Hire Dedicated PHP Developer as per Project Requirements

Different projects have different talent requirements. Have an existing team of dedicated PHP developers but need additional PHP coders to work on your project? Or need a senior PHP specialist to lead your project? Hire the right PHP talent for your project from Aglowid IT Solutions –

Hire PHP Talent Today

Junior PHP developer

  • 1-3 Years of PHP Experience
  • 2-3 Projects Completed
  • 300+ Development Hours Completed

Senior PHP Developer

  • 4+ Years of PHP Experience
  • 5-6 Projects Managed
  • 1200+ Development Hours Completed

Full-Stack PHP Developer

  • 5-8 Years of PHP Experience
  • 8-10 Projects Managed
  • 1400+ Development Hours Completed
  • Expertise in major PHP Frameworks

PHP Project Manager

  • 8+ Year of PHP Experience
  • 10-12 Projects Delivered
  • 1800+ Development Hours Completed
  • Expertise in Core PHP Development

Hire PHP Programmer that specializes in Full Stack Integrations

Our PHP programmers for hire can easily integrate PHP with some of the leading frontend frameworks and most popular databases to create your full-stack web app project. All our PHP developers have the necessary skills, knowledge, and experience in combining PHP with Angular, React, MongoDB, and other important technologies.

PHP with Angular

Improve the scalability of your web app project by combining the powers and features of PHP on the server side and Angular on the client side for developing enterprise-level solutions by hiring our PHP web developers.

PHP with React

Expand your web app solution to work seamlessly on mobile browsers by using React to power the front end of your PHP-based solution by hiring professional PHP coders from Aglowid IT Solutions.

PHP with Vue.js

Hire PHP professionals to combine the right PHP framework with frontend frameworks such as Vue.js for powering your Singe Page Application project with high customization features and useful integrations.

PHP with MongoDB

Hire a PHP specialist from Aglowid to combine PHP with MongoDB for building your ecommerce website or social media website that requires big data storage and complex data handling features.

PHP with jQuery

Speed up your robust, scalable & secure PHP-based software solution by integrating jQuery in your PHP project & avail the best benefits of both PHP and JavaScript by hiring PHP coders from Aglowid.

Top PHP Developer Expertise Available for Hire at Aglowid

PHP is a reliable and battle-tested programming language with many established and upcoming frameworks based on it. Different frameworks have different capabilities and limitations, making it very important to pick the right PHP framework for your project. At Aglowid, all our PHP developers understand this impact on your project and specialize in different frameworks to provide you with a true PHP experience at the most cost-effective rates. Whatever your requirements, we have the right talents for you –

Laravel PHP Developer

Get your PHP project developed in less time while developing a robust, extremely customizable solution for getting a fully-functional, reliable, scalable, and secure web app solution by hiring our Laravel developers.

CodeIgniter PHP Developer

Hire CodeIgniter developers from Aglowid IT Solutions to build large-scale and dynamic web apps by leveraging the CodeIgniter PHP framework known for its unparalleled flexibility, minimal server requirements, and more.

Symfony PHP Developer

Symfony allows our dedicated PHP programmers to deliver your custom PHP solutions faster by using reusable components, a state-of-the-art templating engine, and useful features like interoperability and plugins.

Zend PHP Developer

Our Zend PHP developers can help you build a web app suitable for all levels of requirements with better control & security over your sensitive data. Power your interactive web app solutions by hiring Zend coders from Aglowid.

WordPress PHP Developer

Hire remote PHP developers from Aglowid that can develop customized widgets, themes, and plugins for your secure and stable WordPress-based web application solution to expand its functionalities and scale it efficiently.

Drupal PHP Developer

Hire Drupal PHP Developers from Aglowid that know how to write automated tests, develop custom PHP modules, and integrate advanced Drupal theming to develop and design your custom Drupal-based web app solution.

Joomla PHP Developer

Have a blog website development requirement with dynamic functionalities? Hire Joomla PHP developers from Aglowid to develop the best blogging website with multilingual support, cross-browser compatibility, and security.

Magento PHP Developer

Develop a perfect Magento PHP solution by hiring dedicated PHP developers proficiently using PHP frameworks like CakePHP and Zend that are most compatible with Magento architecture and framework.

Want to Hire Dedicated PHP Developers in India?

Why to take chances? Test the pre-vetted PHP Developers skills and hire with confidence.

Engagement Models to Avail Certified PHP Developer for Hire from Aglowid

Are you looking to hire PHP coders to start a new web app project from scratch? Do you have an existing web app based on different technology and want to migrate your project to PHP? From hiring a PHP talent to join your current web app team to creating your PHP development team, Aglowid offers flexible engagement models for our clients to hire PHP developers.

Start New PHP Project

To develop your basic full-stack PHP project, you need a team of PHP coders proficiently in integrating PHP with frontend technologies and databases. Hire PHP coders from Aglowid to kickstart your project with a signed NDA and other important documents.

Upgrade Legacy PHP Project

Have an existing PHP 7.14 project that you need to upgrade to PHP 8.18 version but don’t want to risk data loss or other threats? Hire PHP programmers from Aglowid with the right PHP developer skills and experience in securely upgrading Laravel projects.

Migrate to PHP Ecosystem

Have an existing web app on other backend technologies than PHP? Decided to migrate your project from your existing backend to PHP but are not sure how to go about it? Hire our dedicated PHP programmers with proven experience in PHP migration services.

PHP Team Augmentation Services

Need additional PHP coders to work on your PHP project or a professional PHP project manager to manage your project? On-board PHP programmers with proficient communication and collaborative skills from Aglowid at cost-effective rates.

Hire PHP Developer India at cost-effective rates from Aglowid

Aglowid provides the best PHP Developers for hire in India at the most cost-effective rates possible to match your hiring requirements under your determined budget. Hire dedicated PHP Developers from Aglowid with our flexible hiring model on a Full-Time, Part-Time or Hourly basis.

No Long-term Lock-in Contracts, Pay Monthly/Weekly as you go

Full Time

Start Work in 72 Hours

  • Only works for you in dedicated mode
  • Duration : 8 Hrs/Day – 5 Days/Week(160 Hrs/ Month)
  • Billing : Monthly
  • Minimum Duration : 1 Months

Starting at


Part Time

Start Work in 48 Hours

  • Need a few hours of attention to the work
  • Duration : 4 Hrs/Day – 5 Days/Week (80 Hrs/ Month)
  • Billing : Monthly/Weekly
  • Minimum Duration : 40 Hours

Starting at



Start Work in 24 Hours

  • Prefer better half for your business
  • Duration : 8Hrs/Day - 5Days/Week
  • Billing : Weekly/Daily/Monthly
  • Minimum Duration : 40 Hours

Starting at


Hire Best PHP Developers for PHP Development Services Like…

Our PHP developers are trained and proficient in many PHP development services to cater to your unique project requirements. Hire PHP developer online from Aglowid to get your custom PHP development project made at the most cost-effective rates and faster time to market.

Hire Your PHP Team Now!

Custom PHP Web Development

Hire Dedicated PHP Programmer at Aglowid to get the agilest & customized PHP Web development solution for your business website.

PHP & MySQL Web Development

MySQL is a commonly used database platform with PHP. Hire the best PHP programmers at Aglowid and get the fastest PHP and MySQL Solutions.

PHP eCommerce Website Development

CMS like Magento and WordPress - WooCommerce is the best PHP platform for ecommerce websites. Hire us to lift your ecommerce business to a new skyline.

PHP Framework & CMS Development

WordPress powers 32% of websites across the globe. Other PHP frameworks also possess a similar position in various verticals. Hire us to get the best.

PHP Payment Gateway Integration

Integrate your PHP website with payment gateways such as Paypal, Stripe, CCAvenue, etc. Hire Us to earn More.

PHP Web Development Consulting

Looking for a result-oriented PHP Solution? Our senior PHP developers are always there to help you.

PHP Hosting Migration & Testing

Let your web app pass through our explicit QA testing and maintenance methodology and get the best from the rest.

PHP Maintenance & Support

Every IT solution requires maintenance. Hire us to get 24*7 maintenance & support so you can live a hassle-free life.

Hire PHP Programmer with Top PHP Developer Skillset

When you hire a PHP programmer from Aglowid, you get access to the best PHP developers in India. Our PHP engineers are trained thoroughly in PHP fundamentals and follow PHP coding best practices. They have worked on various PHP solutions where they have used different PHP frameworks with different frontend frameworks and databases to forge a custom PHP solution for clients belonging to various industries.


PHP Developers Skills

  • Fundamentals of PHP and different PHP frameworks like Laravel, CodeIgniter, Zend
  • Full-stack development knowledge with proficiency in CSS, HTML, JavaScript
  • Knowledge about MVC, APIs, and Linux OS
  • Efficiency in using PHP Testing Tools like PHPUnit
  • Proficiency in integrating different databases like MongoDB, MySQL, and more
  • Experience in developing custom CMS, E-Commerce, and other web app solutions
  • Ability to upgrade legacy PHP solutions
  • Ability to migrate projects to PHP
  • Follow PHP coding best practices


PHP Developer Skills

  • Verbal and non-verbal communication skills
  • Team Player attitude and ability to interact with teammates
  • Ability to understand and respond to client requirements
  • Important leadership traits such as self-awareness, integrity, empathy, learning agility, respect
  • Ability to accept and act upon criticism
  • Efficient time distribution between various tasks
  • Should stay up-to-date with the latest changes in PHP
  • Experience working in an Agile development environment
  • Experience in using different communication tools
  • Ability and practice in following PHP best coding practices

PHP Developer Roles and Responsibilities

When you hire PHP web developers from a top PHP development company like Aglowid, you get access to top talents that understand the importance of fulfilling core PHP development roles and responsibilities to guarantee the success of your PHP project.

Hire Dedicated PHP Developers

Aglowid’s PHP Developers will be responsible to –

  • Develop robust, scalable, and highly secure PHP projects
  • Conducting proper analysis of web app requirements
  • Efficiently integrating data storage solutions
  • Conducting automated and unit tests for web apps
  • Adding and removing features to optimize PHP solution
  • Integrating popular and reliable database solutions in PHP project
  • Have experience in working on SCRUM, Agile, and other industry-grade approaches
  • Combining PHP with the necessary frontend framework for driving full-stack development
  • Solving complex architecture and coding problems

Execute your vision with Certified PHP Professionals in India

PHP Development Tools our PHP Specialists use

All our experienced and trained PHP developers know how to use the right PHP development tools to improvise your PHP solution without making your app third-party dependent or bulky in size.


  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • CakePHP
  • Symfony 
  • Yii
  • Zend


  • WordPress
  • Magento
  • Drupal
  • Joomla
  • OpenCart
  • Squarespace

Front-End Services

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • AJAX
  • JSON

Cloud Services

  • AWS
  • Heroku
  • Google Cloud
  • Microsoft Azure
  • IBM Cloud
  • Azure

Databases & Server

  • Apache
  • MySQL
  • Nginx
  • XAMP
  • PHPMyAdmin
  • Azure SQL

Testing Tools

  • XDEBug
  • PHPUnit
  • Selenium
  • Scavenger
  • SimplePie
  • Pixy

Why Hire a PHP Developer from Aglowid?

At Aglowid, all our PHP developers for hire undergo rigorous training and keep up with the latest trends in PHP development. They also train themselves with frontend technologies like CSS, HTML, and JavaScript to help you get a one-stop solution for your entire web app project. With proper documentation, varied PHP developer profiles, signed NDA, and Service Level Agreements, you cannot go wrong when hiring Laravel professionals from Aglowid.

Deliver Results

Benefits of Hiring PHP Developers from Aglowid

  • Instant access to pre-vetted and experienced PHP developers
  • Flexibility to work as per your time-zone
  • Flexible Engagement and Hiring Models as per your requirements
  • Complete confidentiality with signed NDA and complete code ownership
  • Agile Development with sprints and transparency in Project Updates
  • Guaranteed on-time delivery
  • Cost-effective PHP developers for hire at 1/4th market price
  • Reliable maintenance and support services post-deployment
  • Easy and Seamless Migration Services
  • Reliable and efficient customer support

Hire PHP Coders from Aglowid vs. In-House vs. Freelance

Hiring PHP coders from Aglowid will give you access to some of the top remote PHP developers for hire without having to micromanage them or spend on undeferrable expenses like fixed salaries, office rents, and others. With our pay-as-you-go approach, signed NDA, service level agreements, and other proper procedures, you can rest assured about your project completion and quality while focusing on other important aspects of your business.

Hiring From In-House Aglowid Freelancer
Hiring Model Full Time Monthly, PartTime & Full-time Weekly, Hourly
Time to get right developers 4 - 12 weeks 1 day - 2 weeks 1 - 12 weeks
Time to start a project 2 - 10 weeks 1 day - 2 weeks 1 - 10 weeks
Recurring cost of training & benefits $10,000 -$30,000 0 0
Time to scale size of the team 4 - 16 weeks 48 hours - 1 week 1 - 12 weeks
Pricing (weekly average) 2.5 X 1.5 X 1 X
Project failure risk Low Extremely low, we have a 98% success ratio Very High
Developers backed by a delivery team Some Yes No
Dedicated resources Yes Yes No
BDM Extra Cost Yes No
Shadow Resource Costly Yes No
Project Manager Extra Cost Minimal cost No
QA Extra Cost Assured No
Query Support High 24 Hours Assurance No
Quality guarantee Medium Yes Low
Tools and professional environment Depend on Team High Uncertain
Agile Development Methodology May Be Yes No
Impact Due to Turnover High None High
Structured Training Programs Some Yes No
Communications Seamless Seamless Uncertain
Termination Costs High None None
Assured Work Rigor 40 hrs/week 40 hrs/week Not Sure

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