What makes Aglowid the Best IT Outsourcing Company in India?

Aglowid has solidified its standing as a leading IT outsourcing company in India, attributed to our expertise, a wide spectrum of outsourced IT services, and a proven track record of delivering bespoke projects to a global clientele across various industries. Our dedicated development team comprises seasoned professionals, including developers, consultants, UI/UX designers, architects, and other key profiles, bringing a rich blend of industry knowledge and technical proficiency to every project.

Companies outsourcing to India can partner with Aglowid to outsource IT functionalities of any department they lack expertise in, outsource entire IT projects, or extend their teams with remote talents, depending on their project requirements.

Best IT Outsourcing Company in India


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Our End-to-End Outsourced IT Services

Having the right IT Outsourcing Partner is crucial to optimize business processes, development requirements and improve the project’s overall cost-efficiency and time to market. As a C-level executive you would want to invest your time and efforts in making strategic business decisions rather than searching for the right IT outsourcing service provider for different needs.

Aglowid is your one-stop IT outsourcing companies in India to meet and match all your outsourcing IT requirements. Here are the range of services we cover -

Strategy Consultation & Advisory

Initiate your IT outsourcing project by gaining a thorough strategy consultation where our strategists analyze your business objectives, assess your current IT infrastructure and industry landscape to provide strategic insights that align your IT roadmap to your organizational goals.

Custom Software Development

Build a resilient, scalable, cost-effective and secure software solution by outsourcing your software development project to our dedicated development team. Get full-stack development solutions or outsource any aspect of your project you are having a difficult time with.

UI/UX Planning & Implementation

Outsource your UI/UX strategy development & implementation requirement in the capable hands of our seasoned UI/UX designers. From user interfaces to system architectures, our services are focused on enhancing user experience which provides the most functional interaction possible.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Have an enterprise IT system that isn’t performing as intended or seems to be compromised? Leverage the expertise of our professional QA analysts who undertake various QA testing methods for detecting potential quality flaws or threats to recommend secure, instant and easy-to-follow countermeasures to ensure your project remains intact.

Application Support & Maintenance

Outsource the constant maintenance & support optimization efforts of your project to Aglowid, your most reliable IT outsourcing company. Our developers and app maintenance experts know how to identify potential bugs and threats and their immediate workarounds to ensure better project uptime and security of sensitive data.

Platform Upgradation & Cloud
Migration Services

Whether you are looking to modernize legacy application, shift platforms to a new tech-stack or shift your business processes to cloud platforms like GCP, Microsoft Azure or AWS, we ensure a risk-free, seamless end-to-end migration and upgradation services with minimal disruptions to your business operations.

Managed IT Services

Entrust Aglowid to fulfil your IT infrastructure outsourcing service requirements with our full range of managed IT services that entails monitoring, maintaining and optimizing the reliability, security and efficiency of your systems.

Offshore Development Centre

Set up an ODC in India by choosing us as your offshore IT outsourcing partner to gain the perks of working with a fully equipped team, resources and infrastructure to match your project’s unique requirements, in the most cost-effective manner possible.

Outsourced Dedicated Team

Build your dedicated development team with Aglowid’s pool of top software developers, UI/UX consultants, QA experts, product managers and other credible talents. You get instant access to the top 1% software developers at the most cost-effective rates.

Hire Remote Developers

Have a team that excels in their domain, but the project demands a specific skill that you can’t seem to bridge? Let our professional remote developers be the missing piece from the puzzle of your project’s overall success. Outsource and augment remote developers to join your team to extend your team’s capabilities.

Industries We Provide IT Outsourcing Services For

Explore our IT outsourcing services, spanning a wide array of industries. We provide bespoke solutions tailored to diverse business needs, ensuring efficiency and quality while driving client satisfaction.

Automotive IT Solutions


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Outsourcing IT services accelerates product innovation and improves software quality for automotive companies.

Healthcare IT Solutions


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We handle IT infrastructure management and cybersecurity, enabling healthcare providers to focus on patient care.

BFSI IT Solutions

Outsourcing IT functions drives digital transformation and mitigates risks in the financial sector.

Real Estate IT Solutions

Real Estate

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Our IT outsourcing services optimize resources and improve service quality for real estate firms.

Transport & Logistics IT Solutions


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Outsourcing IT functions improves operational efficiency and reduces costs for transport and logistics companies.

Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

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Outsourcing IT services allows oil and gas companies to focus on core operations while leveraging specialized expertise to enhance efficiency and innovation.

Retail IT Solutions

Our IT outsourcing services provide retail businesses with scalable solutions, reducing operational costs and ensuring agility in a competitive market landscape.

Fintech IT Solutions

Outsourcing IT functions enables fintech firms to access cutting-edge technology and talent, accelerating product development and time-to-market.

Platforms we cover in our Outsourced IT Solutions Offerings

We cover a wide spectrum of IT outsourcing services to provide end-to-end outsourced IT support for any of your project requirements. We are one of top IT outsourcing companies in the USA, UK, Canada & Germany with a 365 approach to cover all unique project outsourcing requirements. Here is a showcase of our top offerings -

Web App Development

Outsource web development to the best IT outsourcing services provider – Aglowid, for leveraging our expertise in developing websites, modern web apps, PWAs, SPAs, Ecommerce Storefronts & other web-based IT solutions.

Mobile App Development

Choose Aglowid as your IT outsourcing partner to build native/cross-platform mobile apps across iOS and Android platforms for different categories such as AR/VR, social media, B2B apps, AI/ML driven apps & more.

Software Development

Outsource enterprise-grade software development solutions, whether that includes desktop GUI applications or customized software solutions that can be integrated with AI/ML, AR/VR & other cognitive technologies.

Cloud Based Solutions

Set up a new project that operates on cloud computing infrastructure with Aglowid’s IT infrastructure outsourcing services. Gain additional storage, boosted computing power & other cloud-based environment benefits.

SaaS Based Solutions

We design & develop software applications as a service solution for clients that want to develop a recurring subscription software solution over-the-net. Our SaaS based portfolio includes CRMs, CMS, ERPs & more.

ECommerce Solutions

Being a leading ecommerce solution provider, we develop, design, and revive new or existing ecommerce storefronts and marketplaces on popular platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce & more.

DevOps Solutions

We are experienced DevOps solution provider with expertise in seamlessly integrating development & operations processes for fostering efficiency, improving collaboration & accelerating your project’s time to market.

TechStack, We Cover to Provide IT Outsourcing Services

Our bespoke IT Outsourcing Models to Choose From

Outsourcing IT services to an IT outsourcing company is a big decision as a C-level executive. You need to ensure the chosen company provides flexible IT outsourcing models that fit your requirement for such services. At Aglowid, we have identified and structured three strategic IT outsourcing models for our clients to choose from –

Extended Team Augmentation

Opt for our extended team augmentation model for seamless integration. We provide agile and scalable solutions tailored to your project's dynamic needs. Whether you need talents for a specific phase or senior managerial expertise, our services ensure you have the right talent when needed.

Complete Project Outsourcing

Let us take the full ownership and responsibility of your project! From initial conceptualization to delivery, our experienced team can manage every aspect of your project’s lifecycle. Whether you are developing a new project from scratch or need to revamp a legacy software, our dedicated team can handle all your requirements with ease.

Hire Dedicated Developer

Outsource IT services to Aglowid, if you have an existing team working on a project but need additional talents to meet project deadlines. We have a pool of talented, pre-vetted developers across various platforms & industries. Hire dedicated developers in just 48 hours of final confirmation to extend your team’s capabilities significantly.

Industries We Provide Outsourced IT management solutions for

In the dynamic landscape of IT services, our expertise span across diverse industries where we navigate through the unique set of challenges and opportunities. Our team of highly skilled IT analysts delve into the intricacies of each sector, employing their profound knowledge to build tailor-made outsourced IT management solutions.

We pride ourselves on crafting bespoke IT solutions that are meticulously crafted to meet the specific needs of your project requirements. Our commitment to excellence ensures your business doesn't only address its current challenges but anticipates and adapts to the future trends.

  • Automotive
  • BFSI
  • Healthcare
  • Fintech
  • Real Estate
  • Transport & Logistic
  • Oil & Gas
  • Retail

Why Choose Aglowid as your Preferred IT Outsourcing Partner?

Aglowid has been a strategic IT outsourcing partner for many global SMEs & enterprises from different industries having different IT requirements. Being a one-stop solution for all IT enterprise needs, we become a fitting choice as an IT outsourcing partner for any company looking for outsourced IT support and services. Choosing Aglowid for your IT outsourcing services will benefit you by –

  • Getting instant access to pre-vetted & experienced talents
  • Building your full-stack team in any technology you prefer
  • Flexibility in scaling and descaling teams as per project requirements
  • Agile development with sprints and complete transparency
  • Scalable IT outsourcing services, scale & descale your team as per your needs
  • Significant cost savings to hire top 1% developers from India
  • >


Give your IT Project the Team it Deserves

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When should you consider Outsourcing IT Services?

Outsourcing IT services can be a strategic decision for businesses under various circumstances. Here are some of the ideal situations where outsourcing IT services can be an optimal choice –

  • When you lack inhouse-specialists needed for a certain project
  • When you don’t have the adequate technical knowledge
  • When the project requires complex tech integration
  • When you’re in a crunch of time
  • When you need proper IT guidance and consulting to move forward
  • When you want your core team to focus on core competencies
  • Cost-effective Android Developers for hire at 1/4th market price
  • When you want to expand globally & need expertise on security & compliances
  • When you want a cost-efficient & flexible option over in-house hiring
When to Outsource

Steps to Get Bespoke IT Outsourcing Services from Aglowid

We like to follow a systematic approach to deliver the best of our IT outsourcing services to our esteemed clients. Getting IT outsourcing solutions, shouldn’t be a hurdle but a smooth transition towards a successful IT partnership. Here are the steps you need to follow -


Identify your IT Needs

What is the role of IT in your project? What part of your IT requirement do you need to outsource? Is it more about the development aspect or infrastructure or cybersecurity? Answer these questions to gain more clarity of your IT needs and what you need to outsource.


Needs Assessment

Collaborate with Aglowid IT Solutions to work on your PRD, and clearly communicate business objectives, outsourced IT support needs or any other challenge you’re facing. This will help us gain a better perspective of your unique needs, which will allow us to create tailor made IT outsourcing solutions.


Custom Proposal and Solution Presentation

Receive a solid proposal and proper solution roadmaps from our expert team of professional advisories, to understand all the project challenges and requirements. Pick the one that seems the most relatable to your need and sit with our experts to discuss on the matter further.


Negotiation & Contracting

Once the agreed candidate/candidates agree upon the job offer, you can still negotiate their salaries and their compensation based upon contractual agreements, their skills and your project urgency. You will be able to onboard them in your team within 48 hours with Aglowid.


Transition Planning

Make sure to have all the necessary documentation and material ready to make the most out of your outsourced IT developers. This can include code repositories, any form of documentation and other relevant resources that aids understand the project better.


KickOff Project Initialization

Officially kick-off the collaboration by attending a brief meeting to align our goals and expectations. We will ensure your outsourcing requirements are matched the soonest possible with the best talents as per your project needs.

Aglowid’s Guide to IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing can be challenging to get your head around. There are many aspects to consider and way too much ground to cover. If you are struggling to understand what is IT outsourcing, how to leverage it for your benefit and what to look after when dealing with such a concept, we are here to help. Here is the ultimate guide to IT outsourcing –

What is IT Outsourcing?

IT Outsourcing refers to contracting a third-party IT services provider to handle specific IT functions of your project or handover the entire project to a group of professionals with experience in handling projects similar to yours. It is an apt alternative to hiring in-house developers which allows C-level executives to focus on core competencies of the business while the IT outsourcing partner handles all the technical aspects of realizing your goals.

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Solutions

Outsourcing IT requirements can help a company significantly in many critical ways. Here are some of the top benefits you can avail by outsourcing IT solutions to Aglowid –

  1. 1/3rd cost of finding and building an in-house team
  2. Quicker onboarding and project delivery time as well
  3. Access to specialized expertise on a pay-as-you-go flexible hiring model
  4. Allocate your resources to the core of your business while leaving IT management to the experts
  5. Easily scale/descale IT resources based on project demands & business growth

IT Outsourcing Challenges

IT outsourcing is not without its risks. You must be alert and aware of such challenges and threats before you set out on your IT outsourcing journey. Here are some of the most prominent challenges faced by most companies when considering IT outsourcing for their project –

Communication Barrier

Make sure the IT outsourcing partner you select is –

  1. Proficient in English
  2. Able to understand IT deliverables and project requirements
  3. Able to communicate any doubts, concerns & suggestions
  4. Used to work in teams and collaborative environment

Quality Control

Make sure the selected IT outsourcing partner takes necessary QA measures like –

  1. Monitor and ensure quality of deliverables
  2. Implement proper testing processes to identify & rectify defects promptly
  3. Provide transparent performance metrics for ongoing evaluation

Security Measures

Ensure the IT outsourcing partner takes security measures like –

  1. Adhering to industry standard, security protocols and certifications
  2. Implementing data encryption, access points & other such practices
  3. Having a clear incident response plan for potential security breaches

Legal Compliances

Make sure the IT outsourcing company you select, complies to legal requirements by –

  1. Reviewing their contracts thoroughly to ensure alignment with local/i18n laws
  2. Confirming that the outsourcing partner follows ethical business practices
  3. Understanding and implementing any legal implications related to data privacy & IP

Things to Check Before Selecting IT Outsourcing Partner

There are many aspects of IT outsourcing that requires effective countermeasures or preparedness from your selected IT outsourcing partner to ensure a successful IT outsourcing project. Here are key barriers and traits you should look for before selecting an IT outsourcing partner -

Expertise & Experience

  1. Relevant industry experience
  2. Tech stack selection and expertise
  3. Past portfolio review

Financial Stability

  1. Assess financial stability for consistency in service
  2. Evaluate their ability to withstand IT outsourcing challenges

Security Practices

  1. Verify their data security and encryption best practices
  2. Confirm their compliances with relevant security standards


  1. Assess their ability to scale/de-scale resources
  2. Confirming that the outsourcing partner follows ethical business practices
  3. Judge their time-to-react to dynamically changing business requirements

Communication Channels

  1. Ensure they have clear and transparent communication channels
  2. Establish efficient communication protocols

Quality Control Measures

  1. Inquire about their quality control measures
  2. Understand procedures they follow for quality assurance

Tech Stack Compatibility

  1. Ask them about their expertise in tech stack of your choice
  2. Ensure they know how to seamlessly integrate such services

Review Contractual Terms

  1. Review and understand their contractual terms
  2. See how open they are to providing flexibility or come to a middle ground

Disaster Recovery Plan

  1. Inquire about their disaster recovery plan
  2. Inquire about project continuity in unexpected disruptions

Team Composition

  1. Understand the qualifications of the outsourcing partner’s team
  2. Ensure the team possess important skills & qualifications for your project

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Aglowid's IT Outsourcing FAQs

IT outsourcing offers cost saving, access to global talent, enhanced focus on core competencies, and flexible in scaling operations.

Partnering with the best IT outsourcing company streamlines processes, reduces cost, and provides access to specialized skills, fostering business efficiency and growth.

India is a top choice for software outsourcing due to its skilled workforce, cost-effectiveness, and robust IT infrastructure, making it a favourable destination for global businesses.

Outsourcing IT services typically experiences costs based on factors like project complexity, scope, and the level of expertise required, with potential savings compared to in-house development. To know more contact us at [email protected]

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