Legacy Application Modernization Services We Offer

Our application modernization services cover all aspects of upgrading, migrating, revamping and enhancing your legacy application solution to newer platforms, technologies and environments with a single purpose - to enhance your customer experience by extending your legacy application’s lifecycle and making it future-ready.

Legacy System Strategic Assessment

Our dedicated team of IT strategists and experts will review your existing legacy systems to identify modernization opportunities and rank them in urgency to come up with a strategically tailored legacy application solution roadmap to meet your business requirements.

Legacy Cloud Migration Services

Collaborate with our experts to develop a robust cloud strategy that aligns with your business objectives. We will assess your current infrastructure, identify opportunities for optimization and chart a tailored roadmap for uninterrupted cloud migration solutions that help you improve your legacy app's performance, security and cost optimizations.

Legacy App Performance Optimization

Are your legacy apps in serious need of performance retuning and refining? Our dedicated software engineers will optimize your legacy app’s performance with our application modernization strategies to align your software with contemporary user expectations.

Legacy System Cost Optimization

Having difficulty justifying the cost investments to the productivity of your legacy apps? Refine your legacy software by eliminating any inefficiencies in your systems to reduce maintenance costs with the help of our legacy app maintenance services.

Legacy App Future Proofing

Modernizing legacy apps is about more than just getting them to their best capability as per today’s technological advancements. It is to ensure that your application stays relevant for years to come in the future. Our cognitive solutions experts can help upgrade your legacy app with relevant and future-ready technologies for future-proofing your application.

Legacy App Security Enhancement

Mitigate risks and protect your legacy app against cyber threats with the help of our IT security consultants and experts. We can seamlessly integrate your application into a cloud environment like Google Cloud Platform, MS Azure or others to address any vulnerabilities and ensure compliance with the latest and relevant industry standards.

Industries We Provide Application Modernization Services For

Unlock the potential of your business with our App Modernization Services tailored for diverse industries. Whether you're in retail, healthcare, finance, or beyond, our solutions breathe new life into legacy systems, ensuring seamless integration and enhanced performance. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies, we streamline processes, improve scalability, and drive innovation, empowering your business to thrive in the digital age.

Automotive IT Solutions


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We revamp automotive applications, upgrading systems for better vehicle management, supply chain optimization, and customer interaction in a rapidly evolving industry.

Healthcare IT Solutions


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We modernize healthcare applications, ensuring compliance and scalability while improving patient care delivery and operational efficiency.

BFSI IT Solutions

We modernize applications for the BFSI sector, enabling digital transformation, improving customer experiences, and ensuring regulatory compliance.

Real Estate IT Solutions

Real Estate

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We update real estate applications, leveraging modern technologies to enhance property management, client engagement, and transaction efficiency in a competitive market.

Transport & Logistics IT Solutions


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We enhance transport & logistics applications, improving operational visibility, optimizing routes, and streamlining supply chain management for increased efficiency.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

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We specialize in modernizing applications for the oil and gas sector, optimizing systems for performance and security with cost-effective, high-quality development.

Retail IT Solutions

We modernize retail applications, enhancing customer experiences, optimizing inventory management, and enabling seamless omnichannel retailing to stay competitive in the market.

Fintech IT Solutions

We upgrade fintech applications, ensuring scalability, security, and compliance while accelerating time-to-market and staying ahead in a dynamic industry landscape.

Aglowid’s App Modernization Capabilities

Modernizing applications requires careful and strategic planning, skills and implementation capabilities. Modernization does not always mean a complete rewrite of your app; it can be done iteratively or focused on a particular aspect of your application. Here is the range of application modernization capabilities we offer -

Comprehensive Modernization Advisory

Aglowid IT Solutions is your strategic advisor, guiding you through a holistic application modernization journey. From risk identification to priority analysis and creating custom roadmaps, we ensure each step aligns with your business goals.

Strategic Roadmap Development

We develop strategic roadmaps that are not just plans but blueprints for your application modernization efforts. Get a path to modernization with clear milestones, timelines, and a strategic vision that aligns seamlessly with your business objectives.

Mainframe Modernization

Speedily and efficiently migrate mainframe legacy applications to a more decentralized cloud environment using end-to-end mainframe modernization services from initial planning to successful legacy app modernization solutions.

Containerization and Microservices Architecture

Witness unparalleled scalability, rapid deployment and optimal resource utilization with our containerization and microservices expertise to gain agility and consistency in performance like never before.

Data Modernization and Analytics Integration

Use your data as strategic decision-making assets by leveraging Aglowid's modernization services that modernize your data using robust analytic tools. Turn data points into actionable insights and transform your data into valuable assets that help propel your business forward.

Continuous Monitoring and Performance Optimization

e aims to deliver a modernized application that exceeds its set expectations. Through our continuous monitoring solutions, we help you get real-time insights for proactive optimization.

DevOps Implementation

Software delivery is as important as the software development process. Modern applications require modern development and operational approaches. Leverage our DevOps implementation services to automate your operations and foster a culture of collaboration.

Security and Compliance Integration

The looming risk of cyber threats is only increasing with more and more exploiters trying to break successful systems. Aglowid considers security and compliance integration as non-negotiable and employs the best talents and infrastructure to safeguard your data and ensure business continuity.

UI/UX Interface Modernization

Revitalize your user interface to deliver a superior customer experience to your end users. Our UI/UX interface modernization services exceed the aesthetic value, ensuring your application offers a more intuitive and engaging user journey.

The 7 R’s of Legacy Mainframe Modernization We Follow at Aglowid

Relocate, rehost, refactor, revise, rebuild, replace, retire or retain your legacy software with our 7Rs application modernization strategy. Each modernization effort is different and requires different skills, commitment and work. You don't need your legacy application to be near extinction to look for application modernization services online. Think of app modernization as a way to fine-tune your application and not as the last-minute health line to revive your app from the grave. Here is how we provide full-stack application modernization solutions tailored to your needs –


Leverage our application modernization services to relocate your enterprise infrastructure to a fitting cloud environment without committing to new hardware, app rewrites or changing any significant processes.

Rehost (Lift and Shift)

Our special migration team will determine if your application needs to be rehosted to cloud technologies such as GCP, MS Azure or AWS. If you have multiple projects, we will assess them and only migrate the ones that need it with the appropriate migration strategy for each app.


Enhance the efficiency and scalability of your application by refactoring or rearchitecting them. Our software developers have proven experience and expertise in optimizing code structures & configurations to align them with modern best practices and coding conventions. Keep your application agile and adaptable.


Modernizing applications doesn't necessarily mean upgrading them to a new platform or service entirely. You can always revise your existing systems by working on a basic individual module to improve workflow and optimize processes. Revising legacy applications with Aglowid can improve efficiency and reduce downtimes significantly at more cost-friendly budgets.


Tried rehosting, refactoring and revising but the application still won’t work? Let our experts rebuild it entirely. Sometimes, the best way to save an application is to let go of the obsolete codebase and replace it with new code entirely. This can include upgrading your current tech preference to its latest version or migrating to a new platform entirely, depending on the requirements and preferences.


If all measures fail, or your requirement for the app's functioning is urgent and critical, we can replace your legacy app with a modern or custom-built alternative. Aglowid holds expertise in converting old monolithic applications to microservices by revamping the codebase, tech selection and all-important aspects without losing the focus of the primary goals of your application,


If you are working with multiple applications, our team can help assess which applications are critical and need reworking irrespective of their complexities and which can you retire. Generally, only apps that provide commercial value should be modernized by organizations.

App Modernization Services: In-House vs Freelancer vs Outsourcing

Where will I find the talent required for app modernization solutions? This is the dilemma most companies face when they decide to modernize legacy applications. Such a decision must be taken responsibly and carefully since your legacy applications hold important & sensitive data points and are essential to your business. Building an in-house team versus hiring freelancers or outsourcing your project to a trusted software development company to modernize legacy apps can take time and effort. Here is a comparison table that might help you put things in perspective -

Factors In-House Freelancer
Expertise Limited/ Specialized Extensive/ Specialized Variable
Cost High Predictable/ Cost-effective Variable
Flexibility Moderate High High
Accountability Direct Clearly Defined Variable
Scalability Limited High Variable
Project Management Direct Oversight Streamlined and Efficient Individual Effort
Time to Market Moderate Expedited Variable
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Application Modernization Tools & Technologies: Aglowid’s Tech Stack

Cloud Migration & Management


Google Cloud


Containerization & Orchestration




Amazon EKS

Microservices Architecture

Spring Boot




Code Refactoring & Optimization




API Management & Integration



Mulesoft Anypoint Platform

Application Performance Monitoring

New Relic



Why Modernize Legacy Applications with Aglowid?

Aglowid is a trusted IT modernization company that has helped many clients modernize legacy applications to extend their lifecycle and shelf life and expand their capabilities, turning them into strong assets that drive success and profits. Here are a few reasons why you should consider Aglowid for your next app modernization solution requirement –

  • Hands-on expertise in important compliances such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, GDPR
  • Pro in delivering legacy modernization services for various industries
  • Scalable legacy modernization solutions as per your dynamic needs
  • Strategic app modernization consultation for optimizing app performance
  • Agile development process with quick and effective problem-solving skills
  • Thorough legacy systems analysis to identify key modernization scope
  • Refined risk management practices to identify & fix potential security gaps
  • Cost-effective modernization solutions with optimal resource utilization
Why Aglowid

Aglowid's App Modernization FAQs

To determine the expenses for Application Modernization Services is dependent on project details, Project scope, Technology used and vendor pricing. Cost can be anywhere between thousand to millions of dollars. Our expert developers will help you evaluate your existing setup across various aspects to choose the best application modernization strategy for software modernization project.

The duration of the application modernization process is dependent on the factors like project complexity, scope of project and the extent till the changes are required. To provide the specific timeframe, a detailed assessment is required.

No, it’s not mandatory to modernize applications. If you’re working on multiple applications, our modernization experts will help you asses which applications are critical and need reworking irrespective of complexity and which one to retire.

Legacy Modernization introduces various challenges like outdated technology, resistance to change, data migration complexities, and need for skilled resources. Including cybersecurity measure is a must, as outdated systems can pose various vulnerabilities, which requires careful considerations to have a robust and reliable transition.

Our application modernization approach involves a phased deployment strategy, a customized application modernization strategy, a thorough evaluation of the current systems, and the identification of critical pain points. Security, user experience, and data integrity are given top priority at every stage.

Application modernization strategy is used by organizations to increase their agility, meet compliance needs, adapt to changing technologies, improve user experiences, and handle scalability issues. In a changing corporate environment, it helps firms to maintain their competitiveness, encourage innovation, and manage data and resources effectively.

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