How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Web App? Let’s Cut It into Half…

By Ronak Patel   |   5 August, 2019
How Much Does It Cost to Develop a Web App? Let’s Cut It into Half…

In the world of internet, mobile app development is basking in the glory of its success in the tech arena. However, there’s a misconception behind most of the investors, assuming that increasing mobile app development trend could cause the downfall of the web app development.

Oh! Is it so?

Never…! Yes, the mobile app development is high in demand, but that doesn’t mean it affects web app development sector. The significance of Web App Development is intact and growing rapidly. Now, the question is no longer whether to have a web app for a business application or software products, but to explore or dig out how much does it cost to develop an effective and interactive web application.

In this article, my effort is to explore the most possible and cost-effective solutions to develop highly effective and interactive web applications.

Factors Which Directly Affects Web App Development Cost

If you go out asking the sum of web app development with your idea to any big or small development companies, then you are supposed to remain confused. This is so because needs differ and costing will entirely depend on the need and complexity of the web applications.

Here are some of the factors which affect web app development cost.

The Project Goal

The idea of developing a website such as whether you want to build a simple online store, online blogs, or a unique and complex web app such as an online educational or eLearning web app. Apart from this, what would be its functionalities and whether it is a standalone solution or requires third-party integrations like payment gateway, chatbot, AI-enabled features, GPS navigation, and much more.

In short, a web application requires a plenty of things such as APIs, Databases, Hosting, mobile compatibility (like the responsiveness and the latest PWA) and so much more. These are the things which highly affect the costing. However, they make your web app more sophisticated, and as a result, it takes a lot of time and efforts to develop.

Having got through these ideas, you need to think over the code quality. Yes, it affects costing as it requires time and consistency. If you are in a hurry and want to have the web application, then developers may be restricted to write clear and high-quality code. To make quality and impressive web application, it needs to be sophisticated, and that requires time.

UI/UX Design and Its Complexity

UI/UX is a pillar of your business application, and that needs to be customized. And, when you look for custom UI/UX, you need to be ready to pay more. It involves several complex elements, such as animations, creativities, etc. These works consume lots of time and efforts of designers and developers. The more time it takes the better result you may get as far as the user interface and user experience is concerned. UI/UX is the face of your website, and these need to be eye-catching, interactive, and impressive to attract a large number of customers. However, if you want to get it done at the cost-effective rates, it is possible too as you have plenty of ready-made themes and templates available which can be utilized to make quality UI/UX.

Business Niche

When you have common projects, which does not require going through unique and complex procedures will cost less. Whereas, the projects which are unique and needs time, efforts, customization, and so much more. At the same time, the web app for complex business setup needs to be customized that might end up consuming lots of time, which will be counted as development hours.

Where Do You Outsource Project

What is the location of your developers; what country you outsource your project and what development company you choose does affect the costing. For example, outsourcing the project is the cheapest solutions. However, it depends on the country and the developers you choose. In countries like the USA, the UK, Canada, Australia, and to name just a few, the development cost is very high at $80 to $250 per hour. But, if the same project you outsource in the Asian country like India, you can get it developed it at as minimum as $15 to $50/ per hour. That’s a huge difference.

When you want to have web application at the cost-effective rates, then you need to focus on these three things;

  • Complexity
  • Hourly rates
  • Post-release expenses

Web App Development Costing Factors

Estimating Your Web App Development Cost

We can’t tell you the total sum of your web app development unless we sit together to prepare the blueprint. However, all we can help you with is to provide the right estimation for common web app development. We have developed a web application at the cost starting from US$3,000 to US$250,000 and even more as the post requirement arises. These estimations are for different categories of websites and web applications. So, let’s understand this in detail;

If you have

Simple Web Application

A simple web application such as a regular online store with basic features, functionalities, having interactive elements, and minimum content. To develop such a website will take around 192 to 200 hours, roughly one month. So, you are supposed to spend around US$2880 to US$10,000 with minimum development cost at US$15 to US$50/ per hour.

  • Development Duration: One month
  • Development Hour: 192h/200h
  • Development Cost Per Hour: $15-$50

Medium Web Applications

If you want to build eCommerce web applications or website, prototypes of internet portals or web apps for small companies, then you need to create a pro-level web app. Generally, these type of web apps should have interactive pages with a large sum of quality content. You are supposed to spend around 600 to 800 hours, roughly 3 to 4 months.

“If you calculate the cost mid-level web app development, then you need to pay from US$9,000/US$30,000 to US$12,000/US$40,000 (calculation is based on at $15/50)”

  • Development Duration: 3-4 months
  • Development Hour: 600h/800h
  • Development Cost Per Hour: $15-$50

Complex Applications

When you have something unique to build, then it is called complex web applications. Such web apps have their own CMS, creative designs, UIs/UXs, and increase the complexity of the applications. Generally, such applications require ample time to build. However, it will take minimum 6 months, roughly 1150 to 1200 hours.

If you calculate these hours at $15-50 / hour, then it goes up to US$17250/57500 to US$18000/60000.

  • Development Duration: 6 months
  • Development Hour: 1150h/1200h
  • Development Cost Per Hour: $15-$50


Simple Web Application Medium Web Applications Complex Web Applications
Development Duration: 1 Month or Less 3-4 months 6+ months
Development Hour: 192h/200h 600h/800h 1150h/1200h
Development Cost Per Hour: $15-$50 $15-$80 $15-$100
Development Cost: $2880 – $10,000 $9,000 – $40,000 $17250 – $60000

How to Cut Down Web App Development Cost Without Affecting the Quality

Having gone through the content, you may have got the overall estimation for our projects, though there are some ways which you apply to get cost cut that too without affecting the quality of the projects.

Google First

Seeing web app Development Company ranking on Google will not help you get the right development company. All you need to do is to search about the company you choose; know its way of executing the tasks and how experienced the developers are. You may get new web app Development Company, having highly experienced developers and creative designers. It can work wonder for your projects.

Look for the Alternative:

You need to be flexible, that means if you have prepared the blueprint, don’t consider it your final decision. If you get any productive ideas from the developers or development company side, then you can explore the options.

Ask Your Friends:

If you are in the business, you may have your competitor friends. Talk to them, get some good ideas such as where to get your projects developed -don’t buy if you don’t like the idea, but at least you will come up with some new tips.

Outsource Projects

Outsourcing project, as we have discussed even earlier, significantly reduces development cost of your web applications. Many countries, especially the country like India; you will find a large number of web application development companies, offering cost effective development solutions for all industry verticals. Chances are high that you will get quality work at the minimal cost. If you are considering to the get your project developed in the countries like the USA, UK, Australia or Canada, then you need spend a lot behind your single web app development project. We have estimated how much these companies charges from clients for a single projects. In such amount, you can get your three to four projects developed here.

Talk to Multiple Developers or Development Companies:

Sticking with one developer or  a Development Company may keep in your dark. Better talk and inquire into multiple companies and take interview developers and designers there.

Steps to Cut down Web App Development Cost
Final Word

In short, when you wish to develop a web application for your business, whether it is start-ups or established one, you need proper planning. We have explained everything which will help you make a better idea and come up with robust web app solutions. You can ask us for more. We can help you get the right estimation when you share your projects and will help you develop robust web applications at the cost-effective rates.

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