The Ultimate Guide on How to Hire App Developers In India 2022

By Ronak Patel   |   15 March, 2021
The Ultimate Guide on How to Hire App Developers In India 2022

You might be searching for ways to hire app developers in India when you reached this blog. Well, you are in the right place, as we have all the answers to any questions you would have. Let us go through this process together.

One of the most significant considerations while taking on a mobile app development project for any business is – budget. India is one of the leading IT hubs for producing professional and effective IT solutions at the most affordable rates. It is the home to the world’s second-largest English-speaking population, with numerous vetted and experienced IT professionals.

The Indian information technology industry’s export revenue stood at 136 billion US dollars in the fiscal year 2019. This revenue was estimated to grow further to 147 billion US dollars in the fiscal year 2020.

There is an undisputed demand for mobile apps in today’s time. All businesses are planning on making an app for their business goods and services. They plan  different ways to mark their presence on the apple app store and google play store. Most brick-and-mortar businesses are also shifting to online platforms and working on developing their online presence.

If your business is not on the internet, then your business will be out of business.” — Bill Gates.

Earlier, this pertained to only websites. Companies were eager to make their websites and would often get overwhelmed with the process. This is why web developers and designers demand peaked significantly. Though website app development is still not a cakewalk, it has become much more manageable thanks to some CMS platforms. The next trend and the next challenge that the world needs to prepare for is – mobile app development. And it is important to hire the best resources to handle this task at hand.

Things to keep in mind before looking for App Developers in India

Before you embark on your journey to hunt for hiring the best app developers in India, there are a couple of considerations to keep in mind. Preparing for these points would help you communicate your idea better, and it would help the mobile app developers grasp your project outline quicker and efficiently. Grab a pen and paper, and let’s get started!

1. Preparing an app requirement/document brief

A mobile application requirement brief or a product specification document is an important document that helps structure your enterprise’s mobile application requirements. It outlines, lists, and acts as a guide for the developer to refer. Documenting your requirements two benefits –

  1. You can use it as a reference point to check if all the asked deliverables were matched.
  2. Mobile app developers would feel more at ease working on your project.

The Process

  1. Formulate an idea summary

Make sure to keep this as short and concise as possible. This is the first-hand information and first interaction the mobile app developer will have with your business. By reading this one-liner or so, the developer should be able to pinpoint exactly what your app is about and connect with your vision instantly.

  1. Visualize the right sequence

If you have any ideas or inputs about how the navigation should flow, you can write it down as a description of the sequence so you would want the users to explore your app. If you have an idea of what goes on the onboarding screen and then the user-registration screen and so forth, don’t be shy to mention it. It would help!

  1. Study the existing applications

No matter how unique your app idea is, if you look smartly enough, you’ll find a couple of apps on the play store and the app store that directly or indirectly fall into your niche. Studying their applications will help you understand what features you want in your app. Adding these inputs will help mobile app developers create better app solutions for your company.

  1. Know your priority features

You need to have some clarity regarding what are the most important features you want to have in your app. If you have some additional features that you think will be helpful but aren’t required, label them as a second or additional priority so that the developers don’t miss out on adding the core features and add or remove any secondary features based on their expertise.

  1. Give functional details

When creating your mobile application requirements document, you can do away with what color you want the buttons to be or other such descriptive elements. At this stage, you need to help your mobile app developer make a functional app that solves the problem it is catered towards. Hence only add technical details that help improve the functionality of your mobile app.

  1. Create wireframes

If you know how to work with wireframes, it can help take the app development communication between you and the app developer to another level of efficiency. By creating screen maps, you can further support the mobile app developers to visualize the text of your requirements document.

2. Which mobile platform do you want your app on?

This is undoubtedly one of the most important decisions to take for your app. You should be thinking about how to choose the best mobile platform for your mobile app? It is a good idea to list down the essential markets we already know about – Android, Apple, Windows, and other third-party application marketplaces. Here are a few factors you should keep in mind that can help you decide –

  1. Understand your Target Audience

When you have to choose a mobile platform for your app, you should think about your target audience. Conducting some research and creating a customer profile will help you identify this better. Different platforms have different popularity at various geographical locations. For instance, European markets prefer Android over iOS; hence if your app caters to European needs, it would be advisable to push your app on the android market. Such a situation differs from country to country.

  1. Study their User-Behavior

User behaviour is an important consideration to keep before choosing a suitable platform for your app. If you are developing a free app with no in-app purchases or monetization channels, chances are you don’t care if people are inclined to make in-app purchases or buy apps. Either way, if we compare platform philosophies and user behaviour on these platforms, Apple users will most likely spend money on applications. In contrast, Android users tend to use free apps and aren’t the most motivated to buy in-app purchases or apps from the google play store.

  1. Consider your Approach

When you’re deciding on an app platform, the two main components that should form your decision are – function and scope. If you want a solid performing application with performance as your key priority, you should look for native app developers who can make native apps as they perform the best. However, suppose you don’t want to limit your scope to one platform and reach out to more potential customers. In that case, you can consider a cross-platform or hybrid app developer for creating a hybrid app solution for your enterprise.

  1. Pay attention to UI/UX

UI/UX plays one of the most crucial roles in determining your app’s success or failure. If you have everything sorted out, but the users don’t like the experience and feeling of using your app, they’ll abandon it before you know it. With great content, a great presentation holds as much importance. This is the reason why the most efficient app development companies take so much time with this decision. So you should look for an app development company that understands the importance of this.

3. How much does it cost to create an app?

Mobile app development as a practice is way more than just coding and designing. According to various surveys, app development costs generally range from $100,000 to $500,000. The application cost can be significantly lesser or higher than this range, depending on various factors. You should read our detailed blog on app development costs to get a better idea.

Why Outsourcing to App Development Companies in India is the Best Choice?

One of the most important factors that affect the cost of mobile app development is the region where you develop your app. Native app developers in the US and the UK can charge higher rates for developing mobile apps compared to other countries like Ukraine, Philippines, and India. Globally, India is one of the biggest hubs for outsourcing app development projects due to its unmatched lower costs and work quality. Many features make choosing Indian app developers the best choice for your mobile app development process.

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Some Facts and Trivia about India as an IT Hub

  1. India is home to the second-largest English-speaking population. This helps remove any communication barrier.
  2. IT industry is a key part of India’s economy. In their fiscal year of 2019, they generated annual revenue of close to 180 billion US dollars from the IT sector. The majority of this income came from exporting their IT solutions, and only 50 billion US dollars came from the domestic market.
  3. The Indian Government provides immense support to their IT sector by easing taxes and other regulations under their Information Technology Act 2000.

The App Development Market in India

There has been a significant uproar in the overall revenue generation from mobile apps on the Apple store and the Play Store in the Indian app development market. The ability of Indian mobile app development companies to provide mobile app development solutions at such cost-effective rates has helped them partner with various US and Europe based clients as they see the money-value in investing their app budget in India. If we talk about IT hubs’ hotspots in India, here are some prime cities – Bengaluru, Hyderabad, New Delhi and Ahmedabad. Most mobile app developers in India are well-versed with latest mobile app development technologies.

According to PPI, India had more than 1.674 million app economy jobs as of August 2019.

Advantages of Outsourcing App Development to India

Advantages of Outsourcing App Development to India

1. Reduced Mobile App Development Cost –

Suppose you look at the app developer salary comparison table in our previous blog. In that case, it is evident that the costs of hiring app developers from India is significantly cheaper than getting these services from anywhere else. India has one of the largest pool of talented and vetted developers who can be hired at low wages. You save up significantly on development costs.

2. Access to Vetted & Experienced App Developers –

We discussed the many challenges of developing an app in-house for the first time. App development is a technical process that constantly keeps changing. As a startup or an entrepreneur, it can be taxing to keep with the latest changes and updates in the app development sector. Outsourcing your app development requirements to India can give you access to experienced and talented developers.

3. Shorter App Development Time –

Indian App developers like working on timelines for completing projects. With a dedicated team of vetted developers, Indian development talent services work on your project around the clock, giving you real-time updates about your app development project’s status.

4. Positive Government Policies –

The Indian Government backs IT infrastructure development in all their major metros and gives 100 percent foreign equity. If you read about the Indian IT domain under IT Act 2000 – it is one of the largest invested domains.

5. State-of-Art Technology –

Indian developers and development companies manage to stay with the curve when it comes to the latest changes in mobile app development and other technologies being invented every day. So you can rest assured that your app is being developed using the best possible tools at the moment.

6. Time and Work Flexibility –

Outsourcing your app development requirements will help you streamline all operations, allowing you to have more time on your hands for other important tasks. Outsourcing your app development requirements to India is also a good option. They have flexible working hours, and their remote developers will adjust to your time zone if you need it.

Decide What Type of App Developer Do you Need.

Ways to Hire App Developers in India

There are various approaches to hiring the right app developer in India for your mobile app development project. The expenses would often heavily depend on what stage of app development you are hiring the app developer at. Depending on your business needs and access technical expertise, you should decide which approach is the best for your business objectives and app vision. Here are the various available approaches you can choose from.

1. In-House App Development Team

If you have the resources and capital to set up your own mobile app development team, it can be an excellent asset for your company. However, the decision to set up an in-house app development team only makes sense if you are an IT firm or a firm that has to make apps frequently as a part of their products or services that they offer. If you are trying to make an app for your enterprise only for establishing your online presence, setting up an in-house app development team will be a costly and unfruitful affair.

You will have to consider various office expenses when you opt for an in-house app development team like – Office Rent, Appraisals, Salaries, Operation Expenses. However, setting up an in-house app development team will also guarantee a higher level of communication, give you more control over the overall app development process, and the flexibility of making changes anytime.

Pros and Cons of Hiring an In-House App Development Team

Pros Cons
Complete control over operations and timeline Tedious hiring process
Effective and efficient communication Indirect and direct expenses of maintaining the team
Need for team management skills

2. Freelancers

Hiring a freelancer for your mobile app development requirements is more economical than setting up an entire team of developers. You can hire freelancers all across the world to work on your project and get different perspectives and approaches to solving your app solution requirements.

There are some credible sources to find cost effective Indian app developers such as –

  • Toptal
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Supersourcing
  • Youteam

If you are planning to hire a freelance app developer in India, be sure to –

  • Search for them from credible platforms
  • Communicate with them and get a sense of their trustworthiness.
  • Ask them to provide their previous experiences
  • Be transparent about your expectations and their availability and flexibility

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Pros and Cons of Hiring Freelancer Mobile App Developer in India or any country across the world

Pros Cons
Lower acquiring costs Language barrier
Pay for what you need Difficult to manage and keep up with
Get access to a large pool of developers with different skills Risk of project abandonment
Multiple hiring platforms Trust-building can be difficult

3. Mobile App Development Company

Hiring freelancers is a good option if you look for a temporary fix or need solutions for one particular project. However, if you don’t have a proper in-house team in place and require complex full-stack app solution providers, turning to freelancers, again and again, can be an expensive affair. Even if you plan to hire different freelancers for various stages of your app’s development stages, it will make the entire effort tiresomae and more expensive. The result would also be a dysfunctional or inefficient app.

Hence, going to a mobile app development company is an ideal approach when you need a full-stack app development solution but can’t afford to pay full-time salaries and other expenses of setting up an in-house app development team. These mobile app development companies in India are thought leaders and experts in some of the different niches. Some companies make excellent gaming apps, whereas others are better at handling lifestyle apps. Based on your niche, you should look for app development companies that possess certified app developers in India with a credible reputation and approach them with your app idea to convert it into an actual app.

Pros and Cons of Outsourcing to Development Labs

Pros Cons
Lower acquiring costs Communication can be hindered and slow
Enhances quality of work Risk of endangering data privacy
They have a team of experts You give away certain control of your company
Agencies are motivated to work faster
It helps you keep the focus on other business needs

4. Offshore App Developers from Talent Services

Another scenario can be this. You are a startup or a small to medium-scale enterprise. You have managed to assemble a team of technical experts in your in-house app development team. However, you could use some additional help from outside to increase your capacity and efficiency. In such situations, it is advisable to hire offshore app developers in India from talent services. Talent services are essentially companies with a pool of vetted and experienced technical experts that you can hire on a contractual basis for working on your app development project. This is one of the most popular approaches to getting your app development process started across the world.

Pros and Cons of hiring Offshore App Developers from Talent Services

Pros Cons
It is a cost-effective and affordable solution It can be time consuming to find the right talent service company
You get access to a large pool of talent There can be time-zone differences
You won’t need to go through the tedious process of hiring proper professionals There are possibilities of facing language barriers
Gives you more time to focus on your true business goals and objectives If you don’t conduct a thorough screening process, there can be a risk to your IP protection
Eliminates the need to micromanage

To conclude, we think hiring offshore app developers from India is the best way to approach app development solutions because –

  1. Language barriers don’t matter when we talk about programming codes.

To create an ideal app, you need more than development services; however, app development is at the core of the entire operation’s heart. The general argument against offshore app development is the possibility of a language barrier. Programmers speak the language of code, and irrespective of the native languages they use for communication, they can deliver high-quality code if they’re good at what they do.

  1. Protection against competitors trying to imitate you.

Business for any niche faces cut-throat competition in all aspects. Suppose you employ an on-shore app development company. In that case, you run a risk of your app UI and design is similar to any potential customers UI as the workforce, creativity and approach comes from the exact geographical location, maybe even the same company. However, when you hire an offshore app development company, you get a fresh perspective and a unique approach to your app solution. This can help you get an edge over the competitors.

  1. You get to stay ahead of the curve.

Offshore mobile app development hubs like India know more about the latest technical features and virtual infrastructures than most in-house agencies. They also know how to provide such services at much lesser rates. India is one of the biggest leading tech hubs that have many Google certified app development companies.

  1. Friendly on your pockets.

Hiring an app development company from a different country or location helps you get access to a wider talent pool that provides the same or even better expertise than any on-shore company for literally half the price.

How to Hire an Offshore Mobile App Developers in India?

Now that we know the various considerations to keep in mind when approaching app developers and where to source them from, we should focus on HOW to hire the best offshore mobile app developers in India.

Here is a detailed guide that will help you with your quest.

How to Hire Offshore Mobile App Developers in India

1. Understand the basic lingo

We are not asking you to become app experts or understand all there is to app development. If you did, and if you can, you wouldn’t need to rely on any app development services. However, this field is very technical, and spending that much time behind mastering it would significantly hamper your other operational hours and years as well as capital. However, it is always advisable to have some knowledge of the service you are planning to outsource. This helps you understand and compare the differences between two or more companies offering you the same services. You should also know a little about your target audience and complexities. An efficient mobile app development company would work with you to understand your business objectives better. However, it is ideal to be prepared from your end.

2. Check the experience level

While it is true that everyone needs to start somewhere, you certainly don’t want a team of fresh mobile app developers who have just graduated college with no practical work experience. After all, developing an app is an expensive affair. It is only natural to look for an experienced offshore app developer or development company. Don’t feel shy about asking for their portfolio, previously worked projects, or other samples that would help you realize their capabilities better. If they are confident enough in their skills, they won’t hesitate to share any such information with you.

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3. Clarify payment terms

Before looking for app developers for your app, you would have allotted a fixed budget in your mind. You also would have a fair idea of the app development process’s costs and estimates by now. When you look for an app development company or developer in India, make sure to talk money first. And talk money as clearly as possible. Ask them for their quotations and ensure there are no hidden costs that you miss. Also, look out for their quality standards. Ideally, you should be looking for a company that provides cost-effective app development solutions and not cost-cutting cheap solutions that barely function.

4. Talk ownership through NDA

It is absolutely necessary to clarify ownership rights from the start to avoid any conflict later. As a company, you would want access to all the files and resources used to make your app. Since you would also be handing over a lot of sensitive data for your app development, make sure the app development company you are signing with or the developer has no issues signing an NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement to safeguard your company and its secrets.

5. Check their creativity

As a business, you want to stand out from your competitors and others in the market. Innovation is a crucial factor in choosing the right app developer. Hence, you should look for app developers in India with technical brains and someone who can communicate their ideas and implement new and relevant ideas to your business app solution to make it stand out while still staying relevant.

6. Establish a communication platform

It is important to mutually decide on a preferred communication platform to interact with the offshore app developers about any project details and planning. Many Indian app development companies are flexible in adjusting to your preferred method of communicating. However, the most used industry-standard applications to try out are Slack, Zoom, and Trello.

7. Communicate your app objectives clearly

We already discussed how to create a well-structured requirement document earlier in this blog. It is time to put that to use and help your offshore mobile app developers understand your business better and get started with their work.

8. Stay actively involved in the process

Outsourcing your app development process is meant to free you from micromanaging. However, it is still very much a part of your business identity. An app is an extension of your business’ individuality. So you should not entirely discard it. Stay actively involved and available for the offshore team to communicate with you regarding any doubts or suggestions they might have to offer. Fix proper timings with them to bring all their queries, probably weekly, monthly, or so on. This would help them stay motivated and clear about the objectives as well. Many efficient app development companies in India also would provide you with real-time updates to keep you in the loop through the entire process.

9. Be consistent from your end

When looking for app developers in India or any other offshore country, it is essential to assess them with their abilities, skills, and professionalism before handing them your project. But is equally important to match the standards that you expect and be punctual with your commitments to these developers for a smoother experience. Pay them on agreed time, be readily available, and work as a team with them to create the best mobile app for your enterprise.

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Challenges of Hiring Mobile App Developers in India – And its Solutions

It is only fitting for us to prepare you for the challenges of outsourcing mobile app development projects to any offshore mobile development team. Knowing about these challenges and a possible solution can help you better prepare for such instances.

Hire Mobile App Developers India Challanges

1. The risk of miscommunication

Challenge – Your collaborative project with any offshore app developer in India is mostly going to be using remote communication. Remote communication can be challenging if not structured and streamlined properly. This can lead to confusion, re-works, and overall bad experience.

Solution – Sticking to one or two organized project planning tools and remote communication tools will significantly reduce the chances of miscommunication. You should also create a hierarchy of communication to ensure everyone knows whom to contact regarding what, so there are no double communications with different perspectives.

2. The time zone differences

Challenge – The biggest challenge most companies associate when working with offshore mobile app development companies is – time zone differences. The biggest challenge is for the entrepreneur/company and the app developer/company to come up with a convenient time overlap for holding meetings and discussing important issues.

Solution – Find app developers or development companies that have flexible working time and availability.  Many Indian app development companies don’t mind adjusting their operating hours to yours for more accessible communication and operational process.

3. Possibility of leaking confidential information

Challenge – When you outsource your app development project to any offshore app development company, you will have to entrust them with sensitive and confidential information about your company. Many unethical apps developer’s/app development companies misuse this information, putting your brand image and data at risk.

Solution – As discussed above, you can look for companies that are okay with signing an NDA agreement to ensure they don’t sell or use your confidential data anywhere. This helps to reassure you that your information is protected and won’t leak.

This is the only guide you need to hire app developers in India. Hiring app developers from other countries have many substantial benefits if you properly approach such companies. App development is a field that is important to all niches globally in today’s age and time. You should also educate yourself about the fundamentals and lingos about app development processes and app development considerations to stay ahead of others in your niche.

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