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Enterprise Mobility App Development

Why Enterprise Mobility is Important?

Enterprises and business organizations run with basic principles to gain more users' attention, increase sale and enhance the employees' productivity. But to gain these things, a company needs to provide an amiable and conducive environment to the employees at the workplace. Many organizations have started implementing to make the workplace employee favourable.

However, for the past few years, a new trend has been catching the attention of every small to large businesses and organizations. Have you guessed what we are talking about? It is an Enterprise Mobility App. Yes, it has created much buzz for some time now. The app turns out to be a major contributor and driving force for many Enterprises across the globe. According to some statics, the revenue generation from the Enterprise App will rise from 23.75% in 2015 to 24.47% in 2020. Even the demand of Enterprise Mobility App Development has increased and it is constantly been increasing.

Benefits You Gain With Enterprise Mobile App Development Service

Enterprise Mobility App empowers a company to turn the office into digital allowing employee’s access to the required tools and data transfer facility to enhance proficiency and communications. The App is designed to offer maximum functionality that an employee needs to perform office work even from his home. But, an Enterprise Mobility app does not have limited function or features to perform. There can be an end number of features and functionalities based on your requirement. So, let's go through why you need to adopt Mobility app for your business and what are the essential benefits it offers.

Boosts Productivity

It is observed that with the adoption of Enterprise Mobility App, the productivity level increased to 40% in just two quarters. It provides employees flexibility and connects them beyond time factor. When your employees get the ease of doing things, it boosts productivity.

Improve Quality Service

Enterprise Mobility app empowers employee with the ability to access data and receive updated information quickly. Ease of doing things will also help them shove up their interest level and help an organization deliver quality work. Quality work will then drive conversion and it will create a positive environment in the workplace.

Reduced Operational Cost

A Mobility App can help an organization to get more quality work in less time. It works more quickly and faster than a human being can. Therefore, it will help an organization save operational cost. Besides, the app empowers employees to work remotely so that they can work from anywhere anytime.

Seamless Data Sharing

The app provides employees with the ability to access office on-the-go through their Smartphone or tabs and carry out office work even remotely. In just a few clicks, your employee can access data from anywhere, anytime and do his usual work remotely. That will be possible through seamless data share features in the Mobility app.

Office On-The-Go

Whether your employees are at the office, home or on-the-go, Enterprise Mobility App helps them access the entire office system at anytime, anywhere that too just a few clicks. They can flawlessly work from home and help a company save both time and money. Even employees can work from your clients home if needed.

Robust Security

No doubt, when it comes to the internet, there is a sense of fear -the fear of losing data or being hacked by online robbers. Enterprise Mobility App offers a reliable solution, though the companies like Aglowid It Solutions double security with robust security feature integration. That's no more an issue.

Increases Customer Engagement

A customer wants quick and proper solutions for their problem. And, if you deliver them the solution, it will drive user engagement automatically. Enterprise Mobility Apps helps you provide quality service to your customers, and in response, you gain more user engagement.

Enhance Customer Satisfaction

Streamlining the entire process of your organization, what makes you ultimate winner is the customer satisfaction. Enterprise Mobility App Solutions speedup the workflow that ultimately enabled your employees to solve your customer’s query as well as issue faster and smarter.

Why Should You Choose Enterprise Mobility Solutions

A large number of organizations and businesses have adopted Enterprise Mobility Apps due to its work-friendly nature. The income would grow to double with the implementation of the mobility app. Let's find out what more efficacies the Mobility app has to offer.

Drives Sales

Enterprise Mobility App increases customer engagement and drives sales.

Providing Services

Mobility app allows access to office on-the-go to employees to work remotely.


All paperwork will turn into digital which you will empower you to check at anytime, anywhere.


Employees can communicate and share info quickly with colleagues within the organization.

Human Resources

Mobility App will bring entire HR (Human Resources) activities to a digital platform.

Handling Inventory

Enterprise Mobility App helps to manage the entire inventory system of a company.


Enterprise Mobility App helps you reach your target audience and promote products.

Content Management

A Mobility App carries out many things and content management is one of them.

Industries That Became Smart With Enterprise Mobility Apps

The need of Enterprise Mobility App is universal and almost all industries require the Mobility app to increase revenue. Here are some of the top industries for which we offer Mobility App services.


We develop quality Manufacturing Mobility App to empower your employees with smart tools which they can manage from anywhere.


We develop fully customized Retail & e-Commerce Mobility app to drive flawless sale and offer easy shopping experience to customers.


We create Advertising Mobility apps for the advertising industry. Aglowid offers result oriented customized solutions for all.


Our team of enterprise app developers provide robust Healthcare Mobility app solutions that boost efficiency of medical & health sector.

Media and Entertainment

Aglowid IT Solutions develops quality mobility app for Media and Entertainment that caliber great creative results in terms of entertainment.

Real Estate

Turn everything into digital and offer your customer a quick and faster experience of Real Estate Mobility App Solution.


We offer Education Mobility app solution that revolutionizes the entire approach in the education helping educational organizations.


Keeping the security in priority, we create productive and flexible Enterprise Mobility App solution for finance and banking sector.


Enterprise Mobility app for hotel & hospitality industry that lets your employee serves your clients to get all services on fingertips.

Top Essential Features of Enterprise Mobility App

The Enterprise Mobility App beneficial for many industries or enterprises, though you need to choose the features based on the usability. We listed out some must-have features. Let's check them out.

Automation of Processes

Enterprise Mobility App transforms manual process to automation and collects business operation data in real time. That means the automation process can save time, operation cost and simplify the process.

Bimodal IT Approach

The Bimodal IT Approach Gartner in 2014 that suggests the two parallel tracks -one deal in traditional IT and other in experimental IT. Similarly, the Enterprise Mobility app has to follow the same bimodal IT approach.

Amazing User Experience

The purpose of Enterprise Mobility App is to provide comfort and ease of operation such as sharing & getting data & information and getting office-on-the-go. Besides, it requires amazing user interface to be interactive.

Real-Time Connectivity and Analytics

One of the best benefits of enterprise Mobility App is that it offers real-time service and complete analytics report. Connectivity turns quite easy and helps field employees to perform tasks in a better way.

Cloud Storage

Cloud Storage helps organizations to share critical information, data and files to the executive, management, and staff on-the-go. This will also help the field employees to carry out office work remotely yet safely.

Secure Data Transfer

In the age of the internet, online data, information is the most vulnerable commodities and losing can cost you more severely. Enterprise Mobility App offers robust security while offering the best platform to do your job.

How Do We Process Enterprise Mobility Management Solutions

We focus more on client-centric work and therefore we committed follow certain things to deliver the best result. Here's the procedure we follow.


We Listen

Once you are sure with the platform, we start the feasibility analysis to integrate payment gateway with your app.

We Discuss

Our developers then share their views on the project if required any.

We Develop

Now we gather resource and develop the app as we discussed.

We Deliver

Once, the project is ready, we test it and deliver it with all the required resources.

We Support

Even after we have delivered the project, we're always ready to help when needed.

Best Enterprise Mobile App Development Company

Aglowid IT Solutions is the best Enterprise Mobility App Development Company which is known for quality work at the competitive price. We are confident that we deliver the best solutions at the reasonable price -cheapest in the industry.

Why Aglowid Over Others

Aglowid IT Solutions is the best Enterprise Mobility App Development Company which is known for quality work at the competitive price. We are confident that we deliver the best solutions at the reasonable price -cheapest in the industry.

Dedicated Resources

We provide dedicated resources at cost-effective rates.

Dedicated Project Manager

Our project manager keeps you updated about every proceeding.

We Never Miss Deadline

Deadline is all we work keeping in mind and do it successfully.

30+ Team Strength

We have an skilled team, all with exceptional talents in their field.

Serving Clients Across Globe

We serve clients around the world with all our dedicated resources

100% Satisfaction

Clients' satisfaction is something we hanker after to achieve.

Transparency with Signed NDA

Confidentiality is what we are trusted for, we sign NDA for this.

GDPR Compliant

We ensure your website/App satisfies all rules making it GDPR compliant.

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