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The fitness-health domain is a niche market to embark upon. Statistics shows that there were about 142 million downloads for healthcare and workout apps in 2016-17! About 19% of smartphone owners downloaded such fitness tracking apps last year. People are becoming health conscious with each passing day and it would be great for them to find the perfect fitness app providing rightful information.

Multitudes of health apps often lead people astray. With the perfect health-fitness app designed you can capture this blooming market to flourish well. If you are looking of apprehending such a niche market that would help in realising your project why don’t you follow our Health and Fitness App Development Services here at Aglowid IT solutions? Now you get to create the ultimate health and fitness app our expert solution!

Essentials Of A Health And Fitness Applications

For any Health and Fitness Apps Development process to be successful, we at Aglowid IT Solutions focus on dynamic approach which ensures a loyal customer base. We concentrate on creating a one-of-a-kind fitness health app that will concentrate on

  • Wide range of health-fitness solutions for all urbane sections
  • Customizing options to ease the process further
  • To building health and fitness apps through the hands of veteran designers

Our solutions will strive to become your client’s daily mantra so that they remain fine and fit all time! This venture looks forward at gaining customer trust and acquiring credibility in the global market.

health and fitness applications
Health And Fitness Applications Features

What Should An Ultimate Health Fitness App Contain?

We incorporate 3 major parameters upon which the entire app is themed. They are

  • Activity Tracking
  • Diet and Nutrition
  • Workout Regime

Customized Activity - Every user requires an app that provides a power to track his or her fitness. The fitness evaluation section gives the user an idea about his fitness standpoint. This app will take in your client’s personal information as in height, age, sex, body weight and so on

Set-List Of Workouts

This will be a useful feature will make sure that users remember what they need to follow and even remind them in case they miss out on any particular exercise set.

Geo Location Progress Tracker

This feature helps to notify a person, how much he/she needs improvement. Further, it provides accurate measures about progress enabling a smooth journey to a fitness goal.


Pedometer is a wearable technology enabled with an attribute similar to an altimeter. It measures number of steps taken by the user along with how much calories you burnt off.


Altimeter is a specific attribute measuring number of flights taken along with change in altitude. The Altimeter is an essential perk for any fitness enthusiast using health & fitness app.

Diet Planner-Tracker

A diet planner tracking feature helps to monitor user’s daily food intake & consumption. Keeping weight in check, it sets a proper diet according to a user’s exact body requirement.

Water Tracking Attribute

Apart from diet foods and daily fitness workouts, this essential feature works as a great solution for every customer base by reminding users to stay hydrated throughout the day.

In addition to these 6 essential features, the app design also contains

  • Workout music panel – This diminishes monotony during workout featuring wide range of upbeat music.
  • Sleep Tracker – This is wearable tech device showing the client his or her sleep cycle.
  • Calorie Count – The total amount of calories intake or burnt is shown in this attribute helping the user to understand his daily calorie consumption.

We provide these fitness solutions in our health and fitness app development service making it vital for every kind of user.

Fitness App Development Cost

The development cost of building health and fitness apps primarily depends on 3 salient factors

Size & Intricacies of the App

It’s obvious that every app development project is different with different features and layers. Hence what matters in costing is the size of the app along with complexities inculcated within it.

Cost of Hiring, Niche Market

Smartphone mobile app development is niche market requiring veteran designers for hire and the cost of hiring depends upon the country’s development center and current market rates.

Device & Platforms Support

For a single platform like iOS or Android cost is relatively low as compared to cross platform app. Including an extra features raises the cost up but it helps to stand out in the competitive market.

Fitness App Development Cost
In addition to the above three parameters mentioned, there additional factors that decides a Fitness App Development cost like-

UI Or UX Design

Fitness apps require your app design to be a stand out. A worthy UI/UX design will be a bit high but this will give better ROI tremendously. Better design ensures high customer engagement & retention rate.

Front And Back-End Development

Back-end containing API, database, services etc. the front-end caters to that part with which the user interacts. Therefore, it requires expert web developers to create the most dynamic web applications.

MVP Testing

MVP or minimal viable product cost for health and fitness app development is minimal. You can even minimize it by building it yourself, though you hire our specialist at Aglowid for better service.

OTA Update Costs

This helps to update field devices or deliver new upcoming features after your app gets deployed. We at Aglowid will provide you with guidelines regarding OTA update, security at cost-effective rates.

Maintenance And Upgradation Costs

These costs are mostly incorporated into contracts. Any software maintenance requires up to 15-20% of original development cost. Sometimes, companies offer free supports, except some special services.

External Services Used

It’s tough to estimate the annual cost of an external services before it goes live. These external services may charge one time, or a monthly/yearly subscription or any other way -it depends on company too.

What matters at the end of the day of any process of building health and fitness apps is how strong the database of the app is. This ensures a loyal client platform reinforcing your company’s brand equity.

Platforms On Which Our App Runs On

Android App Development

This is one of the most dominating platforms now scouring the market. For initial stage of any health and fitness app development, Android is the best for it covers a huge user base thus increasing you app’s visibility largely.

IOS App Development

Apart from Android, the iOS holds a strong global market. It enables inter-party app communications, third-party widgets and extensions and more. Its optimization power and low RAM requirement are highlights to go for.

Windows App Development

Windows offer healthy running of apps designed for fitness and healthcare. They as a platform prove modest for smooth running of fitness apps giving a disruption-free performance.

Technologies On Which Apps Ride Upon


If you want to create smartphone apps which run on Android and Windows phone without learning different programming languages, then you can opt for HTML5. This helps in creating optimized mobile apps.


Functionality becomes the vital key for future fitness apps. Where HTML looks after your content, CSS helps to gives websites vibrancy induced with a super-engaging smart look that surely impresses every viewer’s mind.


This well-known technology helps to build a highly responsive website. Apps developed using it are accepted in all platforms be it Android, Windows, iOS and others. JavaScript along with HTML or CSS helps to create smartphone applications providing accessibility to everyone.

Steps To Follow During Our Health And Business App Development

Aglowid IT Solutions follows step-wise pragmatic approach ensuring fast and smooth development during the whole process

Understanding Target Audience

At Aglowid IT Solutions, members have a face to face interaction with clients noting down every single detail required to develop the app. After that follows a scrutinization process determining the project’s feasibility is done.

The Study Further Involves

  • Justification of noted points
  • Evaluation of functionality
  • Deliverance of final assortment

Constituting Project Requirements

Aglowid IT Solutions looks closely at every project requirements. As each project is different than another, we strive to gather all hardware-software related inventories to successfully implement the project.

Actual Implementation

The entire designing and programming team works hard to put forward a successful health and business app development service. Once, the platforms are chosen whether they be windows, or Androidwe construct a compact seamless smartphone app with careful effectuality.

Bug Fixing

For any process of building health and fitness apps, bug fixing plays a crucial part. This in return ensures debugged software at disposal. Your health and fitness app must be able to deliver a lag-free no-bug experience. Unit testing and black box testing are two bug fixating methods employed for such smooth operating process.

Final Result

After all developmental procedures, the delivery of the app within scheduled time period is our utmost priority. We aim to deliver an ultimate app which gives a stellar performance mastering over others in the market.

Note On Maintenance And Upgradation

Whether you choose Android or iOS, your app will require timely upgradation and management. We, at Aglowid IT Solutions make sure to implement periodic updates for your application further deploying them with Over the Air updates at regular intervals.

Why Does Aglowid IT Solutions Become Your Ultimate Choice?

Choosing Aglowid yields prosperous results if you are planning for any health and fitness app development services. Here are certain reasons which you may find lucrative for your project

24/7 Support Facility

Aglowid promotes an all-time 24/7 client support system which helps in solving customer issues.

Budget Value

This IT solution company believes in quality over quantity principle. Their motto of giving proper value to money stand-out in business domain. They deliver superior quality services fitted within a feasible project budget.

Expert Coders

Aglowid IT Solutions hire only extremely skilled individuals who excel in coding and technical issues. Their team of elite coders develops mobile applications, web applications, CMS and Ecommerce and full stack development sand so on. Thus such highly-skilled team of expert coders helps to solve any issues pertaining to software development of your app.

Timely Delivery

Aglowid is known for their on-time delivery skills that remain unmatched. With high-quality services within stipulated time period, you can choose this organisation anytime over others.

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