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Want to set up your Laravel Ecommerce website but are having difficulties? Here is a quick and detailed overview of the best Laravel Ecommerce packages – Aimeos, Bagisto, LunarPHP, Vanilo E-Commerce, and Laravel Shopping Cart. Whether you are a developer, business owner, or someone browsing e-commerce options, this blog will guide you to the best Laravel ecommerce platform for your next ecommerce project.

Laravel is an ideal platform for setting up your ecommerce store with some of the best ecommerce packages like Aimeos, Bagisto, LunarPHP, and others dedicated to enhancing and easing ecommerce integration and features in your app.

Whether you are a small-scale vendor looking to set up a basic ecommerce website to start selling your products or services immediately or you want to set up a multi-vendor enterprise-grade marketplace for your enterprise, you can leverage Laravel ecommerce to match your requirements. Today, we will look at some of the top Laravel ecommerce packages to build an ecommerce app in Laravel.

But before that, let us understand why Laravel is best for eCommerce.

Why Laravel is Best for E-Commerce?

Building an ecommerce site comes with several technical challenges – from managing enormous product catalogs to applying complex business logic, scaling to accommodate traffic spikes, integrating payment gateways, and securing sensitive data; there are many things your ecommerce platform needs to be good at for creating an efficient ecommerce application. Laravel E-commerce System has many provisions and features that make it a great choice for building your e-commerce projects.

Benefits of Choosing Laravel for Ecommerce

Here are some of the main benefits of choosing Laravel for your next ecommerce project –

Benefits of choosing Laravel for Ecommerce

Speed and Performance

Laravel makes use of caching, queues, compression, and other such laravel performance optimizations, resulting in faster loading times and response times,Β  which are instrumental for any ecommerce site.


As an ecommerce platform, scalability is something that is always going to take priority; you want an ecommerce solution that can handle traffic surges for your promotional events, holidays, and other such requirements. If you hire Laravel developers that have credible experience building ecommerce solutions, you will have no issues with building a scalable ecommerce solution.


Laravel has robust security provisions against cross-site scripting, CSRF, and other such vulnerabilities. It also has many dedicated packages for ensuring data security and securing payment gateways, which is essential in any e-commerce website.


Laravel ecosystem is its biggest USP; it has a wide range of relevant ecommerce packages with some of the best Laravel shopping cart packages, payment gateway packages, ecommerce CMS platforms, and much more.

Overview of Top Laravel Ecommerce Packages

Aimeos, Bagisto, LunarPHP, and Vanilo PHP are some of the top Laravel e-commerce packages that we will be comparing and reviewing today. We plan to keep updating this list with the top Laravel Packages for ecommerce that are worth your consideration so you can come back and check anytime you want.

Top Laravel Ecommerce Packages

Let us start by getting an overview of these best Laravel ecommerce packages to build an ecommerce app in Laravel. Let us start the listing with the following –

1. Aimeos

GitHub: Star – 20.1k | Fork: 31.7k

Aimeos calls itself ‘The Laravel Ecommerce Shop Platform .’It is, in a true sense, a complete e-commerce platform as it allows users to develop full-featured, highly performant online shops, marketplaces, or even enterprise-grade B2B solutions with ease. It is a cloud-native, API-first Laravel e-commerce package that has already been installed over 130,000+ times.

It is an open-source and free ecommerce package that can be installed in less than 5 minutes. It also has an active and reliable community since 2015 and is available in more than 30+ languages.

Notable E-commerce Features of Aimeos

  • Multi-vendor, Multi-Channel and Multi Warehouse Capability
  • World Class JSON REST & GraphQL API
  • Scalable up to 1,000,000,000+ items that render under 20 ms
  • Single installation, multiple eCommerce SaaS solutions
  • Ability to turn products into automatic subscriptions with supported payment providers
  • Integrating with Omnipay PHP library that provides authorization to 100+ payment gateways
  • Fully SEO Optimized, Google readable product data, readable URL names, and more.
  • Seamless Integration with Laravel 5 and 6 applications.

2. Bagisto

GitHub: Star – 8.2k | Fork – 1.9k

Bagisto is an open-source Laravel ecommerce platform for building mobile apps, blockchain, marketplaces, and headless commerce solutions. Bagisto also leverages Vue.js, which adds to its performance and flexibility as an ecommerce platform. It is home to various usable ecommerce extensions to create the perfect ecommerce project in Laravel. Some of its most popular extensions include Multi Tennant SaaS, Marketplace, POS – Point of Sales, B2B, Mobile Apps, and PWA applications. You can create a full Laravel Ecommerce System using Bagisto.

However, one of its biggest caveats is that it cannot be integrated into your existing applications; it is an independent eCommerce software where you would need to build the storefront from scratch. Yet, for someone looking to build an ecommerce website in Laravel from scratch, Bagisto offers many promising features.

Notable Ecommerce Features of Bagisto

  • Allocating customers into definitive groups to provide special discounts or offers
  • Adding custom product attributes to make product descriptions more informative
  • Proper insights and reports on customer behavior, orders, product sales, more
  • Proper Localisation for generating localized shopping experiences in their respective languages
  • Multiple currency support for making customer shopping experience seamless

3. LunarPHP

GitHub: Star – 1.8k | Fork- 234

LunarPHP is one of the best headless Laravel ecommerce packages for building online stores in Laravel. It is also the successor to GetCandy, a popularly known ecommerce package for Laravel. LunarPHP is an open-source ecommerce platform that enables users to build headless ecommerce solutions for their Laravel ecommerce projects.

It offers REST API and a dedicated administration interface that can be used for centralizing product management, customers, and orders. Since it is a headless CMS, it does not come with any pre-assumed frontend, as you can integrate it with the frontend framework of your choice.

Notable Ecommerce Features of LunarPHP

  • Product Catalog Management, including product listing, images, inventory tracking, and more
  • Proper Order Management with shopping cart management, order processing, customer checkout, shipping status, and invoices
  • Popular payment gateway integrations like PayPal,, Stripe, and others
  • Built-in support for popular shipping carriers such as USPS, FedEx, UPS, and more
  • Ability to create specialized promotions with discounts, coupon codes, special offers, and more
  • Order, customer, and reporting dashboard as a backend admin interface
  • Ability to run multiple ecommerce storefronts from a single LunarPHP installation
  • Custom LunarPHP themes for customizing the frontend user experience

4. Vanilo E-Commerce

GitHub: Star – 743 | Fork – 92

Vanilo is a worthy Laravel ecommerce package consideration for building the best ecommerce Laravel project. It is a great E-commerce framework specifically designed and developed for Laravel, so if you are clear about choosing Laravel as your framework, Vanilo E-Commerce is a no-questions-asked simple, and straightforward ecommerce package for your project.

If you compare Vanilo-Ecommerce to other PHP ecommerce frameworks, they provide infinite flexibility for their price, but this flexibility also comes at the cost of increased complexity. Vanilo prioritizes clarity over providing more extensibility. Since it is designed specifically for Laravel, its current version supports Laravel 10 (released February 14, 2023) as well.

Notable Features of Vanilla

  • Better Code Control and Ease of Use
  • Active Support for the latest Laravel Versions
  • Adapt and incorporate new Laravel features quickly
  • Following Laravel’s coding convention and logic
  • Dedicated extensions for Shopping Cart, Checkout and more

5. Laravel Shopping Cart

GitHub: Star – 3.6k | Fork – 1.7k

Laravel Shopping Cart is one of the most straightforward and limited-use packages for Laravel Ecommerce. It is the best Laravel shopping cart package if you are running Laravel 5.5 or lesser versions. It is a simple implementation to create the perfect shopping cart for your Laravel ecommerce app. However, it is worth noting that it doesn’t provide any additional e-commerce features and is single-purpose.

Notable Features of Laravel Shopping Cart

  • Multiple cart functions – add, update, remove, get, content, destroy, total, tax, subtotal, count, and search.
  • Easy to learn and integrate in Laravel applications
  • Lightweight and concise

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Picking the Best Laravel Ecommerce Package as per Selection Factors

Now that we have a brief overview of the best Laravel Ecommerce Packages in 2023, we can compare them on the basis of some of the most important selection factors. Here is your ultimate Laravel Ecommerce Package Selection Guide to build your Laravel Ecommerce Storefront with ease –

Best Laravel Package Selection Guide as per Factors

Selection Factor #1 – Installation Process and Setup

Aimeos It might be complex for beginners, but it comes with proper documentation. Offers a dedicated Laravel package for smoothening the integration process.
Bagisto Straightforward integration process via web-based installer for easing the setup.
LunarPHP Provides basic and advanced installation options. It can be installed via Artisan Installer. The advanced installation provides customization options for proper setup.
Vanilo Ecommerce Installation and setup are straightforward and well-documented. It comes with an integrated Laravel package and is designed for Laravel.
Laravel Shopping Cart Basic installation and implementation with proper documentation. Comes with a dedicated Laravel package for integration.

Selection Factor #2 – Ease of Use

Aimeos A comprehensive Laravel Ecommerce Solution could get overwhelming for entry-level Laravel developers. It is ideal for experienced Laravel developers looking for extensive customization options.
Bagisto It has a significantly simpler and user-friendly interface, making it suitable for both – beginners and experts.
LunarPHP Easy to use if you want to leverage the base features; however, to truly get the most out of LunarPHP, you would need advanced configuration, and that comes with a comparatively steeper learning curve.
Vanilo Ecommerce Heavily focused on ease of use, suitable for a straightforward ecommerce integration requirement.
Laravel Shopping Cart Simple ease of implementation and use for basic ecommerce needs.

Selection Factor #3 – Reliability and Bug Reporting

Aimeos Strong and active community, regular updates. Dedicated platform for bug reporting.
Bagisto Actively maintained community. Offers bug reporting system for issue tracking.
LunarPHP Active Bug Tracking through GitHub, Frequent Releases for Bug Fixes, and Active Community
Vanilo Ecommerce Actively maintained and highly reliable community. Bug reporting is done actively through GitHub.
Laravel Shopping Cart Limited bug tracking support compared to larger Laravel ecommerce packages.

Selection Factor #4 – Scalability Needs

Aimeos Suitable for both small-scale and large-scale ecommerce stores due to its flexibility.
Bagisto Can scale and handle operations of medium to large Laravel stores.
LunarPHP Heavy Catalogue Management, Traffic Volume, and Cloud Hosting Integration make it a very scalable Laravel ecommerce package.
Vanilo Ecommerce Can work with any project size if you want a simple Laravel ecommerce solution.
Laravel Shopping Cart Better suited for small to medium projects, there are better options for scaling needs for complex or enterprise-grade Laravel ecommerce projects.

Selection Factor #5 – Theme Customization

Aimeos It has many features and customizations for theme updates but needs deeper development knowledge to leverage.
Bagisto Has a dedicated Laravel theming system with support for creating user-friendly customizable themes with ease.
LunarPHP Supports theme customization through the Twig templating engine.
Vanilo Ecommerce Supports theme customization through the Blade templating engine.
Laravel Shopping Cart Basic shopping cart customization but limited.

Selection Factor #6 – Business Model and Revenue Generation

Aimeos Open-source with a focus on flexibility and customization.
Bagisto Open-source with premium extensions and dedicated support for revenue generation.
LunarPHP Open-source with optional paid support, addons, custom development, and funding rounds.
Vanilo Ecommerce Open-source and paid extension support for monetization.
Laravel Shopping Cart Open-source with no specific business model.

Selection Factor #7 – Pricing Models

Aimeos Open source and Free to Use
Bagisto Open source and Free to Use with paid extensions available
Vanilo Ecommerce Open source and Free to Use with paid extensions available
Laravel Shopping Cart Open Source and Free to Use

Cutting Costs but
NOT Cutting Quality

that’s how we roll! πŸš€

Hire Web Developers

Wrapping up!

These are the best Laravel Ecommerce Packages you can consider when working on your next ecommerce project. Make sure to hire dedicated developers who have experience in using these packages to ensure a smooth integration of your Laravel ecommerce system. We will keep updating this space with newer Laravel ecommerce packages as and when needed, so keep checking back for more!


eCommerce packages for Laravel are dedicated eCommerce libraries, frameworks, extensions, and any other form of tools that help Laravel or PHP based web applications to set up e-commerce features for enabling digital commerce of products and services. Some popular examples include Aimeos, Bagisto, LunarPHP, and more.

Laravel is designed and developed to be able to create robust CMS and eCommerce platform solutions and can be considered as a viable option for anyone looking to set up a basic store, add ecommerce features to their website, or set up a large marketplace as well. With Laravel eCommerce Packages and built-in tools for setting up your online store, you can create eCommerce storefronts that are secure, reliable, performant, and highly customizable.

Most Laravel eCommerce platforms are open-source and free to set up a basic eCommerce store with premium built-in extensions or features to expand the capabilities and functionalities of your eCommerce store. Other than that, depending on the Laravel development company you choose to outsource your Laravel project to, it can greatly impact the cost of your overall Laravel eCommerce project.

Some of the popular picks are Bagisto, Aimeos, Vanilo, Laravel Ecommerce and Laravel Shopper.
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