Freelancers VS App Development Company: Which One Is The Best

When it comes to mobile app development, choosing who will work on your project is a very crucial decision to make. What kind of team will work on your project will decide how your app will operate and what you can expect out of your app – its ability to make money or its competitiveness? Today, you can either choose to hire remote freelance developers or a dedicated development team to satisfy your project needs.

So if you are planning to hire developers for your app project and you are not sure about what kind of services you should prefer, then, this is the post for you. You can consider this post to decide between freelance developers or a development team for your next app project.

Freelance developer or freelancers

Mostly people prefer to go for a freelance developer or freelancers to complete a short-term project with specific needs. Here the client and the developer discusses the needed requirements and define a timeframe for the same. Freelancers work on multiple projects at a time and this means they will be offering a part of their time for you. It is possible for you to find freelancers with the right expertise and skills at affordable rates. There are dedicated websites which you can use to find freelancers for your job. Just to be sure you don’t face issues, check for the reviews before hiring developers.

When you are planning to hire freelancers for the job, the most important thing to remember is to achieve proper communication and cooperation. You need to be sure that the freelance developer whom you have chosen for the job is professional and reliable.

Some of the factors which you need to take into consideration when selecting freelance developers are:

  • Dependable and quality portfolio
  • Easy and effective communication
  • Recommendations from previous clients
  • Compliance with quality
  • Pricing
  • Security
  • Maintenance and support

Dedicated Development Team

An app development company will offer complete engagement towards their work and clients. They will assign a developer to dedicatedly work on your project and ensure quality work is delivered within the said timeframe. The company also works towards having a strong bond between the customers for bilateral trust like NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement), which helps both parties to understand each other as well as share ideas. In case you plan to go for a dedicated company, you will be able to enjoy product support along with the development.

In order to manage and consolidate the task, a dedicated company makes use of enterprise-grade software and tools in order to deliver a high-end product.

Hiring a development team from an App development company has its own set of benefits and they are:

  • Expertise and skills
  • Scalable development team
  • Quality and commitment
  • Availability
  • Security
  • Pricing
  • Communication
  • Maintenance and support
App Development Team

Freelancers vs dedicated development team: Whom to choose?

If you are still confused about choosing the right people for your app development project, i.e., to hire freelancers or a dedicated development agency, then follow below more information.


App Development Company

When you go ahead and choose a company for your app development, they will ensure to provide the right resources and needed skills to complete the project on time and as expected. They do their best to keep up the reputation of your brand name in the market. They have enough number of designers, developers and testers on board to work on your project when and as needed.


Now, on the other hand, freelancers can be called as “Jack of all trades, master of none.” They are not adequately organized and when it comes to offering services, they lack the ones offered by enterprises. They mostly work alone handling everything and this means they lack all the resources and skills that the project in question demands. This means your project will suffer eventually.

Commitment and focus

App Development Company

When you hire a dedicated development team for your development needs, you can be sure that they will deliver the solution within your budget and time without affecting the quality. They are committed and focused in what they do.


On the other hand, freelancers work on different projects at a said time and juggle them based on the priorities. So for the stakeholders, getting hold of freelancers for their project is not that easy. For them, each project is a source of income and so they will be less committed and focused individually while more money-minded.

App Development Methodology

App Development Company

When it comes to the app development company, they follow different methodologies to match with the needs of clients. They analyze the project and the client needs and based on their analysis, choose the development methodology, which can deliver a quick and quality result.


Now, in the case of freelancers, things are different. They don’t follow App development methodologies accordingly when it comes to pleasing the clients and getting work done as expected.


App Development Company

In the case of a dedicated development company, your project will be handled by a team of designers and developers who will be led by a project manager. Now, he or she will be responsible for completing your project on time and delivering it to you. In case of any issues, the project manager will look into it and get a solution at the earliest. He or she will be responsible for having constant communication with all the stakeholders and offering project updates regularly.


In the case of freelancers, the freelancer you chose for the task will be handling everything. This means that with a small change in plans or finding a bug in the project can easily delay all the consequent activities. Here the freelancer will be responsible for all the things related to your project and its delivery.

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On-time Quality Deliverable

App Development Company

Hiring a dedicated development team will ensure that the focus of the project will be to get it completed within the deadline all the while ensuring the quality. As seen above, app development company has enough number of people with the right skill set to work on your project. This means that your project will not have to face any delays and everything will get completed on time as expected.


Things are much different with freelancers because the quality of work offered by them is not up to the market and they miss deadlines often. They have limited knowledge of working on different projects and when it comes to skills, it is limited too. For the same reason, they are prepared for all the issues that stretch across the project and this delays project delivery.

Use of Right Tools

App Development Company

To ensure the work is executed excellently, a development company makes use of enterprise-grade project management tools. Based on the changing scope of the project, they can easily scale up or down your project.


While in case of freelancers, they do not make use of such kind of tools. Again, you cannot expect more from the freelancer besides what’s present in the contract. This way to have updates on the project will lead to delay for clients.


App Development Company

Compared to freelancers, the success ratio of a company is high. This is because a company can easily provide you with experienced and skilled programmers who can work on your project under a properly built IT setup. Suppose if you need to add in a new skilled developer to the project, or you are not happy with the work of the existing one, the company can easily scale up the team or replace the developer as per the project requirements.


Now, if you come across the same situation with freelancers, then you will have to go through the process of finding and hiring another freelance developer or freelancers for your project. This will delay your project completely leading to uncertainty. No doubt, you will end up spending money on this overall process.

NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement)

App Development Company

An App development company will sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) with you as a part of giving you complete project ownership. This will make you feel safe and secure when it comes to product compliance.


When it comes to freelancers, they have no such contracts, but for some security reasons, they sign some papers. So when you are thinking about the security and safety of your app, you cannot be sure about freelancers. Again, it becomes your responsibility to ensure the security of your project by taking the necessary steps while working with freelancers.

Use of Trending Technologies

App Development Company

To meet the client requirements, an App development company always goes ahead and makes use of trending technologies. This helps them to keep the client rank on the top. They train the designers and developers with the changing technologies as well as keep their resources updated by hiring right talents.


Now the majority of the freelancers in the market are not experienced and skilled enough and are not even have knowledge about latest technologies. So when you go for such developers for your project, it can cause a catastrophic result.

Support and Maintenance

App Development Company

Once the project development is completed, the development team will offer you proper maintenance and support service. The service will be free for a said time period and after that, the client can go for subscription service.


Now, this is something that you will not get from freelancers. If you wish to get maintenance and support service from the freelancers, you will have to pay additionally for the service.

Final thoughts

If you are not able to find a freelancer as per your project needs, it is always safe to go for a full-time dedicated development team. Freelancers may seem to be easy and cheaper at first but later, they will end up consuming a major part of your budget through iterations. The development team is safe; they are experienced and have the expertise to add value to your brand.

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