Why Choose Aglowid as your Salesforce AppExchange Partner?

Aglowid is a reliable AppExchange Partner for many global clients that are either new to Salesforce community or proven veterans. The reason behind their trust is simple – our unwavering commitment to excellence. Our seasoned professionals bring a wealth of expertise and experience in AppExchange development and Salesforce solutions. We ensure your app is driven by industry standards and best practices.

When we say tailor-made Salesforce application solutions, we mean it. We understand the need for a unique solution that works towards your business needs, goals and challenges. Our team keeps you in the loop and understands your business intricacies that enable us to create bespoke AppExchange applications that work as an extension of your brand identity, serving as the best possible solution to your unique challenges. With Aglowid as your certified Salesforce Partner, you will thrive in the Salesforce ecosystem.

Benefits of Building Salesforce Marketplace Apps

Building apps for Salesforce marketplace has multitude of benefits for organizations looking to enhance their Salesforce experience. As the most leading cloud-based, CRM platform; Salesforce AppExchange Development Platform provides a robust ecosystem for app development, fostering innovation, efficiency and seamless integrations. Here are the key benefits of building Salesforce Marketplace Apps –

  • Facilitate easy, secure and faster system integrations
  • Handle diverse data efficiently
  • Offer personalized customer experiences
  • Streamline production and operations
  • Grow subscriber relationships
  • Cultivate loyal audience faster
  • Automate media and entertainment processes


Get 360 Salesforce AppExchange App Development Services with Aglowid

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Types of SFDC AppExchange Solutions We Offer

We are a trusted partner for a wide array of Salesforce AppExchange Solutions. As a leading Salesforce Development Company, we cover a range of SFDC AppExchange application types to match your app capabilities to your project requirements.

AppExchange Applications

AppExchange Applications are plug-&-play native or third-party solutions built by experts in the Salesforce ecosystem. Leverage our AppExchange Application Services to identify market gaps in the Salesforce Ecosystem and combine it with your offerings to create the perfect application for any Salesforce environment.

Bolt Solutions

Elevate your Salesforce community and commerce cloud experience with our pre-built Bolt solutions. These ready-to-use templates and components enable quicker and effective community development, or enhancing ecommerce capabilities with Apps, Lightning Components and industry process flows.

Flow Solutions

Experience the power of streamlined workflows with Aglowid’s Flow Solutions. Our workflow automation expertise using Salesforce Flow ensures operational efficiency, while our dynamic approval processes enhance your decision-making agility. Optimize & accelerate your business processes by integrating Flow solutions.

Lightning Data Solutions

We enrich your data quality by leveraging Lightning Data Solutions offered by Salesforce. This enables us to offer real-time data enrichment for accurate & actionable insights. Our end-to-end data cleansing services keeps your Salesforce records reliable and consistent, allowing you to make data-driven decisions.

AppExchange Components

Unlock a new level of user interface customization with Aglowid’s expertise in AppExchange Components. Our Lightning Components create rich and interactive interfaces within the Salesforce applications, enhancing overall user experience, tailoring your interface with custom UI elements.

Salesforce AppExchange Development Services, Catered to Your Needs

Salesforce AppExchange is a wide and popular platform that hosts a variety of customized solutions for addressing different challenges and tasks in the Salesforce ecosystem. Whether you need help developing a Salesforce marketplace application, get consulting about a solution you already have in the pipeline or need design overhaul of a published app, Aglowid covers a 360 coverage of Salesforce AppExchange development services to match any and all of your needs like –

Salesforce Application Consulting Solutions

Gain the advantage of having the most expert Salesforce consultants examine your app idea or project. Our consultants provide key strategic insights and guidance, ensuring your Salesforce AppExchange app aligns with your business goals & objectives.

Salesforce AppExchange App Development

Our dedicated development team specializes in developing bespoke Salesforce AppExchange applications catering to all your custom requirements in terms of features, functionalities, designing, security measures and other such requests.

Lightning and Salesforce Mobile Development

Enhance the user experience of your enterprise solutions across different devices & platforms with the expertise of our Salesforce Lightning Developers in Lightning and Salesforce Mobile solutions, for getting highly responsive, user-friendly interfaces that optimize engagement.

AppExchange Compliance

Navigate the compliance complexities related to your industry or niche with our reliable AppExchange compliance services to ensure your app meets industry-specific compliances & regulations requirements.

AppExchange App UI/UX

Elevate user satisfaction and enhance your app experience with our AppExchange UI/UX services that focuses on following visually appealing design principles alongside functional design principles.

AppExchange Support

Our dedicated support team is committed to the continued success of your AppExchange applications with responsive & reliable assistance, addressing any Salesforce challenges promptly.

AppExchange Listing

Uploading your Salesforce app on the marketplace is not enough. Optimize your market presence with our AppExchange Listing services for positioning your apps strategically so you can stand out in the competitive Salesforce ecosystems.

AppExchange Security Audit

Migrate any risks effectively with our thorough AppExchange Security Audits. Our Salesforce Security experts can identify vulnerabilities and implement proactive measures to ensure the security of your app and data.

AppExchange Technical Support

Rely on our Salesforce AppExchange technical support services for ongoing assistance, ensuring that your AppExchange applications operate seamlessly with the latest updates and comply to the best practices.

360 AppExchange Platform Solutions We Offer

AppExchange is not limited to its app marketplace functionality. There are many other aspects that need to be paid special attention to for a successful AppExchange application experience. Here are the 36o AppExchange solutions we cover to offer you the best Salesforce marketplace experience –

AppExchange App Migration

We provide seamless migration services for relocating your applications to the AppExchange platform. Our expert team of Salesforce AppExchange consultants ensure a smooth and efficient migration process, minimizing disruptions to your operations. Whether you want to move existing applications or upgrade to the latest AppExchange version, we optimize your Salesforce application for performance & functionality.

AppExchange App Security Assistance

Security is of utmost importance and we stand as your dedicated AppExchange App Partner in ensuring safety of your AppExchange applications. With our security assistance services, our team of experts provide comprehensive guidance to support & identify potential vulnerabilities and implementing robust security measures,

AppExchange App Customization

Tailor your AppExchange applications to suit your unique business requirements with Aglowid’s Customization Services. Our team collaborates closely with your team to understand your requirements. We aim to enhance your functionality, usability and overall satisfaction with personalized solutions to elevate your Salesforce experience.

AppExchange App Security and Compliance

Navigate the landscape of security and compliance with confidence through Aglowid’s Salesforce AppExchange security and compliance solutions. Our thorough assessment process helps identify potential vulnerabilities, with our experts ensure that your application meets all industrial standards and regulatory requirements.

AppExchange App Monitoring and Analytics

Stay ahead of the curve and take proactive control of your Salesforce AppExchange application with our monitoring and analytics solutions. We can set up proper analytical and monitoring tools to closely track the performance and security of your application. You can also use the data-driven insights to make more strategic decisions.

Our AppExchange App Development Process

We follow a systematic and thorough step by step process to develop, secure and deploy your AppExchange Application to the Salesforce marketplace. Our end-to-end approach ensures that your custom applications are not just built, but strategically crafted for enhancing efficiency, productivity & user satisfaction. Here is how we go about it –


Discovery & Consulting

  • In-depth discussion to understand your business goals, vision & challenges
  • Strategic consultation to align AppExchange development with your org. objectives


AppExchange App Planning

  • Collaborative ideation and planning sessions to define key functions & features
  • Outlining a roadmap for the development process, ensuring a strategic approach


Designing & Prototyping

  • Creating intuitive & visually appealing design, focusing on user experience
  • Developing prototypes to visualize app’s structure & gather early feedback


Development & Coding

  • Implementing robust coding practices, ensuring scalability & flexibility
  • Regularly updating the client & establishing transparent communication channels


Quality Assurance

  • Thorough testing to identify and rectify bugs or issues
  • Ensuring high-quality standards in terms of functionality, security & performance


Security Audits

  • Conducting comprehensive security audits to identify & mitigate possible vulnerabilities
  • Implementing measures to fortify the security of your AppExchange application


Submission to AppExchange Platform

  • Facilitating the submission process on the Salesforce AppExchange Platform
  • Ensuring compliance with AppExchange guidelines and requirements


Launch & Deployment

  • Coordinating a successful launch for promoting your applications effectively
  • Monitoring deployment to ensure smooth & efficient launch process


Ongoing Support & Updates

  • Providing continuous support & post-launch updates to address issues/improvements
  • Implementing updates, enhances & security patches for long-term success


Feedback & Client Satisfaction

  • Gathering feedback to identify areas of improvement and future enhancements
  • Prioritizing client satisfaction by addressing concerns and working on feedback


AppExchange App Installation & Configuration

  • Guiding users through the installation & configuration process for seamless onboarding
  • Provide resources & support to ensure users can easily setup and utilize the application


AppExchange Consultation

  • Offering ongoing consultation services to address ever evolving business needs
  • Providing insights on optimizing & expanding the functionality of the client’s AppExchange Application


App Integration

  • Seamlessly integrating AppExchange application with other Salesforce products & services
  • Ensuring data consistency and interoperability within the broader Salesforce ecosystem

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Frequently Asked Questions

The purpose of Salesforce AppExchange is to provide a marketplace for Salesforce customers to discover & install third-party applications that enhance the Salesforce functionalities.

Listing to an app on Salesforce AppExchange can take up to 6 weeks (about 1 and a half months), depending on your app's complexity and the review process.

The benefits of the Salesforce AppExchange include access to a wide variety of pre-built solutions, along with new system integrations, productivity enhancements, Salesforce customization, and deployment of industry-specific applications.

The cost of hiring a Salesforce AppExchange Partner can vary widely depending on the partner's expertise, the scope of the project, and the specific services required. Connect with our Salesforce expert at [email protected] and get the price structure according to your business requirements.

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