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Education App Development

Awareness towards online education has given a boost to Education App Development sector. Number of People are looking for educational app whether it is online books, online learning or other online or digital educational practices. If you want to build an educational app for online or offline, then we at Aglowid IT Solutions help you create a dynamic educational app.

"If you tend to not to offer online courses, it may raise survival issue in the educational industry.

According to recent data, "e-Learning market is growing by leaps and bounds and expected to surpass 243 billion by 2022. "As of Statista, 49% student worldwide enrolled for online courses."

In fact, schools, colleges and universities at large number are coming out supporting digital education. The technology revolution has changed the way people communicate, business and grab knowledge and learning.

Education App Features

Mainly, features in educational apps depend on the type of apps you want to build. There are can end a number of features based on the courses, resources and how you want to present your service to the end users. A dictionary app requires a few features while if you provide online courses, you need to integrate bulk features. So, first, you sketch out your app type and futures will be followed by. However, there are some common features that every educational app should have. They are as follows;


Login features are optional in most of the open source apps, though in online courses apps, it is essential.

Easy Navigation

Navigation feature helps students to find the resources, pages and sections that they are looking for.

24x7 Availability

You can provide student 24/7 availability of tutors. You can set up recorded video or audio and even e-book for them

Progress Tracking

If you are offering online education, then this feature will help the student to track their progress.

Social Integration

Social integration can be an optional feature if a student wants to use social credential for login.

Push notification

Push notification will help you provide important information, reminders through the notification to students.

Top Benefits of Education App

If you belong to the education sector, then getting an app for your services can help you in many ways. Online education is gaining momentum and students as well parents are welcoming development. The transparent education system, rich resources and choices among others are plus points. Here's the list of benefits of education application.

Beat the Competition

Competition is one of the biggest challenges in this industry. If you are not fully equipped with the education trends, you will no longer survive.

Help Get More Users

If you are providing flexible education and want to reach out to thousands of users, then the educational mobile app can help with it.

High Scalability

Whether you want to introduce new policies, courses or training concepts, e-learning apps help communicate quickly.

High Capability

Just one click and your job is done! You can cover a large number of audiences and reach your target customers with a single app.

Saves Time and Money

Generally, students have to spend many extra hours to attend physical classes while the app offers flexibility of time.

High Retention Rate

As compared to physical school, coaching classes, etc., online education offers various options and has maintained high retention rate.

Reduces Paper use

There is no need of paper/pen in online education as from admission to certificate distribution is conducted online.


Online education is platform that provides flexibility of time and courses so that persons with hectic daily schedule can easily get benefits.

Transparent Communication

Online education app holds a lot of benefits. One of the best quality of online education portal is 'transparency' in everything.

Student Engagement

Student love interactive things. Online education offers interactive content and helps solve queries promptly. It increases student engagement.

Better Management

Online education portal needs nobody except a little-modified software to manage everything unlike university can college that require large workforce.

Instant Notification

Instant notification containing important information regarding, exams, admission, etc. are sent directly to student and parents.

Offering Wide Range of
Educational App Solutions

Educational app is limited to one subject, courses, class or resources. It has expanded through all education sectors right from PreK-12 classrooms to college and varsity to vocational courses. Aglowid helps you create the best mobility solutions for the education industry from A to Z categories.Online education has covered all sectors and you get easy learning facility that too from your home.