How to Reduce ReactJS App Maintenance Cost? [Steps To Increase your Profit]

By Saurabh Barot   |   18 October, 2019
How to Reduce ReactJS App Maintenance Cost? [Steps To Increase your Profit]

Awesome! That you have selected ReactJS for your project! Web application based on ReactJS gives high performance and stunning UIs that users enjoy engaging with. But, to provide a seamless user experience, you need to keep maintaining your app from time to time.

We have been developing React Web Applications since its introduction and get plenty of questions from our clients regarding the post-development and ReactJS App maintenance cost. From clients’ points of view, they invest lots of money and time, and still, they have to keep spending on maintenance…? We have also go through online posts and comments where we found that some of the business leaders gone through painful experience. They have to spend on the maintenance even more than the ReactJS App Development cost.

There are many factors involved in keeping expensive in terms of costly ReactJS App Maintenance.

Factors Affecting ReactJS App Maintenance Cost

  • What version of technology are you using?
  • Did you go for Hybrid or Native App Development?
  • What 3rd Party Add-ons you are dealing with?
  • Are you planning to introduce new Features?
  • Where have you got your application developed?
  • What was the experience level of the IT Company?
  • If you had outsourced it, who was your outsource partner?
  • Do you have clear documentation?
  • Has the development team adopted a clean coding approach?
Factors Affecting ReactJS App Maintenance Cost

These are some of the basic things which you need to ensure right in the beginning. However, there are even more, which you need to make sure to get a stunning and robust application that requires less maintenance cost.

First of all, such (Maintenance) occurrences are inevitable, and you cannot stop them at all. But you can control it. You need to take specific steps that we will be discussing in this article.

The way one size does not fit all, the one app with the same features and functionalities may fit forever. Changes will occur, new features, functionalities, adding new models, and many others are evident to happen. If you have the no-technical background, you will realize that adding these things are quite expensive.


To find the answer, let’s dip down into the article, grab what is useful for you. We have written down all our personal experiences and through online posts. They are helpful and help you curb the maintenance cost to the great extent.

Before we begin…

The suggestion is useful for both: those who have already developed the application and looking to control the maintenance cost and those who seek to build an app from scratch.

Steps to Cut-Down ReactJS App Maintenance Cost

Mobile-first Approach

Even though today it rare (all applications are developed employing Responsive Web Design or Mobile-First Approach), there plenty of apps already developed which don’t employ Responsive Web Design at all. So, if you wish to make changes in the future, it is going to take a lot of time. So, it is better to start keeping all the future aspects in mind.

In case, if you have developed the app, then adopting a mobile-first approach will be easier to structure the CSS in your web app. A right ReactJS Development Company will suggest everything keeping the future and business in mind.

So, list out some good IT companies right away, and we will help you can utilize them.

Mobile-first Approach

Structured JavaScript Helps Developers Understand the Project

If your web app does not have structured JavaScript, it is going to create a massive issue for developers who you have hired to work on it. There are various defined ways to structure JavaScript; though keeping it constant is the significant one. It lets developers easily understand the project, getting the file quickly and make changes without making much or any efforts. Structured JavaScript keeps the ReactJS app clean, but, it grows to become chaotic after some time. Therefore, the developer should define a style guide for the ReactJS project structure so the development team will quickly understand the project.

Hire React Developers

Code Quality

If you are non-technical, the poorly written code, i.e., the bad code quality, will tough to estimate or judge. Even if you have got high-quality UI, that does not mean the underlying code is written well. Initially, it may not create any issue, but when it occurs, it will become a costly problem to fix. You need to ensure that the developed have adopted clean coding standards, and all the files are structured identically.

Here are a few things which you can keep a track on;

  • All records should be identical
  • Indents should be consistent
  • Semicolons should be consistent

These are things that may be a bit tough for a non-technical person to identify, though you can get it confirmed by the development team or the company. The top-quality code is an essential and significant indicator of your project’s status. If your development team or the developers from the outsource partner have adopted a clean coding standard, it will help you when you in scaling up the app. Developers can easily understand the project and make changes.

Code Quality

All IT companies follow the Clean Coding standard, though if you are planning to outsource the project, make sure that your outsource partner supports the same rule. There are tools such as ‘linters,’ which helps to compare the code against the defined style guide automatically.

Ask for clear documentation

Once you app is developed, implemented successfully, and the job is done. But, the job is done for outsourcing partners. You have your app, and it continues to call the need of developers, of course, issues are inevitable. But, will you visit back to the same development company (where the React Web Application was developed), or will you look for other developers or development companies to solve it?

If you are consulting with a different team, then documentation is the only thing for them to make the issue resolved quickly and cost-effectively. So, ask your React.js Developers and ReactJS Development Company to provide clear documentation. Documentation includes quality, traceability, and history. Project documentation has to be well-arranged, easy to understand, and adequate. If you don’t have the documentation, it will consume the most valuable time of yours and will be expensive maintenance.

clear documentation

Discuss the impact before inserting the New Functionality

Are you adding new features or functionalities in your ReactJS app? Wait… you need to know some essential things. What is the longevity of the features and functionalities you want to integrate or build into your app? What will be the impact of the features on performance and other functions within the app in the long run? Do it, but after discussing it with your developers.

Outdated Third-Party Packages

Almost all applications -web or mobile uses third party packages or open-source libraries. Now, your app may contain old and outdated third party packages. You can do some of the things to avoid this.

First, before implementing the third-party packages, you need to check its durability and future updates. Make sure that the packages or libraries will remain compatible with the ReactJS in the long run; at least, the packages will also receive updates along with the React.

Keep updating your third party packages to avoid issues and vulnerabilities related to project dependencies. ReactJS comes up with frequent updates that contain many improvements such as performance, security, bug fixes, resolved compatibility, and much more. Whereas there are dependencies or the third party packages which do not receive any updates since its introduction, or some may stop providing an update after a few releases. It may create compatibility issues in the future, and when you try to resolve it, it will turn into an expensive one.

Third-Party Packages

Proper Testing

Testing is an essential part of the development, which helps in preventing any issues which might harm your web app’s productivity. Automatic tests are crucial as it ensures you project contains no or fewer bugs, crashes and helps in writing better code quality. Don’t wait until the entire project is completed; keep implementing the features and functionalities, instead. You will get some valid and genuine feedback from the end-users.

Automatic testing is another solution to prevent any more significant issue from occurring. Besides, it will help developers remain focused on enhancing quality by implementing new features and improvements that, too, without any hassle. All these benefits of testing will substantially decrease ReactJS App maintenance costs.

Continuous Maintenance

Once the ReactJS web application is over and deployed, the vendor never gets back to its maintenance part. That’s absolutely not acceptable. There are a couple of reasons you should keep maintenance on.

For example,

After implementation, defects are inevitable to occur in the application, no matter the proper testing it has passed through.

Technologies are evolving with rapid speed, and they come up with continuous updates that contain security patches update, performance, bug fixes, and much more. Updating will help you keep the performance of your project on.

At the same time, if any issue occurs in the future, the development team can easily find out the problem and fix it as soon as possible.

Use Latest ReactJS Version

ReactJS comes up with frequent security, performance, bug fixes, etc. updates. So, if you have just started, use the latest version. Or, if you developed the app, keep up with the latest updates. You will get new features, functionalities, security patches, and much more, which will increase performances and keep your ReactJS web application productive. At the same time, you can significantly reduce the ReactJS app maintenance cost.

These are some technical parts that you need to keep in mind when you develop your app. Now, we will be discussing some non-technical parts, which are equally essential to keep up with the cost-effective maintenance cost.

Hire Remote Developers from Countries like India

If you are outsourcing or hiring developers, then it is better to choose a country where you can get quality development at the cost-effective rates. South Asian countries like India, offers world-class developers at the lowest possible price. If you compare the development cost per hour from India to countries like the USA, UK, Canada, you will find a sky of difference while there is no difference in terms of quality. You need to pay from $80 to $250/ hour to the developers and IT Companies in the USA, UK, and other European countries, while for the same project; you can hire ReactJS developers or ReactJS Development Company at $15 to $50/ hour.

React JS Development Services

Always ask for skilled professionals

However, you need to ensure that you have contacted an established company having experienced developers. You can also ask the companies to provide experienced developers for your projects. There are companies, holding good name and fame, but have inexperienced team. At the same time, there companies, may have just started but have quality and even world-class developers. In such conditions, you need to take interviews of the developers who are work with your project.

Final world

Maintenance of ReactJS Web application is inevitable, you cannot stop it, but you can control it. Follow the instruction given in the article carefully and you will find that you have saved some handsome bucks over the years. Let us know your views by writing in the contact page.

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