Popular PowerApps Integration Services We Cover

Here are some of the most popular PowerApps Integrations we cover at Aglowid –

MS 365 Integration

Seamlessly integrate Power Apps with Microsoft 365 apps like Outlook, Excel, and Teams for a unified and collaborative environment.

SharePoint Integration

Integrate Power Apps with SharePoint to enhance your organization's document management, data sharing, and collaboration.

Dynamics 365 Integration

Connect Power Apps with Dynamics for unifying CRM and business processes for a comprehensive view of customer interactions.

Power BI Integration

Enhance your data visualization and analytics capabilities by integrating Power Apps with Power BI, enabling data-driven decisions.


ServiceNow Integration

Streamline IT service management, enhancing automation and efficiently handling server requests, incidents & changes.

SAP Integration

Integrate Power Apps with SAP to ensure seamless data flow between your custom Power applications and SAP ERP systems.

Why Hire a Power Apps Developer from Aglowid IT Solutions?

Aglowid is a leading Power Apps Consultant firm with a pool of seasoned professionals who deliver cutting-edge solutions tailored to your business requirements. When you hire a Power Apps Developer from Aglowid, you get access to a wealth of experience and expertise with talents that are adept at creating dynamic and custom applications.

We also offer PowerApps consulting services where our consultants work closely with your team to comprehend the unique intricacies of your business processes, identifying pain points and opportunities. This collaborative approach, combined with our developers' in-depth knowledge of Power Apps, enables us to craft customized Power Apps solutions that seamlessly align with your business objectives. Whether you are looking for developers to work on your custom applications, integrate data sources, or automate workflows, hiring a PowerApps developer from Aglowid is a transformative experience, propelling your business into a new era of innovation and efficiency.

Benefits of MS Power Application for Your Business

One of the leading benefits that attract businesses to MS Power Apps is its low-code environment, which accelerates development timelines, reduces costs, and democratizes the creation of software solutions.

Moreover, Power Apps have great integration capabilities within Microsoft and other rich ecosystems. Businesses of all scales can benefit greatly from implementing MS Power Apps for their business processes.

Here are some of the major benefits you should consider –

  • AI-Driven Capabilities
  • Streamlined Operations
  • Workflow Automation
  • Secure & Compliance Adherence
  • Highly Customizable & Flexible
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Cross-Platform Compatibility
  • Seamless Integration with Microsoft Tools


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End-to-End Power Platform Consulting Services We Offer

Our end-to-end PowerApps Consulting Services are designed to cover every aspect of your journey, from initial strategy and development to ongoing support and advanced integrations. We aim to offer a holistic and effective implementation tailored to your organization's needs. Here are some of our top service offerings –

Strategic PowerApps Consulting Services

  • In-Depth Needs Assessment
  • Customized Roadmap Development
  • Alignment with Organization Needs
  • Proactive Strategy Adjustments
  • Expert Guidance on Power Apps Capabilities

Comprehensive Power Apps Development

  • Rapid Prototyping
  • User-Centric Power App Design
  • Iterative Development
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Systems
  • Tailored Apps for Specific Business Processes

Powerful PowerApps Integrations Services

  • Seamless Connectivity with MS 365
  • Integration with Third Party Applications
  • Cross-Platform Data Integration
  • Real-Time Data Syncing
  • Digital Ecosystem Enhancement

Automate.io Integration Services

  • On-demand access to skilled Power Apps Talents
  • Flexible Engagement Models
  • Instant Response Time to Project Demands
  • Seamless Integration with Existing Teams
  • Knowledge Transfer & Collaboration

Dedicated Support & Maintenance

  • Proactive Issue Resolution
  • 24/7 Support Availability
  • Continuous Performance Optimization
  • Regular System Health Checks
  • Version Updates & Patch Management

Microsoft Platform Solutions

  • Integration of Power Apps, Power BI & Power Automate
  • Unified Data Insights & Reporting
  • Streamlined Business Processes
  • Improved Cross Platform Collaboration
  • Holistic Digital Transformation Services

Efficient Power Apps Management

  • Scalable Planning
  • Continuous Performance Monitoring
  • Security Enhancements
  • User Feedback Implementations
  • Regular System Updates

Data Security & Compliance Assurance

  • Robust Encryption Measures
  • Regular Security Audits
  • Compliance with Industry Standards
  • Confidentiality & Integrity Measures
  • Data Access Controls

PowerApps AI Builder Services

  • Intelligent Workflow Automation
  • Data-Driven Decision Making
  • Integration of AI capabilities
  • Custom AI Model Development
  • Enhanced Predictive Analysis

Canvas vs. Model Driven vs. Power Portal – Choose Your Power App Type

Power Apps offers three solutions: Canvas, Model-Driven, and Power Portal. You need not worry about identifying the right fit for your enterprise requirements. Let our Power Apps Consultants guide you on the right path and solution for your project's complexity and budget. Here is a general outline of their differences if you want a better understanding –

Feature Model-Driven Apps Canvas Apps Power Portals (Pages)
Focus Data-Driven Development Customizable User Experience External-Facing Interaction Portals
Data Model Common Data Services (CDS) Flexible Data Connections CDS, SharePoint & Custom Connectors
Design Control Pre-configured components with Structured Views Complete Control over UI and Visual Elements Customizable Design with Flexible Branding
User Interaction Configured Views for Efficient User Interaction Highly Customizable Drag and Drop Interface Self-Service Features for Customers, Partners or Suppliers
Development Complexity Complex Business Processes Rapid Prototyping, Unique User Experiences Simplified User Interactions & Engagement
Use Cases
  • ERP Applications
  • Sales Applications
  • CRM Applications
Various Scenarios with Different UX Requirements
  • Customer Self Service Portal
  • Partner Portals
  • Event Portals
Integration with Dynamics 365 Integrated with Dynamics 365 Integrates with Dynamic 365 and External Data Sources Can utilize MS Dynamics 365 for Enhanced Features
Access Controls Role Based Access Basic Access Controls with Role Assignment Enhanced User Authentication and Access Controls
Collaboration Coordination Across Different Business Units Collaborative Features Available, Not as Structured Engagement with External Stakeholders
Examples Comprehensive ERP Solutions Custom Apps, Prototypes, and Varied UX Designs External-Facing Portals for Customer Engagement Portals

Tools & Technologies Our Power App Developers Leverage

The technology stack for Power Apps involves various components and services contributing to its development and functionality. Our PowerApps consultants can help you build your custom tech stack to develop the best solutions for your requirements. Here are the various tools and technologies we are proficient in using –

Front End Development

  • Power Apps Studio
  • Power Apps Components
  • UI Controls

Data Storage and Management

  • Common Data Services
  • Smart Connectors

Integration & Automation

  • Power Automate
  • Custom Connectors

Security & Identity Management

  • Microsoft Azure Active Directory
  • Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

Infrastructure & Hosting

  • Microsoft Azure

Artificial Intelligence

  • AI Builder

Monitoring & Analytics

  • Power Platform Admin Center
  • Power BI

Development Environment

  • Power Platform CLI

Mobile App Development

  • Power Apps Mobile App

Version Control

  • Power Platform ALM Toolkit


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How We Make Our Power Apps Solutions Available for You?

We simplify and streamline our Microsoft app development solutions as much as possible for our clients. Here is how easy availing power apps consulting services with Aglowid is -


Comprehensive Needs Assessments

We simplify and streamline our Microsoft app development solutions as much as possible for our clients. Here is how easy availing power apps consulting services with Aglowid is -


Strategic Planning & Solution Design

We craft a robust Power Apps solution architecture to define the app's structure, data model, and integration points. A clear roadmap aligns with your business goals, ensuring a phased and strategic Power Apps development approach.


Agile Development & Iterative Prototyping

We employ agile methodologies, delivering incremental prototypes for continuous feedback. This iterative approach ensures the evolving solution matches your expectations, fostering a dynamic & responsive development process.


Expert Implementation & Quality Assurance

Our skilled Microsoft App Development Team brings your vision to life. With a deep understanding of the Power Apps platform and development, we set and meet high functionality, security, and user experience standards.


Seamless Deployment and Ongoing Support

We execute a seamless post-deployment strategy to minimize disruptions to your operations. Ongoing support and maintenance ensure your deployed Microsoft apps' long-term stability, reliability, and performance. Our commitment goes beyond individual projects to fostering a sustainable partnership.

Build My PowerApps Team Today

You have a project underway and want to keep your management and partners the same. We understand! However, do you need additional Power App talents to help your project gain the momentum and expertise it currently faces challenges? Leverage our Power App Staff Augmentation Services to build your Power Apps Development Team with profiles such as -

  • Power Apps Developer
  • Power Automate Consultant
  • Data Integration Specialists
  • Power Platform Consultant
  • UI/UX Designers
  • Power Platform Architect
  • Power Apps QA Experts
  • Power BI Integration Specialists
  • Power Apps Administrator
Why Aglowid

Frequently Asked Questions

The cost to develop the Power App Solution varies depending on the features you want to include and the complexities of your application. Any additional services will have an additional cost. Connect with our power BI consultants at [email protected] and they will guide you through the Microsoft PowerApps pricing.

Power Apps are unique by giving users the ability to create custom apps without extensive coding. Power apps are developed using a low-code approach, which allows rapid development and deployment, reducing the time and resource input typically associated with traditional app development.

Power Apps simplifies app development with its low-code environment, making it faster to build and deploy. They provide seamless integration with Microsoft 365 and Azure, increasing performance and scalability. Users benefit from cost savings, agility and customization.

Yes, Power Apps are highly customizable to meet specific business needs. Using a low-level code environment, developers can tailor applications to fulfil the unique requirements, ensuring flexibility and scalability for different businesses and organizational structures.

The time to develop custom business applications using Microsoft Power Apps depends on your applications complexity level. But the platform’s low-code approach accelerates the process, often allowing functional applications to be developed in a matter of weeks, speeding up time-to-market for businesses.

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