Beacon Development Aids Retailers to Keep Their Customers Informed

A little less than 6 years ago, Bluetooth was primarily the medium of exchanging data from the user of a phone to another.

It was comparatively easier to transfer data this way. User could send more than a Gigabyte of data all in one go.

But times have changed and so have technology which has elevated multiple times.

The advent of beacon technology has made it easier for companies to advertise their products and services.

Companies are working towards enriching beacon development on a much wider scale these days.

What is an iBeacon?

Just like the functioning of a regular beacon, the iBeacon designed exclusively for Apple smartphones aims to bridge the gap further between buyers and sellers.

So you move into a new apparel store and your phone vibrates.

You pick it up only to find that the seller has identified your presence and sent you a message.

The message might contain promotional advertisements or information on new arrivals.

What is an iBeacon?

How does it work?

Have you heard about Bluetooth Low Emission devices?

iBeacons are minute transmitters that work on BLE technology.

The advancement of Beacon development has enabled retailers to send their potential customers to send a message as soon they enter its range.

With a range of about 300 feet, iBeacon works on the same principle of a Beacon transmitter deployed in wars.

They inform a party about the oncoming of their opponents.

Can you get killed by an iBeacon?

Not. Retailers don’t mean to kill you when you enter their range.

This is a newer marketing strategy that works in compliance with advanced beacon development.

iBeacons can connect to any portable Apple/Google device, be it a smartphone or a tab.

These are generally hidden in areas where you cannot spot them easily.

Airport or museum authorities can want to send a single piece of information to a larger crowd.

Are there any other uses of iBeacon?

any other uses of iBeacon

Beacons can be used to detect positions of a particular portable device.

This can be used as a connecter to potential Beacon targets.

Museum authorities might want to know the average time sent by a family within the museum.

Recent beacon development allows device owners to react to the information that they have just received.

Beacons can be used for navigation and broadcast large amounts of information with ease.

BLE technology consumes lesser energy as compared to normal Bluetooth and is cheaper compared to normal connectivity devices.

How effective are Beacons?

Although technology giants such as Google and Apple make devices compatible to Beacons, they don’t really make any.

Facebook also makes use of beacon development to detect locations and deliver relevant information.

Manufacturers of Beacon are constantly working on raising the effectiveness of using one.

Beacon Development

As of now, recent Beacon development finds application in places where customer information is required on a large scale.

This can even be used to detect lost or misplaced devices within the range.

Say that you are willing to know about the latest product launch of a particular brand of apparel.

Simply step into their store and Beacon will send you all relevant information that the company wants you to know.

If you have a store that has opened recently and you want more customers, simply employ beacon technology. Beacon development is gradually on the rise and very soon you might not even want to use Bluetooth ever! Need to know more details? Feel free to contact Aglowid IT Solutions at

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