Our Partnership Program

I think that everything and everyone has a unique talent that no other person or thing possesses. This is something that we never understand, but we use it and get benefits. Partnership, to me, is the similar thing that helps two individuals, companies, business enterprises, and entrepreneurs fill the gap,

Ronak Patel

CEO - Aglowid IT Solutions

As a company, we have set up a platform for start-ups, organizations, and companies to grow their businesses and take them to the next level by giving them access to our talented developers, designers, software, applications, and to name just a few.

The partnership is the way that maximizes our efforts and minimizes expenses and helps two individuals, companies and startups to achieve business objectives and goals with mutual cooperation. We provide tailored business solutions, irrelevant to the complexities and time it takes. We analyze the risk and simplify the opportunities that help both of us grow together.

Partnerships: We are Open for

Independent Freelancer/Consultant

If you are a freelance developer, designer, full stack developer, independent business specialist, or domain master, then we can share a great bond together. If you are working on long projects and looking for additional resources such as designers, developers or technology setups, we help you with everything at very cost-effective rates. Check our points;

  • We guarantee your business will see new heights
  • We treat all our partners with an equal set of values
  • Take benefits of experienced designers/Developers
  • We also provide white mark solutions

Offshore Outsourcing Partnership

We have years of offshore outsourcing experience and we properly understand the value of partnership. We understand how we can benefits each other by making advanced creative solutions. Here are our partnership working patterns that we follow;

  • Separate Team to handle outsourcing projects
  • All members of the team are experienced
  • Work with programming companies across the world
  • Quality work to establish your reputation to clients
  • We put all our efforts to compete for deadlines
  • We value relationship more than just earning profits

Reseller Partnership

If you are established want to expand through your business, you can sell our services under your brand name. Or if you want to establish a business, we help you with all the necessary services and products. We help you with all our resources. They include;

  • White mark solutions
  • Customized software solutions
  • NoC to re-use software after your Brand's name
  • 24/7 Support for anything related to the solutions

Referral Partnership

This is a special offer for all our potential clients and all those individuals and businesses, who can utilize their skills, can get special benefits and commission. All you have to do is to refer us and our services to your contacts including middleman.

  • We provide you with all the resources you need
  • Frequently updates
  • Training regarding sales strategy by our experts
  • Timely commission

Benefits of Our Engagement Model

Establish Reputation

When you finish the project in deadline, your clients get satisfied and happily come to you and share your work with their network as well.

Get Work Done at Minimal Cost

When you get project outsourced, you will get the benefits of control IT cost. You don't need to pay extra bucks; somewhat the fixed IT costs will be charged.

Get Experienced Developers

No extra cost; no extra effort and no waste of time in searching for trained and expert developers. You will get trained and expert IT employees at best rates.

No Employees & Management Cost

No need to spend single extra penny on additional expenses such as premises, infrastructure and much more. Just share your project; we accomplish it.

Stay Ahead, Stay Competitive

Your client looks for robust solutions, on-time delivery, and post-project maintenance solutions. We help deliver all of these together.

Get Exposure

When you work like a pro, you definitely get exposure to big companies and chances are high that you get projects as well.

What Sets Us Apart From Others

Rich Technology Resources

We have a strong team of developers, each having experience working with cutting-edge tools and technology.

Customized PMS System

We are a company having a set of customized project management system (PMS). Customer satisfaction is the first thing we focus on.

Elite Coders

We value individual more than process and tools. Our team members are technically talented with excellent communication skills.

Value for Money

We ensure that our development doubles up your smiles. We deliver smart development solutions at the lowest possible price.

On-Time Delivery

We strictly follow deadlines. Our team members are punctual and that has enabled us to complete tasks on time.

24/7 Support

Relationship with clients should stay longer without an endpoint. Therefore, we provide 24/7 support to our potential clients.