Why is Aglowid a top Salesforce Customization Company?

Aglowid is one of the best Salesforce customization companies, extending its services beyond basic customization and configuration support. We provide 360 Salesforce services to cover all your requirements, from implementation to customization, development, consulting, and other services.

We have helped many clients shift their traditional CRM to the cloud-based CRM capabilities of the Salesforce CRM platform. We have enabled companies to ease the process of finding more prospects, closing more deals and connecting with potential customers in a reimagined manner. With the help of our AI/ML developers and their expertise in providing comprehensive custom Salesforce development services, we address all business challenges from sales to marketing and even support services.

Why choose Salesforce? Salesforce Customization Benefits

Salesforce is a dynamic CRM platform that can help businesses elevate their operations. Our Salesforce experts can help you further amplify its impact on your business with the help of our expert Salesforce customization services. Our tailored solutions enhance & configure the Salesforce platform to your business and ensure seamless integration with your existing systems.

Benefits of choosing Salesforce CRM -

  • Increased accuracy for effective business analytics
  • Streamlined sales processes & getting data-driven insights
  • Significant ROI with our effective Salesforce customization services
  • Faster deployment with our Salesforce cloud deployment solutions
  • Reduced team workload with our Salesforce automation tools


Get 360 Salesforce Customization Services with Aglowid

Get Custom Salesforce Services

Salesforce Customization & Salesforce Configuration Services We Provide

Salesforce Customization and Configuration are two sides of the same coin that work together to customize Salesforce to match your project requirements. Though they entail different Salesforce services, their purpose is the same – to tailor Salesforce software to your dynamic needs. We provide a range of services in both aspects. They are –

Salesforce Customization

  • Precision in intricate process automation
  • Intuitive interfaces for enhanced productivity
  • Tailored Salesforce automation for efficient business processes
  • Crafted Salesforce applications for gaining a competitive advantage
  • Seamless & secure data transfer with proper thorough data clean-up

Salesforce Configuration

  • Configuration of record types to offer context-specific views
  • Enhanced data integrity with strategically validated rules
  • Usage of point & click tools to efficiently configure Salesforce
  • Tailored page layouts ensure users can interact with information relevant to their roles
  • Seamless integrations b/w Salesforce & external systems for data interoperability

Our Bespoke Salesforce Customization Services

Customizing Salesforce has many nuances that must be handled and implemented carefully. Having experience in providing end-to-end salesforce customization services to a global clientele with businesses of all scales, we offer a myriad of custom Salesforce development solutions like -

Custom Salesforce App Development

Experience bespoke custom Salesforce app development services by making Aglowid your custom Salesforce development partner to gain a strategic advantage in your industry and business processes.

Salesforce Interface Customization

Enhance user experience with our Salesforce interface customization services. Our UI/UX designers design intuitive, user-friendly interfaces per your priorities and needs. Enjoy a seamless navigation experience for your team.

Salesforce Personalization

Elevate user engagement with our personalized Salesforce experience services. Our Salesforce engineers tailor the platform to your preferences, requirements, and scale, optimizing its interactions to boost productivity.

Salesforce Custom Reports & Dashboards

Gain actionable insights with custom Salesforce reports & dashboard services. By leveraging our Salesforce architects' right tools and expertise, we develop the most visually stunning reports & dashboards, providing you with real-time analytics.

Salesforce Data Management Customization

Ensure data integrity of your data with our data management customization services. We implement tailored data management solutions for storage, retrieval and cleanup to ensure your Salesforce instance maintains optimal data quality.

Custom Salesforce Integrations

Maintain a seamless data flow across your enterprise suite of applications with our custom Salesforce integration services. Our salesforce integration specialists can integrate Salesforce with your business or third-party applications to enhance your digital ecosystem.

Custom Salesforce Console Development

Optimize your user workflows and efficiency with our custom console development services. Our Salesforce customization engineers are professionals in creating custom layouts & functionalities, providing your team with a centralized hub for streamlined operations.

Custom Salesforce Object, Apex Classes & Triggers

Leverage our expertise in custom Salesforce development with our ability to create custom objects, apex classes and triggers. We develop tailored solutions from custom objects to complex triggers, ensuring your Salesforce instance aligns precisely with your business logic.

Custom Salesforce Page Layout & Views

We have expertise in creating custom page layouts and views designed to suit your business processes and configuring views to ensure users can navigate through the most important information at a glance, providing a more intuitive user experience.

Custom Salesforce Workflows

Customizing Salesforce for streamlining and automating your business processes with our custom Salesforce workflow services. Our Salesforce customization and configuration experts know how to design workflows tailored to your unique requirements.

Salesforce1 Customization

Extend your Salesforce capabilities to mobile devices with our Salesforce1 customization services. We tailor the Salesforce1 customization mobile app services to align with your business needs and keep your team connected and productive on the go.

Customizations we offer for Important Salesforce Modules

Our custom salesforce software developer has the right skills and experience in customizing the most popular salesforce modules to configure them as per your project requirements. Here are the modules we cover –

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

A powerful marketing automation platform to automate marketing workflows, provide data-driven analytics & more.

How Aglowid helps?

  • Creating personalized & targeted marketing campaigns catered to delivering customized content relevant to your audience.
  • Implementing marketing automation workflows, streamlining marketing processes & ensuring relevant engagement
  • Configuring robust analytics capabilities with marketing cloud providing insights into the performance of campaigns

Salesforce Sales Cloud

A comprehensive CRM platform designed for managing sales processes, leads, opportunities, and customer data.

How Aglowid helps?

  • Excellence in tailoring Sales Cloud functionalities with project needs for improved sales effectiveness
  • Smooth Sales Cloud implementation for optimal utilization and smooth transition for managing customer relations
  • Integrating Sales Cloud with other important business & third-party systems to get a unified view of customer data

Salesforce Service Cloud

An integrated customer service application that helps organizations deliver personalized and efficient support.

How Aglowid helps?

  • Custom Salesforce service cloud alignment with unique customer support processes for a personalized support experience
  • Integrating Service Cloud with communication channels for omnichannel support, enabling better customer engagement.
  • Automation powered by Service Cloud to streamline resolution processes & enhance customer satisfaction.

Salesforce Community Cloud

A platform for creating branded online communities, connecting customers, employees and partners.

How Aglowid helps?

  • Implementing engagement strategies with Community Cloud to enhance collaboration and interaction
  • Configuring your brand with customized online communities based on your specifications, fostering collaboration
  • Custom Salesforce Integration of Cloud with other Salesforce clouds for a holistic view & collaboration

Salesforce Pardot

A marketing automation platform that helps businesses streamline & automate their marketing processes.

How Aglowid helps?

  • We provide smooth Salesforce Pardot implementation services aligned with your marketing goals & requirements.
  • Our team of Salesforce customization experts implement marketing automation workflows for lead nurturing & scoring.
  • We configure Pardot analytics for tracking & measuring marketing campaign performance based on your trigger points.

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud

Tailored CRM solutions for companies in the fintech industry, providing a 360 view of their clientele.

How Aglowid helps?

  • Implementing robust client data management services with the help of the financial services cloud for a 360 view of customers
  • Configuring and customizing the Financial Services Cloud to match the specific needs of financial institutions
  • Ensuring that the financial services cloud implementation complies with relevant industry regulations & standards

Salesforce Nonprofits Cloud

Designed for non-profits, this cloud service enables effective donor management, program tracking & engagement.

How Aglowid helps?

  • Configuring Salesforce non-profits cloud platform for effective and efficient donor management solutions
  • Setting up a proper & efficient program tracking system for monitoring and reporting on all nonprofit initiatives
  • Integrating Salesforce nonprofits cloud with your existing systems for unified data management solutions

Salesforce Chatter

A collaboration platform that facilitates communication and sharing of information within an organization.

How Aglowid helps?

  • Ensuring seamless Salesforce Chatter implementation tailored to your organization’s requirements
  • Customizing the Salesforce Chatter platform to align it with your specific communication requirements
  • Our Salesforce Customization Experts can assist your team with strategies to boost Salesforce Chatter adoption.

Salesforce CPQ(Configure, Price, Quote)

Salesforce CPQ is an effective Salesforce configuration solution for configuring products & pricing effectively.

How Aglowid Helps?

  • Configuring Salesforce CPQ for accurately representing and calculating all your product offerings
  • Optimizing your pricing structures within Salesforce CPQ systems for improving your pricing & quoting accuracy
  • Integrating Salesforce CPQ with Salesforce Sales Cloud for establishing a streamlined quote-to-cash process

Configure Salesforce as per your project

Make Salesforce work for you & not the other way around

Get Custom Salesforce Solutions catered to Your Business

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Customizing Salesforce for Use Cases Like…

Salesforce Customization is beneficial across various industries and business processes. Our global clientele comes to us with salesforce customization requirements across various use cases. Some of the most popular use cases include -

  • Lead Management Customization
  • Opportunity & Pipeline Customization
  • Customer Support Ticketing Customization
  • Custom Reporting and Analytics 
  • Product and Price Book Customization
  • Custom Email and Templates
  • Workflow Automation for Approval
  • Mobile Optimization with Salesforce1
  • Integration with External Systems
Salesforce Customization Use Cases

Salesforce Customization Tools We Leverage

Salesforce VisualForce

Salesforce Lightning Components

Salesforce Connect


Salesforce APIs -REST/SOAP

Salesforce Lightning App Builder

Salesforce Process Builder

Salesforce Apex

Salesforce Data Loader

Salesforce Workbench

Salesforce AppExchange

Salesforce Trailhead

How to Customize Salesforce with Aglowid?

Customizing Salesforce is paramount as there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to Salesforce. Hence, we specialize in providing Salesforce customizations tailored to meet your requirements. We go beyond providing standard Salesforce configurations to give your project a personal touch that transforms the Salesforce platform into a strategic asset for your organization –


Client Consultation & Requirement Gathering

Understanding clients' goals, challenges, and specific Salesforce customization needs.

Our Activities

  • Conduct detailed consultation with key stakeholders
  • Gather requirements through interviews, documentation & workshops
  • Identifying and prioritizing critical features based on urgent & long-term needs


Project Planning & Scope Definition

Defining the scope of the Salesforce customization project for creating a detailed customization project plan –

Our Activities

  • Clearly outlining the customization objectives & deliverables
  • Developing a project timeline & allocating resources optimally
  • Collaborating with clients to set realistic project goals


Initial Salesforce Assessment

Assessing the client’s current Salesforce environment for identifying existing configurations and data structures.

Our Activities

  • Analyzing the existing Salesforce setup, including objects, fields, workflows & integrations
  • Identifying any bottlenecks that need to be addressed during the customization process
  • Assessing user adoption rates & feedback for understanding the effectiveness of the current setup


Customization Design & Prototyping

Designing the customized Salesforce solution based on the gathered requirements and market insights

Our Activities

  • Collaborating with the client to create a customizable design document
  • Developing prototypes and mockups for visualizing proposed changes
  • Ensuring alignment with best practices and Salesforce design principles


Custom Salesforce Development and Configuration

Implementing the approved Salesforce customization designs leveraging the right Salesforce tools in the Salesforce environment.

Our Activities

  • Developing custom fields, objects, workflows and necessary Apex code
  • Configure Salesforce settings to match the approved design
  • Implementing any necessary third-party integrations


Testing and Quality Assurance

Ensuring the customized Salesforce solution meets the quality standards and meets clients’ specified requirements.

Our Activities

  • Conducting unit tests for individual components
  • Performing integration testing for validating seamless interactions
  • Collaborating with end users for user acceptance testing


Deployment & Rollout

Deploying the customized Salesforce solution to your production environment with an effective rollout strategy.

Our Activities

  • Developing a proper deployment plan with minimal disruption to ongoing operations
  • Conducting a final review to ensure all configurations are accurate
  • Deploying the solution during scheduled downtime

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Frequently Asked Questions

Customization guarantees that salesforce aligns precisely with your business requirements and workflow to enhance the efficiency and delivering a tailored CRM experience with your organization’s unique requirements.

The cost to customize salesforce services varies, there is no one figure that will suit all. It depends on various factors such as it is one-time project or continuous project? Whether you require the plain configuration or hard-core customization services? It is also important to keep in mind that the budget should also include the skillset and experience of the salesforce developers according to the project complexity. Get in touch with our experts at [email protected] and get the optimal price based on your business requirments.

Time taken in customizing salesforce application can vary significantly based on the complexity and size. The salesforce customization timeline can range from few days to several month depending on how complex the integrations are or services. It also depends on the scope of changes and the details of your business process.

Salesforce customization enables developing customized workflow, objects, fields, UI/UX designs this includes personalizing the screens, automating process, enhancing reports, and integrating data.

Salesforce Customization Services helps overcome limitations of Salesforce's out-of-the-box functionality allowing it to match your unique business processes and requirements to boost productivity.

In Salesforce, configuration discusses to making small, non-coding changes to settings and features, whereas customization involves larger, regularly coding and development-intensive alterations of the platform to customize salesforce to meet unique business requirements.

Some of the key advantages of salesforce customization service includes enhanced usability, better reporting & analysis, automated procedures and increase in general productivity.

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