Top 10 Disruptive Technology Trends 2023, You Should Be Ready For

If you are stressing about what 2023 has in store in terms of technology, then you should be ready to grab what you have been hankering after for long years -IoT, Blockchain, Chatbots, Serverless computing, to name a few will rule the tech arena onwards.

The advancement of technology is a continuous process and one has to run along with the trends. Yes, there are some disruptive technologies ahead that will create headlines.

They are all set to make your year 2023 great ahead. If you are not prepared to face it, then it is the time.

You might be wondering what technologies to make a mark in 2023. Prioritizing your concern, I have rounded up some top technologies which are predicted to be in the trends in 2023 and even ahead.

1.    Blockchain Technology

Initially devised for the digital currency such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, the use of Blockchain has expanded through various industries including banking, finance, healthcare, government, Education and to name a few.

In the coming years, hacking, data thefts and other cyber crimes may rise further. But, Blockchain ensures the robust security and therefore it is grabbing the attention of the tech industry.

They are focusing on and finding the potential uses for the technology -Blockchain.

Blockchain, in simple term, is a chain of distributed ledgers that protects your data by keeping them decentralized. That means your data is not stored in a single computer at a single place. It can be anywhere, in anyone’s computer.

The information is always public and easily verifiable, but cannot be copied. More than that, Blockchain also support multitasking at the same time.

For example, in the traditional doc, two people cannot work simultaneously while Blockchain allows working as many people as required that too without any delay. Considering these points mentioned above, the demand for Blockchain tools will rise further and so does the Blockchain Development Company.

According to StatistaFinance was the biggest Blockchain value sector with a market share of 60.5 percent and Manufacturing and resources accounted for 17.6 percent

Top Industries using Blockchain Technology

  • Banking & Finance
  • Pharmaceutical & Healthcare
  • Education
  • Government
  • Election & Voting
  • Retail
  • Supply Chain

And, many more to come…
Manufacturing and resources accounted for 17.6 percent of worldwide Blockchain value.

2.    Autonomous Things

Autonomous things including car, robots, agricultural types of equipment and others also perform tasks without human needs. They are powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI), though the sophistication of the intelligence varied.

Five things come under the category of autonomous, but they covered all sections of life. They are as;

  • Robotics
  • Vehicles
  • Drones
  • Appliances
  • Agents

These five autonomous things cover almost everything and everything exists and in use for a long time. Take an example of Sophia -a robot developed by Hong Kong-based company Hanson Robotics. It can follow more 50 human gestures and it is upgraded to do more activities. It is based on AI and that allows the robot to track faces, recognize individuals,

Or you can check the Boston Dynamics – the one best known for its development of animal inspired Robots.

They are just five, but they have covered almost all four environments such as air, land, sea, and digital. They are different in capabilities, work-ability, environment, but they are all meant to make life easier and therefore it is going to be very potential for the years to come.

3.    Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT or Internet of Things connects the physical world to the internet. It lets people do things remotely.

For example, if you are at your office and if you want to on/off air conditioner of your home, you can do it without delay.

That means the physical device is now connected to your phone and it can be operated remotely no matter where you are.  Similarly, there are so many things such as smart home, TV, Fans, Refrigerator, etc.

In simple term, IoT applies to the electrical, physical product that has no internet connection or that cannot communicate independently.

The concept was first discussed in 1980 and 1990, but the progress was slow for want of the proper technology and processors.

According to IDC, worldwide spending on the Internet of Things (IoT) is forecast to reach $772.5 billion in 2018, an increase of 14.6% over the $674 billion that was spent in 2017.

Global Internet of Things (IoT) Data Breach

2023 may also be the year of cyber crimes. Most of the things are going to be online and when things are connected to the internet they are vulnerable to crime, theft and burglaries. So, IOT Development Companies will have to be more focused on its security that would lessen the chances of a data breach.Hackers keep a constant eye on something more vulnerable and what you connect to the internet is prone to hack. A lot of hacking cases have been come out and we have also seen it through the news.

What is more surprising is that industry hasn’t learnt anything from the dangers it has been facing over the years.
You can see cyber has even increased in the year 2018. Unless the enterprises take some necessary precautions, it will continue to happen ahead.
From the security point of view, the year 2023 is going to be crucial.

Statista says, In 2017, the IoT security spending amounted to 1.2 billion U.S. dollars.

According to an analyst firm, there 20.4 billion connected things will be used worldwide and most out of them would be weak in terms of security and that could result in global IT security breach.

4.    Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR)

Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR), and Mixed Reality (MR), you might have been wondering what these things are going to make the year 2023 special?

As we have, so far, known these as a tool, mainly for video gaming, it has many scopes in the future.

However, it is going to be a handy tool for various industries such as engineering design, manufacturing, healthcare, space exploration, and others.

AR, VR and MR and they all together can be combined as R+ and they are going to be very useful for various industrial applications and all set to change the traditional way of executing things.

Worldwide spending on augmented reality and virtual reality (AR/VR) is forecast to be nearly $20.4 billion in 2019, an increase of 68.8% over the $12.1 billion International Data Corporation (IDC) expects will be spent this year.

5.    Quantum Computing (Super Computing)

Quantum Computing is yet another revolutionary thing that the tech industry is going to witness sometime very soon.

Being an emerging technology and its scope is so broad that every large organisation, government, researchers are working to achieve this for a long time.

It will have a significant advantage as it is entirely different from the traditional computer or binary digital electronic transistor-enabled computers that make process done step by step.

Quantum Computing is like a giant library where a traditional computer would read books one by one while a quantum computer can do it simultaneously.

The benefits of the supercomputer are vivid, but it still in its infancy. However, 2023 is going to be crucial for this as well as a large number of industries such as banking, financial, governmental organisations have looked at the development.

6.    Chatbots

Chatbots are turning as a lifeline for businesses and enterprises. It has provided a robust platform for both companies and customers to get things done without any human involvement.

There were times when customers and business had to spend long hours to contact the concerned person while today, it is done in a second -thanks to the evolution of chatbot.

It does a lot of things to keep your customer engaged. It can have a conversation with your customers and solve their issues without human support.

Resolving customer issues in their convenient manner makes you and your business popular among them.

More than that, the AI based chatbots are beneficial for various industry such as banking, finance, healthcare, hotel & restaurants, and much more.

It is very useful in customer-centric activities. Whether you want to book flight tickets, train tickets, find nearby events, connect to customer care executives, and much more.

Chatbots are very much in trends now, and a large number of organizations and enterprises are going to make the potential use of it.

7.    Serverless Computing

Serverless computing is also rising as it offers a range of benefits to various business organizations industries.

It has given business organizations an option to open websites without following any complicated process.

It has a simple purpose and that provides enterprises bother free computing: just run your website without thinking of its server.

That means there is no physical server, though that doesn’t mean it works without a server.

Serverless computing introduced in 2012, though it came into limelight after AWS Lambda launched in 2014.

Now, a large number of companies have come forward offering the Serverless computing. It provides fast and secure services that will set this technology apart from others.

Tech industry is vulnerable to hack and whatever technology comes equipped with robust security offers will rule the roost.

8.    Edge Computing

Hey! Turn on the light! Switch off the fan and keep the A/C on. You must what do get in return. Yes, when I use these words to my mom, she happily does this.

However, when I say this to my wife, sometimes she does and sometimes not. Edge computing, from my personal point of view, has come offering amazing solutions to people like me and those who love everything automation.

Edge Computing
If one goes explaining Edge computing by giving an example, then you can relate this from IoT devices.

For example, your TV, refrigerator, AC, Fans, doors, etc. are the things which don’t use the internet. However, with the help of sensor, they can be connected through Edge device at your home.

That means all similar things or equipment are remain connected to the edge device, giving owner full control over things. That will function through your command and you can also be operated remotely.

9.    Smart Spaces

Visual and audio-equipped sensing system that works according to your gesture and that too without wearing any device. That means you get into the automation world whether it is your home, office or whatsoever.

It has brought precisely what have into our imagination -just a decade back.

Smart Spaces
A person enters his home, and the light turns on; when says start the fans, it starts; when he says show me today’s activity on the screen, all his day activity appears on the flat screen on the wall.

Similarly, there are so many things that can be achieved through the smart space. That is already in trends, but it is going to make the coming year more interesting with lost new improvements and upgrades.

10. Is There Anything More?

Everything but technology has no limitations. Every day, you would come up with innovations and evolution.

Moreover, that will continue forever. Some will get recognition in the tech industry while some may not.

The mentioned technologies are just a small list of many out there to make the year great ahead.

There are plenty of other technologies which will be extremely influential and effective in coming years.

Apart from the list mentioned above, there are many others which are much in trends and predicted to be a very eye-grabbing tech in the year 2023 and ahead.

Let’s take a lot at some of the most hyped technologies that improve human lives;

  • Smart Home
  • Smart Oven
  • Facial Recognition
  • Smart Speaker
  • Wearable Technology
  • Self-Driving car
  • Voice Assistance
  • Scooters
  • 5G, and others

The process will continue and every year you will meeting some innovative technologies.


Well, so far I have talked about all good things, but there will some backdrops too that you may sense.

As I have already mentioned that anything that connects to the internet is vulnerable to hack and coming will very crucial in terms security. Industries, organisations, and developers may have to take a step against it and find an effective way to keep hackers and cyber criminals at bay.

Besides, the service providers also need to think twice before using the public’s personal information. At the same time, the government will have come up with strong law that must have provision for exemplary punishment for the offenders.

Of course there are lots of new tech coming out day by day… What technology you think will rule the rust in 2023?

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