Why Is Aglowid a Leading Salesforce CPQ Implementation Partner?

Aglowid is a leading Salesforce CPQ Implementation and Consulting Partner that has helped many clients set up their Salesforce CPQ pricing and quoting processes. Our proven track record is a testimony to our mastery of the Salesforce CPQ platform, enabling seamless implementations that transcend industry standards.

We optimize your sales processes and seamlessly integrate Salesforce CPQ with your existing tech ecosystem for creating a unified ecosystem without disrupting your existing processes. This enhances your quote-to-cash efficiency as well as significantly boosts overall revenue generation. Our commitment extends beyond implementation, offering ongoing Salesforce CPQ support and maintenance services, agile methodologies and relentless innovation for a Salesforce CPQ partnership.

Business Benefits of Leveraging Salesforce CPQ Solutions

Efficiency and precision are important aspects in any business’ sales processes. Salesforce CPQ services are the apt solution towards such needs. Proper implementation of CPQ services can provide a multitude of benefits that resonates across your organization. Here is a list of such compelling benefits of implementing Salesforce CPQ solutions –

  • Enhanced and Improved Collaboration
  • Accelerated Sales Cycle
  • Accurate Quote Generation
  • Personalized CPQ Solutions
  • Improvement in Pricing Precision
  • Reliable Real-Time Insights & Reporting
  • Seamless Integration with Salesforce Ecosystem
  • Better Control over Quoting Processes


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Our Bespoke Salesforce CPQ Services Offerings

We take pride in delivering bespoke Salesforce CPQ services tailored to our clients’ individual preferences, needs and business processes. We automate your CPQ processes to meet the unique demands of your industry, ensuring a seamless integration of Salesforce CPQ capabilities. Here are the major services we offer –

Salesforce CPQ Configuration

Get specialized end-to-end Salesforce CPQ configuration services from Aglowid, to configure Salesforce CPQ platform as per your business needs for optimizing sales processes & accurate pricing structures for businesses of all size.

Salesforce CPQ Consultation

Aglowid also offers expert guidance and strategic advisory to businesses looking to leverage Salesforce CPQ for maximizing efficiency and profitability while optimizing their sales performance.

Salesforce CPQ Maintenance

Ensure uninterrupted performance with Aglowid’s proactive maintenance services that go beyond issue resolution, monitoring and updating your Salesforce CPQ implementation to prevent disruptions, guaranteeing smooth operations & maximizing your investment.

Salesforce CPQ Customization

Aglowid specializes in crafting tailored Salesforce CPQ solutions that adapts to the unique dynamics of your business. Our customization services go beyond the standard norms, creating configurations that seamlessly integrate with your existing processes.

Salesforce CPQ Integration

Aglowid excels in creating a cohesive business ecosystem by seamlessly integrating Salesforce CPQ with other essential tools in your tech stack. Our integration services eliminate data silos, fostering collaboration and ensuring a unified approach to your business operations.

Salesforce CPQ Implementation

Experience efficient and agile Salesforce CPQ implementation services at Aglowid. Our Salesforce experts know how to navigate the deployment complexities with minimal disruptions, ensuring quicker time to market and a strategic release of your app on the Salesforce marketplace.

Strategic Salesforce CPQ Enhancements for Your Project’s Success

A basic CPQ implementation can help you avail the basic benefits of pricing and quoting automation to an extent, however if you are looking to transform your CPQ processes significantly, we offer strategic Salesforce CPQ enhancements, leveraging the various modules provided by Salesforce and configuring it as per your business requirements. Here are the various enhancements we provide –

Guide Fit

Tailoring Salesforce CPQ to fit seamlessly in your unique business model.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Conducting in-depth business analysis to understand specific requirements.
  • Customizing Salesforce CPQ configurations to align with unique workflows.
  • Ensuring seamless & user-friendly Guide Fit for optimal user adoption.

Product & Pricing Rules

Defining rules for product configurations & accurate pricing structures.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Developing and implementing product & pricing rules as per business needs.
  • Ensuring dynamic configurations to handle complex product structures.
  • Optimizing rules for competitive & accurate pricing.

Advanced Approvals

Implementing sophisticated approval processes for quotes & deals.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Designing & deploying complex approval workflows tailored to client’s needs.
  • Ensuring seamless integration with existing approval hierarchies.
  • Customizing approval stages for efficient & accurate deal processing.

Quote Generation

Automating the creation of quoting for efficient & rapid responses to customer needs.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Streamlining quoting processes for reducing manual efforts.
  • Implementing automated workflows for swift quote generations.
  • Enhancing quote accuracy & speed for improved customer responsiveness.

Dynamic Terms & Conditions

Configuring flexible & dynamic terms and conditions for quotes.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Enabling dynamic configuration of terms & conditions based on deal specifics.
  • Customizing terms & conditions to align with industry standards & regulations.
  • Ensuring flexibility in adapting terms to varying customer needs.

Accurate Prorations

Ensuring precise calculations & distributions of costs for particular usage/subscription changes.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Implementing accurate problem algorithms for subscription adjustments.
  • Customizing proration rules to align with specific billing cycles.
  • Ensuring transparency & accuracy in cost distribution during plan modifications.

Solutions Configurator

Implementing a robust tool for configuring comprehensive solutions as per customer needs.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Developing & integrating a solutions configurator aligned with client’s offerings.
  • Ensuring a user-friendly interface for easy solution customization.
  • Customizing the configurator to handle intricate solution requirements.

Automated Payments

Streamlining the payment processes with automation for increased efficiency.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Integrating automated payment gateways to facilitate seamless transactions.
  • Ensuring secure & efficient payment processing for improving cash flow.
  • Developing workflows for automated invoicing and payments reminders.

Pricing Engine

Developing a powerful engine for accurate and competitive pricing strategies.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Designing & implementing robust pricing engine to adjust to dynamic market conditions.
  • Incorporating flexible pricing strategies aligned with client’s business goals.
  • Ensuring real-time adjustments to maintain competitiveness.

Subscription Analytics

Leveraging analytics to gain insights into subscription-based business models.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Implementing advanced analytics tools for monitoring subscription performance.
  • Customizing dashboard for real-time visibility into subscription metrics.
  • Integrating predictive analysis to forecast subscription trends & optimize strategies.

Pricing Analytics

Utilizing analytics for data-driven pricing decisions & strategy optimization.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Implementing pricing analytic tools for comprehensive market analysis.
  • Developing customized dashboards for visualizing pricing data.
  • Integrating predictive analytics for optimizing pricing strategies.

Advanced Order Management

Streamlining & enhancing the order fulfilment processes for increased efficiency.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Developing & implementing advanced order management workflows.
  • Customizing order processing to align with clients’ specific objectives.
  • Ensuring seamless integration with inventory & fulfilment systems.

Quoting Analytics

Utilizing proper analytics processes to gain insights into quoting processes

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Implementing quoting analytics tools for in-depth analysis of quoting activities.
  • Customizing dashboards for visualizing quoting performance metrics.
  • Integrating predictive analysis to enhance quoting strategies based on historic data.

ERP Integration

Seamlessly integrating Salesforce CPQ with Enterprise Resource Planning systems.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Ensuring smooth bidirectional data flow between Salesforce CPQ & ERP.
  • Customizing integration to accommodate specific ERP requirements.
  • Providing real-time synchronization for accurate & up-to-date information.

Contracted Pricing

Establishing structured pricing agreements & contracts for long-term customer relationships.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Customizing Salesforce CPQ for accommodating complex contracted pricing models.
  • Ensuring accurate implementation of contracted pricing terms & conditions
  • Providing flexibility for adapting contracted pricing structures to evolving business needs.

Contract Amendments

Facilitating seamless modifications & updates to existing contracts.

Aglowid’s Expertise

  • Implementing streamlined workflows for efficient contract amendment process.
  • Customizing contract amendments modules to accommodate various modification scenarios.
  • Ensuring compliance & accuracy in recording & implementing contract amendments.

Why Choose Aglowid as Your Salesforce CPQ Implementation Partner?

Choosing Aglowid as your Salesforce CPQ Implementation Partner ensures a transformative experience marked by expertise, committed and unparalleled support. Our team of certified Salesforce CPQ specialists bring a wealth of expertise & experience in delivering successful implementations across diverse industries. Our Salesforce CPQ services are tailored to your specific requirements.

What sets us apart is not just our technical proficiency, but our sheer commitment to client success as their partner. We prioritize transparent communication, collaborative problem solving, and a client centric approach ensuring your Salesforce implementation doesn’t meet but exceeds your expectations. You are not just getting a CPQ solution provider, but a Salesforce success enabler that helps you leverage the full potential of Salesforce ecosystem to streamline your business operations.

Build Your Best Salesforce CPQ Team with Aglowid IT Solutions

Build your dedicated development team with Aglowid’s expert Salesforce CPQ talents. We have multiple developer profiles; from skilled architects to meticulous Salesforce CPQ developers and adept consultants. With Aglowid you are not just assembling a team, you’re making Aglowid your CPQ implementation partner that will guide you through the intricacies of your project, to turn your vision to reality.

  • Salesforce Certified Administrator
  • Salesforce CPQ Architects
  • Certified Developers
  • CPQ Consultants
  • Implementation Specialists
  • Data Integration Experts
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Developer
  • CPQ Migration Consultant
  • Sales Cloud Premier Support
  • Support & Maintenance Team
  • ISV Salesforce Partner
  • Business Analysts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce CPQ also known as Salesforce Configure, Price, Quote is a sales tools designed to modernize and automate the pricing process. Salesforce CPQ services helps sales teams generate accurate quotes, ensuring product configurations, pricing, and discounts align with business instructions.

Salesforce CPQ streamlines the entire quote-to-cash process through guided selling, configurable products, automated pricing, and accelerated quoting. This increases sales productivity, reduces errors, provides pricing consistency, simplifies selling complex offerings, shortens sales cycles through faster quotes, and enhances customer experience. Overall, CPQ optimizes sales workflows and methodologies for greater efficiency.

The cost of hiring a Salesforce CPQ partner differs based on factors such as project complexity, Project scope and other customized requirements you require. Connect with our salesforce CPQ experts at [email protected] and discuss your project requirements for accurate pricing.

Salesforce Billing oversees billing, invoicing, payment collection, and revenue recognition automation for subscription and usage-based products, while Salesforce CPQ covers the quotation and configuration process.

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