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Are you looking for Fitness app development services that are reliable, scalable, and robust? We at Aglowid build feature-rich and user-friendly on-demand fitness app solutions best fitted for aiding users to reach their fitness goals and track their progress with a touch of a button.

Fitness App Development

Fitness App Development Services, We Offer

Fitness is not limited to only bodybuilding or physical fitness. A holistic approach to wellness includes mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and much more. At Aglowid understand the need to provide different fitness and health app development services to cater to your specific niche. Here are some of the fitness app development services we provide –

Personal Trainer Apps

Develop your ideal personal trainer app with features like video tutorials, training program creator, and other important features that can be tailored to each user's fitness goals and current fitness level.

Fitness Tracking Apps

Help your customers keep their calories in check by allowing them to track their nutrients, set calorie goals, and leverage other valuable features by using our on-demand fitness tracking app solutions.

Social Fitness Apps

Develop the best social fitness platform by leveraging our social fitness app solution where users can interact, share results, and challenge other fitness freaks.

Altruistic Fitness Apps

Put our certified fitness app developers to good use by building a feel-good charity-driven fitness app like Charity Miles that allows users to donate or sponsor charity of their choice for every workout goal they complete.

Fitness Log Apps

Help your customers log their exercises, daily food intake, and other essential metrics to help them keep a record of their daily fitness activities by leveraging our logbook app solutions.

Wearable Fitness Apps

Give your users a better representational dashboard of the data collected by their workout wearables like Fitbit by leveraging our top fitness apps paired seamlessly with external devices.

Yoga and Meditation Apps

Our developers can create the perfect Yoga and Meditation app for helping your target audience to learn and follow along with various asanas and breathing exercises to improve their physical, mental, and spiritual health.

Gym Membership App

Develop the best gym app to give your users a personalized experience and features of accessing their membership benefits anytime, anywhere by leveraging our gym membership app solutions.

Nutrition Apps

Develop the best fitness app with features like a food nutrition database and nutrition requirement calculator with or without AI and machine learning algorithms depending on your project scope and requirements.

With Aglowid, develop Fitness App Like…

If you want a Fitness app like MyFitnessPal, Fitbit, or Strava, we can offer best-in-class ready-to-market MyFitnessPal Clone and other fitness clone app solutions. We have expertise in providing high-quality apps with an intuitive user interface, seamless user experience, and other premium fitness app solutions.

App Like MyFitnessPal

Awe your potential app users with proper diet tracking and exercising features that feel as premium as MyFitnessPal with our MyFitnessPal script app that leverages cutting-edge technologies and appeals to your target audience.

App Like Fitbit

Deliver a user-friendly, ultimate fitness app to your customers by leveraging our expertise in developing apps like Fitbit with features like device management, real-time reminders, fitness guidance, and more.

App Like Strava

Give your customers a platform to track their running, cycling, swimming & other fitness activities with our Strava like app services that come with features like social connect, allowing them to compete with other fitness enthusiasts.

Key Features Integrated with Custom Fitness App Solutions

To build the best fitness app solution in your niche, you need to ensure that your app has all the necessary features per industry standards and some new innovative offerings to stand out from the other competitors in this space. Here are some of the must-have features you should consider adding to your full-stack fitness app solution, including a customer app and an admin panel.

Profile Verification

Geo Location

Alerts & Reminders

AWS Cloud Hosted

256-bit encryption

Video Workout Routines

Social Media Login


Workout Planner

Integrated Analytics

Fitness Charts


Fitness App for Users

A highly-interactive Fitness app for All with user-friendly UI/UX.

  • Personalization
  • Fitness Log
  • Nutrition Tracking
  • Wearable Integration
  • Gamification
  • Social Sharing
  • Sleep Tracker
  • Heart Rate Monitoring
Fitness App for User
  • Goal Tracking
  • Excersice Tutorial
  • Chat
  • Geo-Location
  • Steps Counter
  • Water Intake Reminder
  • Live- Streaming
  • Online Subscription

Fitness App Admin Panel

A fully-integrated & secured admin panel to manage all business aspects of the Fitness Application.

  • Authentication
  • One Click Dashboard
  • Push Notification
  • Sending Reminders
  • Category Management
  • User Management
  • Subscription Management
  • Video Management
  • WorkOut Plan Management
  • Insights & Report
  • Location Based Tracking
  • Interactive Charts & Graph
  • Offers & Discount Management
  • One Click Chat
  • Email & SMS Campaign
  • Rating and Reviews

Benefits of Online Fitness Apps

There are 86.3 million health and fitness app users in the US alone. And this number is only going to rise with newer players entering the market and more users starting their fitness journey. Developing a fitness app from the leading health and fitness app development company in today’s market can be highly beneficial for your business. Here are some of the highlighted benefits of online fitness apps –

  • It makes remote workouts possible.
  • No Geographical Restrictions
  • Flexible and Convenient
  • Increase customer loyalty with
  • Better customer retention
  • Monetize your earnings through ads & subscriptions
  • Users can track their progress over time
  • 24/7 Availability

Top Fitness App Development Company offers you?

Aglowid is a leading fitness apps development company in India known for providing the best fitness app solutions in the US, UK, and many other countries as per the individual client's specific requirements. We understand the importance of keeping the app lightweight and battery efficient. Hire our team of dedicated fitness app experts that provide the following benefits to you –

  • Quick Technical Support
  • A Team of 50+ developers
  • Pocket-friendly packages
  • Complete walk around of your project
  • On or before time delivery.

Contact Aglowid today and receive the best fitness app development solution for your fitness app requirements.

On-demand Fitness App Development Cost

The average cost of developing an online fitness app solution comes around $20k-$35k for Android and iOS. There are various factors to consider when coming up with your fitness app budget –

  • App Platform
  • Technology used
  • Features Module
  • Third-Party App Integration
  • App Hosting
  • App Maintenance
  • UI/UX Design
  • App Security

Result Driven Fitness App Development Process, we follow

The success and quality of your fitness app are significantly impacted by the custom fitness app development cycle your app goes through. We at Aglowid have realized that the fitness app development process helps us check all the boxes and best practices for your app while heavily focusing on user experience, security, and other essential factors.


Based on the initial info you provided us about your project concepts, deliverables, & desired outcome, we have developed an efficient fitness app development roadmap to fulfill your demand.

UI/UX Design

Here we plan the general layout of your fitness app through wireframing prototyping, user interfaces are developed, and colors, fonts, and other design elements are selected as per your brand language.

MVP Development & Analysis

A minimal viable product is developed with the core set of features and presented to early adopters. Their feedback is taken and analyzed for making necessary changes.

Fitness App Development

After making the necessary changes based on feedback in the previous stage, the final fitness app is developed with modifications and corrections, ensuring a fully functional feature-packed fitness app.

Fitness App Deployment

Now your app is ready to be launched on your preferred platforms – Apple App Store and Google Play store. It is made available for download and installation by the general public.

Maintenance & Support

At Aglowid, we provide continuous maintenance and support services to ensure your app is fine-tuned throughout the year with security patches, functional feature additions, and more.

Health and Fitness App Development - Support & Integration

At Aglowid, we prioritize providing reliable, secure, scalable, and lightweight solutions for your online health and fitness app. We offer flexible app development experience with various currencies, languages, payment gateways, and other important support and integrations.

Supported Countries & Currencies


UK (Pound)

Canada (CAD)

India (INR)

Australia (AUD)

Germany (DEM)

France (FRF)

Fitness Payment Gateway Integration, We Provide

Our Fitness App Supported Languages

  • English

  • French

  • Spanish

  • Kurdish

  • Arabic

  • Portuguese

  • Japanese

  • Persian

  • Hindi

  • German

Platforms Supported by Online Fitness App




Web App

Why you should prefer Custom Fitness App over Ready-Made Fitness App Solution?

Confused between white-label fitness app solutions or building your fitness app from scratch? Here are some of the most important factors to consider when selecting the best solution for your company's needs.

Differentiator Ready-Made Fitness App Fitness App from Scratch
Target Audience Wide, Inaccurate Narrow, Accurate
Level of Control No control Full control
Payment Regular subscription fee every month One-time development fee
Customization Limited Complete freedom
Overall Security High chances of vulnerabilities and security threats. Highly secure as Aglowid sets up all necessary security measures in place
Solution Exclusivity None You own a unique fitness app with protected NDA and code ownership.

Looking for Customized Fitness App Solutions Like?




Map My Run







Alo Moves


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