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As a trusted Fintech Software Development Agency to multiple clients in the Finance Industry, we're committed to empowering businesses in the financial industry with innovative solutions. With expertise in cutting-edge technologies and a deep understanding of the fintech landscape, we deliver tailored solutions to meet your unique needs of developing robust, secure, and scalable fintech applications that drive growth and success.

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    Challenges and Opportunities We Cover in the Fintech Sector

    Each industry and sector have their own challenges and opportunities, both important towards ensuring the success of your project. Being 5+ years in this industry, our Fintech experts have identified some of the most pressing challenges and some of the most tappable opportunities to boost your Fintech success and efficiency. Let’s go through them –

    Regulatory Complexity

    • Compliance Solutions
    • Regulatory Expertise

    Cybersecurity Threats

    • Security-Centric Approach
    • Fraud Prevention

    Technology Innovation

    • Cutting Edge Technologies
    • Custom Development

    Customer Trust and Adoption

    • User Centric Design
    • Data Privacy Measures

    Financial Inclusion

    • Scalable Solutions
    • Partnerships and Collaborations

    Global Expansion

    • Localization Support
    • International Partnerships

    Innovative Fintech Solutions Tailored for You

    Providing fintech solutions was the first phase of the much-needed digital transformation in the finance industry. However, with the advent of cognitive technologies and their untapped potential, Aglowid is on a mission to transform your existing solutions to smart fintech solutions that integrate cognitive technologies to deliver unparalleled efficiency and user experience. Here are our top IT solutions for the finance industry –


    Digital Banking Solutions

    Digital Banking Solutions

    Modern banking requires robust, secure and flexible online banking solutions that can keep up with the evolving demands of the industry. Our custom digital banking solutions, empower financial institutions to deliver seamless and secure banking experience to their clients, across different digital channels.

    Our Key Offerings

    • Custom Digital Banking Platforms
    • Mobile Banking Applications
    • Online Booking Portals


    Insurtech Software Solutions

    Insurtech Software Development

    Get custom Insurtech software development solutions to empower insurance companies, brokers and agents to digitize their processes, enhance customer experience, and drive business growth. We offer AI-driven software solutions for policy management, insurance comparison platforms & others.

    Our Key Offerings

    • Policy Management and Claim Processing Systems
    • Insurance Comparison Platforms


    Next-Gen Smart Wallet Solutions

    Next-Gen Smart Wallet Solutions

    Our dedicated team of software engineers collaborate with Fintech experts to revolutionize digital finance with our next gen smart wallet solutions. With cutting-edge features such as AI-powered insights, seamless payment integrations, our smart wallets provide a secure way to manage your finances.

    Our Key Offerings

    • AI-enabled Insights & Classifications
    • Secure Wallet Infrastructure
    • Multi-Platform Compatibility


    Enterprise Wealth Management Platforms

    Enterprise Wealth Management Platforms

    Our enterprise wealth management software is the ideal Fintech platform solution for asset managers, brokerage firms & wealth advisors. Get complete portfolio management systems with real-time analytics or leverage automated investment platforms with AI-driven insights for delivering superior outcomes.

    Our Key Offerings

    • Comprehensive Portfolio Management Systems
    • Real-Time Data Analytics
    • Robo Advisors in Fintech


    Institutional Trading Platforms

    Institutional Trading Platforms

    Gain a competitive edge with our state-of-the-art AI based trading platforms for institutions. Our high frequency trading algorithms can enable quick, efficient and reliable execution of trades with robust risk management tools for monitoring and mitigating risks.

    Our Key Offerings

    • High Frequency Trading Algorithms
    • Real-Time Market Data Analysis
    • Robust Risk Management Analytics



    AI-Driven Risk Management System

    Mitigate your risks effectively with our AI-driven risk management systems for the Fintech industry. Our fraud detection algorithms are trained to identify suspicious activities in real-time, while credit risk models help assess borrower’s creditworthiness.

    Our Key Offerings

    • Fraud Detection Algorithms
    • Credit Risk Assessment Models
    • Comprehensive Reporting & Analytics
    • Portfolio Risk Management


    Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Suite

    Data Analytics & Business Intelligence Suite

    Leverage our data analytics capabilities with business intelligence tools for gaining valuable insights into market trend, customer behavior and operational efficiency. Our advanced analytics can help you make data-driven decisions and optimize processes.

    Our Key Offerings

    • Advanced Data Analytics
    • Business Intelligence Tools Expertise
    • Market Trend Analysis


    Smart Real-Time Payment Platforms

    Smart Real-Time Payments Platforms

    Enable fast & secure payments with our fast and secure real-time payment platforms. Reduce system processing times with cross-border reach to expand your reach globally while ensuring transactions go through securely with a reliable uptime.

    Our Key Offerings

    • Fast & Reliable Payment Processing Systems
    • Cross-Border Payment Solutions
    • Reliable Uptime & Security


    Regtech & Compliance Solutions

    Regtech & Compliance Solutions

    Our Regtech solutions can help financial institutions navigate the complexities of regulatory landscapes by automating compliance processes and mitigating regulatory risks efficiently. We craft solutions to streamline compliance efforts while reducing compliance costs.

    Our Key Offerings

    • Regulatory monitoring and reporting tools
    • KYC/AML Solutions

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    Cognitive Fintech Development Services & Use Cases

    As a leading Fintech software development company, we are on a mission to transform financial technology with cutting-edge cognitive solutions to meet the dynamic needs of financial institutions, enterprises & startups. Here are our top Fintech development solutions -

    Intelligent Home Financing & Mortgages

    Empower homebuyers with our cognitive fintech IT solutions that streamline mortgage process and enhance financial inclusion. Our AI powered mortgage approval system is capable of assessing borrower risk efficiently.

    • AI-Powered Mortgage Approval Systems
    • Mobile Mortgage Application Development
    • Personalized Financial Guidance

    Cognitive DeFi Solutions

    Explore the possibilities and advantages of decentralized finance with our cognitive fintech solutions that challenge the traditional financial systems. Our DEX development services provide secure and efficient trading of digital assets.

    • DEX Development
    • Smart Contracts Development
    • Decentralized Lending and Borrowing Protocols

    Intelligent P2P Lending Platforms

    Transform the lending landscape with cognitive fintech solutions that connect borrowers with investors in a P2P lending marketplace. Our blockchain-based P2P lending platforms ensure security & transparency in lending transactions.

    • Credit Scoring Algorithms
    • Automated Loan Origination Systems
    • Dynamic Risk Assessment

    Corporate Banking Solutions

    Streamline your banking operations with our 360 corporate banking solutions. Our account management systems can centralize corporate transactions, while our treasury management solutions can optimize your business liquidity.

    • Account Management Systems
    • Secure Banking Portals
    • Treasury Management Solutions

    Our Fintech Software Development Services

    We work closely with our clients to identify, add, improve and expand our custom Fintech software development service offerings. Our 360 coverage of Fintech software development ensures you get the tools needed to optimize your financial processes and internal processes.

    Custom Fintech Application

    Need a Fintech application tailored to your needs? We can customize and optimize Fintech software solutions that works across different platforms and devices, improving user engagement, custom reporting and real-time data interaction.

    Fintech Software Consulting

    We have access to some of the finest Fintech software consultants who can provide expert guidance and strategic insight into implementing technology to your financial processes to get the most out of the digital financial ecosystem.

    Fintech Legacy App Modernization

    Need to revamp your existing legacy application? Our dedicated developers can modernize your legacy Fintech app by shifting it to a cloud platform, or rework on its codebase, shift it to a microservice architecture if needed.

    AI Enabled Fintech Software Solutions

    Harness the power of artificial intelligence for revolutionizing your Fintech operations. Our AI-enabled Fintech software solutions leverage machine learning algorithms and predictive analysis to automate processes, optimize decision making and delivering personalized experiences for your customers.

    RPA Bots for Fintech

    We can help you with customized RPA bots to ease your mundane but important financial processes for enhancing the productivity of your employees and allowing them to focus on more important tasks.

    Accounting Information Systems

    Are you a C-level executive who needs a better Fintech software solution to streamline your financial operations with data accuracy enhancement for optimizing your business operations? With a focus on efficiency and compliance, we provide tailored accounting information system solutions to meet your unique needs according to your industry and other such aspects.

    Personal Finance Management Apps

    Handling personal finances can be hassle these days. With advancement in payment methods, you need to upgrade your PFM app too for keeping track of your expenses, set budgets and achieve your financial goals with ease. We expertise in building custom personal finance apps with features such as expense tracking, goal setting, budgeting tools, financial insights and more.

    Data Analytics & Insights

    Gain valuable and accurate data analytics to drive strategic decision-making and enhance business performance significantly. By leveraging advanced analytics techniques, we transform your raw data into actionable insights, enabling you to uncover trends, identify opportunities and mitigate risks effectively.

    UI/UX Design and Optimization

    Maximize user engagement and satisfaction with our UI/UX design optimization services. We focus on creating intuitive and visually appealing interfaces that reduces the friction of adopting new technologies and enhances the overall user experience.

    Security and Compliance Assurance

    We ensure the integrity and protection of your sensitive and valuable data with our security and compliance assurance services. As a leading Fintech software development company, we maintain the utmost standards with our security measures and adherence to industry regulations.

    Real-Time Transaction Monitoring

    We enable our clients to be proactive and two steps ahead of threats and other fraudulent activities and threats with our real-time monitoring solutions. By leveraging next-gen technology and algorithms we provide continuous surveillance of financial transactions.

    Customizable Reporting and Analytics

    Empower your decision-making ability with our customizable reporting and analytics solutions. Being an experienced financial software development company, we know how to tailor our analytics platform to your specific needs and provide insights on your KPIs, trends and opportunities.

    Multi Factor Authentication

    Enhance the security of your Fintech systems with our multi-factor authentication solutions. You can set up various forms of validation and verification such as passwords, one-time codes, biometrics and other industry grade best methods.

    Integration with third party APIs

    Seamlessly connect your systems with external platforms and services with our Fintech third party API integration services. Whether you need third party integrations for payment gateways, CRM systems, or even social media platforms, we ensure a smooth data exchange and interoperability, enabling you to extend the functionalities of your system, without compromising on security or performance.


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    Advanced Technologies We Leverage for Fintech App Development

    In the fast-evolving world of Fintech, embracing advanced technologies is key to staying ahead. However, failing to adapt or implementing them poorly risks becoming obsolete. As your trusted Fintech app development partner, we ensure you lead the pack. We provide expert consultation and seamless implementation of advanced technologies into your Fintech solutions, keeping you at the forefront of innovation.


    • Develop decentralized applications for secure transitions
    • Implement smart contracts for automating and reducing costs
    • Integrate with existing systems for enhancing digital integrity

    AI and ML

    • Offer personalized recommendations for financial products
    • Utilize NLP for chatbot and virtual assistants
    • Provide predictive analytics for risk assessment

    Big Data Processing

    • Handle large volumes of financial data efficiently
    • Extract actionable insights through data ingestion, storage, & analysis.
    • Improve decision capabilities with real-time data processing

    Cloud Services

    • Offering scalable infrastructure for Fintech applications
    • Ensuring scalable storage of financial data
    • Providing disaster recovery for uninterrupted operations


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