Foundation School

Foundation School

After evaluating various childcares and schools in the area, Lynn McKinnon, a founder of the school, was left with the feeling that something was missing from the current traditional school/daycare options. As a parent founder wanted to feel good every day about going to work. She pictured her children in a care and learning environment that was created to maximize their developmental potential while still having them enjoy being there every day.

Today, Foundations has established itself as one of the most exclusive private schools in Cobb County. On May 24, 2014 the school celebrated its ten-year anniversary. In those ten years, Lynn McKinnon and Laurie Massaglia have successfully raised the standard in the industry from acceptable care and education to learning skills optimization for these young children and their families. By offering better trained teachers and broader exposure to more interesting activities, Foundations School promotes optimal growth in young minds.

Geboorte Stickers

Stickers Birth of his cute birth stickers each with its own contemporary look. Birth stickers are easy to order through our website. With its own design tool on the website you can own your birth stickers assemblies.

Your birth sticker you scratch compiles on our website, colors, names and fonts you can choose so that you can see how your birth sticker will look like at a glance.

With a Birth Stickers No one can deny that you were a little! Please feel free to look around our website to get acquainted with our birth stickers.

Giving Bracelets

Giving Bracelets is designed for a purpose, the purpose of charity and fueled by passion when founder had neither time nor money. Just a passion to help children. You can buy bracelets from the site and can help her to be more motivated to help more and more children. You can see wide variety of handcrafted bracelets and handbags over site for Men and Women over the site. Also you can become GB Ambassador to join the movement. Have a look at the site.

Email Signature Rescue

Their 45,000 users agree, you don’t just need email signature templates, you need online tools so you can:

  • Customize your signature while keeping the design professional.
  • Upload, crop and resize images easily and quickly.
  • Host your images properly so they show in the email signature.
  • Upload, crop and resize images for viewing on Retina and HiDPI screens.
  • Be confident that your signature will remain consistently formatted.
  • Add social media icons like Twitter, Pinterest and Facebook.
  • Email or download all signature HTML files in one click.
  • Install your signatures in over 30 major email clients.
  • Get support with your email signatures if you need it.


If you are looking for the right project partners, there is often the stumbling blocks to be overcome. Benefit from their experience and contacts. They as a full service event, advertising and web design agency can offer the interface for the successful fulfillment of all your projects in given time. A “does not work” does not exist for them – because by their extensive network of partners, they are ready at any time to allow the complete order processing.

Dr Right helps you find the right doctor in minutes. Select the type of doctor you are looking for, choose your location and see the real time availability of the verified right doctors near you. You can book appointments instantly & get confirmation on SMS/email. Our platform helps you to get access to verified doctors. Onicra issues a “dr” SEAL to the doctor after rigorous screening.

They believe that the right clinic is as important as the right doctor. They help you make informed decisions for your medical care through Onicra Clinic Grading indicator for each graded clinic reflected on their platform. To facilitate a stress-free, enriching and rewarding visit to the doctor, they have developed DrRiight MAP, a software tool designed to modernize doctor’s practice.


Caviar & Caviar is the Official source for the finest quality and most extensive selection of exquisite Caviar. Our philosophy is to provide outstanding service in the art and supply of high quality Caviar and Select Gourmet Foods. Our team compromises of specialists who take much pride in every step of the process. Our Caviar is chosen based on the most rigorous quality standards.

Our specialists ensure and guarantee a consistent and fresh supply of Caviar to all sectors of the market. We work with Gourmet Retailers, Prestigous Restaurants and Chefs, Quality Catering Companies, Cruise Lines, Airlines, and Fine Food Lovers.

Industrial Tape

Industrial Tape & Supply Company is a family owned and operated company, providing pressure sensitive and specialty tapes and services to industry since 1954.

Founded by George P. Whitman, Jr., who worked for an early industrial tape manufacturer for 17 years before starting his own business, Industrial Tape & Supply has experienced substantial growth in both the variety of products and services it offers.

Keeping the business success in the family, Whitman, Jr. hired his son George Whitman, III into the sales department. There he learned how to run the business from the bottom up and was prepared to manage the company after his father’s passing in 1979.

Over the years, Industrial Tape & Supply has taken on a more sales-driven approach, growing its customer base across industrial markets and gaining a competitive edge by converting any material into any size needed by the customer.

Today, George Whitman, III is growing the business again, bringing in his son, George Whitman, IV to integrate his experience into the company. Together, the two are preparing the company for future growth and success.

Larco Team

This website helps people in taking real estate decisions. They have in depth experience and have good enough knowledge about the field. They provide best real estate transaction possible. As expert negotiators, they are always on customer’s side, and will help direct them through every concern or challenge customers may encounter. They believe in establishing relationships with clients and want their customers to be able to count on them, no matter the issue.

Mon Bel Ami

Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel is a wedding chapel located on Las Vegas Boulevard in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. Established in 2003, the chapel is a modern renovation of the Silver Bell Wedding Chapel which was built in the 1950s. The venue hosts weddings, vow renewals, commitment ceremonies, same-sex weddings and wedding receptions for couples traveling to Las Vegas to get married from all over the world.

Built in the 1950s, the venue was host to hundreds of thousands of weddings as Silver Bell Wedding Chapel, including the celebrity weddings of Burt Bacharach and Angie Dickenson in 1965 and Rodney Dangerfield to Joan Child in 1993. The venue was also featured in the television movie Saved by the Bell: Wedding in Las Vegas and the film Lost in America. In 2002 a fire damaged most of the building. It was sold and renovated under new ownership and re-opened as Mon Bel Ami Wedding Chapel in 2003.


At Performex they’ve helped technical professionals in over 120 small privately held companies and Fortune 500 firms get great results and drive profitability. Last year they moved the company’s headquarters to Atlanta, Georgia to expand their unique capabilities to the East coast. They are excited about the perfect fit between their expertise and unequaled results at developing the leadership abilities and the needs of the Atlanta Training and Development community.

Performex leverages real-world leadership experience for maximum impact within their coaching and development programs. Each of their team members bring extensive business experience, a proven track record for results and for developing their team members.


Purisolve derived by combining two words: “purity” and “solutions”. The word “purity” represents unblemished integrity, including professionalism and work ethic, which is a core value of our firm. The word “solutions” is a simple term that represents innovation and customer-focused results for solving problems. Our firm is committed to being an exemplary provider of innovative client solutions with an uncompromising commitment to integrity. We strive to develop trusted and lasting relationships by delivering data-driven solutions that empower our clients to fulfill their mission of growth and success.


Teelance is just like a very small version of any freelancing site.

There are three types of users:

1. Clients
2. Workers
3. Admin

  • Client has following actions to do on this application;
  • Create design/research tasks by paying amount(that is predefined by admin for each category of task)
  •  Check the status of tasks, make comments on task, approve/reject tasks
  • Edit their images with different text on it by using image creator
  • Bulk creation of separate images with different texts on it by uploading csv of texts.


Workers has following actions to do:

  • Browse through the all tasks those are related to their skills.
  • Start working on any task by changing task status
  • Manage own tasks, make comments on task


Admin has following actions to do:

  • Manage all users, create workers for different types of task
  • Manage all tasks
  • Manage all orders
  • Create/edit/delete different task categories

Travel Picker

TravelPicker was founded in 2015 by Joe Smalley, who is a part-time digital consultant, part-time time travel addict. After visiting over 30 countries in recent years, he would often have friends ask him for holiday recommendations. They would have some basic criteria, but wouldn’t be sure where to go. And most other websites needed to know the destination before proceeding in a search.

The idea for TravelPicker was then born, as a means to find your ideal holiday destination based on a few criteria. Joe works in conjunction with a team of writer and researchers who share a similar passion for travel.

RND Core

R&D CORE is a leading technology organization specializing in the research, development and commercialization of innovative technologies that enhance human life. Headquartered in Leatherhead, Surrey, our team of highly skilled engineers and researchers continually push technological boundaries.

R&D CORE has internally funded projects that fuel the company’s Innovation Engine. In addition, they develop ground-breaking, commercially viable solutions for companies that do not have the know-how or they need to look outside their business for a breakthrough solution. Their developed solutions are usually protected with utility patents and/or with hard to reverse engineer trade secrets. Moreover, they help their partners commercialize their solutions and maximize their market potential.

Stan Ractor

We love real estate. Finding homes, researching market stats, negotiating contracts, and helping their clients find a home that meets their expectations is what they do and they are passionate about it! Whether you are buying or selling, or just want some information before you even start that process, you have come to the right place! We can help! They believe in establishing relationships with clients and want their customers to be able to count on them, no matter the issue.

West LA

West LA

West Los Angeles Real Estate Group, handling all Real Estate needs from residential to investments To name a few of the cities they cover in West Los Angeles; Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, Brentwood , Pacific Palisades and Malibu are some of the most popular. Their beliefs are that their clients should have the knowledge they need to make decisions in there Real Estate Goals. In this way theier clients helps them make the right decisions for themselves.

Wholecell Accessories

Uniquely positioned to serve the United States and Canada, Wholecellusa offers wholesale and retail customers a one-stop destination for buying the latest cell phone accessories. We offer unbeatable prices for both our wholesale cellphone accessories and our retail cellphone accessories, fast and efficient delivery, and unparalleled customer service.

Since our initial founding as a husband and wife team in 2002, Wholecellusa has grown into a thriving distribution center in Metro Atlanta. With over 7,000 square feet worth of space filled with a wide variety of wholesale cell phone parts and accessories, Wholecellusa is the premier destination for both cellphone accessory wholesalers and retail shoppers alike. We leverage our global and domestic connections with suppliers to obtain deeply discounted price points on all of our products so that we can pass that discount on to you, our valued customer.

At Wholecellusa, we guarantee you won’t be able to find better prices, service and quality anywhere else in the United States. Becoming a registered wholesaler is easy. Fill out their registration form and create an account.