate to the cloud or optimize data workflows, we facilitate a seamless data migration process with minimized disruptions and data integrity.

Data Modelling

We provide robust models for your data landscape to facilitate a deeper understanding and streamlining decision making. From initial conceptualization to implementation, we ensure your data model aligns perfectly with your business objectives, enabling you with actionable insights.

Enterprise Data Lake Engineering

Navigating the complexities of establishing and managing enterprise data lakes can be challenging. However, with our specialized data lake engineering services for enterprises, you can get seamlessly tailored data lake solutions from initial design to final implementation.

Data Strategy and Data Management

Want to align your data initiatives to your business goals? Leverage our data strategy and management services where we build comprehensive data strategies to implement effective data management frameworks to ensure your company can leverage data as a strategic asset.

Data Architecture Design

We also provide data architecture design services to help you structure your data in a way that it optimizes storage, organization and accessibility of your data. From the initial conceptualization to final implementation, we craft architectures that are scalable, flexible and performance oriented.

Your Data Hurdles – Our Data Engineering Solutions

At Aglowid we offer custom data engineering solutions that are finely tuned to meet the unique requirements of our diversified clientele. From seamless data integration services to optimized storage architecture, you can trust us to navigate the complexities of data engineering, crafting solutions that streamline the process, enhance reliability & drive your business to data-driven success. Here are the various data engineering solutions we provide –

Snowflake Cloud Data Platform

Leverage our expertise in integrating the Snowflake Cloud Platform for achieving unparalleled scalability and performance optimization. Optimize storage efficiency & redefine data capabilities in the cloud with our data engineering specialists, making data a strategic asset that fuels innovation.

Automated Reporting

Ensure you never miss critical insights with our automated reporting solutions. From streamlined data processing to real-time analytics, our specialists enable businesses to transform data into actionable insights, thus automating reporting, allowing you to spend more time making strategic decisions.

Big Data Solutions

Aglowid is a top big data solution provider trusted globally. Efficiently manage and extract meaningful insights from vast datasets with our custom big data solutions. From scalable architecture to advanced analytics, our solution ensures your business thrives with big data. Unlock your data potential with efficient big data solutions.

Data Warehousing Solutions

Experience a transformative approach to data storage with Aglowid. Our solutions revolutionize how organizations store, organize, and retrieve data. With centralized scalable architecture and optimized storage efficiency, meet the dynamic needs of changing organizational requirements.

AI & ML Solutions

Empower your organization in this data-driven era with our AI and ML solutions. From predictive modeling to automated decision-making, we cover a wide range of AI/ML capabilities to fuel your business success. Trust us for tailor-made solutions exceeding your expectations, where data-driven intelligence fuels growth.

Cloud Data Solutions

Integrate business systems with cloud platforms like GCP (Google Cloud Platform), MS Azure, and AWS(Amazon Web Services). Our experts help unlock scalability & accessibility, optimizing real-time analytics. Turn your data into a dynamic asset, driving organizational agility & efficiency in this cloud-based era.

Data Pipelines

We assist C-level executives streamline their data pipeline operations to smoothen out data flow. Hire data engineers from us to set up your data pipeline automation from moving, processing & transforming data from the source to the destination with a focus on efficiency & reliability.

Data Lake

Leverage our Data Lake Services to get scalable and secure solutions that enable real-time analysis, ensuring flexibility in structured and unstructured storage. Partner with us to unlock the full ptential of your data through advanced analytics & seamless integration.

Data Administration

Our data administration services are geared towards ensuring smooth and efficient management of your important data assets. From database maintenance to optimizing data structures, we help your organization to derive the most value from your data sources.


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Key Data Engineering Capabilities


We implement agile & efficient data operations to adapt to the evolving data landscapes and demands.

Data Security

We ensure robust measures to safeguard the data integrity, confidentiality and compliance with industry standards.

Data Mining

We extract valuable patterns, insights and trends from extensive datasets to inform strategic decision making.

ETL Development

We craft efficient Extract, Transform, Load processes to seamlessly move and transform data across systems.

Business Intelligence

We enable organizations to make informed decisions with actionable insights from data-driven analysis.

ML Learning

We integrate ML Learning concepts to enhance data engineering processes with predictive modeling & automated decision support.

Ways to Engage with Our Data Engineers

Different projects have different requirements, and we have the proper infrastructure, talent pool and capacity to deliver customized data engineering solutions to match your project. Here are the two top engagement models to hire data engineers from Aglowid -

Hire Data Engineers

Elevate your data strategies with our skilled data engineers. Build or extend your data engineering team with our diverse expertise in data modeling and machine learning integration to drive success through data-driven insights.

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Data Engineering Outsourcing
(Complete Project Handover)

Optimize your processes by outsourcing your data needs. We cover data warehousing, integration and analytics. Partner with us to get dedicated expertise without the in-house overhead to stay agile & competitive in this evolving data landscape.

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Build Your Data Engineering Team with Aglowid

Aglowid has top 1% Data Engineering Talents with expertise and experience in providing the best data engineers for hire, to help clients get the most value out of their data. We cover a wide range of industries & have outsourced multiple data engineering talents to help clients build their data engineering teams. Here are the various profiles we have at Aglowid –

  • Data Integration Specialists
  • Database Architects
  • ETL Developers
  • Data Modeling Experts
  • Cloud Data Specialists
  • ML Integration Specialists
  • Data Quality Analysts
  • Data Security Specialists
  • Database Administrators
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Real-Time Data Processor Experts

Benefits of Data Engineering Solutions

Data Engineering solutions plays a pivotal role in effective management & utilization of data. From integrating diverse data sources to crafting optimized storage architects, these solutions are tailored to meet the unique demands of different businesses. With proper data engineering services, companies can streamline processes, enhance reliability and be on the fore-front of this data-driven landscape.

  • Cost Optimization
  • Efficient ETL Processes
  • Enhanced Data Quality
  • Adaptability to Change
  • Faster Time-to-Insights
  • Optimized Data Storage
  • Seamless Data Integration
  • Enhanced Data Reliability
  • Improved Decision Making
  • Real Time Data Processing
Hire Data Engineers From Aglowid

Tech Stack Our Data Engineers Are Proficient In

Cloud Platforms

  • Snowflake
  • AWS
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure

Business Intelligence Integration

  • Tableau
  • PoweBI
  • BIPilymaps
  • Microsoft Excel

Programming Languages/ Frameworks

  • Python
  • Java
  • Spark
  • R
  • Scala
  • PySpark

Data Visualization

  • Data Studio
  • Power BI
  • Tableau

Data Integration Tools

  • Azure Synapse
  • Hadoop Ecosystem
  • Databricks
  • RibbitMQ
  • Kafka

Data Storage

  • Google Cloud
  • MySQL
  • MongoDB
  • PostgreSQL

Data Warehousing

  • Amazon Redshift
  • Snowflake

Data Replication and Synchronization

  • HVR
  • Attunity Replicate

Data Virtualization

  • Denodo
  • Cisco Data Virtualization

Data Security & Encryption

  • Vormetric Data Security Platform
  • Symantec Data Loss Prevention

Data Quality Management

  • Trillium Software
  • IBM InfoSphere QualityStage

ETL Tools

  • Microsoft SQL Server Integration Services
  • Apache Kafka

Master Data Management

  • Informatica MDM
  • Reltio

API Integration

  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
  • Postman


  • AWS IoT Core
  • AWS IoT Hub

Workflow Automation

  • Apache Airflow
  • UiPath

Enterprise Data Engineering Use Cases We Cover

Data Engineering can be instrumental in unlocking true business potential across all industries and services. In our years of providing end-to-end enterprise data engineering services, we have had the chance to work with thought leaders and industry leaders belonging to various industries. Here are the enterprise data engineering services we provide across different industries -


Financial sector requires utmost precision & reliability. Hence, we craft the most reliable & accurate data engineering solutions that empower BFSI institutions to seamlessly manage their vast datasets, optimize processes & extract actionable insights for informed decision-making.

Media & Entertainment

Keeping up with the fast-paced world of media and entertainment requirements agile data solutions. We can enhance your content management, audience analytics, distribution strategies and other such custom media solutions to ensure our clients gain a competitive advantage.


Healthcare data is very sensitive and needs to be handled properly. Our healthcare data engineering specialists can craft custom healthcare IT solutions that enable data integration, patient record management and other such healthcare services.


From supply chain optimization to predictive maintenance, our data engineering solutions can transform your manufacturing processes and optimize its efficiency by reducing downtime, making processes agile and increasing operation efficiency.

Retail & eCommerce

In the retail sector, personalized customer experience is very crucial for success. Our key data engineering services support dynamic inventory management, customer behavior analysis and targeted marketing for unparalleled business growth.

Life Science

If you are in the field of life science, data is your currency for everything. To solve the complex realm of life sciences, our data engineering services can aid in data management, research collaboration and compliance adherence.


Optimize energy production, distribution and consumption by leveraging our data engineering expertise. From predictive maintenance too gird management, we can help you optimize your energy driven product to operate sustainably and efficiently.


We can assist government agencies to make data-driven decisions regarding important policies about internal management, public policies and other such vital decisions by aggregating and structuring their important data points to provide a unified data solution.

Why Outsource Enterprise Data Engineering Services to Aglowid?

Aglowid has been on the forefront of providing end-to-end Data Engineering Services to a diverse clientele across the globe. Here are the key reasons why we are the perfect data engineering partners for you -

  • Access to a diverse and skilled team of Data Engineering Professionals
  • Cost Efficiency with Flexible Hiring Models and Engagement Models
  • Scalability and Flexibility, making your systems more Agile and Transparent
  • C-Level executives can focus better on core competencies of their business
  • Robust security measures with data protection standards & compliance adherence
  • Skilled with various cloud based big data platforms & full data technology stack
  • Pre-defined data engineering best practices to ensure project success
Why Aglowid

Similar Services, We Deliver

Aglowid's Data Engineering FAQs

Outsourcing will optimize the data engineering with access to the global talent, cost reduction, and scalability. It will rush the team lines, streamline the operations, and let the organisation concentrate on the core functionalities. This will ensure that the solution is efficient and adoptable for complex data engineering tasks.

Modern day infrastructure provides real-time analytics, scalability, and improved data accessibility. It enhances decision-making, facilitates streamlined workflows, and supports diverse data types. With robust security features, it ensures data integrity and compliance, fostering a foundation for innovation and business agility.

Aglowid offers an array of data engineering solutions, including but not limited to data integration, ETL processes, data warehousing, and real-time analytics. Their expertise extends to crafting tailored solutions that address diverse needs, ensuring optimal data management and analytics capabilities for clients.

The assurance of your data privacy is paramount to us. Our talented team is well-versed in handling sensitive data, follows rigorous security protocols that align with key privacy regulations such as ISO 27001, GDPR, and CCPA.

A company should contemplate acquiring data engineering services when grappling with data integration challenges, seeking to optimize data storage and processing, or aiming to establish robust systems for efficient data management and analytics.

Certainly, our infrastructure and technology capabilities are accurately designed to meet your business processes' diverse and demanding requirements. We ensure a seamless alignment, fostering efficiency, scalability, and optimal support for your operational needs.

Data engineering solution experts accurately analyze and understand your project requirements through in-depth discussions, thorough examination of data workflows, and collaborative discussions. This ensures a comprehensive understanding, enabling tailored solutions aligned with the specific needs of your project.


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