AngularJS vs. ReactJS : Lets Compare Best JS Framework in 2022

By Ronak Patel   |   14 October, 2017
AngularJS vs. ReactJS : Lets Compare Best JS Framework in 2022

When it comes to top web development, Angular/JS and ReactJS are the two most popular and trending front-end development frameworks in the tech arena. The two development technologies are continually growing and giving tough competition to each other in the industry. That’s a good thing in one hand, but it is creating confusion among vendors and Front-End Javascript developers whether which one to choose from the two –Angular vs. ReactJS.

There are some valid reasons why people are confused over the selection of the frameworks as both Angular and React come from the two big tech giant competitors -Google and Facebook. In such condition choosing the right framework or library for a new project such as JavaScript application or website can be bothersome. In the rest of the paragraphs, We’ll be talking about all the pros and cons including the fundamental differences between the two frameworks. We will also explain the circumstances when you choose Angular Web Development and ReactJS Development. Let’s go one by one.

The popularity of AngularJS and ReactJS

According to StateOfJS popularity trend statics, React is more popular than Angular. 64.8 percent of people used the ReactJS and will use it again when it happens to use it while 23.9 percent of people said the same for Angular/JS.

Angular vs React Popularity
However, if you compare this as web frameworks, then Angular is more popular than ReactJS. You will understand this from the picture given in the next paragraphs.

But, the reality is React, here, is popular due to React Native which is cross-platform mobile app development framework.

You can find more details from the graph given below.

The popularity of AngularJS vs ReactJS across International Regions

AngularJs Vs ReactJS Countrywise Popularity

The image shows the popularity of Angular vs ReactJS based on the regions and worldwide.

You can see that Angular is comparatively popular than ReactJS in terms of search. There is not a single region where you can find ReactJS surpassing Angular.

However, these are just the search trend, and if you compare this with React Native Mobile App Development Framework, then Angular may lag behind.

let’s get deep down into the two development technologies -AngularJS Vs ReactJS.

What is Angular/JS

Angular is an open-source Web framework, developed by an Angular team at Google and supported by the tech giant (Google) itself.

The framework is the part of MEAN stack and is used mainly for SPAs (Single Page Applications). It is based on the TypeScript environment.

Google also supports AngularJS which is also known as Angular 1. The framework is based on JavaScript and HTML.

What is ReactJS

ReactJS, on the other hand, is developed by Facebook and its community members in 2013, which is based on JavaScript and JSX (a PHP extension).

It is an open source JS library and mainly used for building a dynamic user interface (UI) for Web applications. ReactJS enables developers to make dynamic front-end and piece of the pages by utilizing the React Components.

Angular vs. ReactJS Overview

Factor Angular/JS ReactJS
Developed By Angular Team at Google/Google Facebook and Community Members
Type Open Source JavaScript Library Open Source Framework
Initial Release 2016 2013
Based on TypeScript JavaScript
Latest Version Angular v7.2.0 16.8.0
Ease of Learning Steep Moderate
Rendering Server/Client-Side Server/Client-Side
App Architecture Component-Based Flux
DOM Real DOM Virtual DOM
Data Binding Two-Way Data Binding One-Way Data Binding
GitHub Stars 47,323 127,601


Top Companies Using Angular Vs React

Both Angular and React are used by some of the fortune 500 companies. They include;





In short, both seem to be giving a tough fight to each other. Now, you need to understand what attracted these companies to adopt the technologies whether it is Angular or React.

Top Factors to Consider before Selecting Angular vs. React


As is explained in the paragraph above that the popularity of ReactJS is increasing, but Angular is still giving a tough fight. Angular is still slightly ahead in terms of popularity.

Framework vs. Library

Angular is one of the most favored open source front-end development frameworks for Web applications. The cross-platform framework, Angular, enables developers to create PWA, Native and desktop applications right deadline.

When it comes to ReactJS, it is the most used and highly regarded open-source JavaScript Library which helps developers create impressive web applications. React brings plenty of benefits for your projects. For example, ReactJS, using Node can render on the server and even build native apps for cross-platform using React Native frameworks.

User Experience

Angular uses Real DOM. That means when a developer makes any changes in a single data structure, the entire tree is updated automatically. The feature is helpful in some cases while bothersome in most. For example, if there are multiple data requests on the same page, it will affect the performance and give bad user experience.

As ReactJS uses Virtual DOM which is the abstract form of Real DOM and clears the way for developers to make or update changes which initially performed by the end users. Those changes in the application will not affect the other parts of the interface. That means it serves many purposes such as building highly dynamic UI which precisely provide a great user experience.


In terms of web app development, testing is painful for developers. However, this is not the case with Angular as it comes with built-in testing functionality while it goes smooth with even other testing tools like Karma and Jasmine. Testing components extremely easy due to integrated dependency injection into the structure. Developers have the freedom to pass along the dependency for the components and stub them as they find comfort in.

Storing large-sized applications and managing component states such as complex applications with enormous dynamic elements are bothersome whiles React, as it uses Redux, cuts down the entire hassle. At the same time, developers can add application state in a single object while empowering all components to access the application state using callback or even without involving child components. Such things make testing easy.


Dependency injection was introduced in AngularJS while Angular has come up with highly improved hierarchical dependency injection which enables classes to remain independent. That in result turns as external sources and provide high performance.

ReactJS,  on the other hand, uses virtual DOM and Fiber which make the library perform better, but not with Angular newer versions like v7. It has an edge when it compared with AngularJS.

Time & Saving

Developers actually get irritated as they have to be dependent on various variations. However, in the case of Angular, developers need to learn a particular way of doing things, and it will also provide improved performance at a lower cost. Let’s check out some facts;

Reusable Code:

Most of the Angular code can be reused and therefore, you don’t need to invent the fresh one for projects.

Ease of Code Maintenance:

Angular uses components and modules which make Angular code maintenance very easy.

Easy to Read:

Angular code is so easy that even a new or fresh developer can easily understand and work like a pro.

When you build projects using ReactJS library, you can save comprehensive time and money. Most code components can be reused anytime at distinct levels. On the other hand, components remain isolated from each other that enables developers to make changes in the components independently -changes in one will not affect the other. Having got through these functionalities, the project gets a boost and completed in less time.

Data Binding

One the best useful feature -Two-Way Data Binding brings established binding between business logic and UI. That means anything you changes in Model, it instantly reflects in the View. The technique is helpful for the project requiring real-time adjustment.

Code stability is ensured with ReactJS One-Way Data Binding as it allows developers to work directly with components. At the same time, developers can employ the data binding which prevents parent entities from being affected when changes made in child entities. These are processes which keep the code stable.

Smart and Better Error Handling

Error handling has also improved in the latest version such Angular v7 which bestows unique error handling process for @Output. The feature ErrorHandler works effectively in the scenario where the property is not initialized.

ReactJS has also introduced components like Error Boundaries which quickly detect an error in the child tree and log those errors. However, you can detect an error during rendering, and that gives an edge to Angular.

Faster Web Development

Angular Uses Angular CLI which provides enhanced productivity while Angular components can be reused across different parts of the application. That slightly gives developers reasons to cheer as they can carry out faster development with increased productivity.

When you have code reusability and hot reloading into the process, it fastens your development, no doubt. Yes, ReactJS developers can reuse existing codes which helps initiating quick development while applying hot reloading into the process add fuel to the fire -I mean it doubles the development speed.

There are plenty of things to compare between Angular and ReactJS, what matters the most is what fits your project. Both carry some pros and cons, however, it is your projects and business environment that will play the role here. Think about your plans and then choose the development technology.

You can also take help of developers from a reputed company and get consolations. Web app development companies like Aglowid IT Solutions provides free consultations, so you can approach if you need any.

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