Our Power BI Core Integration Capabilities

Microsoft Power BI can be integrated with many popular platforms to amplify its power and unlock true data analysis and visualization capabilities across different ecosystems. Our core capabilities encompass a range of solutions that ensure a holistic approach to your business intelligence requirements. We have expertise in Power BI integrations such as –

Dynamics 365 and Power BI Integration

Integrate Power BI seamlessly with Dynamics 365 for a consolidated view of your business operations. Harness the power of combined data to make informed decisions and improve overall business efficiency.

Microsoft Office Suite and Power BI Integration

Connect Power BI with Microsoft Office Suite to gain a cohesive data analysis and reporting experience. Our Power BI integration solutions ensure a seamless flow of data b/w apps, fostering collaborative efficiency.

Database Integration with Power BI App

Our Power BI app developers can help you integrate Power BI capabilities with your databases for streamlined data flow and processing. Our experts ensure a secure and efficient integration.

Cloud Services and Power BI Integration

Our Power BI consultants can help you configure Power BI to your cloud service provider, like Azure, MS Azure, or GCP, for scalable and flexible data storage and processing solutions.

SharePoint and Power BI Integration

Combine the collaborative capabilities of SharePoint with the analytical prowess of the Power BI platform. Our specialists enable smooth integration, allowing efficient data sharing & collaborative decision-making.

Google Analytics and Power BI Integration

Unlock deeper insights about your online presence by integrating and enhancing your Google Analytics capabilities with our seamless Power BI integration solutions to gain the best analytical and visualization expertise.

Why Trust Aglowid IT Solutions for Your Power BI Services?

At Aglowid, we pride ourselves on being one of the most trusted Power BI partners to a global clientele of businesses of different scales and from different verticals. Our team of certified Microsoft developers brings in-depth expertise in Power BI, ensuring all our solutions are tailored to your business requirements. We prioritize open communication, maintaining an open dialogue throughout the entire process, and provide end-to-end support to guarantee the successful implementation of your Power BI environment.

Our dedication is towards the commitment to security and compliance, adhering to industry standards for safeguarding your data and business processes. We don't limit ourselves as Power BI implementation partners; our developers focus on the continuous improvement of your project to ensure you're at the forefront of any Power BI advancements. Contact us today at [email protected] to start a strategic and reliable Power BI partnership, leveraging the full potential of Microsoft suite of services like Power Apps, Power BI, Dynamics 365 & more.

Build your Power BI Developer Team with Aglowid

Let us assemble your Power BI team that can work on your project dynamically and readily within 48 hours of final confirmation from your end. Our dedicated development team knows how to harness the full potential of Microsoft Power BI, offering a range of specialized profiles to meet your unique business intelligence needs. From seasoned Power BI developers to adept administrators and analysts, our diverse team of Power BI talents ensures to cover every aspect of your data journey.

Whether you want to hire a Power BI developer or build your team, we have the right talents and flexible engagement models. Our team includes profiles such as –

  • Power BI Consultant
  • Power BI Developer
  • Power BI Analyst
  • Power BI Administrator
  • Data Integration Specialist
  • Power BI Trainer
  • Project Manager
  • Industry Expert


Transform Data Points to Strategic Insights with Aglowid

Get Custom Power BI Solutions

Our 360 Power BI Consulting Service Offerings

We cover a comprehensive suite of Power BI consulting services, ensuring our clients get to harness the full potential of Microsoft's powerful business intelligence platform. Whether you are looking to implement Power BI in your organization from scratch or optimize your existing environment, our specialized offerings cater to all your unique requirements. Some of our top Power BI offerings include –

Power BI Implementation and Development

Our experts create a robust foundation with seamless integration of Power BI Desktop and Services, enabling you to create interactive reports with a dashboard tailored to your organization's goals.

Power BI Reporting & Dashboard

Our Power BI experts craft visually compelling reports and dashboards for monitoring key performance indicators and communicating insights effectively. Utilize Power BI visuals, icons, and conditional formatting for impactful storytelling.

Power BI Licensing & Support

Navigate the complexities of Power BI licensing with our guidance. Also, benefit from ongoing Power BI support services to ensure smooth operations, troubleshooting, and optimizing your ROI.

Power BI DAX Optimization & Data Management

Optimize Power BI dataflow and master DAX (Data Analysis Expressions) to ensure efficient data processing and visualization. Our experts focus on enhancing your analytical capabilities through strategic data management.

Power BI Integrations with External Platforms

We integrate Power BI seamlessly with external platforms such as Dynamics 365, Google Analytics, and SharePoint to provide a consolidated view of your data and streamline cross-platform insights.

Power BI Security & Compliance

Ensure the security of your data with our Power BI security and compliance services. We adhere to all industry standards and compliances and implement the best security measures to safeguard your sensitive information.

Power BI Consultation & Strategic Planning

Leverage our experienced Power BI consulting services to gain personal guidance on Power BI best practices, industry standards, and strategic planning to align with business objectives.

Power BI Platform Services

Elevate your analytics with our Power BI suite, spanning the versatile Power BI Desktop, collaborative Power BI Service, and mobile-friendly Power BI apps. We also offer tailored services like Power BI Embedded and Premium.

What makes Aglowid a leading Power BI consulting company?

Aglowid is recognized as a leading Power BI consulting company distinguished by our commitment to delivering unparalleled business intelligence solutions catered to our client's requirements. With a blend of innovation, keeping a client-centric approach, and building our team of Microsoft professionals, we have positioned ourselves at the forefront of the industry. Our journey to excellence is marked by –

  • In-depth knowledge of Power BI features, capabilities & best practices
  • Customized Power BI strategies to align with specific business goals
  • A dedicated and flexible team of Power BI professionals
  • Placing client objectives at the forefront of our strategy
  • Transparency throughout the communication process
  • Adherence to industry standards & compliance requirements
  • Engagement Models – Outsourcing Project vs Offshore Talent Hiring
Why Aglowid

Our Coverage of Custom Power BI Solutions as per Platforms

At Aglowid, our commitment is towards providing tailored and comprehensive Power BI solutions that extend all platforms to ensure a complete coverage of business intelligence solutions. Here are the Power BI platforms we cover –

Power BI Desktop

Craft insightful reports and visually compelling dashboards with our Power BI Desktop solutions. Our professional experts know how to leverage the full potential of this creative hub to transform your raw data into actionable insights to make data-driven decisions.

Power BI Admin Portal Management

Ensure optimal performance and governance of your Power BI environment with our reliable Power BI Admin Portal management services. From user access control to usage monitoring, our admins know how to centralize and streamline your Power BI resources.

Power BI Mobile App Integration

Extend the reach of your data insights beyond the office with our Power BI Mobile App Integration services. We ensure a seamless & user-friendly mobile experience, enabling our clients to get on-the-spot critical information in the form of analytics and reports to make informed decisions.

Power BI Reporting Server Implementation

Host, manage, and distribute your Power BI reports securely within your own infrastructure through our reliable, efficient, and secure Power BI Reporting Server Implementation services. We provide on-premise capabilities tailored to your requirements.

Power BI Premium Optimization

Upgrade to Power BI Premium and get the most out of it with our Power BI Premium Optimization services. We tailor solutions for enterprises that need enhanced capacity, dedicated cloud resources, and other advanced features for optimizing their system performance.

Power BI Embedded Solutions

Integrate Power BI Embedded solutions into your custom applications, portals, websites, and other implementations seamlessly. Our Power BI consultants can enhance the functionalities of your applications with embedded analytics, providing a cohesive experience.

Our Microsoft Power BI Tech Stack Expertise

All our Microsoft Power BI experts know how to leverage the most popular and useful tools in the market to truly enhance your Power BI experience and capabilities. We can help you make the most of your project while following the best coding practices and deploying your projects faster to market. Here are the various tools we have a great grip on -

Data Connectivity and Integration

  • Power Query
  • Dataflows
  • Gateways

Data Modeling and Analysis

  • Power BI Desktop
  • DAX
  • M Language

Visualization & Reporting

  • Power BI Service
  • Custom Visualizations
  • Power BI Mobile Apps

Development & Customization

  • Power BI Embedded
  • Power REST API
  • Power BI Templates

Enterprise Development

  • Power BI Premium
  • Power BI Admin Portal

Collaboration & Sharing

  • Power BI Workspaces
  • Power BI Apps

Security & Compliance

  • Row-Level Security
  • Power BI Auditing

AI & Advanced Analytics

  • Power BI Insights
  • R & Python Integration

Hire Power BI Developers from Aglowid in 4 Easy Steps

We understand you’re not a recruitment firm and have many important business decisions to make. Hence, we keep the hiring process of our Power BI developers short and simple. Get the talents you need to get the most out of the Power BI platform for your business processes with easy steps such as -


Define your Requirements

  • Outline project scope & objectives
  • Identify specific skills needed in Power BI Developers


Contact Us

  • Reach out through designated contact channels
  • Share project details and preferences


Consultation & Proposal

  • Engage in detailed project discussion
  • Receive a tailored proposal with scope, timeline & cost


Onboard Power BI Developers

  • Upon the agreed proposal, onboard the talents to your team
  • Onboarding talents will take at most 48 hours from final confirmation

Frequently Asked Questions

Power BI and Excel serve slightly different purposes and aren’t compared as alternatives, rather used in conjunction. The choice between the two would depend on the nature of the tasks you’re performing. Power BI is generally used for data visualization, business intelligence, data connectivity, collaborating & sharing whereas Excel is a versatile tool that specializes in individual analysis and Ad Hoc Reporting with support for formula and function flexibility.

Power BI and Tableau are close competitors in data visualization tools with Power BI being a more cost-effective solution that integrates seamlessly in a Microsoft ecosystem whereas Tableau is advanced with higher customization and analytics options, making it preferred choice for clients that want to create intricate and visually stunning dashboards. Overall, the choice between Power BI and Tableau would depend on your tech stack choice, budget consideration and specific feature requirements.

Power BI offers both – free and paid versions. The free versions are known as Power BI Desktop, and it allows users to create reports on the dashboards of their local machine. On the other hand, Power BI has a cloud base service offering too which offers additional services and features like sharing and collaboration. This version has three plans – Power BI Free, Power BI Pro and Power BI Premium.

Power BI Desktop allows users to work offline by creating reports and dashboards on their local machine. However, for any sharing, collaboration or other such requirement, internet connectivity is required.

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