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Gone are the days when native app development had the upper hand on cross platform app development frameworks. Modern-day frontend frameworks like Flutter enable clients to develop native-like apps for iOS and Android at half the cost of native app development. Wondering how much it costs to develop a Flutter app? Here is an ultimate guide that helps you calculate Flutter App Development Cost and tips and tricks to reduce Flutter rates.

Choosing Flutter for developing your app is a great choice! The estimated cost of developing a Flutter app can range from $20,000 to $200,000+.

However, this is just a ballpark figure, as each Flutter project is unique, and many factors influence the overall Flutter app development costs. Your Flutter project cost can be less than the mentioned range or even higher depending on your project scale, security and other factors.

Want to get an accurate estimate for your Flutter app? Let’s dive in!

How does Flutter help Reduce the Cost of Creating Mobile Apps?

Certain characteristics and features of Flutter make it one of the most scalable, secure, robust and cost-effective frontend frameworks for developing appealing app solutions.

Here is a list of the Flutter features that make it the right choice for your app project:

Features that make Flutter Cost-Effective

1. Open Source & Free License

When prospective clients come to us with their Flutter project requirements, they often ask, is Flutter free of cost? Technically, yes. Flutter, as a platform, is open-source and free to use. Hence you don’t need to pay any Flutter license cost for using it in your app development project. However, there is an associated cost of hiring Flutter developers to work on your Flutter project.

2. Code Reusability

Flutter allows developers to reuse 90 percent of the code across all supported platforms. This reduces Flutter app development cost & time significantly.

3. Reduced Flutter Testing Cost

Flutter is one of the few frameworks that come with proper testing support built-in. It provides developers with various testing methods like Unit Testing, Widget Testing, Integration Testing and more. Also, since Flutter has a code reusability feature, the overall app testing cost and time reduces significantly.

4. Native vs Cross Platform Benefit

Flutter development cost is any day going to be more cost-effective than Native app development for Android (Kotlin, Java) or iOS (Swift, Objective-C). Besides, it’s not like you are trading off cost for some major performance lag since Flutter is a performance-driven framework.

Factors Affecting Flutter App Development Costs

Are you having trouble coming up with an estimated Flutter budget for your project? Do you need help understanding various factors that affect Flutter development costs? Here is a quick list to get you started:

Factors Affecting App Development Costs

Flutter Cost Factor #1
Flutter Platform Choices

The primary Flutter app development cost factor is platform choices for your project. Are you looking to develop a mobile app for Android and iOS platforms? Do you need to extend your solution to desktop software and web apps?

Since Flutter 3 is capable of developing apps beyond the realm of mobile, the possibilities have become endless. While that can sound overwhelming, you just need to figure out the associated Flutter cost of the package you are looking for.

Flutter Cost Factor #2
Project Complexity

Flutter app development costs can greatly vary depending on the complexity and features you need for your app. Flutter app costs can range from $20,000 to $250,000 per the project’s complexity level.

  • Low Complexity Flutter App Cost: $20,000 – $55,000
  • Medium Complexity Flutter App Cost: $55,000 – $100,000
  • High Complexity Flutter App Cost: $100,000 – $250,000

Flutter Cost Factor #3
UI/UX Design

What kind of app design does your Flutter app need? Are you developing a simple admin panel or customer-centric service app? How much priority and importance do you need to give to the look and feel of your Flutter app? All these considerations will directly impact the Flutter app development costs as the billable hours of your Flutter developers will increase or decrease depending on the complexity of your app design.

Flutter Cost Factor #4
Complexity of Features

Selecting the right features to be a part of your mobile app is challenging and crucial for reducing your Flutter app development cost. The complexity of your app features will directly impact your overall Flutter app cost estimations.

A complex feature takes more time to integrate than a basic feature, so the development costs increase accordingly. Here is a basic time estimation for integrating features of different complexities to give you a better idea:

Simple Flutter App Cost Breakdown as per Features

Simple Flutter App Cost:  $20,000 – $50,000
Time: 3-4 Months
Screens: 5-10
Login/Registration User Profile
Search & Filters Messages
Android and iOS Push Notifications
Chat Payments
Authorization and Security Customer Reviews
Feedback Social Media Integration

Basic App Cost Breakdown as per Features

Basic Flutter App Cost:$50,00 – $1,00,000
Time: 4-9 months
Screens: 10 -15
Login/Registration User Profile
Search & Filters Messages
Android and iOS Push Notifications
Chat Payments
Authorization and Security Customer Reviews
Feedback Social Media Integration
Service Listing & Details API Integrations
Content Management System Branding & Analytics

Complex/Custom Flutter App Development Cost

Complex Flutter App Cost: $1,00,000 – $2,55,000
Time: 10-24 months
Screens: 15-25
Login/Registration User Profile
Search & Filters Messages
Android and iOS Push Notifications
Chat Payments
Authorization and Security Customer Reviews
Feedback Social Media Integration
Customer App and Admin Panel Content Management System
Branding & Analytics Reporting Functionality

Flutter Cost Factor #5
App Categories

Another important factor to consider when deciding on your Flutter app development budget is the app categories your app is most suitable in. Some app categories are more competitive, with thousands of apps available in their niche, whereas some are comparatively more relaxed and easier to get in. You can check the iOS app store categories on the official Apple Category Page and Android app categories on the official Android App Category Page.

Similarly, some app categories require complex app development skills like gaming, watchOS apps, AR and more, whereas others require basic Flutter development skills like Tools, Weather, Productivity and more.

Here is a Flutter App Development Cost Breakdown for different app categories:

Flutter App Development Cost Breakdown – As per Categories
App Category Development Time Development Costs
Gaming Apps 5-20 months $50,000 – $300,000
Entertainment Apps 4-25 months $35,000 – $150,000
Travel Apps 4-10 months $8000 – $90,0000
Augmented Reality Apps 5-25 months $150,000 – $350,000
Communication Apps 8-15 months $25,000 – $60,000
Tools Apps 3-8 months $6000 – $12,000
Productivity Apps 4-9 months $8000 – $15,000
Social Media Apps 4-12 months $25,000 – $60,000

Flutter Cost Factor #6
Backend Development

Flutter can only power the frontend of your mobile application. To create a full-stack mobile app solution, you also need a backend framework that works behind the scenes and handles many app functionalities.

Your backend handles data connectivity, storage, interaction with other apps, and other important functions that make your app users. Hence you need to consider backed development when figuring out the estimated cost of developing a Flutter app.

Factors to consider for your Flutter app’s backend development:

Programming Language Java, Python, ROR, HTML5, CSS3
SQL Data Storage PostgreSQL, MySQL, MongoDB
Social Authentication Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google
Hosting Firebase, AWS
Automation Frameworks Selenium, Appium, Cucumber, RSpec, Phantom
Web Server and Web App Server Nginx, Apache HTTP Server, Apache Tomcat
Key-Value Storage Redis, Couchbase, Amazon DynamoDB
Maps and Navigation Google Maps
Payment Gateways Stripe, PayPal, Braintree

Flutter Cost Factor #7
App Security

Level of security that needs to be added to your Flutter app depends on the type of Flutter app you are developing. If you are trying to develop a basic to-do list app, it barely requires any user data or authentication features; hence the security measures can be minimal.

But suppose you are developing an enterprise Flutter app that requires storing sensitive user data and financial information. In that case, you need an additional layer of security alongside your web app firewall protection. For this, you can explore the RASP approach, which enables you to integrate a more customized security solution.

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Flutter Developer Cost – Factors to Consider when Hiring the Right Flutter Talents

Till now, we looked at several factors that affect Flutter app development costs from a development point of view. But have you wondered How much it cost to hire a Flutter app developer?

We have the answer! Let’s explore the various factors affecting the cost of hiring Flutter developers.

1. Developer Hiring Approach

How you hire your Flutter developer will directly impact acquiring them. Depending on your project requirements and current team structure, there are three broad methods to hire Flutter developers:

  • Outsourcing
  • Freelancing
  • In-House

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1.1 Cost of Hiring Flutter Developer – Outsourcing and Outstaffing Approach

If you have no technical resources in your team and want an app development company to take over the entire project, you can outsource the project to them.

Alternatively, if you have an existing team of Flutter developers but need additional resources (Outstaffing) to complete your project, you can outstaff a Flutter developer in your team.

1.1.1 Flutter Developer Cost – Project Outsourcing

Suppose you hire an app development agency to handle your Flutter app project. In that case, the costs associated with this approach will depend on the company’s engagement models and the Flutter developer’s hourly rates.

Outsourcing your Flutter project has its benefits and limitations that you should know about:

Flutter Project Outsourcing
Pros Cons
Vendor’s responsibility for code quality No direct control over the process
You don’t need to manage the app development process Higher Flutter Hourly Developer Rates
You don’t need to put efforts into hiring talents Generally, more expensive than Outstaffing
Resources provided by the vendor
1.1.2 Flutter Developer Cost – Developer Outstaffing

If your company is from a technical background and has a project that your current team is proving short of talent to handle, you can always outstaff Flutter developers from a trusted IT company.

By hiring a Flutter developer via the outstaffing model, you get a full-time dedicated app developer who works on your project at your preferred hours. They work as an extension to your existing team and help you with your Flutter app project.

You can hire top-level Flutter developers or Project Managers to lead your team or junior Flutter architects if you’re short on development talents.

Outstaffing your Flutter project has its benefits and limitations that you should know about:

Flutter Project Outstaffing
Pros Cons
Vendor pays the developers Clients’ responsibility for development success
Flexible Hiring Model – Hourly, Part-Time, Full-Time Communication Channel Obstacles
Absolute Control over Development Client has to do more managerial work
Lower Developer Rates Possibility of Information Leaks
Hire any Flutter Developer

1.2 Cost of Hiring Flutter Developer

  • Freelancing Approach

Another approach to hire a Flutter developer is to take the freelancing route. You can hire individual Flutter developers from freelancing platforms like Upwork, Freelancer, Fiverr or LinkedIn.

If you are a small business that is starting and wants to create a basic app for your internal business operations, you could hire a freelance Flutter developer who can build a basic Flutter app for your needs.

Hiring freelancers for your Flutter app project can be cost-effective but has many limitations or challenges. Here are the pros and cons of hiring Flutter developers as freelancers:

Freelancer Flutter Developer
Pros Cons
Cost-Effective Debatable quality of developer
Flexible Team Structure Finding trustable talents can be difficult
Access to Global Talent No guarantee of project completion
Overall Control Lack of supervision

1.3 Cost of Hiring Flutter Developer Team

  • on In-house Payroll

Lastly, you can always hire a Flutter app developer team on your payroll to develop your Flutter projects. This option can prove to be extremely expensive and time consuming. You should only take this route when you have multiple app projects coming your way regularly.

Hiring the Flutter developer team will lead to many fixed costs like Flutter developer salaries, office rents, yearly appraisals, infrastructure and more.

In-House Flutter Developer Team
Pros Cons
Complete ownership and control Can be very expensive
On-Time Project Submission Project success or failure is entirely the company’s responsibility
Ability to work on multiple projects The hiring process can be time consuming
Overall Control Additional expense for Shadow Resourcing
Improved Communication You need to pay for professional tools
No Hidden Costs Project Scaling can be time consuming
Additional cost for resources like QA, Project Managers and more.
Termination costs increases

2. Skillset and Experience level of Flutter Developer

The cost of acquiring a Flutter developer will vary depending on what kind of developer you need to hire. If you have a basic Flutter app requirement, hiring a Junior Flutter developer or a team of Flutter developers will be sufficient.

However, if you are working on an enterprise-grade application, you might want to hire senior Flutter developers or project managers to handle the project. Here is a cost breakdown of Flutter Developers as per their position:

Junior Flutter Developer

  • Avg Cost to Hire Flutter Developer: $15-$35/hr
  • Overall Flutter Experience: 1-3 years
  • Projects Worked Upon: 2-4
  • Development Hours: 350
  • Expertise in Basic App Development

Senior Flutter Developer

  • Avg Cost to Hire Flutter Developer: $20-$35
  • Overall Flutter Experience: 4-6+ Years
  • Projects Worked Upon: 5-7 projects managed
  • Development Hours: 750
  • Expertise in Flutter App Development

Full Stack Flutter Developer

  • Avg Cost to Hire Flutter Developer: $35-$45
  • Overall Flutter Experience: 7-9+ Years
  • Projects Worked Upon: 8-10 projects managed
  • Development Hours: 1400
  • Expertise in Flutter for Various Platforms

Lead Flutter Developer

  • Avg Cost to Hire Flutter Developer: $45-$55
  • Overall Flutter Experience: 10-12+ Years
  • Projects Worked Upon: 8-15 projects managed
  • Development Hours: 1800
  • Expertise in Native App Development

3. Flutter App Developer Location

Another key consideration that has a major impact on Flutter app developer cost is where your developer is from. Based on their geographical location, their overall cost of living differs. Based on this, the minimum wages and hourly rates are determined, setting a market average for that country.

Flutter App Developer Annual Salary Comparison

Here is a quick side-by-side Flutter developer cost comparison as per salaries in different countries:

  • Flutter Developer Salary in UK: $57,000 – $60,000
  • Flutter Developer Salary in US: $120,00 – $140,000
  • Flutter Developer Salary in Germany: $52,000 – $58,000
  • Flutter Developer Salary Canada: $42,000 – $45,000
  • Flutter Developer Average Salary in India: $2000 – $13,500
  • Flutter Developer Salary in Ukraine: $35,000 – $38,000

Flutter App Developer Hourly Rate Comparison

Here is a quick side-by-side salary comparison of Flutter App Developer Hourly Rates:

  • Flutter Developer Hourly Rates in the UK – $50-$75
  • Flutter Developer Hourly Rates in the US – $70 – $140
  • Flutter Developer Hourly Rates in Germany – $23 – $38
  • Flutter Developer Hourly Rates in Canada – $35-$65
  • Flutter Developer Hourly Rates in India – $20 – $45
  • Flutter Developer Hourly Rates in Ukraine – $35 – $80

Fixed/Additional Mobile App Development Cost

Irrespective of what technologies you choose, there are some fixed-mobile app development costs you will incur and need to include when calculating Flutter app development cost estimates.

Fixed Mobile App Development Cost

1. Server Expenses

One of the most important expenses you need to consider if your app needs to process and store user-generated data. For handling user data, you need stronger and more reliable servers. If your servers are weak, they won’t be able to handle increased traffic, ultimately leading to longer response time in loading content for users.

Generally, standard servers that are recommended for any app are:

  • Back4App
  • Firebase
  • AWS Amplify
  • Backendless
  • Kumulos

2. Charges of App Deployment to App Stores

Next fixed expense in your app development project will be the app deployment charge on your selected platforms. For iOS, you need to pay a $99/year subscription for deploying your app on Apple App Store, whereas you only need to pay a $25 one-time fee for Google Play Store. The client and not the agencies generally bear these expenses.

3. App Maintenance and Updates

Any app needs an effective maintenance and update plan to ensure smoother performance and relevance of your app in the current market scenario. Regular maintenance checks help your app clear bugs, crashes, and other vulnerabilities. Updating your app helps your app stay relevant to the latest app design trends.

4. Third-Party API Integrations

Your app needs to rely on third-party vendors and services to provide an unparalleled customer experience to your app users. Such integrations generally cost a recurring subscription fee, which must be considered when calculating overall app development costs.

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Tips to Reduce Flutter Development Cost

That was an exhaustive list of Flutter app development costs, wasn’t it? Before you chew your nails and worry about spending heavy dollars, here are some effective and simple tips and tricks to reduce your Flutter app development cost significantly:

1. Removing features that don’t serve any true purpose

When conducting a competition analysis, we often find similar patterns or features that are available on most apps we study. Hence, we also need to make it a part of our app. This approach can cause your app bulk size to increase, leading to additional costs and reducing the chance of users downloading your app.

Hence, features should be prioritized as IMPORTANT, ADD-ONS, CAN REMOVE. Doing so will help ensure you don’t waste your development time or increase your Flutter app costs due to a lack of planning.

2. Clarify project requirements and specifications

Suppose you dump your project on an app development company without giving them a proper pre-text or idea about what your app project is about. In that case, there will be more back and forth coming up with an ideal Flutter app development roadmap, impacting the overall budget.

You should have a clear RFP document ready before you go looking for Flutter developers to hire.

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3. Have a test-driven development strategy

Testing is an essential aspect of any mobile app strategy. However, the most common mistake developers make when integrating testing is that they test their Flutter apps after its ready for deployment. Doing so causes many errors to pop up simultaneously, which can be complicated to solve in the later production stages.

A better approach is to include testing as a continuous effort from the initial development stages to the final deployment stage. This results in solving the Flutter app issues at the root before its dependency causes errors down to the dependencies as you move forward.

With Flutter, testing becomes easier, too, as it comes with inbuilt support for Unit Testing, Widget Testing, Integration Testing and more.

Wrapping up

This is the ultimate Flutter App Development Cost Breakdown for your Flutter app project. Consider all these points when developing your custom Flutter App or setting your Flutter App Development Budget.

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