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E-commerce Solutions
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When it comes to delivering your customer the best, sellers or retailers focus on two things -good services/products and a strong and appealing medium to reach the potential customers.

We at Aglowid follow the same mantra -provide quality eCommerce and retail solutions and help our clients accelerate their business online.

Our group of talented eCommerce developers ensures that your eCommerce achieves the business objectives and goals that too by providing lucrative user-experience to your customers.

In 2019, over 1.92 billion people worldwide are expected to buy goods and services.

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eCommerce Services

Aglowid offers compressive eCommerce development solutions for start-ups, entrepreneurs, small businesses to MNC. Find the list of the solutions we provide.

B2B eCommerce Solutions
B2C eCommerce Solutions
C2C eCommerce solutions
C2B eCommerce Solutions
Custom eCommerce Solutions
eCommerce Mobile App Development
M-commerce App Development
eCommerce Website Development
Retail eCommerce Solutions
Multi-vendor eCommerce Solutions
eCommerce Inventory Management Solutions
Payment Getaway Integration
eCommerce Module Development
eCommerce Applications
Support & Maintenance

All in One eCommerce Solution

We deliver smart and customized eCommerce solutions for all our potential clients. They include;


If you are in the retail sector and looking for better solutions to sell your products and services directly to your potential customer, then we are here for you. We provide fully customized application, integrating all the required features and functionalities.


If you want to deal in or sell products in bulk, our eCommerce app development solutions provide a fully scalable application that easily helps you reach your target retailers quickly. The app will be integrated with important features which helps in your wholesale business.


If you are, simply, offering dropshipping services, then we can help by developing quality and scalable supply chain applications like Doba, Oberlo, Dropship Direct among many others. The applications ensure impeccable services and bestow you with business success.


Collect money for products in advance and raise startup capital with all ease. Our expert developers create applications, integrating all required features, functionalities that enable high scalability, bestow appealing UI. An app that gains trust turns into a business success.

Physical products

Sales are made and then it is sent to the consumer physically. In order to keep eye on every transaction, you need a handy application that will provide total inventory management solutions.An app that will inform the sellers and the buyers about every movement.

Digital products

We provide eCommerce solutions for entrepreneurs who deal in digital products such as downloadable products, templates, courses, etc. Apps will manage everything that has allowed for consumption, allowed to download or licensed to use, etc.


If you are an individual having an extraordinary set of skills that help people enhance their lifestyle and want to reach those people, then web and mobile app is the medium. We will help in that by providing robust & fully scalable app solutions.

Integrating eCommerce to Industries


For Startups

Being a start-up, it takes a lot to make things right in your favor. Web or mobile application for your start-up business can help you fulfil the desired business objective. Our developers' expertise enables you to choose the best eCommerce platform suitable for start-ups and develop compelling and interactive applications.


for Small business

Being a trusted partner for so many years, we know what will be the best eCommerce solutions for small business. Our developers prepare a highly scalable and responsive application that is cost-effective and require low maintenance.


for Enterprises

Are you confused regarding the selection of right enterprise eCommerce platforms and application for your business? Aglowid brings you guaranteed long-term solutions. Our experienced developers help you choose the right platforms and get a highly customized application that earns maximum business profits for years to come.

We Develop E-commerce Web & Mobile Application for Cross Platforms

Being in the E-commerce industry, you cannot ignore technology. People prefer to shop online more than paying a visit to a physical store. Our talented developers are capable enough to provide highly customized and robust Web and Mobile app solutions that support all browsers and run across all platforms including;

Android eCommerce App
iOS eCommerce App
Web eCommerce Solutions

Top eCommerce Development Platforms, We Provide Solutions for

The bottom line of the story is to let you know how rapidly online shopping is evolving. If researchers are to believed they claim that more than 60% of people do online shopping on a monthly basis. Moreover, all it happens due to friendly user-interface, user-friendly features and functionalities, and to name just a few. At some point in time, the platforms it uses, does matter. So, we develop eCommerce solutions based on various platforms such as;











What Else Do We Deliver

What Else Do We Deliver

There are so many elements that combine together to make the applications highly scalable and bring you the robust eCommerce solutions. We seriously take care of all seriousness, needs, demands and norms that the eCommerce applications required. Here are the things that we follow while developing the eCommerce solutions;

  • Clean Coding
  • Use of Right Technologies
  • High Performance
  • Interactive UI/UX
  • Optimized for SEO
  • Security

Custom Feature Integration

When it comes to eCommerce solutions, people and entrepreneurs have plenty of things including services and products to offer. Well, those products and services may not be possible to sale up, applying the preloaded features. You need customizations, and we do it rightly based on your business objectives and products' need.

How much does It Cost to Build eCommerce Applications

Being a start-up, small or medium entrepreneurs, we always look for cost-effective solutions. Similarly, when it comes to getting eCommerce solutions, then we often see for cost-effectiveness and go on finding the exact cost it would take to develop the applications. Honestly speaking, you are not going to get exact estimations of cost. But, here, in this case, we can offer you a cost-effective way to get your application developed.

Selection of Platform

When you get an idea of eCommerce solutions, the first thing that is to affect the costing is the selection of platforms. So, the selection of platform has to be based on the need of application.

Number of Features Integration

Then comes the features that you want to integrate into the app. Yes, it will affect the pricing, but you have to be specific in terms of feature integrations. Features have to be relevant to the industry

Selection of Country to Develop Application

The country is the most important thing that can severely affect the m-commerce app development cost. If you choose India over America, the development cost will 17 times lower.

Development Company

Next comes to Development Company as price differs from one company to other. You need to smart decision choose the country where you get quality at the competitive app development cost.

Types of Hosting Server

Selections of hosting server could be one of the factors that affect pricing. However, this is something you should go with the demand of the business and the traffic -not on pricing.

After Sales Support

Some companies charge for ‘after sales support’ whiles some don't (some provide free). This is also going to be one of the factors for you. Get signed MoU so that things will clear for both of you.

Why Aglowid

You have many reasons to hire our services. Some of them are;

We provide transparent development solutions
We provide FREE Trial
Get satisfied with our skills and expertise before you hire us
24/7 post project assistance

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