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Businesses are turning to digital platforms to participate in the fast-evolving IT environment. Despite this, many alternatives are available, making the road to becoming online challenging. These two technologies, Laravel vs ASP.NET, will be discussed in this blog. Efficiency, versatility, accuracy, and other factors will be revealed. The best option for your project must be between Laravel and ASP.NET MVC.

Selecting a web framework for a company is one of the most significant decisions entrepreneurs must make throughout web development. The abundance of alternatives on the market is one of the main features contributing to the task’s difficulty. Comparison between Laravel vs ASP.NET Core is one of these subjects.

Which of these two technologies—ASP.NET vs Laravel—is best for 2023? Sincerity is damned; both technologies are highly durable and function admirably. However, you may use their best qualities when they are completely adapted to your project’s needs. Let’s contrast the functionality, use cases, and ASP.NET versus Laravel performance. Before that, let’s look at both technologies’ overviews first. You can judge that based on the functionality, use cases, and ASP.NET versus Laravel performance offered by both the technologies. But before diving deep into the subject it is important to have some knowledge of these technologies.

ASP.NET Core Vs Laravel: Overview

Every framework provides various features, Laravel and ASP.NET MVC are one of them. It is important to have the basic idea of technology you want to add in your tech stack. Let’s start with a basic overview of both  technologies.

What is Laravel?

A PHP-based web application framework called  Laravel is open-source. With expressive syntax, it is solid and straightforward to comprehend.

What is Laravel

The Model View Controller design pattern is used in the Taylor Otwell-created Laravel framework. Web developers may create applications more efficiently as a result of this. Laravel is utilized by over 1,547,319 websites worldwide. It is one of the PHP frameworks with the broadest range of features available for speed-optimizing websites. The PHP framework Laravel is a simple one to use and comprehend. On Github, there are 22.7k forks and 70.2k stars for Laravel.

Laravel Features

Laravel is one of the most robust framework available for web application development. It offers various features and functionalities available for developing large applications. Such features offered by Laravel makes it an popular choice among the developers.

  • Simple Authentication
  • Artisan CLI
  • MVC support
  • Integral Security
  • Object-Oriented Library & Modular
  • Secure migration system
  • Unique unit testing

Laravel Features

Benefits of using Laravel

Now the question here arises is what advantages will developer get while using Laravel. Let’s explore some of the benefits of using Laravel.

  • Open-source Support
  • Robust community support
  • Scalable web applications
  • Reusability of components
  • Reduced development time
  • Access to Large talent pool
  • Laravel helps to arrange and manage resources well

Benefits of using Laravel

Limitations of using Laravel

Although there are various disadvantage of using Laravel there are certain limitations that you need to keep in mind. Below mentioned are some of the limitations of using Laravel.

  • Little slower than other coding languages
  • Compromised code quality because of customization
  • Sluggish error handling

Limitations of using Laravel

What is ASP.NET?

Microsoft developed a server-side framework for building dynamic web pages, ASP.NET.


The CLR is the foundation for ASP.NET, which is descended from classic Active Server Pages (ASP). Vital cross-platform corporate apps may be created with ASP.NET. For developers of cloud-deployed programs, it was designed to offer an optimal development platform. You can maintain flexibility while developing the solutions because of its modular construction and low overhead. 28.9K ­stars and 8K forks are present for ASP.NET Core on GitHub.

ASP.NET Features

ASP.NET core offers numerous features that helps you to optimize your applications performance and also helps you in solving common development challenges. Due to this ASP.NET has became the ideal choice of developers.

  • High Performance
  • Cross-platform
  • NET Web API
  • Enhanced Security
  • Rich Development
  • Language Dependent
  • Asynchronous Programming

ASP.NET Features

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Benefits of using ASP.NET

ASP.NET provides plethora of benefits whether it is technology used, providing 3rd party Integrations, and other technicalities. Following are the benefits  of using ASP.NET in your tech-stack.

  • Offers Several Features & Tools For Developers.
  • Helps Find Issues Before Code Compilation Is Finished
  • Enables A Variety Of Programming Languages
  • Using The Windows Operating System, Without A Hitch
  • Possibility Of Creating Apps For Businesses
  • Has Fantastic UI Features
  • Provides Quick Growth

Benefits of Using ASP.NET

Limitations of using ASP.NET

Although there are various benefits of using ASP.NET in your tech stack. There is one major limitation, that some of the .NET framework might not be available in the current .NET core version. For some it can come out in next update but for some it might never come.

  • Steep learning curve
  • Comparatively high licensing cost
  • It mainly works on Windows
  • Ineffective Technical support compared to Laravel

Limitations of using ASP.NET

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ASP NET MVC Vs Laravel: Comparison Table

Now that you’re familiar with both the technologies, it’s time to see what differences these both technologies Laravel vs ASP.NET have. Following table gives you an insight on the difference between both.

Factors Laravel .NET
Created By Taylor Otwell Microsoft
Initial Release June 2011 June 7, 2016
Stable Release 9.1.10 v6.0.0
Written In PHP C#
Technology Framework Platform
Languages Supported PHP C#, F3, Visual Basic
Apps Supported Web apps Web, mobile, and IoT apps
Speed of development Fast Fast
Development cost Affordable Affordable
Learning Curve Steep Seamless
Tools & Kits There are not many extensions and third-party tools configuring on large websites In-build libraries, tools, and guidelines
License MIT Licence MIT Licence

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ASP.NET Core Vs Laravel: Key Comparison

The differences between the Laravel vs ASP.NET Core may be compared in many ways. The following technical details will help you to select between best fit for your project between both the technologies.

Laravel Vs ASP NET: Usage

At the moment, Laravel is used to build 730,966 active websites. 15,840 of them use Laravel now, most of them in India. The number of dynamic websites for ASP.NET Core is 127,192. There are 12,08 websites in India, though. Comparing the dot net framework to Laravel, the latter has experienced a slight decline in the technological trend. Technology is still upgrading itself. Therefore it could only last a short while.

ASP.NET Vs Laravel Performance

Your website’s speed and functionality are impacted by the language in which it was programmed. Now, if you’re developing using Laravel or ASP.NET, they both support obtaining files and photos from web servers. It can be said that both these technologies provides the best performance, they both equivalent in terms of performance.

ASP NET Vs Laravel: Scalability

You must consider your company’s potential for future growth and development as opposed to only the present while choosing between ASP.NET and Laravel as your web development framework. It is essential to ascertain whether the website can accommodate more visitors. Fortunately, the ASP.NET and Laravel frameworks are entirely scalable, which may help your Laravel or ASP.NET development firm create a workable business website that can handle your expanding visitor traffic. Laravel offers horizontal scalability, whereas ASP.NET offers vertical scalability. PHP divides your system into subsystems, each measured by a different server.

ASP NET Vs Laravel: Project Size

As you contrast the size of the projects using the two technologies. Laravel is appropriate for both small- and large-scale projects. However, if you’re going to construct a project that will resemble Facebook, it is advised to use a different framework. These initiatives encompass the whole infrastructure as well as the framework. As a result of employing an outdated PHP version with known security flaws, it is possible that Laravel will not support the most recent version of PHP.

Enterprise-level apps may be made with ASP.NET Core. The newest version of ASP.NET performs better than its predecessor. The primary reason ASP.NET is popular is because of its versatility. Another factor is that ASP.NET was created from scratch by combining the MVC and Web API frameworks, eliminating the need for IIS. As a result, ASP.NET is quick, light, and performance-optimized.

ASP NET Vs Laravel: Code Execution

When speaking of how code is executed, ASP.NET Core uses compiled code, which behaves like machine code and utilizes the system’s hardware. Such a procedure introduces limitations by producing platform-specific code. On the other hand, PHP employs interpreted code, which creates code independent of a platform.

ASP.NET Vs Laravel: Community support

Both the PHP and ASP.NET communities are supportive. In comparison, fewer developers in the ASP.NET community are strong enough to participate in the forum and respond to the queries posed by ASP.NET problems. However, PHP is a widely used language, and many helpful developers are active on various platforms and are prepared to provide free instruction and advice when required. In a nutshell, both groups will probably have the solutions to your queries. While using the PHP forums, you may rapidly receive a response.

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Laravel Vs ASP NET: Market Share

This section will give you insight into the market share of both Laravel vs ASP.NET Core. According to W3tech, PHP is used by 77.6% as their server-side programming language. On the other hand, it is used by 7.7% of websites.

Programming Language
Now let’s look at the usage of both technologies broken down by their ranking:

Server Side Programming Languages

  • You can see that 77.6% of PHP websites are overall used, and 7.7% of ASP.NET is used
  • For the top 1,000,000, 76.1% websites uses PHP and 10.2% uses ASP.NET
  • Next is the top 100,000, 71.0% websites uses PHP and 14.5% uses ASP.NET
  • Top 10,000, 63.6% website uses PHP and 16.8% uses ASP.NET
  • And lastly, for the top 1000 websites, PHP is used by 57.6%, and ASP.NET is used 18.9%

Laravel Vs ASP NET: Jobs & Salary

There are various job opportunities available for both technologies. There are 14,825 results available for Laravel worldwide, according to LinkedIn. On the other hand, 10,751 results are available for ASP.NET worldwide, according to LinkedIn.

As for the salary, The average PHP Laravel developer’s salary in the United States, according to Glassdoor, is $90,501 /yr. According to Glassdoor, the average ASP.NET developer’s salary in the United States is $81,845 /yr.

Laravel Vs ASP NET: Security

Both the technologies provide various security options to the developers. The following are security options offered by Laravel, which include:

  • Authentication
  • Email verification
  • Hashing
  • Authorization
  • Password Reset
  • Encryption

Laravel Security Options

Whereas on the other hand, ASP.NET enables developers to provide security to the application with the help of the following security options:

  • Reduce CSRF vulnerabilities
  • Protection against XSS
  • Laravel authentication system
  • SQL injection
  • Improve Laravel app security
  • Laravel security packages

ASPDOTNET Security Options

ASP.NET Core Vs Laravel: Techgaints using Technology

Following is the list of the tech giants using both Laravel and ASP.NET Core. Let’s take a look at them respectively.


Currently, 133 companies use ASP.NET Core which includes:

  • Alibaba travels
  • ViaVarejo
  • Queue-it
  • Cognizant
  • DevRain

Top Companies use ASPDOTNET


  • Bitpanda
  • Kmong
  • Razorpay
  • 9GaG
  • Mastercard
  • TransferGo

Top Companies use Laravel

ASP NET Vs Laravel: When To Use

The following are scenarios when you should use ASP.NET Core and when to use Laravel:


ASP.NET is the right choice if  you want:

  • To create cross-platform applications
  • Steep learning curve
  • Since ASP.NET Core is not fully matured, there can be some issues
  • Have tight deadline
  • It would be best if you had a stable environment
  • You have an existing application & expanding functionality


Laravel is the right choice if  you want:

  • Application for small scale
  • Web applications are tailored to your need
  • when you need CSS and JavaScript
  • It would be best if you had interactive content applications
  • When you’re on a tighter budget

ASP.NET vs Laravel
Wrapping up!

Which should you select between Laravel vs ASP.NET Core in 2023? To this specific question, there is no one correct response. If you want to create intelligent, cross-platform apps, use ASP.NET Core. Laravel is a better choice for PHP websites that must be rapidly produced and tested in the market. In the end, everything depends on your project’s demands, your apps’ expectations, and the audience you’re trying to reach.

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