How to Reduce Angular App Maintenance Cost? [Simple Tips to Follow]

Developing and deploying your Angular app is not the signal that your job is done or your spending is over. Still, you need to spend over its maintenance, as long as you have your Angular App. App updates, post-development issues like performance and other technical snags in the Angular apps are inevitable. Being a start-up or small enterprise company, the post-development costs may make you feel haunted if everything does not go well.

You cannot stop these occurrences at all, but you can significantly reduce the maintenance cost in the long run. There are some essential factors which help you get reasonable control over the maintenance cost. Let’s check them out.

Steps To Reduce Angular App Maintenance Cost

Use Latest Angular Version

We are living in an app economy, and we have shifted every small to large physical stores has become a software business -everyone is switching to the app. It is important to have an app, but keeping it updated to the latest version is also very important. If you have Angular application, then update it to the latest Angular 9 Version as you will get plenty of new updates and benefits.

Let’s check out the benefits of upgrading your app;

  • New release or version will have new features, functionalities
  • Upgrading will increase the efficiency of your app
  • The latest version may have architectural and operational enhancement
  • Upgrading your app will help you meet the advanced demand of customers
  • You will get long term support from Angular

Note:  Upgrading to the new version will help you save money as you do not need to make individual changes for specific purposes, time and time again.

Hire Remote Developers from Countries like India

Angular App Development Cost is skyrocketing, and that becomes unaffordable stuff for small enterprises and startups at large. Finding the right Angular App Development Company with Angular expertise is a daunting task to do. Expertise and developers” cost differ from one individual, company and country to another. If you are planning to hire developers from USA, UK or Canada, then you need to pay around $50 to $250 USD per hour based on the type of company and individual you hire.

Type of Angular Developer Description Average  Hourly Rate
Basic Front-End An Individual familiar to HTML, CSS, JavaScript  with very fundamental knowledge of Angular $20-30 +
Basic Core Angular Developer Having knowledge of Angular and its Components with little bit knowledge of Back-end fundamentals (RESTful API’s, Lambda functions, Node.js, Express). Databases like MySQL. $25-60 +
Intermediate-Angular Developer A geek with specialization in frontend as well as the experience in a back-end server environment like AWS (Amazon Web Services), back-end JavaScript frameworks like Meteor.js. $50-100 +
Full Stack Angular Developer A professional with a years of talent in both front-end and back-end technology. For example, a MEAN STACK Professional working with MEAN (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Node.js). $80-200 +

However, if you are hiring Angular App Developers from India, you are supposed to get quality work at the reasonable price. You can employ industries best talent at $50, though the Angular Development cost per hour ranges from $15 to $80 USD per hour. That’s an enormous difference you get. So, it is advisable to hire developers from India and get the Angular app developed at the maximum reasonable price. All companies assure quality, and you can get international quality products at very cost-effective rates.

Hire Angular Developer

Always ask for skilled professionals

Outsourcing is the best way to get your projects developed cost-effectively. But, that goes wrong, sometimes, if you don’t get the qualified professionals for your projects. Therefore, you can talk to the IT companies during consolations regarding this. Ask for skilled professionals and, take their interviews. Ask questions regarding your projects and the questions you want to ask them. Companies providing specialized Angular expertise may cost you a bit higher, but that’s good for your projects as it will benefit you in the long run. At the same time, still, it will be cheaper as compared to hiring developers from the USA, UK or other European countries.

Qualities You should look in to a skilled professionals

  • Technical knowledge of Typescript and RxJS
  • Ability to work with browser APIs
  • Knowing approaches to internationalization
  • Expertise in managing Sockets
  • Supreme Communication Skills
  • Good understanding of REST architecture
  • Positive Work Attitude
  • Excellent Time and Task Management Skills
  • Great Team Collaboration skills

Focus on long term maintenance cost

Investing in projects keeping long-term maintenance in mind will help you get robust and scalable Angular applications. If you have invested short-term maintenance projects, then the chances are high that it may create issues in the long run. There are some important factors to be considered here are as follows;

  • Maintain clean coding standard
  • Debugging needs to be seriously performed
  • Ensure that the short-term cure is not going to make a larger issue in the future

Debugging is very important here as when it occurs, developers tend to solve it without considering its logic which affects harshly in the long run.

Ask for Clean Code – Messy code will increase developers working time

Clean coding as we have briefly discussed in the earlier paragraphs, keep you app smooth and scalable. In case you want to scale your business and wish to add some features into it, then it will be beneficial.

Any developers can make changes without wasting time in understanding the application and its architecture. When you have clean code at the place, it will save the time of your developer, and you will save a considerable amount of cash. That’s beneficial, no doubt.

Angular Clean Coding

Here are some benefits of implementing clean code.

  • Clean code is code that is easy to understand and easy to change.
  • Easy to maintain
  • Simple to understand the logic behind the code
  • Faster Debugging and Testing
  • Faster Development

Ask for clear documentation

It is not sure that you are going to work with a single developer for a long time, it might change. Documentation will play a significant role here as a developer who is new to the project will easily understand everything about your Angular projects. Documentation is the foundation of individual and complete projects which include quality, traceability and history. Project documentation has to be well-arranged, easy to understand and adequate. Your new Angular developer will quickly understand how the projects have been done, easily traceable and read the history and these all things will help them take over the project quickly. When there are no documents, then it will be time consuming for new developers working on your projects.

Always Keep in Mind : The More Time Developer Takes Time in Understanding the Project, the More Penny you Need to Spend Over.

Pre-Check future dependencies and compatibility on third party modules

Your Angular project may contain third party modules. Now, you need to ensure some of the essential things.

Whether these third-party modules will be compatible with the Angular app when it receives any changes in the future or you have to find other resources. There are modules which have not undergone any changes for the last four years, yet it works with Angular app. But, what if it gets any bug in future? You need to have the solutions. Ensure that the modules receive frequent updates and will be compatible with the app in the long run.

Knowing these modules will save a reasonable sum of money in the future. You can get the modules which receive updates and cope with the app in the long run. It will save you from spending money over getting new modules.

Discuss the impact before inserting the new functionality

Are you adding new features or functionalities in your Angular app? You can just let your developer do it without discussing. Yes, you need to consider some of the important things regarding the features and functionalities.

  • Does, the new feature to serve short-term goal or long-term goal? If it is for the short term, then it will cost in more in future.
  • Will it impact on the performance of the app? The impact on other apps will cost you more as you need to make changes in the separate app as well.
  • Does it impact other features and functionalities into the app? If one feature impacts on others, then you need to make changes in others as well.
  • In short, discuss with your developer about everything in detail and then come up with robust solutions which provide long-lasting performance without affecting other feature in the app.

Maintain continuous communication with developers

Meeting your developers or development company will keep you updated. You will know what is going on in the tech arena; what new trend in the market is andwhat new businesses and enterprises are exploring with what technologies. These are essential things which you know when you have regular communication with your developer.

Communication bridges the gap between developers and clients. You can do plenty of things to be in touch with the team and create an atmosphere so that there will no barrier in terms of communication. Take daily updates from the team to know the progress and current status of the project. Regular updates willkeep yiou informed about the project and even keep the team active. When the team is active, things are taken care of seriously.

Try to be specific with your requirements

Once you decided about your Angular project, its features, functionalities and usability, be strict with the decision. Mid-development requirement changes can be a costly affair. It will consume more time of developers, and you very well know what will cause if your project takes more time than usual. Spend some more time on planning, instead. However, there are companies, which provide flexibility for change in requirement, but again it may create an issue and may impact on the quality product.

Introduce your project to QA (Quality Analysis) Team earlier

You may have your QA (Quality Analysis) team, and it can play a significant role in keeping thing right in order. Instead of taking help QA team once the project is developed, you can consult them earlier -before the development. It will help your QA team understand your requirement right from the beginning. The team may not have to spend an extra hour or time to understand the project. At the same time, they provide you with perfect feedback. What if you come across the last-minute issue? It will leave stunned incurring a high cost.

Always focus on prevention, not cure – Early testing rocks

“Prevention is better than cure”, the saying best fits here in this case. You can avoid error and adopting the early testing system. For example, keep implementing the feature and functionality as it gets over. Don’t wait for the completed project to get over. You will get perfect feedback from end-users, and you can prevent them from occurring in the future -once the project gets over.

Last but not least, Focus on Performance First

Apart from everything, keep the performance of the app in the priority requirement. Yes, no compromise with it. Compromising with quality for the sake of saving some money will cost you even more in the future. However, you can save some handsome bucks on development cost without compromising the quality.

Outsource the project to South Asian country like India as you will find some companies employing talented developers who can build you stunning application at the cost-effective rate.

Cost effective Angular App
There are plenty of IT companies in India which offers the international standard product at the very cost-effective rates. You can get your project developed as low as $15 per hour that too with meeting all your quality requirement. They provide a guaranty, signed NDA document, MoUs and other necessary docs which ensure safety and confidentiality of the project.

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