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The advancement of technology has given a big boost to the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, the online medicine retail is going through an era of transformation where a customer is just a click away from your store. With the help of a drug and medicine-selling mobile app, pharmacists are now able to provide doorstep service to their customers. In coming days, online medicine delivery app is going to rule the online medicine retail market.

In 2018, almost half of the total population worldwide will have Smartphones. While the people are getting more conscious about their health, the healthcare app will find places in almost every individual's Smartphone. Most importantly, a recent study report published by the Mobile Health Market Reports suggests that the use of mobile health app will increase up to 3.9 million and pharmacy and medicine delivery mobile app will be on the top.

We are a team of young, enthusiasts developers and designers --we are Aglowid IT Solutions. We have a lot on the ball and we dedicatedly deliver our promise. We are the best Online Medicines Delivery App Development company, offering complete customizable Medical App Development Solutions. Let our designers and developers know your ideas that you have for your healthcare app and we help you to bring it into reality. We work on all latest and innovative technology (scroll down to the bottom to check the list of technologies we use) to create a pharmaceutical mobile app.

So, if you want to get along with the high competition in Pharmaceutical Industry, then Medicine Delivery App can be a great help. Here's the list of features and benefits you get along with the Medicine Delivery App.

online medicine mobile app

Features of Online Medicine Delivery App

We have divided the features of the app in three main categories -for 'User Panel', 'Store Panel' and 'Admin Panel'. They are just the suggestions regarding the features, though there can be an end number of features integrated into the app, depending on the clients' requirement.

User Panel

User Registration

The new users can sign up using their email or Social Networking Accounts Credentials for further benefits.

Search Medicines

Users can search for medicines from various pharmaceutical brands and explore the details.

Add to Cart

Users can add the selected medicines, nutrition and other health products to cart to place an order in near future.

Speak to Your Doctor

Users can seek help from online doctors, discuss health issues, get suggestions, and other services etc.

Advice from Experts

Customers can ask for help from the online expert. Again, the admin will take a call if it will be paid or free.

Fitness Tips

There will a 'Blog' section where the user can read health & fitness tips, medicines news and much more.

Trending Fitness Meals

Fitness meals online are getting users' attention a lot. They explore the trending fitness products.

Compare Products/Prices

Users can check and compare the price and details of various medicines and health products of different brands.

Track Your Order

This feature will allow users to track the status of your order when it is out for delivery.

Replace/Return Policy

Users can go through the return/refund/replace policies and if they are eligible, they can process further.

Push Notifications

Users can receive an important message containing discount offers, coupons, order status, payments & fitness tips.

Medicine Reminder

Once the users upload medical prescription, they will be reminded to take medicines by the smart alert feature.

Loyalty Points

Admin or store owner can offer loyalty referral points to users and to the old users.

Assured Quality Products

The users will be allowed to check the necessary details like hallmark, barcode, etc. to make sure they get quality medicines.

Make Payments

There will be various integrated payments models for users to make easy payment online for their confirmed products.

Help & Support

There will list of 'FAQs', 'Contact Us' section for users to get instant support and resolve issues when they need.

Store Panel

Store Registration

Just like users, store owners also need to register with the medical delivery app.

Info Manager

The store can manage users' information like contact details, Email IDs, Phone Number, etc.

Product Listing Manager

After registration, the store can enlist products according to the categories.

Product Detail Manager

Store can fill products details like chemical composition, nutritional information, etc.

Show Similar Products

Similar medicines and products will be displayed in this section.

Price Management

Price Management will allow the store to increase or decrease price anytime.

Sales Analysis

The feature is all meant to allow store to take an analysis related sales.

Order Management

The store can manage orders placed by users and process further according to the request.

In-App Communication

In-App Communication feature is all meant to let service provider interact with users and admin.

Manage Discount Coupon

The store can add, remove, increase or decrease discount offer when required.

View Ratings/Reviews

The store can see ratings and reviews given by users to the particular medicines/products.

Complaint Management

The feature will allow store to look into the issues raised by customers, help them solve.

Admin Panel


Dashboard feature allows admin to confirm incoming requests for order, delivery and subscriptions.

Marketing Tools

Admin can manage advertising, campaigning and marketing emails under this section.


Admin can manage in-app purchases, third party advertisement and subscription packages.

Transaction Management

Payment for products by users via in-app payment models will be managed by admin.

Manage Accounts

All accounts and users along with the special services will be managed by admin.

Account Manager

Registered accounts of service providers and users will be managed by admin.

Notification Manager

Admin will redirect the notification to users regarding any updates and their carts' info.


Admin can see user acquisition, the number of orders captured, regions with minimum/maximum delivery, etc.

Additional Features

Discussion Forum

It will be an open forum for all where users and experts both can share their question/suggestion.

Speak to Your Doctors

The feature is all meant to facilitate users to find and get advice from their desired doctors online.

Product Listing Manager

In this section, users can find, nearby hospitals, laboratories, doctors and much more.


There will multiple language options so that users can surf the app in their own regional language.

Advanced Search Filter

This feature enables the user to filter the right products from selected brands.

Upload Medical Docs.

Users can upload medical prescriptions, medical test reports, etc., right here

Collect From Medical Store

If it in case, any users want to order online and collect medicines from the nearby store, they can.

Track Nearby Store

The user can find a nearby collection store that is designated by the particular service provider.

Premium Services We Offer

Medicine delivery app

Cloud Management

Cloud management help admin shipment, delivery data, offer, account details of the user, etc. The Cloud servers will simplify the pharmaceutical selling ecosystem by providing a bulk of benefits.

Advanced Notification Service (for store owner)

In this section, the service provider can send a direct message containing offers, coupons and deals to potential customers.

Technology We Use

We at Aglowid IT Solutions believe that to gain success we need innovative resources. Therefore, we have a team of full-stack developers and designers. At the same time, we use cutting-edge technology to create a medical app. Check out the list of technology platform we work on, right here.

Technology used in Real Estate App Solution

Web Components
Web Components
online medicine cost

How much Medicine Delivery App Development Cost You?

The cost of Medical or Pharmaceutical App Development is not stable as it entirely depends on the choice of clients. Price may also differ from one App development company to another. However, if you want excellent medical app at the cheaper price, then medical app development companies in India can be the best option. You will get the satisfactory result the very much reasonable price.

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