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206 billion USD is the expected Digital Health Market growth by 2020, says Statista.

How Healthcare IT Companies help you?

The health sector is digitally growing and going to be the largest beneficiary of I-T solutions. You need technologies for better patient experience, manage data, robust security and much more.

Being a Top Healthcare IT Development Company, We provide robust and scalable technology solutions to investors accros the health sectors. Our expert developers understand every nitty-gritty of health and medical industry. They are experienced enough to develop all types of healthcare apps.

What We Offer – Best in Class

Healthcare IT Development Services

Our developers' expertise is our strength, and we provide Healthcare development services for small to a large health and medical needs. For example;

Custom Healthcare

Healthcare Mobile App Development

Healthcare Cloud Managed Services

Healthcare IT Managed Services

Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Healthcare Apps for Patients

Healthcare Mobility Solutions

Healthcare CRM Software

Reporting & Data Analysis

Medical Websites

EMR/EHR Solutions

Practice Management

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Top HealthCare Sectors- We Deliver

Gone are the days when technology served only large hospitals and medical organizations, but today it has become of the need time, irrelevant to the size of the business. We understand the need to Blockchain and how integral it is for data security.


Why do you take so much stress when you can fully automate the entire Healthcare process with hospital app. Let us help you make a robust solution.

Pharma Companies

Whether it is mobility or to manage inventory, or you simply the comprehensive solutions, we are here make differences.

Medical Centers

Digitally equipped medical centers keep your workflow smooth. Medical Center application built by developers are even better and offers more robust services.

Private Practices

Get the best Healthcare app solutions by our talented developers for the clinic and see the differences it makes to your business.

Research Organizations

We develop a personalized application for an organization doing research on health and fitness. Our developers skillfully customize your app as your needs.

Medical Product Manufacturers

An app can help you shift your business to digital, and our developers create a highly scalable and customized application for your medical product manufacturing business.

Trending Healthcare Solutions

Technology is mutable and it comes with plenty of new updates and trends that favors the time and technological needs. We at Aglowid walk along the pace of technology trends and we offer solutions according to the industry demand and requirement. Here're some of the healthcare tech trends for which we provide solutions to our clients.

Blockchain Solutions

The blockchain is known for its robust security and helping your employee maintaining files and documents flawlessly.

IoT in Healthcare

Accessing things remotely can help significantly in healthcare. So, we at Aglowid develop absolutely customized IoT solutions for your venture.

AI Healthcare Solutions

AI helps you provide better patients experience, and our developer creates a personalized AI health application which allows your customer remains fit and healthy.

Healthcare IT Development Solutions

According to the survey conducted by IQVIA, over 318,000 health are apps available on different app stores worldwide while more than 200 are being added on a daily basis. (IQVIA).

Wearable Devices

At Aglowid, you can get all your wearable projects developed. Developers here are skilled and use cutting-edge technology to build the software.

Big Data Solutions

Our developers, having years of industry experience understand the suitable software for your organizations, and you get robust solutions.

Digital Therapeutics

Digital Therapeutics are subject to accuracy, effectiveness, and robustness. We develop health technologies with all our accountability.

Inventory Solutions

Managing inventory is challenging for Healthcare while our developers create personalized inventory management technology.

Health Information Services

Maintain your patients' case, keep your patients' medical information, research and much more with our fully customized applications.


We develop billing and insurance application that takes care of all your billing and financial work while keep focusing on your core business process.

Population Health Solutions

Get the best transform care delivery solutions with cutting-edge technology development. Our developers' expertise helps you make the difference.

Workflow Solutions

Your Healthcare organization success depends on the smooth workflow, and your technology is the solutions to keep your employee productivity.

Healthcare IOT Solutions

We at Aglowid develop smart IOT sensors which help you connect the physical devices to the internet and help you carry out important tasks remotely.

Advantages of Healthcare IT Solutions

Technology plays an essential role in assisting Healthcare organization in many ways. The global mHealth app market has US$28.320 billion market share which is expected to reach up to US$102.35 billion by 2023.

Enhanced patient experience

There are many benefits of Healthcare IT solutions whether it Healthcare apps for patients or Healthcare automation solutions for companies, they provide excellent patient experience. There are technologies devices which can consistently monitor your patients and keep you informing with the current status of patients. Similarly, there are many technology solutions which achieve maximum satisfaction to your patients.

Security Compliance

Whether it is keeping patients' medical record safe, keeping their sensitive information and identity protected or confining your medical data out of intruders' hand, we offer you robust solutions. Aglowid is the best IT Healthcare service provider company having a skilled and experienced team of developers who can build reliable and robust Healthcare security solutions.

Cost Management

In the atmosphere of fast-rising costs and changing, cost models can genuinely keep you expensive, and you may not be able to survive so long. However, with the support technology solutions, you can provide best and customized solutions to your patients while offering them the cheapest services. We at Aglowid, on the other hand, offer comprehensive and optimized technology solutions which are extremely cost-effective.

Improved productivity

Technology not only eases your process, but it also trains your employee and keeps them productive by providing them real-time and quick solutions. We develop an application which supports and streamline your business process while offering smooth internal communication and that reduces in-house equipment maintenance requirements and expenses. Technology also helps your employee provide better care to the patients and focus more on quality service they required.

Features of Healthcare App Solutions

Gone are the days when technology served only large hospitals and medical organizations, but today it has become of the need time, irrelevant to the size of the business. We understand the need to Blockchain and how integral it is for data security.

Wearable Devices Connectivity
Blockchain-enabled Security
AI-integrated Analysis
Patient Data Management
IoT-based Assistance
Cloud Computing

Why Aglowid IT Solutions

Aglowid IT Solutions is the best Healthcare I-T Solutions that offer you comprehensive and robust IT Healthcare solutions. Here are the reasons you should hire our developers;

Experienced & Skilled Developers

Offer Comprehensive Healthcare Solutions

Strictly Followed Deadline

Cost-Effective Development

Signed NDA Document

Flexibility/Clean Coding

24/7 Customer Assistance

Lifetime Maintenance

Cost of Develop Healthcare Apps

Aglowid IT Solutions is the best Healthcare I-T Solutions that offer you comprehensive and robust IT Healthcare solutions. Here are the reasons you should hire our developers;


If you have a project that needs a little and minor modification, we offer an hourly rate for such projects.

Part Time

You can hire our developer for part-time if you have a small project.

Full Time

If you have a complex and large project, you can hire our Full-Time developers at the cost-effective rates.

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