Why is Aglowid the best Salesforce Contractor?

Aglowid IT Solutions is the top Salesforce contractor, backed by a proven track record of successful project deliveries powered by a team of experienced Salesforce developers. Our commitment to tailoring solutions and integrating them into your ecosystem is what truly sets us apart. We prioritize cent satisfaction by taking a cent-centric approach, ensuring all our solutions align perfectly with your business objectives.

We are known for our technical proficiency and also for our problem-solving approach. Our developers thrive on overcoming challenges and bring a wealth of experience & expertise to every project. As a cent-centric organization, we focus on understanding your pain points to ensure our solutions are catered to and optimized accordingly. When you choose Aglowid, you get more than a contractor; you get a certified Salesforce Partner with a dedicated team that works towards your success through their expertise in consultation, development, migration & other such aspects.

Benefits of Salesforce Staff Augmentation Services

Salesforce staff augmentation is crucial to address the growing demand for specialized expertise. Whether you face resource gaps in development, administration, customization, or other such aspects, proper implementation of Salesforce staff augmentation ensures you have the right skilled professional(s) integrated into your team with little of the recruitment or finding hassle. This accelerates the timeline while providing a more flexible & scalable workforce tailored to your Salesforce requirements.

  • Flexible & Scalable Salesforce Team
  • Access to Specialized Expertise
  • Accelerated Project Timeline
  • Seamless Integrations
  • Cost Efficiency
  • Agile Response to Market Change
  • Strategic Talent Retention
  • Optimized Project Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Knowledge Transfer


Get 360 Salesforce Staff Augmentation Services with Aglowid

Augment Remote Salesforce Team

Salesforce Resource Augmentation Services We Offer

Aglowid is a globally trusted partner for elevating Salesforce capabilities. Salesforce is a vast ecosystem with new updates, apps, and added enhancements now and then. To leverage the full potential of this platform, you need a reliable Salesforce team that can provide top-tier augmentation solutions that enhance your development journey. Here are the various Salesforce services we offer –

Salesforce Administration

Entrust our skilled Salesforce administrators to manage your Salesforce operations thoroughly. From user access & security configuration to system optimization, our Salesforce team ensures you get a secure & seamless environment, enhancing user satisfaction.

Salesforce Enhancements

Elevate your Salesforce platform’s capabilities with our tailored Salesforce enhancements. Our Salesforce developers work closely with your team to understand your unique needs, implement custom functionalities, refine user interfaces & introduce advanced features to maximize your investment's impact.

Salesforce Development

Unleash the full potential of Salesforce with the help of our dedicated development team. Our Salesforce experts go beyond standard configurations, creating bespoke solutions with optimized workflows, automated processes, and a new efficiency level for your Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce Implementation

Experience smooth and efficient Salesforce implementation services as per your organization’s requirements. Our Salesforce consultants can guide you on how to customize the platform to seamlessly integrate it with your processes, ensuring quick & successful adoption across your team.

Salesforce Optimization

Maximize the efficiency of your Salesforce environment with our end-to-end optimization services. Our Salesforce team can fine-tune configurations, streamline workflows, and implement industry best practices to ensure your investment delivers exceptional value.

Salesforce Migration Services

Navigate complex data migration requirements in your digital ecosystem effortlessly with the help of our Salesforce migration experts. Our team can fine-tune the intricacies of data transfer, ensuring a secure & seamless transition to Salesforce while minimizing downtime & preserving data integrity.

Salesforce Consulting Services

Gain strategic insights and key inputs into your Salesforce processes with the help of our dedicated Salesforce consultants. We can help you gain better insights based on your industry to help you make informed decisions, optimize processes, and derive maximum value from your Salesforce implementation.

Salesforce Project Management

Steer your Salesforce initiatives with confidence through our expert project management services. Our team will oversee every aspect of your SFDC lifecycle, ensuring on-time delivery, adherence to budget constraints & successful execution of your Salesforce projects.

Salesforce Support & Maintenance

Ensure the ongoing success and improve the uptime of your Salesforce instances with our proactive support and maintenance services. Our Salesforce support staff addresses your issues promptly, minimizes downtime, and keeps your processes running smoothly.

Salesforce Quality Assurance

Guarantee the quality of your Salesforce solutions with our dedicated quality assurance experts. Our thorough process identifies and addresses potential issues, ensuring a robust, error-free Salesforce implementation meeting the highest standards.

Cloud Implementation Our Salesforce Staff Expertise In

Salesforce Sales Cloud

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Salesforce Service Cloud

Salesforce Experience Cloud

Salesforce Commerce Cloud

Salesforce Finance Cloud

Salesforce Consumer Cloud

Salesforce Revenue Cloud

Salesforce Analytics Cloud

Salesforce IoT Cloud

Salesforce Education Cloud

Salesforce Non-Profits Cloud 

Build Your Salesforce Team with Aglowid

Building your Salesforce dream team is just a step away with Aglowid IT Solutions. As your strategic partner and one of the most reliable Salesforce staffing firms, we have the most versatile, diverse, and experienced group of developers with specific skill sets and strategic advantages. Here are some of the most versatile Salesforce developer profiles we offer –

Salesforce Administrators

Handles custom system configurations, user management & security settings with Salesforce.

UI/UX Designers

Crafts visually appealing and user-friendly interfaces for improving the overall CX of your Salesforce applications.

Power BI Developers

Develops business intelligence solutions to extract valuable data from your Salesforce implementation.

Lightning Developers

Specializes in Salesforce Lightning, creating dynamic & responsive apps, using the latest Salesforce technologies.

Solutions Architects

Designing end-to-end Salesforce solutions and aligning technologies with business objectives to ensure scalable implementations.

Salesforce Integrators

Connects & integrates various systems with Salesforce, ensuring smooth data flow & optimal functionality across your enterprise.

Project Coordinators

Facilitating the planning, execution & monitoring of Salesforce projects, ensuring timely delivery and adherence to project goals.

Data Architects

Architects and manages the data infrastructure within Salesforce, ensuring data quality, integrity, and optimal performance.

Salesforce Community Developers

Developing and customizing Salesforce community cloud solutions, fostering collaboration and engagement among your stakeholders.

Salesforce Application Developers

Builds custom applications on the Salesforce platform, tailoring solutions to meet the unique requirements of your existing ecosystem & business processes.

Marketing Cloud Automation

Automates marketing processes and campaigns by leveraging the Salesforce Marketing Cloud platform to drive maximum efficiency & engagement.

Salesforce Sales Cloud Automators

Focuses on customizing, fine-tuning, and developing solutions leveraging Salesforce Sales Cloud for optimizing customer support & services capabilities.

Industry Specialists

Brings industry-specific knowledge to Salesforce implementations, tailoring solutions to meet the unique challenges of your sector.

Service Cloud Enablers

Specializes in configuring & developing solutions within Salesforce Service Cloud, enhancing customer support & server capabilities.

Salesforce Support Staff

Providing ongoing support for your Salesforce environment, addressing user queries, troubleshooting issues & ensuring system stability.

Pardot Consultants

Offers expertise in Salesforce Pardot, optimizing marketing automation strategies to drive lead generation and customer engagement.

Our Approach to Delivering Efficient Salesforce Staff Augmentation Solutions

At Aglowid IT Solutions, our approach to delivering efficient salesforce staff augmentation solutions is grounded in a strategic and client-centric methodology. We believe in cultivating collaborative partnerships beyond staffing solutions, aiming for strategic alignment with your business objectives. Here are the various values and principles we keep in mind to ensure you get the best of Salesforce staff augmentation services –

Client-Centric Approach

At the core of our process is taking a client-centric approach. We aim to understand your unique needs, objectives, and challenges at every process stage. Your satisfaction takes center stage throughout the project, ensuring our efforts are always aligned with your project goals.

Collaborative Partnership

We believe in building collaborative partnerships that go beyond conventional client-vendor relationships. We aim to foster open communication and shared objectives, working side by side, ensuring mutual success.

Strategic Alignment

Our commitment extends to strategic alignment, ensuring our services align closely with your organizational goals. This enhances the effectiveness of our Salesforce staff augmentation services.

Skillful Resource Matching

We follow a rigorous & efficient matchmaking process to ensure we shortlist the right Salesforce professionals with the right skills & expertise to fulfill your Salesforce team requirements.

Flexible Engagement Models

We provide flexible engagement models to avail our Salesforce developers. Whether you need Salesforce contract work or long-term collaboration, our models adapt to your requirements.

Continuous Improvement

We embrace a culture of continuous improvement; we are dedicated to refining our processes & services. This ensures we evolve with industry trends, providing you with cutting-edge solutions.

Transparent Communication

Transparency is very important to us. We maintain open & honest communication channels, providing real-time updates on project processes, achievements & challenges.

Adaptability & Scalability

Our approach prioritizes adaptability & scalability, allowing us to respond swiftly to your dynamically changing requirements. Upscale or descale your team without worrying about resource availability.

Knowledge Transfer

We enable our clients to continue their business processes independently post our work. Our goal is to provide resources and share valuable insights & skills with your team.

Quality Assurance

We follow rigorous standards to ensure the highest quality in our Salesforce staff augmentation solutions, minimizing errors & maximizing the effectiveness of our services.

Result-Driven Approach

Our result-driven approach ensures all actions, solutions & decisions are geared towards achieving tangible & impactful results. We aim to deliver the most positive outcomes to your organization.

Agile Methodology

We follow an agile methodology to prioritize adaptability, collaboration & iterative development. This approach enables us to respond to changing project dynamics, ensuring efficient Salesforce staffing solutions.

Technology Innovation

As an IT company specializing in Salesforce solutions, we are led by innovation at each step. We help you achieve your project milestones by integrating the latest technological solutions.

Ethical & Professional Conduct

We uphold ethical and professional conduct at all times. All our projects are driven by our ethos of integrity, ensuring every aspect of our engagement is conducted with professionalism & honesty.


Get the best Salesforce Developer Profiles for Your Project

Onboard Offshore Salesforce Developers from Aglowid

How to Leverage Our Salesforce Staff Augmentation Services?

Embark on your Salesforce journey to elevate Salesforce capabilities seamlessly with Aglowid’s Salesforce staff augmentation services. We implement a well-defined agile process to ensure a seamless experience, allowing you to augment your team with skilled professionals. Here’s the blueprint –


Needs Assessment

  • Thorough analysis to understand specific Salesforce requirements.
  • Aligning services with your business objectives.
  • Identifying potential challenges & developing proactive mitigation strategies.


Initial Consultation

  • Engaging in discussions to comprehend your Salesforce objectives.
  • Providing an overview of our Salesforce staff augmentation services.
  • Collaboratively evaluating the feasibility of our services.


Customized Solution Proposal

  • Presenting personalized staffing plans aligned with identified requirements.
  • Providing transparent & detailed Salesforce staff cost estimates.
  • Clearly defining the scope of our Salesforce staff augmentation services.


Contract & Agreement

  • Drafting a comprehensive contract outlining terms & conditions.
  • Ensuring alignment on contractual terms through open communication.
  • Adhering to all legal and regulatory compliances.


Resource Identification

  • Identifying professionals with specific skills from our talent pool.
  • Assessing the professional background & experience of the identified talent.
  • Integrating client feedback & preferences in the selection process.


Interview & Selection

  • Evaluating technical skills, problem-solving abilities & cultural fit.
  • Involving clients in the interview process for optimal compatibility.
  • Providing full visibility into the selection criteria & decision-making process.


Kick Off Meeting

  • Presenting a detailed overview of the project, including goals & timelines.
  • Facilitating introductions between existing & augmented resources.
  • Establishing clear communication channels & reporting structures.


Project Execution

  • Adopting agile methodologies for iterative & adaptive development.
  • Providing regular progress updates & meeting all milestones.
  • Fostering a collaborative approach with active participation & feedback.


Contract Renewals or Project Completion

  • Conducting a comprehensive evaluation of resource performance & project outcomes.
  • Discussing the possibility of contract renewal based on project success.
  • Facilitating a smooth transition in case of contract completion.

Tech Stack Our Salesforce Developers Team Leverage

Hire Salesforce developers from Aglowid to get the best talents to work on your project. Our talents have proficiency in different Salesforce tools and technologies that can assist the speed, proficiency, security & other aspects of your Salesforce project. Here is an insight into the tech-stack we leverage –

Lead Management & Conversion

  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Pardot

Customer Support & Ticketing

  • Service Cloud
  • Live Agent

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Social Studio

E-commerce and Online Shopping

  • Commerce Cloud
  • Order Management

Community Building & Collaboration

  • Community Cloud
  • Chatter

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Einstein Analytics
  • Tableau

Salesforce Integration Solutions

  • Integration Cloud
  • MuleSoft

Application Development

  • Heroku
  • Lightning Platform

Data Visualization & Reporting

  • Quip
  • Tableau

Salesforce Marketing Tools

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Pardot Cloud


  • IoT Explorer
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
  • Salesforce Shield


  • Einstein AI
  • Datorama
  • Quip with Live Apps

Why Is Aglowid One of the Top 1% of Salesforce Staffing Agencies?

Aglowid is a certified Salesforce Consulting Partner that provides 360 Salesforce Solutions from consulting to development, migration, and integration & all such services required to provide our clients with a one-stop solution for all their Salesforce requirements. Here is what sets us apart –

  • Diverse Salesforce Talent Pool
  • Client Centric Partnership
  • Industry Recognition
  • Reliable & Responsive Support Team
  • Expertise in using various Salesforce Developer Tools
  • 50+ Dedicated Salesforce Developer Profiles
  • Easy onboarding in 48 hours Final Confirmation
  • Dedicated Industry Experts in Healthcare, BFSI & other such niches
Why Aglowid

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Frequently Asked Questions

We ensure quality through the rigorous screening process, continuous training, and performance monitoring. All this ensures that the Salesforce augmented staff possess the necessary skills & expertise for effective project contributions.

The cost of hiring Salesforce Staff Augmentation services includes factors such as project complexity, project scope, team size, skill level, engagement length, and required services. Connect with our experts at [email protected] and get an exact estimation.

We implement robust security including controlled access, confidentiality agreements, and protocols for handling sensitive information to safeguard client data.

Our Salesforce staff augmentation offers access to a talented team with diverse skill sets - from development to customization to administration. This combined approach with wide-ranging expertise tackles complex projects easily through complicated solutions, nurturing modernization.

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