Why does Aglowid rank among the top Salesforce consulting companies?

With a rich history of providing exceptional Salesforce advisory services, Aglowid has secured its ranks amongst the top Salesforce consulting companies in the industry. We have an extensive portfolio built over the years, improving our hands-on experience in providing tailored solutions that match and transcend our client's expectations. Our seasoned consultants, led by industry veterans, have helped many clients navigate the intricacies of a successful Salesforce implementation, integration, development and staff augmentation solutions to strategize their success.

We adhere to industry-grade best practices, delivering robust data pipelines and providing seamless integrations and user-centric designs. All of Salesforce's offerings are completely transparent and collaborative, ensuring clients feel onboard and heard at all stages of their project's lifecycle. From strategic Salesforce tech stack consultation to advanced analytics, Aglowid proves its merits as a trusted Salesforce Consulting company with its commitment to security, regulatory compliance, and other important factors.

Benefits of Leveraging Salesforce Consulting Solutions

Salesforce is a robust & versatile platform that can be customized and integrated into your CRM strategy to optimize processes, performance, security, and other aspects. However, it is a huge platform, making it difficult for companies to navigate its complexities. Hence, if you leverage the services of a professional Salesforce consulting firm, you could benefit majorly like –

  • Tailored Salesforce implementation services
  • Streamlined workflows & optimized processes
  • User-centric design principles & intuitive interface
  • Data-driven insights with Salesforce Analytics
  • Scalable solutions that adjust to your dynamically changing requirements
  • Opportunity to maximize Returns on Investment
  • Ongoing support and improvement


Get 360 Salesforce Consulting Services with Aglowid

Avail our Salesforce Consulting Services

Our 360 Salesforce Consulting Services Offerings

Aglowid is one of the top Salesforce consulting firms with a 360-degree coverage of bespoke consulting services covering all aspects of Salesforce implementations and products. Our expertise and coverage of such services enable us to provide end-to-end advisory services for all your project requirements –

Salesforce Managed Services

At Aglowid, we don't just provide development solutions; we become your strategic partner in achieving Salesforce excellence. Our proven track record with industrial leaders and being a Salesforce-registered consulting partner speaks volumes about our commitment to delivering innovative, reliable solutions.

Salesforce Optimization Consulting

Our expert consultants can tap into the intricacies of your Salesforce setup to identify possible areas of optimization. We can help streamline your workflows and tailor configurations to enhance your Salesforce instance to work efficiently to maximise your return on investment.

Salesforce Cloud Technology Consultancy

Leverage the full power of Salesforce Cloud with our expert consultancy services. We cover all Salesforce cloud solutions to provide you with strategic guidance to ensure your project exploits cloud technology's full potential and capabilities for achieving scalability & flexibility.

Salesforce Implementation Services

Get consulting services to implement Salesforce effectively and successfully into your systems. We craft our Salesforce implementation services to align Salesforce with your unique business processes for fostering a seamless implementation experience, leading to a cohesive Salesforce ecosystem.

Salesforce Integration Consulting

Connectivity is the key to the modern business landscape. Our Salesforce integration consultants at Aglowid ensure seamless integration of Salesforce with your existing systems, creating a cohesive ecosystem that enhances your data flow and eases collaboration efforts significantly.

Salesforce Development Services

Gain strategic insights into your Salesforce development process with our Salesforce consulting services. We can assess your current capabilities, project requirements, resource allocation and timeliness of the project to build an ideal Salesforce development plan for your project collectively.

Salesforce Customization

There is no one-size-fits-all solution, and we embrace that uniqueness about our clients with our Salesforce customization consulting services, where we offer a personalized CRM solution that matches your business objectives as closely as possible with custom Salesforce integrations, module selection & tech stack selection,

Salesforce Security

Security, first & foremost – is always the motto we code by at Aglowid. We have a dedicated development team working day in and day out to implement the right security measures and compliance adhereance with relevant industry standards.

Salesforce Staff Augmentation

Your ongoing projects are often delayed only due to a need for a Salesforce workforce. For such situations, we provide dedicated Salesforce staff augmentation services where clients can browse through our various Salesforce developer profiles to augment additional talents in their team in less than 48 hours.

Salesforce Data Management

Data is the biggest asset and responsibility for all enterprises today. Our Salesforce consultation services towards data management provide ways to ensure your information's integrity and accuracy, enabling C-level executives to make informed & better decisions.

Salesforce CRM Consulting

Get Salesforce CRM consulting services that go beyond the technicalities of basic implementation. We understand the nuances of customer relationship management and tailor Salesforce to enhance your customer interactions, driving better conversions, satisfaction and loyalty.

Salesforce Support Services

Our commitment to your Salesforce success continues beyond deployment or implementation. We can also help you come up with the right Salesforce support services plan & strategy to ensure your project remains optimized,

Salesforce Consultation Services as per Strategic Engagement Points

In the dynamically evolving business processes landscape, the need for efficient Salesforce consultation services can arise at any time or stage of your project. From the inception of a new venture to scaling operations and addressing specific challenges, our Salesforce consultation services offer tailored solutions and strategic guidance for your project. Here are the various stages where you can significantly benefit from the expertise of our Salesforce consultants –

Startup & Launch

Use Case: Setting up Salesforce for a new business.

How we help:

  • Tailored Salesforce setup
  • CRM foundation establishment
  • Strategic guidance for new ventures

Expansion & Scaling

Use Case: Rapid business growth & scaling operations

How we help:

  • Efficient Salesforce scaling
  • Systems Performance optimization
  • Data Management Strategies

CRM Optimization

Use Case: Enhancing existing Salesforce implementations.

How we help:

  • Workflow Optimization
  • User Adoption improvement
  • Customization for unique needs

Custom Salesforce Development Needs

Use Case: Unique Business Requirements.

How we help:

  • Identification of Salesforce requirements
  • Providing custom Salesforce development solutions
  • Integration of custom features & business processes

Data Migration and Integration

Use Case: Migrating from legacy systems or integrating with third-party tools.

How we help:

  • Seamless Data migration
  • Integration with other Enterprise apps
  • Maintaining Data Accuracy

Salesforce Health Check

Use Case: Assessing & improving existing Salesforce instances.

How we help:

  • Comprehensive System Evaluation
  • Best Practices Adherence
  • Performance Enhancement

User Training & Adoption

Use Case: Low user adoption rates

How we help:

  • Tailored User Training Programs
  • Ongoing User Support
  • Adoption Rate Improvement Strategies

Compliance & Security Needs

Use Case: Handling sensitive data & industry-specific regulations.

How we help:

  • Security configuration consultation
  • Regulatory compliance assurance
  • Risk mitigation strategies

Emergency Support & Troubleshooting

Use Case: Handling critical issues & unexpected downtimes.

How we help:

  • Immediate issue resolution
  • Downtime minimization
  • 24/7 Support availability

Strategic Consultation

Use Case: Aligning Salesforce with business goals.

How we help:

  • Business alignment strategies
  • Roadmap to successful Strategic implementation
  • Ongoing strategic support

SFDC Consulting Services for Salesforce Cloud Products

We extend our SFDC consulting services to all Salesforce Cloud Products to help you integrate and add more applications and systems to your Salesforce ecosystem. Having expertise in customizing and configuring these cloud solutions to our client's needs, we have enough expertise to help you navigate your project's intricacies. Here are some of our most popular SFDC cloud product consultation services -

Salesforce CRM Consulting

Elevate your business with our Salesforce CRM consulting services. We specialize in optimizing workflows, ensuring high user adoption & providing data-driven insights for fueling business growth.

How We Assist?

  • Streamline workflows for enhanced operational efficiency.
  • Implement user-centric design & training programs
  • Data analytics for informed decision making
  • Custom configurations aligned with business needs

Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consulting

Maximize the potential of your Salesforce Marketing Cloud for creating personalized customer journeys, seamless data integration, and optimized campaigns to improve your return on investment significantly.

How We Assist?

  • Targeted and impactful marketing campaigns
  • Personalized customer journey design
  • Analytics-driven ROI optimization
  • Integration of a cohesive marketing ecosystem

Salesforce Sales Cloud Consulting

Streamline and transform your sales processes, enhance pipeline visibility and boost user adoption with our Sales cloud consulting services to unify and optimize your sales efforts.

How We Assist?

  • Efficient sales process optimization
  • Seamless integration for unified efforts
  • User adoption strategies for the sales team
  • Improve sales pipeline visibility

Salesforce CPQ Consulting

Accelerate sales cycles with streamlined quoting processes, dynamic pricing strategies and seamless integration to ensure a cohesive end-to-end sales experience with our Salesforce CQP consulting services.

How We Assist?

  • Quoting process optimization for speed and accuracy
  • Streamlined product configuration
  • Dynamic pricing strategies for increased sales
  • Integration for end-to-end sales processes

Salesforce Community Cloud Consulting

Foster better collaboration and engagement within your Salesforce community, delivering personalized experiences, integrated data and actionable insights with our Salesforce community cloud consulting services.

How We Assist?

  • Personalized user experience within the community
  • Analytics Configuration for Holistic Data View
  • Engaging in community-driven collaborative creation
  • Integration of end-to-end sales processes

Salesforce Financial Services Cloud Consulting

Elevate your client relationships with our Salesforce financial services cloud consulting. We specialize in providing a client-centric approach, ensuring regulatory compliance, fortifying data security and seamless integration with external financial tools.

How We Assist?

  • Enhance client relationships with a client-centric approach
  • Ensure regulatory compliance & robust data security
  • Provide industry-specific solutions tailored to your financial services needs
  • Integrate with third-party financial services tools for comprehensive insights

Salesforce Field Services Cloud Consulting

Optimize your field service operations with our Salesforce field services cloud consulting services. We specialize in streamlining work order processes, enhancing mobile accessibility and integrating seamlessly for a unified approach.

How We Assist?

  • Optimizing field service operations for efficiency
  • Streamlining work order processes for quicker resolutions
  • Enhance mobile accessibility for field teams
  • Integrate a unified approach to field services

Salesforce App Cloud Consulting

Drive innovation with our Salesforce app cloud consulting services. We excel in developing custom Salesforce applications, managing their lifecycle, ensuring scalability and integrating them into your existing Salesforce Clouds ecosystem and with external tools.

How We Assist?

  • Manage the entire Salesforce app lifecycle efficiently
  • Integrating with existing Salesforce cloud apps & external tools
  • Develop custom apps tailored to your business needs
  • Enable scalable solutions to meet dynamic business requirements

Salesforce Health Cloud Consulting

Get exceptional and comprehensive healthcare IT solutions powered by Salesforce health cloud integration and consultation. Our Salesforce consultant team has expertise in health data management, interoperability solutions and analytics-driven insights.

How We Assist?

  • Deliver patient care solutions with a focus on health data management
  • Ensuring interoperability solutions for seamless healthcare operations
  • Integrating Salesforce Health Cloud with external healthcare systems
  • Leverage analytics for informed healthcare decisions

Salesforce Einstein Analytics Consulting

Take a proactive approach to decision-making with our Salesforce Einstein analytics consulting services. We specialize in predictive analysis, visually compelling dashboards, seamless integration and custom analytics solutions.

How We Assist?

  • Create visually compelling dashboards for easier data interpretation
  • Impalement predictive analytics for proactive decision-making
  • Develop custom analytics solutions for specific business needs
  • Integrate seamlessly for comprehensive insights

Salesforce Pardot Cloud Consulting

Maximize lead generation and optimize ROI with proper marketing automation, seamless alignment and integration of sales and marketing efforts with continuous performance optimization with our Salesforce Pardot Cloud Consulting services.

How We Assist?

  • Maximize lead generation with targeted marketing campaigns
  • Align sales and marketing efforts seamlessly
  • Continuously optimize ROI through performance analysis
  • Execute efficient marketing automated for streamlined solutions

Salesforce Media Cloud Consulting

Leverage our Salesforce media cloud consulting services to streamline media asset management while implementing effective content distribution strategies to ensure a unified media management process while gaining actionable insights through analytics.

How We Assist?

  • Elevate accessibility with streamlined media asset management
  • Execute dynamic strategies for content distribution
  • Unify media management processes for improved operational efficiency
  • Harness the power of analytics to derive actionable insights

Build Your Team of Salesforce Consultants with Aglowid

Salesforce consultation isn't a one-person job, not if you want to plan and make the most of your Salesforce implementation. Our dedicated team provides Salesforce professional services with end-to-end consultation to guide you to your project success beyond numbers, providing you with a transformative experience in your operations.

Here are the various profiles we have in our Salesforce Consultation Team -

  • Certified Salesforce Consultants
  • Industry Specific Specialists
  • Strategy Advisors
  • Salesforce Implementation Consultant
  • SFDC Consultant
  • Salesforce Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Lightning Consultant
  • Salesforce Integration Consultant
  • Salesforce AppExchange Consulting Partners
  • Salesforce Commerce Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Consultants for Nonprofits
  • Salesforce CPQ Consultants
  • Salesforce Customization Consultant
  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud Consultants
  • Salesforce Associate Solution Consultant
  • Salesforce CRM Consultant
  • Salesforce Field Service Consultant
  • Salesforce Health Cloud Consultant
  • Salesforce Solution Consultant
  • Salesforce Visualforce Consultant
Build Team of Salesforce Consultants

Gain the Aglowid Advantage

Build your Salesforce Consulting Team with Aglowid

Get Salesforce Consultant Profiles that match your requirements

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Benefits of Choosing Aglowid as Your Preferred Salesforce Consulting Partner

Choosing Aglowid as your preferred Salesforce Consulting Partner comes with many benefits. We ensure all our clients enjoy a seamless and transformative experience, elevating their Salesforce experience and building a better, secure, integrated, smart digital ecosystem for their business processes. Here are some of the benefits of choosing us as your Salesforce consulting partner –

Team of certified Salesforce consultants and developers

Industry-Specific Experts to gain the edge over your competitors

Strategic guidance from seasoned Salesforce advisors

Facilitating smooth transitions with minimal disruptions

Reliable and responsive support team

Expertise in various Salesforce development & optimization tools

Customization wizards that can tailor Salesforce to your workflows seamlessly

Experience in implementing secure Salesforce systems with tools like Salesforce Shield & more

Salesforce Tech Stack Consultation - Which Tools Are Best for Your Project?

An effective and well-planned tech stack selection is crucial for the success of your Salesforce project. Navigating the different tools and technologies available for Salesforce can be challenging and time-consuming. Hence, we provide our clients with Salesforce tech stack consultation to help them find the best tools per their project needs.

Lead Management & Conversion

  • Sales Cloud
  • Salesforce Pardot

Customer Support & Ticketing

  • Service Cloud
  • Live Agent

Personalized Marketing Campaigns

  • Marketing Cloud
  • Social Studio

E-commerce and Online Shopping

  • Commerce Cloud
  • Order Management

Community Building & Collaboration

  • Community Cloud
  • Chatter

Data Analytics and Business Intelligence

  • Einstein Analytics
  • Tableau

Salesforce Integration Solutions

  • Integration Cloud
  • MuleSoft

Application Development

  • Heroku
  • Lightning Platform

Data Visualization & Reporting

  • Quip
  • Tableau

Salesforce Marketing Tools

  • Salesforce Marketing Cloud
  • Salesforce Pardot Cloud


  • IoT Explorer
  • MuleSoft Anypoint Platform
  • Salesforce Shield


  • Einstein AI
  • Datorama
  • Quip with Live Apps

How to Avail Aglowid's Salesforce Consulting Solutions?

At Aglowid, we meet various consultation requirements for new clients daily. While each project deserves its limelight and attention, we have outlined a basic process for our clients to easily avail of our Salesforce consulting solutions. Here is how it goes -


Reach Out

Initiate your Salesforce consultation through our website, contact form & other designated communication channels.


Initiate Consultation

Our team will schedule the initial consultation to understand your business challenges and goals.


Needs Assessment

Next, we run a thorough assessment to identify areas where Salesforce can bring the most value to your business.


Customized Proposal

Based on the needs assessment, we provide a custom proposal outlining the scope of work & suggested Salesforce solutions, timelines & costs.


Agreement & Contract

Upon acceptance of the proposal, we will get the paperwork underway to legalize this partnership through agreements & contracts.


Team Alignment

Once the agreement is in place, we will align our Salesforce development team of consultants, developers, and specialists with your project needs.


Implementation & Deployment

We initiate the implementation phase by configuring the Salesforce solutions, integrating them with your existing systems & deploying the necessary tools to meet your business goals.


Ongoing Support

We offer ongoing support to address any uncertainities, providing updates and ensure the continued success of your Salesforce implementation.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Salesforce consulting services bring expertise to optimize your CRM, align it with your business goals, facilitate adoption through training/change management, and enhance workflows. This improves productivity, data insights, and customer experiences.

Look for the salesforce consultants with cloud expertise, experience with similar projects, has client references, industry knowledge, communication and problem-solving skills. Ensure they understand your requirements clearly.

The cost to hire salesforce consultant depends on various factor such as it is one-time project or continuous project? It also depends on the expertise you require in the salesforce consultant you hire. Connect with our experts at [email protected] and get the ideal cost.

Apart from consultation, we offer range of services including Customization, Implementation, Integration, Development, Salesforce AppExchange and more.

Yes, Salesforce CRM is scalable and offers customized solutions for SMEs. It streamlines operations, boosts customer engagement, and provides growth-oriented tools. Assess your unique business needs and budget to determine if Salesforce aligns with your business goals.

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