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Welcome to the forefront of retail innovation, where technology propels your business forward. As a leading retail software development agency, we specialize in leveraging cognitive technologies and generative AI to revolutionize the retail landscape. With our expertise in AI-driven analytics and customized IT solutions tailored for retail, we empower you to excel in a market driven by technology.

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    Build Your NextGen Retail IT Ecosystem with Aglowid

    Retail is one of the most competitive sectors, and being obsolete is not an option. With emerging technologies and capabilities, retail companies need to embrace innovation. At Aglowid, we are revolutionizing the retail landscape with NextGen IT Solutions for Retail, tailored to modern retail businesses' needs.

    Generative AI

    Unlock the power of generative AI to revolutionize your retail operations. Our AI solutions for the Retail Industry leverage advanced algorithms to generate dynamic and personalized content like never before.

    • Personalized Product Recommendations
    • AI-Based Retail Pricing Software
    • AI-powered Visual Search
    • Virtual Try-On/Styling Solutions
    • Automated Content Generation for Marketing
    • Predictive Inventory Management Solutions

    Advanced Datafication

    Harness the power of data with our Advanced Datafication Services. We leverage cutting-edge data analytics techniques to transform raw data into actionable insights to help you make informed decisions, optimize business processes, & drive growth.

    • Customer Segmentation and Targeting
    • Predictive Analysis and Demand Forecasting
    • Real-Time Customer Behaviour Analytics
    • Data-Driven Pricing Strategies
    • Automated Reporting and Dashboards
    • Sentiment Analysis of Customer Feedback

    Contactless Store Technologies

    Embrace the new normal with our contactless store technology, enabling touchless payments, virtual try-ons, and immersive shopping experiences for the new-age tech-savvy customers, with an easy-to-follow user interface and documented guidelines.

    • Mobile wallet integrations for contactless payments
    • Virtual Try-On Solutions for Apparel and Accessories
    • Scan-and-Go Mobile Apps for Self-Checkouts
    • Touchless Interactive Analysis
    • Augmented Reality Shopping Experiences
    • Voice-Activated Shopping Assistants

    Algorithmic Retail

    We can implement algorithmic development with to personalize and showcase relevant products & services. This allows us to deliver a tailored retail experience to your customers, enhancing engagement, satisfaction, & driving sales for your business.

    • Price Optimization Software
    • AI Powered Marketing Campaigns
    • AI-Driven Visual Merchandising Optimization
    • Demand Forecasting Algorithms
    • Dynamic Pricing Algorithms
    • Recommender System for Cross-Selling and Upselling

    Revolutionizing Industry-Specific Retail Experiences with Next-Gen Retail IT Solutions

    The need for smart retail IT solutions is evident in many industries. From ecommerce, to healthcare, our AI-driven technologies aim to enhance customer experiences, optimize operation efficiencies and drive business growth. Explore our tailored cognitive retail solutions for ecommerce, grocery, healthcare and other industries, to see how intelligent technology can drive your business to the future.

    IT Retail Solutions for Ecommerce

    Upgrade your online store with AI-driven personalization engines that recommend products based on user behaviour and preferences. Our cognitive IT solutions streamline your checkout processes, optimize logistics and improves customer retention through tailored experiences and targeted promotions.

    Smart Retail Solutions for Grocery

    Deploy our cognitive IT solutions to transform your grocery business inventory management, improve forecasting accuracy of demand and implementing efficient queue management systems. Our smart IT solutions for Grocery can help optimize processes, improving in an enhanced shopping experience.

    IT Retail Solutions for Healthcare

    Integrating advanced AI tools can help you streamline healthcare retail operations like managing pharmacy inventory to personalizing health product recommendations. Our cognitive retail solutions aim for improving patient engagement and compliance with treatments with timely notifications.

    AI Enabled Retail Solutions for Department Stores

    Explore our cognitive IT solutions that help you create a unified shopping experience that blends in-store and online preferences. Features such as interactive kiosks, AI-assisted customer service and personalized marketing campaigns can help drive sales & customer satisfaction.

    Intelligent Retail Solutions for Fashion Industry

    Keep up with the digital trends just like you stay updated with your fashion trends by employing virtual fitting rooms and style predictions tools. Our AI driven analytics help vendors product trends, manage inventories, and provide a personalized shopping experience for their customers.

    Smart Retail Innovation for Home & Furniture Industry

    Transform how customers shop for home and furniture items with augmented reality setups that allow them to visualize their preferred products in their space before committing to a purchase. Provide personalized recommendations & optimize supply chain operation.

    Our Retail Management System Offerings

    A retail management system (RMS) plays a significant role in your business's success. Hence, we provide our clients with a comprehensive IT solution suite for streamlining operations, enhancing efficiency, and driving growth. Here is how our RMS system can transform your retail experience –


    Retail PoS Software

    Intelligent Point of Sale System

    Optimize your checkout process with our intelligent POS System designed for streamlining sales & enhancing customer experiences. We can integrate this advanced system seamlessly with existing retail infrastructure, delivering fast & secure transactions across all points of sales – online, in-store or mobile platforms.

    • Unified transactions for consistent checkout experience.
    • Efficient management of sales, returns, and exchanges.
    • AI-based analytics for consumer behavior insights.


    Inventory Management Software

    Smart Inventory Management

    Elevate your inventory control with our comprehensive inventory management solutions, designed to streamline your supply chain and enhance operational efficiency. Our systems employ advanced AI and analytics to ensure you maintain ideal stock levels, optimize warehouse operations and reduce costs.

    • AI-driven trend analysis predicts future demands.
    • Automated algorithms simplify replenishment.
    • Unified inventory view across all locations.


    Mobile Powered Retail

    Mobile Powered Retail Solutions

    Stay connected to your business wherever and whenever you need to with our mobile-powered retail solutions. From seamless inventory management to customer engagement, our mobile app software for Retail stores efficiently empowers retail operations management.

    • Access retail data and insights on-the-go for informed decision making
    • Manage inventory levels, track stock movements, and receive important alerts
    • Engage with customers through personalized offers, promotions, and loyalty programs


    Ecommerce Integrations

    Smart Retail IT Solutions for Ecommerce Integrations

    Enhance your ecommerce platform with our smart Retail IT Solutions, designed for seamless integration with your online operations and driving a superior shopping experience. By leveraging the latest in AI and analytics technologies, our solutions help create a more dynamic, responsive and efficient online store.

    • Integrate online & offline sales with real-time inventory sync.
    • Advanced analytics for customer insights.
    • Omnichannel marketing for engaging customers.


    Omnichannel Harmony

    Omnichannel Harmony

    Deliver a consistent and personalized shopping experience across all touchpoints with our omnichannel retail IT solutions. Whether your customers shop at brick-and-mortar stores, on the web, or via Retail mobile apps, our systems ensure they gain a seamless and cohesive experience in their journey.

    • Offer omnichannel features such as BOPIS, BORIS, and BOPAC.
    • Provide consistency in the shopping experience across all platforms.
    • Utilize customer data for personalizing interactions & promotions.


    Actionable Insights

    Actionable Insights

    Gaining valuable insights into your retail operations can help you make data-driven decisions while clarifying much of the clutter. Analyze your sales trends, study customer behavior and inventory performance for making data-driven decisions, and optimize your business strategies for growth.

    • Analyze sales trends, inventory performance, and customer behavior
    • Identify opportunities for growth and operations based on actionable insights
    • Monitor key performance indicators and track progress toward goals


    Supply Chain Optimization

    Supply Chain Optimization

    Streamline your supply chain operations and optimize inventory management with our supply chain optimization tools. We can help you automate procurement processes and implement demand forecasting algorithms to ensure a more efficient inventory turnover and reduce costs.

    • Collaborate with vendors and suppliers to ensure timely delivery
    • Maintaining optimal stock levels at all times to avoid overstocking & understocking situations
    • Automating procurement processes & implementing demand forecasting algorithms


    Retail CRM Software

    Intelligent CRM Solutions 

    Building strong customer relationships is essential for any retail business to achieve success. With personalized interactions, targeted marketing campaigns, and detailed customer profiles, our customer-centric CRM system enables you to better identify your customer needs and make strategic decisions.

    • Personalized interactions with customers through targeted marketing campaigns
    • Creating detailed customer profiles to understand their needs
    • Driving loyalty and repeating business through personalized rewards/incentives

    Cognitive Services for the Modernize Retail Industry

    Empower your retail operations with our advanced cognitive services, designed to leverage artificial intelligence and machine learning to transform your business landscape. These services provide intelligent insights and automated solutions that enables you to improve customer interactions, enhance decision making skills and optimize operational efficiency across all facets of your retail enterprise.

    Customer Insights and Personalization

    Unlock the potential of your consumer data with our AI-driven analytics that deliver deep insights into customer behavior and preferences. Our solutions tailor shopping experiences to meet individual needs, increasing engagement & loyalty.

    • Predictive Customer Behaviour Modelling
    • Personalized Product Recommendations
    • Customized marketing and promotional campaigns

    Demand Forecasting and Inventory Optimization

    Utilize cognitive computing to accurately forecast demand and optimize inventory management. Reduce waste, prevent stockouts and ensure meeting your customer’s needs without overstocking.

    • AI-enhanced demand prediction
    • Automated inventory adjustment
    • Optimal replenishment scheduling

    Fraud Detection & Risk Management

    Enhance security and mitigate risks with our cognitive fraud detection systems for the Retail Industry. We utilize real-time analytics to identify unusual patterns and potential threats before they impact your business.

    • Risk Assessment Models
    • Predictive Threat Analysis
    • Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

    Chatbots and Virtual Assistants

    Improve customer service and operational efficiency with AI-powered chatbots and virtual assistants. These tools can handle different type of customer inquiries and tasks, from basic to complex problems.

    • 24/7 Customer Support Automation
    • Multi-Language Support
    • Integration with ERP and CRM Systems

    Visual Recognition and Analysis

    Employ visual cognitive services for enhancing product recognition, customer interaction and store management. These tools can analyze visual data for providing insights and automating processes.

    • Product Identification and Tagging
    • Customer Demographic Analysis
    • Store Layout Optimization with Heat Maps
    • Tokenization Services

    AI Powered Pricing Strategy

    Optimize your pricing strategies with our AI-based pricing algorithms that analyze market data, competitor pricing and customer demand to set the ideal price points for your business.

    • Dynamic pricing based on real-time market trends
    • Competitive analysis for optimal pricing
    • Demand-sensitive pricing adjustments

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    Our Custom Retail Software Development Services

    At Aglowid, we specialize in providing tailored software development services for the Retail Industry. With our expertise and dedication towards excellence, we offer a comprehensive range of retail software development services to help retailers optimize their operations, enhance customer experience, and drive growth. Here is an overview of our service offerings –

    Retail Store Management Software

    Optimize your store facilities and streamline inventory management with our custom storage management software for retail stores. From warehouse optimization to inventory tracking, we ensure you can maximize space utilization and improve efficiency.

    Retail Inventory Forecasting

    Optimize your retail inventory management systems with our retail inventory forecasting services. Avoid situations of stockouts or overstocking by using advanced algorithms and historical data analysis to predict demand, schedule stock replenishments, and reduce excess inventory costs.

    Custom Product Development for the Retail Industry

    Bring your retail ideas to life with our custom product development services. From initial conceptualization to final launch, our expert Retail IT consultants work with you through all the stages to develop innovative retail solutions that meet your business needs.

    Personalized Shopping Experience

    Deliver personalized shopping experience to your customers across channels with our custom retail IT solutions. From targeted recommendations to tailored promotions, our solutions can help you connect with customers personally, driving loyalty and revenue gains.

    Data Analytics Retail Software

    Unlock the power of data with our data analytics retail software. Our retail IT software solutions for data analytics provide actionable insights into customer behavior, inventory performance, and sales trends, empowering you to make informed and data-driven decisions.

    Customized CMS Solutions for Retail

    Manage your retail website using a customized content management system to meet your preferences and requirements. As a leading CMS development company, all our CMS solutions have intuitive user interfaces, robust functionality & easy content management.

    Order Management for Retail Businesses

    Streamline order processing and fulfillment with our custom order management systems for retail businesses. From initial order capturing to shipment tracking, our retail software solutions automate workflows, reduce errors, and improve order accuracy and delivery times.

    Payment Fulfilment Services

    The key to an effective retail store lies in how easy and trustworthy the payment processing process is. Our retail industry experts can help simplify your payment processing and enhance its security for point-of-sales systems, mobile wallets, or online payments.

    Marketing Automation Services

    Automate your marketing campaigns to drive customer engagement with our marketing automation solutions for the retail industry. From email marketing to personalized promotions, we can help you reach the right audience with the right message at the right time.

    Web and Mobile App Software for Retail Store

    Create engaging web and mobile app experiences for your retail business with our custom retail-based web and mobile app development services. Whether you want to create an ecommerce website or a m-commerce mobile app, our team can help you with your requirements.

    Quality Assurance

    We don't just create visual masterpieces for retail shop software or storefronts; we ensure their reliability and uptime with our quality assurance services. Our QA experts rigorously assess and monitor your retail IT solution from testing to deployment.

    Why Choose Aglowid as your Preferred Retail IT Services Partner?

    We have been at the forefront of leading retail software companies, helping many industrialists, SMEs, and enterprises with their digital transformation journey in the retail sector. We have created synergies with clients who have had several ongoing projects with our team for years and have always gotten the best bang for their buck. With a varied portfolio in the retail space, we can serve your Retail IT requirements with utmost efficiency and finesse.

    360 Retail IT Service Coverage

    • Retail Software Consultation
    • Retail Software Development
    • Retail Software Customization
    • Maintenance and Updates
    • Retail Software Design

    Customized Retail Software Solutions

    • PoS Software
    • CRM Software
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Mobile Apps
    • IMS Systems

    Commitment to Excellence

    • Continuous Improvement
    • Uncompromising Quality
    • Dedicated Support Team
    • Rigorous Quality Control
    • Timely Delivery


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