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The Popularity of On-Demand App

There were times when service providers had to go through many procedures and middlemen to reach end users and. Customers also had to meet the same fate to get the services and products. But, these were the matter of past and everything has revolutionised with the help of evolving technology. On-Demand App Development is one such growing trend which has covered up the industry with a holistic approach to help both customers and suppliers to meet their goals.

On-Demand App is a growing trend among small-scale businesses, entrepreneurs, enterprises to large industries. They find it easy to reach their potential customers while consumers also feel the same when hiring services or buying products. Most importantly, everything is possible right on your fingertip. So, we are here to guide you all through the smart tips, tricks and information about On-Demand Apps. After you go through the article, you will get comprehensive ideas about the type of On-Demand App you require and also help you find the right Development Company. So, here we go;

The Popularity of On-Demand App

Must-Have Properties of On-Demand Apps

When it comes to On-Demand App, so many things matter the most. The purpose of the application is, to fulfil suppliers and customers' purpose. Therefore, there have to be some properties to make things easier for the two.

Ease of Operating

The primary things that every buyer should look for are 'ease of operating'. All customers are not tolerant enough to go through the complex procedures to use your service and product. So, right from registrations, booking to delivery, all features should be in easy-to-understand form.

Smooth & Flawless Performance

Make sure that the app is performing well as effective operation with an appealing user interface will help customers take more interest in your products. In case, there is a payment gateway integrated into the app, then it should be safe and protected.


Scalability has always been an issue and it happens when you compromise the quality of the app. You may be aware that there are thousands of bookings take place in a second. And, if the app is not designed to handle heavy traffic, it will crash and also leave a bad impression among users.


Flexibility helps both users and sellers to avail the services easily. In some cases, they may have to follow complex procedures to complete the tasks. So, make sure that the On-Demand App has enough options to make the app easy to use.

Types of On-Demand App Service

Types of On-Demand App Service

The On-Demand App Development Company can help you integrate as many services as you require. All you need to do is to decide what types of features you want in your app. It could be anything based on the preferences and the services you provide your customers. However, the right decision will help you increase user engagement on your site.

Be it a quick booking module, social media, payment gateway, instant alerts, Geo IP Location, Analytics, or feedback system integration, On-Demand App has got you covered everything. We have explained the must-have features in On-Demand Apps. Let's check them out.

Types of On-Demand App Service

The On-Demand App is divided into three main parts - 'Users', 'Suppliers' and 'Admin'. Each section should consist of appropriate features to make things easy to use.

Customer App Panel

'Users' panel should be loaded with enough features to provide users with ease of shopping. There can be an end number of features integrated into the app.-all based on the business types.


An option will be there for users to register using Email, Phone number or Social Networking Accounts Credentials.

Service Selection

They can opt for the services they want to use. The feature may differ from one service provider to another.

Service Scheduling

The feature allows the customer to schedule services and tasks, though it depends on the type of business you own.

Find Products

The user can find the required products by simply entering the products name in this section.

Product Category

Customers can find products by selecting the desired category divided into many sub-categories.

Promos & Offers

The section will help users to find discount coupons, promos and offer for services and products, there are many alternate options for this feature.

Notifications & Alerts

Users will get notification regarding promos, sales, coupons and additional offers from sellers directly in their mailbox or via SMS.


The user can place an order by using an in-app payment gateway. Besides, there may be many payment gateways as required.

My Order

Users can check their order status, track it or cancel if they do not need the product any more.


The section is all meant to provide a platform to users where they can save products for future shopping, if not interested now.

Help & Support

The user can directly interact with a service provider if they face any problem during or after shopping. The feature is very helpful to drive the sale.

Reviews & Ratings

Every On Demand App must contain this feature in order to help customers rate and review the services or products offered.

Service Provider Panel

There will all necessary features and functionality integrations which will facilitate seller with all required options.


Service Provider can register using Social Networking Accounts Credentials, though it will be different from a consumer panel.

Managing Requests

The service provider can manage requests such as sending products for delivery based order sequence and preferences selected by users.


Service Provider can accept/neglect payment paid through a various payment medium by customers. Mode of payment may differ.

Ratings & Reviews

The service provider can check the number of products with high ratings and reviews. It will help the service provider to improve service.

Help & Support

The section is all meant to empower service provider to interact with customers and solve their queries instantly.


The section will provide service provider to submit order status and take new order as per the sequence.

Admin Panel

In this section of On-Demand App, there will all necessary features to provide complete control to the Admin. There can additional functionality as per admin's choice.

Secure Authentication

Admin needs to login using registered ID and Password while new admin needs register.


A customised dashboard will appear for admin to manage everything from desktops.

User management

Admin can authenticate users, manage users and provide the appropriate service as requested.

Manage Products

Admin needs to keep updating the products lists such as listing new/de-listing from time to time, etc.

Manage services and pricing

Admin can manage the service and products. Admin is empowered to set the price based on the market report.

Manage service providers

Admin can manage service provider such as add/remove members and authenticate their request.

Transaction reports

Admin can accept payments and send back to the service provider after keeping his share as per decided.

Manage ratings & reviews

Admin can take an analysis report on particular products and decide the future course of action.


The section will provide service provider to submit order status and take new order as per the sequence.

On-Demand App Platform

There are two main Operating Systems for Smartphone such as Android and iOS. However, there are also other platforms such as Microsoft and Blackberry. So, you need to decide on what platform you need the app. In other sentences, the users of Android and iOS are significantly higher than Microsoft and Blackberry so it will be better if you know your specific target. For example, you can opt for only two platforms -Android and iOS, if you are having a large customers-base on these two platforms.

On-Demand App Platform

The Industries Ripping Benefits with On-Demand Apps

The rise of innovative technology has transformed every section of human life by providing ease of tackling things. As far as industries and enterprises are concerned, they are also adopting a growing digital trend to reach masses. No matter what industry you belong to or what business you are in, On-Demand App is the need of the hour. Here're some of the top industries and enterprises which need to adopt the transformational technology -On-Demand Apps.

On Demand Courier Services

'On-Demand App' for 'Logistics & Couriers' helps to deliver services and products fast.

On Demand Food Delivery

Food delivery app helps hotel and restaurants increase profits and customer engagement.

On Demand Grocery Delivery

Customers can buy more products online than visiting the store, so On-Demand app can be a great help.

On Demand Beauty Salon

On-demand app for salon helps you display your products and services to lure a large number of customers.

On Demand Coaching Tutors

The entire education system is going to be digital in the coming days and coaching tutor is gaining popularity now.

Doctors On-Demand App

Let people find you on the app. Help them with the best possible treatment solutions for their problems.

On Demand Fitness App

People are looking for fitness tips online, if you have fitness app, it can help you gain more users' attention.

On Demand Home Services

The On-Demand App for home services can help both the service provider and customers to find desired services.

On Demand House Cleaning

On-Demand app can also help people find the desired house cleaner in the desired location.

On Demand Laundry App

Laundry app helps you find the customer who wants to hire the service and also help customers to find you.

On-Demand Parking Apps

Parking App helps customers book parking in advance and also help to find parking space in a specific location.

On Demand Pet Care Apps

Let your customer find you online, book appointment, services and products through the app.

Repair & Maintenance Apps

Repair & Maintenance help both service provider and customers to gain profits.

On Demand Service Apps

Let people help them reach their destination by helping them with doorstep taxi solution. An app can do this.

Wine/Alcohol Delivery Apps

The app helps you serve wine to the wine lovers with doorstep services and get more users' engagement.

Why Aglowid IT Solutions over others?

Being your trusted partner for so many years, 'Aglowid IT Solutions' believes in dedicated service. We do not tell our success story to others; in fact, it is our clients who do this after getting satisfied with our service.

We work on certain principles which stand us apart from others.

Never Miss Deadline

We are committed developers and complete the project within deadline with all our dedications.

Quick Technical Support

We value our potential customers and understand that problems may occur anytime, hence we offer 24/7 support.

Robust Solutions

Our developers' expertise enables them to provide quality work and make your app development dream come true.

Coding Standards

We maintain clean coding standard so that it will be convenient and easy to understand if other developer gets over.

Competitive Price

We do not only offer the competitive price in the industry, but we also offer uncompromised quality work that very rare to find.


Though we started just new in 2011, but our quality work and developers expertise helped us gain popularity in no time.

Our Development Process

We follow a certain process when you hire us.


First, our developers along with the required team listen and understand your requirement.


After going through your requirement, we narrate our suggestion if needed.


Our team then design and develop your dream app based on the selected framework.


Our expert from the respective field tests the app for multiple times and suggest to developers if any changes required.


Finally, we deliver the project with all the necessary technical information and resources required to run the app.


We are open to help you any time any day and any moment you need. Let our team know your issue and your job is done.

Cost of Getting On-Demand App Developed

Cost of Getting On-Demand App Developed

We can tell you one thing -we are the best in the industry and we offer the cheapest price. But, we never compromise with the quality work. We believe in providing solutions not just products. However, the price of the project depends on the type of projects you have; what features you want to integrate into and what platforms and frameworks you choose.

However, we at Aglowid offer our service at $15 per Hour, but the final "On-Demand App Development Cost" will depend on the type of project you have.

If you want complete estimation, you can contact us with your project details and we will let you know exactly how much it will cost you.

Here's the Take!

So, to simplify the process, we offer "FREE 3-DAY TRIAL OFFER". We proceed further only after you are 100% satisfied. By the way, we never spam your inbox, that's our promise.

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