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Gone are the days when one had to wait for a taxi, waving at cabs from the side-paths, yet not receiving a positive response. With the availability of cheap and fast internet, booking a cab has transpired to the comfort of one’s hand, courtesy a multitude of taxi booking apps.

So, why not harness this credible opportunity and give your online venture a head start with us at Aglowid IT Solutions?

Hire our taxi booking app development experts and harness a loyal customer base within a short span of time.

Intricacies Of A Taxi App

The primary success base of an online cab booking app depends on the pragmatic approach of its developers and this is what we at Aglowid IT Solutions tend to ponder on. With us, you will receive an app which will

Possess Cross Platform

Provide Customizability

Be Developed Through The Hands Of Veteran Designers

Our developers will ensure that your online taxi venture acquires a remarkable position in the global market and procures a formidable customer base.

What Are Specific Features Of An Ideal Taxi App?

An online cab booking interface must include the following features to embrace the identity of an amiable and dependable product. These include

Locational Accuracy

It is perhaps the most crucial aspect of a cab booking app development. GPS or Global Positioning System forms the basis of every cab based application, be it from the point of view of the traveller or the chauffer. So, opting for a GPS enabled support forms the backbone of a successful business.

The developed app must be able to capture a booking when initiated from a passenger and render it to the driver with impeccable accuracy. The driver, in turn, must be able to take a heed of his client’s location and reach the destined place within a stipulated time.

Price Approximation

Post booking of a cab, a passenger must be able to get a clear approximation of the price he or she needs to pay for the ride. This price must range between the minimum and the maximum limits. It must also take into consideration any rate surges that can be or may be imposed upon by your company.

Our experts at Aglowid lay special focus on the price approximation feature of your taxi booking app and ensure to provide your customers with the right value.

Booking History

Another crucial aspect of a taxi booking app development is providing a clear record of each booking to the clients. This will help both your company and your commuters keep a track of their experiences with your services and make them come back for more.

Moreover, a transparent booking and transaction history will also help in instilling trust on your service. This is an effective method of increasing your loyal clientele base.

Cab Categories

No passenger likes a cab app which provides a single variety of service. Instead, your app must delve in both dedicated and pool services as well as luxury cab services. Aglowid IT Solutions understands this conjuncture precisely and brings forth interface that can immaculately adept to a versatile development.

Courtesy to our developers, you will be able to customize your website as and when required, thereby providing your company with a progressive ROI or Return on Investment.

How Will A Cab Booking App Development Fare?

In this world, not everyone has the privilege of owning a personal four-wheeler and this is where the efficacies of such an app come into play. It provides the following benefits of a traditional cab service

Service At One’s

Clear Pricing

One-Stop Pick Up And Drop Facilities

Punctuality And Efficiency.

In addition to this, apps developed from our end incorporate all the ingredients required for the constructions and establishment of a successful taxi business.

What Kind Of Apps Do We Develop At Aglowid IT Solutions?

Aglowid Solutions un-arguably emerges to be the one stop solution for efficient and scalable taxi booking app development. Being a top taxi booking app development company, we look to provide development and designing services tailored to suit organization’s or individual’s precise needs.

Kids Taxi Service App Development

Be it dropping children to the school or picking them up after their classes, parents always stay in the hunt for reliable, dependable and authorized transportation services ensuring a safe and sound transportation of their kids.

Now, by developing your taxi app with us, you will be able to provide thee precise services to the multitude of parents in need. With our app, parents will be able to track your vehicle anytime anywhere with the click of a button.

In fact, college and university students can also avail your services for making a quick commute to their classes. With this app, university goers can book a pool car from your service and that also at the price specified by you. So, claim global dominance with a kids taxi service app development from Aglowid IT Solutions.

Water Taxi Commutable Apps

If you are looking to instigate your taxi service in a place close to a water body, why not integrate the water taxi development facilities in your app? With a fleet of water taxis at disposal, you can suffice to public as well as private needs such as personal, commercial or for sightseeing purposes.

As per our clients’ needs, this water taxi app can include a variety of features such as cruise booking, boat booking or yacht booking facilities.

Cabs Catering To Medical Facilities

Our app development team will provide your clients with cabs fulfilling their medical assistance and emergency needs. These will include options for booking an ambulance from the nearby hospitals as per your locations. It will also provide options for booking a wheel chair facilitated cab for the differently abled.

Now, with your app at disposal, your customers will be able to fulfil all their requirements without the need of visiting any other app.

Luxury Taxi Apps

Often people are in the requirement of premium vehicles for commuting to significant events and conferences. In such cases, the services of luxury SUVs and sedans come to the foreground. When going for private bookings, luxury cars often cost prices that are way above a person’s reach.

However, by procuring a fleet of luxury wheels at your disposal, your customers will be able to avail these services and that too without burning a hole in their pocket. And all this is possible via our taxi booking app development service at Aglowid IT Solutions.

What Technologies do our Apps Ride Upon?

At Aglowid, we strive to achieve cross platform efficacies so as to provide our clients with the maximum value for their money.

Taxi App for Android

Android apps require a precise blend of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. While these three cater to the front end UI deployments, back ends are often constituted using MY SQL or similar databases. Android is currently the largest shareholding operating system of mobile apps around the globe. So, it becomes imperative to release a taxi booking app for android.

Taxi App for IOS

Second to Android lies iOS holding almost an equal global market share. The biggest benefit of iOS is its optimization and low or negligible RAM requirement. This brings down the cost of iOS app development considerably and provides your venture with completely scalable and credible mobile apps.

Taxi App for Java/Linux

While Java forms the basis of any app developed on Android, it also plays a crucial role in customizing apps developed for Tizen OS or Symbian for that matter. So, irrespective of your OS requirements, Aglowid IT Solutions will provide you with the perfect app for establishing your business online.

How Do We Go About Our Taxi Booking App Development?

At Aglowid IT Solutions, we follow a step wise waterfall approach that ensures a speedy development while eliminating chances or possibilities of any errors or bugs. This step wise procedures goes as follows

Our experts at Aglowid IT Solutions sit with clients and note down every intricate requirements on their behalf. Post notation, we indulge in scrutinizing the feasibility of each step, rendering an acceptance message or false positive accordingly. If the project is feasible and the app is possible to be developed, we move onto the next step.

When Taking Of Intricacies, Our Feasibility Study Involves The Following Steps

  • Justifying each point to real life attainment.
  • Evaluating the functionality of each option.
  • Searching for possible idea constraints.
  • Delivering the final assessment.

Each project has a different requirement of raw materials. For instance, an ecommerce venture will need the deployment of a wide interface website for accessibility by all its visitors. Similarly, a cab booking app must incorporate intricate pricing details and a secure payment as standard necessities.

Thus, Aglowid IT Solutions looks to gather all the hardware and software inventories required for the successful deployment of this project.

This comes down to a code based development (IDE) or an interface based development (CMS). While a coding project will involve crucial roles played by HTML5, CSS3 and elements of Java Script, CMS interfaces will invariably ask for a different approach of development.

Corresponding to the platform, method calling details and function implementation intricacies will vary as well.

Our programming team after gathering all necessary details of a successful taxi booking app development strives to put every part together and bring out a seamlessly operating mobile application. Be it IDE or CMS, by integrating the efficacies of HTML5 and CSS, we develop your mobile application.

There are two debugging phases which play a crucial or critical role in ensuring bug free software at disposal. These are known as unit texting and black box testing. Your taxi app must be able to perform all operations without any jitter, be it receiving a booking or recording a person’s current location.

Through unit testing, we fragment the developed application into multiple sections and test it through our proficient software analysts. Post scrutinization, these fragments are put together making for the ultimate product.

Post all development and debugging procedures, we look to deliver your app within the stipulated time. We ensure that before delivery, your app is completely lag free and adheres to all development standards.

Be it Android or iOS, every app requires periodic updates for efficient functioning. Moreover, updates are also necessary for incorporating more features in the future. We at Aglowid look to design periodic updates for your application and deploy them through OTA (Over the Air) updates as and when you require.

Taxi Booking App Development

Why Choose Aglowid IT Solutions Over Others?

There are a number of steps which keep Aglowid a step ahead than others in the field of an efficient and credible Taxi Booking App Development.

  • Applications developed by our experts are absolutely responsive in nature. This means that every app will adhere to displays of all sizes and resolution.
  • With 30+ experts, our team is one of the most reliable one you can depend upon.
  • Receive 24 x 7 customer support.
  • Receive cross platform development supporting customizability options.
  • Enjoy budget-friendly packages.

So, why the delay?Contact us today at Aglowid IT Solutions and give your online cab booking venture its deserved identity now! Our taxi booking app development service is awaiting your call.

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