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The Growing Challenges of Healthcare Industry

We understand that transforming your business in the healthcare sector to innovative digital solutions is not that easy. We know the efforts that need to be put in and the money that needs to be spent.

  • Dealing with Data Security
  • Wait Less Processing
  • Providing Better User Experience
  • Dealing with Various Data
  • Rising Pharmacy Costs
  • Maintaining Operational Effectiveness
  • Complying with Policy Changes

With 360 degree approach, innovative solutions

Healthcare IT Development Services

Here at Aglowid we offer comprehensive IT development services that can uplift healthcare industry for better service delivery. Our services are focused on making hospital processes easy, patient care better and simplifying inventory management at the pharmacy. Some of the services that we offer here are:

  • Healthcare IT Managed Services
  • Healthcare App Development & Maintenance
  • HealthCare Data Management Services
  • HealthCare Cyber Security Services
  • Healthcare IT Infrastructure Services
  • Healthcare Communication & Networking Services
  • Healthcare IT Security & Risk Management
  • Healthcare IT Consulting Services

Digital solutions to accelerate healthcare services

A Full Set Of Healthcare IT Development Solutions

Right from helping you enhance patient engagement to maintaining all the files, healthcare IT solutions of today are focused on helping hospitals and other institutions in the most efficient manner. We offer customized services which can smoothen the process in this sector all the while ensuring quick medical services to the patients.

Easy access to all medical data anywhere, anytime

Healthcare Web & Software Solutions

  • Healthcare Website Design & Development
  • Healthcare Web Application
  • Custom Healthcare IT Solutions
  • eHealth Solutions
  • Pharmacy eCommerce Solutions
  • HIPAA Compliant Solutions
  • HITECH Compliance Solutions
  • Reporting & Data Analytics Solutions
  • Healthcare's Digital Solutions
  • Laboratory Management Solutions
  • Hospital Portal Development
  • Pharmaceutical Management Solutions

App solutions that simplify healthcare

Healthcare Mobility Solutions

  • Healthcare Mobile App Development
  • Wearable App Development
  • Online Doctor Consultation App
  • Healthcare Apps for Patients
  • Apps for Healthcare Professionals
  • Innovative Healthcare Apps
  • Digital Health Apps
  • mHealth App
  • Medical Apps for Doctors
  • Personal Healthcare Apps
  • Medical Consultation App
  • Healthcare Messaging Apps

Collect, manage, filter and analyze medical data with ease

Healthcare Data Management Solutions

  • Patient Data management
  • Physician Certifications & Licenses Management
  • EHR/ EMR Solutions
  • HIPPA Compliant Solutions
  • Data Analytics & Reporting Solutions
  • Clinical Data Migrations Solutions
  • Health Information Services Management
  • Medical Document Management

Easily manage the patients and take care of all paperwork digitally

Healthcare Operational Management Solutions

  • Healthcare CRM Solutions
  • HealthCare ERP Solutions
  • Finance & Accounting Management Solutions
  • Staffing Management Solutions
  • Healthcare HRM Solutions
  • Healthcare Inventory Solutions
  • Invoicing & Payment Management
  • Hospital Legal IT Solutions
  • Resource Planning & Scheduling
  • Clinical Performance Management

Streamline all the processes and simplify patient care

Hospital/Clinic Management Solutions

  • Online Appointment Solutions
  • Patient Data Management
  • EMR / EHR Solutions
  • Drug Administration Solution
  • RFID Assisted Patient Tracking
  • Patient Bedside Care system
  • Care Coordination System
  • On-Premise Solution
  • Digital CPOE & eMAR Integration
  • Telemetry Monitoring System
  • Revenue Cycle Management(RCM)
  • Practice Management for Doctors
  • Clinical Network Management Application(CNMA)

Manage patient history, diagnosis & treatment at a single place

Patient Management Solutions

  • Remote Healthcare Solutions
  • Patient Engagement Solutions
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Medical Digital Records Management
  • Patient Medication Management
  • Telehealth Solutions
  • Pre Diagnosis Solutions
  • Patient Portal
  • Wearable Device Solutions
  • Patient Test Reports Management

Inventory management to maintaining back-office easy now

Pharmacy / Medical Management Solutions

  • POS
  • Barcoding
  • Invoices & Billing Solutions
  • Medicine Delivery App Solutions
  • Real-Time Drug/Vital Inventory Management
  • Customer Data Management
  • Offers & Discounts Management
  • Order Generation & Management

Easily order, stock, and manage medicines & equipment

Pharmaceutical Management Solutions

  • Drug Manufacturing Management
  • Ordering & Processing
  • Purchase Forecasting
  • Warehouse Management
  • Barcode/RFID Scanning
  • IOT based Serialized Equipment Tracking
  • Inventory Management Traceability

Take care of all insurance related papers and processes

Healthcare Insurance Management Solutions

  • Compliance Management(Like ICD 10)
  • Healthcare Fraud & Risk Management
  • SLA Tracking & Management (Service Level Agreement)
  • Policy Administration
  • Claim Management

Healthcare niches benefited by apps

Popular Healthcare App Development Categories

Healthcare apps have already proved their worth across different healthcare niches.
Some of the categories covered in here are:

Routine Healthcare Apps

  • Wellness Apps
  • Health & Fitness Apps
  • Exercise & Yoga Apps
  • Healthy Food & Diet Apps
  • Mental Health Apps
  • Healthy Lifestyle Apps

Professional Doctors Healthcare Apps

  • Medical Reference & Database Apps
  • Professional Networking Apps
  • Patient Medical Health Tracking Apps
  • Doctor Appointment Apps
  • Clinical Assistance Apps
  • Doctor-On-Demand Apps
  • Telehealth Mobile Apps

Mobile Health Apps for Patients

  • Patient Medical Education Apps
  • Reminder Apps
  • Diagnosis Apps for Preventive Purposes
  • Health Monitoring Apps
  • On-Demand Ambulance Apps
  • Medicine Delivery Apps

Different areas influenced by Healthcare IT services

Who can get benefited with our
Custom Healthcare IT Solutions?

The word ‘healthcare’ is not limited to just hospitals. It includes the doctors, medical staff, pharmaceutical companies and others who play an important role in delivering healthcare. Some of such people are:

Healthcare & Life Sciences Organizations
Hospitals/ Clinics & Medical Staff
Individual Doctors, Physician & Practitioners
Patient Care
Healthcare Institutions
Retail Medical Stores
Pharmaceutical Companies
Healthcare Insurance Company

37bn usd is the Estimated Global Mobile Health Market in 2019

Are you Ready to Serve?

We help you enhance healthcare service delivery

Features of Healthcare System Management

Our experience and expertise has helped us to build healthcare-related solutions that are capable enough to help you take care of your patients in a better way.

  • Cost Management
  • Process Automation
  • Online Appointment
  • Medicine Reminders
  • Integrated Email & SMS
  • HIPAA/HITECH Compliant
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Wearable Device Connectivity
  • Streamlined Interoperability
  • Realtime Analytics and Insights
  • Push Notifications & Event Alerts
  • Integrated Population Health Management

See what market has to say

Trending Tech Solutions

Just like any other industry niche, healthcare is going through transformation too. New technologies come up every time so as to make healthcare services better and affordable. Some of the prominent technologies used up in this area are:

Healthcare IOT Solutions

409.9 billion USD is the expected market revenue for IoT in the healthcare industry by 2022

  • Provides better patient experience
  • Used for real time smart alerts and notifications
  • Remotely monitor the automated drug delivery system
  • Used to regulate environment temperature, humidity etc
  • IOT Integrated robots can act like virtual nurse

Blockchain Solutions for Hospital

56% of Healthcare executives expected to adopt blockchain by the year 2020.

  • Provides secure medical record access
  • Helps to stop counterfeit drugs
  • Improving Patient-Doctor interactions
  • Protect pharmaceutical product integrity

AI Healthcare Solutions

77% of healthcare experts are willing to use AI to support clinical decision making

  • Streamline a patient’s health journey to offer a seamless healthcare experience,
  • Used to efficiently diagnose and reduce error
  • Used to predict the health issues before it occurs
  • Integrated with wearable apps to better analyze body levels

Wearables in Healthcare

80% of consumers are willing to wear fitness technology

  • Used to monitor patient body data remotely
  • Can avoid unnecessary hospitalizations or visits to the doctor’s
  • To measure real time heart rate, pulse, blood pressure, glucose level, sleep etc
  • Used in daily routine health activity

Big Data In Healthcare

$34.27 billion USD is the expected market for global big data in the healthcare industry by 2022.

  • Used to maintain electronic health records
  • Predictive analysis can help in reducing operational cost
  • Used in risk scoring for chronic diseases, population health
  • Used in predicting patient utilization patterns

Healthcare Cloud Managed Services

$9.48 billion USD is the total revenue expected by Cloud computing in healthcare industry by 2020.

  • Provides better scalability & flexibility
  • Anywhere access of data
  • Better management of big data
  • Offers a single access point to patient information

A promise of better health

Benefits of Health Care IT Solutions

Healthcare IT solutions have been implemented across different areas within the industry because of the benefits it offers. A few of them have been mentioned here:

  • Increases clinical accuracy
  • Enhances patient documentation
  • Improves outcomes at the point of clinical care.
  • Paperless work operation
  • Enhanced patient experience
  • Improved productivity
  • Helps to get your information accurately

Solutions that make patient care easy

Popular Health Care App Like

A number of healthcare apps have already become popular in the market. Some of them have been mentioned below:

Digital Pharmacist
Insight Optics
1up Health
Epic Haiku

Your precious business is what we care for

Why Aglowid - The Best Healthcare IT Solutions Company?

We are in the business of IT offerings for last many years and we know what can work best you. So right from developing Healthcare apps to integrated healthcare solutions & services, we can offer you the best by leveraging technology and our expertise.

Dedicated Resources

We provide dedicated resources at cost-effective rates.

Dedicated Project Manager

Our project manager keeps you updated about every proceeding.

We Never Miss Deadline

Deadline is all we work keeping in mind and do it successfully.

30+ Team Strength

We have an skilled team, all with exceptional talents in their field.

Serving Clients Across Globe

We serve clients around the world with all our dedicated resources

100% Satisfaction

Clients' satisfaction is something we hanker after to achieve.

Transparency with Signed NDA

Confidentiality is what we are trusted for, we sign NDA for this.

AML Compliant

We ensure your data is encrypted making it AML compliant.

Background Pattern

Factors that affect cost

How much does HealthCare App Development Cost You?

It is not possible to define the cost of app development in the healthcare industry. Here apps are developed for different purposes and so possess different features. The complexity of all features are not the same too. This means the effort, time and team that needs to be invested in the app development is not the same and so does the cost. Some of the factors that affect app development cost are:

  • Type of Vendor you Choose
  • Technologies Stack
  • Advance Feature Integration
  • UI/UX Design
  • App Platform
  • Third Party Integration
  • Time to Develop Solution

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