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Develop outstanding Flutter mobile applications for iOS and Android using a single yet astounding codebase.

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Flutter App Development Services

Our developers are capable and updated with all technology trends. We offer a wide array of Flutter app development services that include;

Cross-platform Native App Development
Hybrid Mobile App Development
Flutter Android Apps
Flutter iOS Apps
Custom Server-side APIs
Flutter Customization Service
Flutter Chat Application Development Service
Migration & Upgradation Services
Flutter App Consulting
Support & Maintenance
QA and Testing Services
Offshore Flutter App Development
Flutter Game app development
Flutter Business App
Flutter Cloud Development
Flutter Cordova app development

Benefits of Flutter App Development

For the business owners, Flutter offers a pool of benefits which comes in the form of saving time and money – which definitely matters the most! Flutter is quite start-up-friendly which means if you are new to the world of mobile app development and wants to enjoy maximum benefits through cross-platform app development – Flutter is your answer. So let’s dig deep and see what makes it attractive for businesses from the rest.

Takes Less development time

Flutter enables faster coding as it comes with Hot reload feature which allows the designers and developers to quickly explore, experiment, build UIs, add features, and fix any issues such as bugs without losing the state.

High in Performance

When compared to other cross-platform app development options, the apps developed on Flutter are high in performance. Flutter has set the animated standards to 60fps which ensures that the developed app performs consistently better.

Less Testing

When you make use of a single codebase, you don’t have to go through quality analysis twice which saves a lot of time. This means the QA team has to deal with code only once instead of checking for both mobile app development platforms.

Easy to design

With Flutter, you can make use of the existing “Cupertino” widgets just like from Apple and Material Design (Google) to design your app. You also have the luxury to create new ones or customize the existing ones as per your needs.

Smooth Coding

Dart programming language enables secure coding. That turns into an advantage for our experienced developers who develop custom mobile apps using Flutter framework. It's the best choice if you are looking for beautiful native app development.

Large Community Support

Flutter is Google's product and supported by a large community base. That means Google consistently support their products by solving issues and fixing bugs. Flutter has already grown up and has received 25k stars on GitHub.

Native Performance

Though Flutter is a cross-platform framework, it gives an entirely native experience which is indistinguishable from native apps. Besides, it provides faster performance due to the 'Ahead of Time' (AOT) and 'Just in Time' (JIT) compilers.

MVP Compatible

Developers can easily develop applications based on MVP (Model-View-Presenter) architecture pattern. Developers will guided how to create UI layer, presenter layer, etc. utilizing all data repositories.

Customized Widgets

That's the most fruitful features and also benefits for developers to create their own widgets and combining them you can create beautiful cross-platform applications. Widgets can be also combined to create top layout while to build blocks and others.

Why Flutter Over Other?

When you talk about the top three cross-platform mobile app frameworks such as Flutter, React Native and Ionic, the first one has an edge over others in terms of growing popularity. People from across the globe are appreciating and exploring the potentials of Flutter. US and UK are the two top nations having accepted Flutter as a primary framework while Australia, China, and Canada are followed by. Look at the graph here, and you will find how Flutter is proliferating.

React Native and Ionic have been the fray for a long time while Flutter has recently entered. The thing which is most surprising is that initially, React Native was widely accepted by the developers and vendors across the tech arena. But, after golden hype, it started losing its charm as you can clearly see in the graph. Flutter, on the other hand, is new and getting appreciations by a large number of tech vendors and that is visible through its acceptance by the top companies such as Alibaba, App Tree, etc.

Top Companies that gets benefits from Flutter App Development

Companies using Flutter

When it comes to Hybrid Mobile App Development Framework, Flutter is gaining the momentum. And, we as top development company don't hesitate to say that it is going to be future cross-platform mobile app development. Though there are few other frameworks available for cross-platform and hybrid mobile app development, Flutter is an increasing trend. In fact, intellectuals are comparing Flutter vs. React Native vs. Ionic and finding the best solutions out of them. Some of the top companies have already adapted Flutter, and they are very positive about it. Some of the early adaptors of Flutter are;

Google ADS


APP tree


my leaf

Hamilton Musical


JD Finance

Why Aglowid for Flutter App Development?

When it comes to choosing the right Flutter Application Development Company, Aglowid is the right choice. We provide;

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companies using flutter
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Yes, Flutter is Google's products and is open source which is freely available to download. It's an SDK and successfully creates beautiful native apps for cross-platform.
Though Flutters supports all types of cross-platform mobile app development, it is best suitable for 2D apps which compatible with Android and iOS.
Definitely, Flutter apps can quickly be deployed at Google Play Store. However, you need to follow the certain norms and coding standard to deploy it on iTunes/Apple App Store and Window store.
Whether you should use Flutter or not entirely depends on the projects, you have. To me, if you look for performance, you should utilize Flutter.
Based on the evaluation dimension, Flutter found Dart the best programming language over others. For example, Dart supports the two critical features such as AOT (Ahead of Time) and JIT (Just in Time).
Flutter and React Native run parallel to each other. However, if you compare them for a similar project, then Flutter has the edge over React Native.
Well, Flutter is under experiment if it can be sued for Web or not. The project is called Hummingbird and development will be shared to the public over time.
Well, Flutter is under experiment if it can be sued for Web or not. The project is called Hummingbird and development will be shared to the public over time.

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