Dedicated Backend Developer Profiles for Hire @ Aglowid

As a Top Web Development Company, Aglowid also provides a wide range of professional backend developer profiles for hire. Our team has skilled and experienced backend experts who specialize in all leading backend frameworks and libraries. Whether you are looking to hire dedicated backend Developers in Ruby on Rails, Python, Laravel, Node.JS, or any other industry-grade framework, we have you covered.

Ruby on Rails Backend Developers

We have a team of expert Ruby on Rails Developers that have proven expertise and years of experience in developing high performant web applications, eCommerce websites and customized CMS solutions for businesses across different industries and scales.

Python Backend Developers

If your project is more data-driven, or you need to automate your day-to-day business processes, we have some of the best Python programmers, consultants, engineers, and coders to work on your future-ready, scalable enterprise grade software solutions.

NodeJS Backend Developers

Hire dedicated backend developer from Aglowid for powering all your streaming web apps, real-time chatbots, single page applications, customized dashboard and other such project requirements that can benefit from Node’s event-driven, non-blocking I/O model.

Laravel Backend Developers

We have some of the most professional Laravel Developers that have core understanding of Laravel fundamentals such as OOP and MVC architecture support and are proficient in utilizing Laravel Artisan, Database Migration System, Unit Testing and other such Laravel features.

PHP Backend Developers

Are you planning To Build a fast and secure app with interactive and dynamic features? We recommend opting for our dedicated PHP Developers who are skilled in integrating PHP with popular frontend technologies like React, Angular, Vue.js and databases such as MongoDB and jQuery.

Java Backend Developers

Build your robust, feature-packed and scalable mobile/web apps, desktop GUI apps, software tools, or custom embedded systems by availing our top Java programmers who are proficient in Java fundamentals like Inheritance, Exception Handling, and core OOPs concepts.

.NET Backend Developers

Extend the potential of your software & its reach to all platforms such as mobile, desktop, web, cloud, game development, ML, IoT & much more by utilizing the skills of our best .NET coders who have expertise in using the various .NET development tools for crafting enterprise software.

Why Aglowid Has the Best Backend Developer for Hire?

Backend is the backbone of any successful digital product. And backend Developers are the key enablers of how good or bad the backend of any app is or can be. Hence, it becomes absolutely important to hire backend engineer who know the core concepts, conduct regular code reviews, have a proper understanding of various tools, databases and keeps security concerns in the back of their mind while working on any project.

Aglowid has the best-in-class dedicated backend Developers for hire who follow coding and security best practices, stay updated with all the latest changes and updates in their respective technology stack, have worked on various legacy and new projects and delivered timely projects following Agile and SCRUM methodologies.

Why Aglowid Is Your Ideal Offshore Backend Development Company?

Aglowid, operating as a Web Development Company, has been diligently providing offshore back end development services for a global clientele for businesses ranging from SMEs to MNCs, tailoring all their backend requirements to pixel-perfection precision. Trusting Aglowid as your remote backend development agency comes with many benefits, such as –

  • Access to top 1% backend Developers to work on your project
  • Various Backend Developer Profiles in Ruby on Rails, Python and other frameworks
  • On-Time Delivery Assurance with Project Transparency
  • Flexible Hiring and Engagement Models
  • Signed NDA and Project Code Ownership

How to Hire BackEnd Developers from Aglowid?

To find and hire backend developer that match your project requirements can be like finding a needle in a haystack. We understand such pain points and help our pool of clients get instant access to top 1% backend talents that they can onboard within 48 hours of final confirmation without any hassles. Here is how you can hire backend team for your project with Aglowid –

Initiate Project

Come to us with your project requirement, layout the expected deliverables, estimated project budget, and completion time.

Screen & Select
Backend Developers

Select the ideal talent(s) from our versatile Backend Developer Profiles based on your project and talent requirements.

Conduct One-on-One

Interview shortlisted candidates and test their skills by conducting one-on-one interviews, group discussions, check work portfolios.

Backend Talent

Selected candidates will be onboarded to work in your team within 24-48 hours after final confirmation.

Services You Can Avail With Offshore Backend Developers

Backend development is a huge oasis, and you might be looking for one or many related services for your backend setup. Aglowid is your one-stop comprehensive backend development agency that provides full-stack backend solutions to match all your needs.

Customized API

Our dedicated backend Developers for hire can create custom APIs or implement existing market-tested APIs for establishing seamless data exchange between various software systems, improving work efficiency and streamlining workflows in your overall digital project.

Efficient Database

Developing, designing, implementing, and maintaining the database requires the utmost precision and care to ensure there are no conflicts that crash the system. Our database management experts know how to enhance database performance and improve data storage quality.

Backend Server

Whether you are looking for setting up a new server from scratch or need to optimize your legacy infrastructure for downtime reduction and take preventive measures against data loss; you can rely on our backend Developers for hire to monitor, test & optimize your code.


Our cloud backend experts can assist clients integrate cloud-based ecosystem in their traditional work systems to benefit from the scalability, flexibility & collaborative capabilities it provides by leveraging leading cloud service providers platforms such as GCP, Azure & AWS.

Security & Industry
Grade Compliances

Hire professional backend engineers from Aglowid that have experience in integrating security into different backend architectures and optimizing applications to match the requirements of different compliances such as HIPAA, GDPR, BFSI, PCI DSS & more.

Backend Admin Panel

Hire backed programmer from Aglowid to develop powerful, easily navigable and intuitive, highly secure backend admin panels with relevant features such as account management, user profiles management, content management, analytic overview & others.

Smart CRM

Hire CRM experts from Aglowid that provide a comprehensive and customized toolkit that enables them to track and analyze customer data, set up marketing campaign automation, manage marketing pipelines, & improve their overall customer relationship management.

Backend Support and

Get continuous backend support and maintenance services from dedicated backend engineers available at Aglowid after project deployment to ensure your project functions smoothly, is secure, and is updated with the latest trends and features available in the market.

Backend Development Process, We Follow

Aglowid is one of the leading hire backend as a service provider that has gathered extensive experience in developing robust and highly complex backend architecture for different types of projects. If you want to Hire Software Developers who can tailor the backend development structure for meeting the exact backend requirements of your project, Aglowid is the right choice for you. Here is how we do it -

Gathering Project Requirements

Based on the inputs provided by the client and the insights derived by our backend consultants, we gain a fair understanding of the client’s project type and desired features that could help them reach their desired goals.

Backend Architecture Planning

Our backend architects tailor a backend solution and roadmap, picking algorithms, frameworks, and databases and discussing these choices with the clients. Our coders keep current with industry trends and platform versions to ensure project readiness.

Database Design & Development

Next, our professional backend Developers for hire design the database schema and work on setting up the project environment. Then they create different database scripts & test them to check for system security, reliability, & performance efficiency.

Backend Development

The design and development plan then gets translated to code following backend development coding best practices and industry grade standards to safeguard your app’s sensitive information and ensuring high performance and stability.

API Development

Next, our developers create various APIs for establishing communication between frontend and backend processes enabling your project to work as intended. Here, we test each API for dependency, performance, and functionality relevance.

Deployment & Maintenance

Once the backend systems are integrated in the production environment, we deploy the backend and provide ongoing maintenance and support to our clients to ensure it works as intended and is always up-to-date with any latest changes or upgrades.

Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, a backend developer cost starts from $15, however it will reach upto $100 based on the backend technologies you would like to work on. On an average, you can hire our backend developers from $15 - $40 from Aglowid IT Solutions

We understand one size does not fit all, and hence, we have a set of flexible pricing models that are based on the client's preferences. Choose your preferred pricing model from; • Fixed Cost Pricing Model • Time and materials Pricing Model • Pay as you use/Pay per unit • Mixed Mode Pricing Model

Just contact us, we give you all the options of your choice. You can hire our dedicated Back-end developers on Full-Time, Part-Time, or Hourly basis.

This is a matter of consultation, but we can assure you that you will get something more than expected. Here you will get an experienced team of developers along with a project manager who can reduce your overall burden to manage the project.

It's very simple as you are always in the loop while we develop your project -thanks to our dedicated project management strategies and the use of the tools. Besides, we are also open to your preferred medium to communicate.

That never happens; we dedicatedly work to satisfy our clients; that's our priority. Still, if you are not satisfied with our work, we will work out on possible solutions which suit your requirements or what makes you satisfied.

We have dedicated project management tools in place, such as Trello, Skype for Business, Microsoft Project, Jira, Slack, and so much more. We are open to adopting our client's choice -what they preferred and comfortable with.

That's possible, though changing developers in the mid of project development may delay the project. The newly deployed developers may need some time to understand the projects. However, we keep a backup plan ready for such a situation.

What is the payment procedure? If you are opting for particular resource hiring, then 30% of the payment needs to be done upfront. The rest needs to be paid on the given date after handing over the project. Payment can be transferred to the account or done online too. For other queries, feel free to call us anytime.

The first thing you can do is to check our work portfolio. Further, you can test our developers' skills and expertise by taking their interviews over Skype call. We are open to prove our expertise. Feel free to give test tasks so that you can check our coding standards.

Yes, we provide profiles of every developer, so that you can easily select your developers that are suitable for your project.

The Code helps in managing both private and public Git sources. For smooth working, we use two top codes, Bitbucket SCM and GitHub.

We have dedicated project management tools in place, such as Trello, Skype for Business, Microsoft Project, Jira, Slack, and so much more. We are open to adopting our client's choice -what they preferred and comfortable with.

Yes, you will be the only owner of the project, its code, and API.

No, our all policies are transparent; we don't have any hidden policies. We make everything clear right in the beginning.

Of course! It’s a part of our work. We love to deal with issues. And we will surely make it into a fully functional thing.

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