Best Web App Ideas To Make Money In 2023

By Ronak Patel   |   8 December, 2020
Best Web App Ideas To Make Money In 2023

Are you looking for web business application ideas in 2023 to make money?

Do you want to become an Entrepreneur?

So this blog is for you. You landed on right place. Here we are going to discuss about the top web application ideas for business that you can make money and how you launch your web app ideas 2023 into online marketplace, portals.

Now you think “what is a web application?

Here I give your answer. The web application is a computer-based software that runs on web servers and access by a web browser with an internet connection.

It requires a web server to manage client’s requests, an application server to perform to required tasks.

Web applications use the server-side script (PHP, ROR and ASP) and client-side scripts (Java and HTML) along with some advanced frontend JavaScript technologies like Angular, React, Node. This is good for customers to interact with companies or others with online forms, content management systems, and more. This is also a great advantage for employees to create documents, sheets, sharing documents easily, and working on common documents.

A web application is the new face of business. Most companies implement new web app project ideas for sustainable business.

Some examples of web applications

  1. Gmail
  2. Google Docs
  3. Shopping Cart
  4. Microsoft 365
  5. Yahoo

Some Popular Web App Ideas for 2023

Are you looking for best web application business ideas that make money in 2023?

There are lots of simple web app ideas but all those web application business ideas do not make money.

Here some cool web app ideas for web app business.

1. CEO Dashboard Web App:

In this age of technology, the internet is the primary source of data. So here the problem arises while interpreting a large amount of available data.

Dashboard analyses the large amount of data in a single place. CEO Dashboard is one of the innovative web app ideas that will be in demand in 2023.

Every company’s CEO in B2B field keeps an eye on the latest marketing trends and tactics. He asks his team to prepare a detailed report about the latest marketing trend’s data and thereby analyze the same.

However, using the CEO dashboard CEO can analyze a large amount of information in one place. So that his team can focus on the essential operations of the company.

By developing the feature-rich, scalable, and reliable CEO dashboard web app, the top-level management can get access to the latest trend’s report and can formulate strategies towards accomplishing the company’s goal.

2. On-Demand Services: 

On-demand services web applications act as a mediator between customers and services providers for different services. Users prefer to pay small fees for faster and convenient services offered by web applications.

This type of web app project ideas includes delivery services, commercial and household cleaning services, taxi services, repair services, and other such services.

On-demand Services

3. Employee Orientation and Training Web Application:

Employee orientation and training web application is the most essential thing for the company as well as for the employee, as it makes it easier for the new employee to adjust to the culture of the company. Due to the manual orientation process HR finds it harder to handle operations like finding documents, providing essential materials to the new employees.

58% of organizations say their onboarding program is focused on processes and paperwork – SaplingHR

With the help of the Employee orientation and Training web application, Hr can store the documents online that can get approved automatically and access it whenever required, additionally, the web application can also be used for providing access to training materials to the new employee. Moreover, the employee can get the information about the team he would be working with, along with the team’s contact details. The Employee orientation and training web application can also help to reduce any miscommunication and also inform the employee about the unavailability of the manager.

Employee orientation web applications

4. Chatbot Web Applications: 

Technology has evolved in the past few years. One such technological advancement which really helped brands to serve their customers is Chatbot. With the help of the Chatbot web application , the companies can serve their customers 24*7.

The benefit of chatbot is an excellent customer support experience which in turn converts the customer into a loyal and returning customer.

According to Statista, in 2027, the worldwide Chatbot market is projected to amount to 454.8 million U.S. dollars in revenue, up from 40.9 million dollars in 2018.

5. CRM for Start-ups & Small Businesses: 

CRM is most important and highly demanded business web app idea that enables the companies or brands to maintain the relationship with customers.

For the past few years, the demand for CRM web application has been rising yearly among start-ups and small businesses.

In 2019, revenue from the customer relationship management (CRM) market amounted to 56.5 billion U.S. dollars. – Statista

There are many CRM web applications available in the market like Hubspot, salesforce, etc.

6. HealthCare Web Application: 

Healthcare Web Application allows the patients to book in an appointment to visit the doctor. Patients just need to enter their basic details and they can connect with the nearest doctor and book in the appointment from the available slots.

Patients who booked healthcare appointments ran 3x more searches than those who didn’t. – Dialogtech

While pandemic, the demand of online healthcare technologies is rising continuously. Here we can say that there are lots of new Web App Idea concepts related to healthcare sector came into existence.

7. Digital Payments Web Application: 

Digital payments and e-wallets are widely growing for digital payments. Most people pay digitally rather than paying cash. Google pay, amazon pay, Paytm, phonepe are examples of e-wallets.

E-wallet is an app that is linked with the bank account which is used as a mode of payment at supported locations

E-wallet is highly demanded web app idea which is growing fastly in 2023 and beyond.

Total transaction value in the Digital Payments segment is projected to reach US$4,934,741m in 2020. – Statista


8.Job Recruitment Web Application:

The Jobseeker can create his account on the job recruitment web application and upload required documents like a resume, cover letter, and Proof of Identity. The recruiters can view the profile of these job seekers and they can reach out to job seekers directly if they fit into the job requirement. There are websites which are aimed for similar purpose, however they are not user friendly, they do not run smoothly.

Developing the job recruitment web application that is optimized for desktops and mobile devices can be user-friendly and handy for recruiters and job seekers.

9. Drop Shipping Web Application:

Drop shipping business model is for entrepreneurs who want to start their business at minimal cost. People want to drop ship need to partner with the suppliers and market their products on the drop shipping web application. So when a buyer places an order for a product via a drop shipping store, the drop shipper contacts the supplier with the order details, and the supplier ships the item. The drop shipping earns commission on every sale made by his drop shipping store.

The global drop shipping market size was valued at USD 102.2 billion in 2018 and is expected to register a CAGR of 28.8% from 2019 to 2025.

With the rise in this trends, its is said that dropping shipping is one of the best web app idea that assure a hefty profitable business return.

10. Q & A Forums Web Application: 

A question/answer forum web application can be an amazing tool for building communities where people share their industry knowledge and also allow contributors and other users to post in their questions and get relevant answers.

Question and Answer forums

11. Review Web Application 

Online Reviews play a crucial role in deciding whether to buy the product or service or not. People’s mindset have changed and they like to carryout a research before opting for any product or service. Whether its a Tech device,mobile phones,laptops fashion products, clothes and even movies or web series. Not only this, even while shopping on e-commerce website, customers check out reviews of the product, the service experience, the seller rating more. So we can just imagine how important the reviews are in people’s lives.

Reviews & Ratings Web app ideas

12. Tour & Travel Web Application: 

The Tour & Travel web application can inform guide users to choose from different places to explore. The users can choose from different travel packages that falls under their budget.

Travelers can share their travel experience on the web application which can assist other potential travelers to make a decision. But that’s not all, once the travelers reach their destination, they would need information regarding sightseeing spots and nearby places to visit which can also be provided in this tour and travel web application.


The market size of the global online travel agent sector was 744.73 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. This figure was forecasted to decrease to 595.78 billion U.S. dollars in 2020. The predicted decline in 2020 was mainly due to the economic slowdown across countries owing to the coronavirus pandemic and the measures to contain it. However, by 2023 the market was expected to have grown at a CAGR of 11.24 percent to reach 820.18 billion U.S. dollars according to Statista

13. eLearning Platforms Web Application:

eLearning platforms have gained immense popularity in the last six months due to the pandemic situation. Education providers are in dire need of ways to impart knowledge and education to students, eLearning tools can work as a mediator, and in turn, help students and education accomplish their goals.
eLearning platform can be a one-stop platform that can help education providers to conduct classes, record lectures, conduct quizzes, tests, exams, and more.

Some popular online learning platforms are Udemy, Sikllshare, simplilearn.

The massive open online course (MOOC) market could be worth $25.33 billion by 2025Techjury


14. Event Management Web Application:

Finding an experienced event management services can be a bit troublesome.This event management web application can connect the potential customers with different event management companies. The consumer can get complete information about the event organizer and can also read the customer’s reviews about the company,which can play a key role while hiring the event-management company.

Hope you find the above web app ideas for 2023 useful.

Here I have bonus for you!!!!!

Here are more web application ideas for 2023.

  • Fitness web application
  • Nutrition and meal preparation web application
  • Book readers web application
  • Gift delivery web application
  • Photo editor web application
  • Translation web application
  • Meditation and yoga web application\
  • Video conferencing web application
  • Voice translation web application
  • Vehicle servicing web application
  • Virtual study group web application
  • Video editing web application

Web Application Trends

Every year new technologies and trends come into the marketplace. To stay in competition, businesses need to focus on raising the new web app trends, techniques, strategies.

Top Web App Development Trends:

1. Progressive Web Application (PWA)

Progressive Web Application is not an actual app but using modern web capabilities, it offers app-like experience to users.

You may have come across “Add to Home Screen” pop-up when you open a website (modern web capabilities feature that is available now with all modern browsers) in the browser.

When you allow it, you get a “Lite” version of the app created on your desktop or mobile which offers native-app like experience.

Besides, you get offline functionality as well. But, there are some different views on the offline features of the PWA apps. For example, not all PWAs function offline; one such example is ‘Instagram.’

PWA are built around the idea that they need fast, integrated, reliable and engaging and this is the benchmark to web application development.


Reasons why PWA will trend in 2023

  • Work as same as native application
  • Easy to use
  • Get instant update
  • Increased accessibility
  • Fast
  • Load instantly
  • Better then web applications
  • 78% increased conversation

With the great advantages PWA is one of the best technology adopted by top companies in 2023.

Examples of PWA

  • Flipkart
  • Book my show

2. AI based ChatBots:

AI Chatbots are implemented to cater to the organisation’s need. It helps the organisation to serve the customers 24*7. Chatbots are deployed to answer basic customer queries related organisation’s products or services. The workload of customer service agents is significantly reduced with the aid of AI Chatbots as all the repetitive tasks are monitored and held by AI chatbots

It is making every person excited to know the latest trends and technology to get more and more customers.

AI based chat bots have been in great demand in 2021 and they will be trending in 2023 as well. for  Over 90% of companies implemented AI based chat bots in their web application.

According to top web app development company’s trend’s integrated AI based chatbots in web apps is expected to grow massively in 2023.

AI-based chatbot makes a significant impact on engagement with customers. With the help of AI, today, chatbots have transformed into a more useful feature than just being a robot.

Why companies use AI based chat bots?

  • Active 24/7
  • Save customers time with instant replies
  • Improve customer’s engagement and satisfaction
  • Improve sales
  • Use artificial intelligence

3. Web Assembly:

There are many layers of coding and programming in web applications. Therefore, there may be some responsive errors in long run business. When the web application becomes complicated there are chances to multiplied such issues. Web assembly is the binary format from the client side that derives the good performance of web applications. It helps to improve performance and responsiveness of the web application.

Web assembly trends will be adopted by most companies in 2023 so as to ensure that the web applications are ready for high performance.


4. Voice Search:

The future of web app development is more of voice and less of text. Most users prefer voice search over text search. Companies focus on voice search commands to optimize digital and physical products. Including the voice search command features in the web application can generate more traffic to web applications, thereby increasing customer engagement. Voice search trends help customers to get faster results to their queries compared to traditional search.

Search by voice will make up 50% of all searches by 2020. – Alphametic


Why web app developers and companies use voice search?

  • Save time
  • Get information faster than traditional search
  • Hands free search
  • Enables multitasking
  • Easy to use
  • Help to understand user behavior
  • Improve customer engagement
  • Increases sales & conversation

5. Motion UI:

The motto of motion UI lies in supporting developers in designing the websites with a minimum approach and an appealing design to offer users an excellent user experience. Also, motion UI will be kept away from the useless use of flash content material and distinct GIFs. Sometimes users get very irritated by seeing ads and useless content on web applications. To avoid useless things on web applications and give an excellent user experience to users, Motion UI is used by most of the developers to design web applications.

Why use Motion UI:

  • Help users to get exact information
  • Helps to build credibility
  • Simplifies products/services promotions
  • Improve brand quality
  • Increase user engagement

6. Blockchain:

Blockchain is one of the best technologies mainly used for more extensive data stored securely. Its in high demand in the market because of its high-security features. Blockchain uses cryptography to store different data in blocks. Blockchain does not require a third party medium while performing the transaction process. Every transaction has confirmation and depends on algorithms that are defined only for reasons. We all know that there is more information stored in all computers, but we can secure all data with blockchain.

Blockchain-based web applications have increased in the last few years, and blockchain will continue to gain popularity in the coming years.

Now the multinational banks also use a blockchain because they also know the potential of the blockchain.


Worldwide spending on blockchain solutions is expected to grow from 1.5 billion in 2018 to an estimated 15.9 billion by 2023. Statista

Why we use blockchain?

  • Simple and easy to use
  • Better alternative of money transfer
  • Simplifies user experience
  • More secure

How to Find Web App Business Ideas in 2023

The most important factor here is  to find a trending and profitable web app idea in 2023. Competition has increased as many businesses are opting to enter into digital space.

With the conventional app ideas it is hard to meet competitive goals. Whether its  a web app idea or mobile app, as an brand you need to think out of the box. You need to offer something unique to  users to compete with other brands.

Utilize Social Media to carry out research and find out the current web apps trends and other application ideas.

If you want an innovative web app idea, you need to perform thorough research in the market. You must check what customers need and what your competitor delivers. If you identify the gap between customer’s needs and your competitor’s delivery, you can build an app that fills in that gap and satisfies your customers.

How to Transform your Web App Idea into reality?

Some key points to transform your web idea into reality:

1. Note Down Web app feature’s list

Firstly you have to identify the features which you want to include in your web app. Note down the requirements and store them in an accessible place, which can be accessed later. It helps you to turn your app idea imagination into the requirements. Share this features list with your team and identify the features you need to make it successful.

2. Conduct market research

Conduct thorough market research to find out apps similar to your app idea, deep down further, and look for customer’s review, rating, experience with the app, and feedback. Include some out of the box features in your web application to differentiate from your competitors.

3. Identify the Target audience

Identify your target audience based on demographics, behavior, and interests. Use Social media and other tools to carry out your research.

4. Create design prototype of your web app

The rough wire frame of your web app can help you to define the web app concept and refine the requirement of your web app. You can use paper and pencil or use online tools to sketch your web app. Wire frame of web app with features list and design will help you to understand specification and flow to build web app.

5. Develop your web app  or find best web app developer

Once you have done your rough sketch with a web app feature you can start to build your web app. If you are not a developer then you can approach a web app developer. Approach at least 5 to 6 web app developers and select one web app developer who can build your app with high quality at cost-effective rates.

6. Test the app

Once the app is developed, the app needs to be tested. Testing can assist web developers in finding out any bugs and issues. Testing will ensure a smooth app experience for end-users.

7. Launch app and market it

After developing and testing the app, its time to launch the web app. The most crucial thing here is to market the app along with its launch. Use social media and run some ad campaign to reach target audience.

8. Get feedback from your audience

The most important thing is the feedback from end users. Act on the feedback provided by the end users, it will help to improve customer experience.

Web App Ideas in 2022

FAQ for implementing Web App Ideas in 2023 

How much does it take cost to build web app?

  • Simple web app development will cost around $3000 – $15000.
  • Medium web app development will cost around $15000 – $25000
  • And a Large scale Web app development cost you more than $250,000.

Does web app work on mobile?

No, web app does not work on mobile app. It works only on windows and Mac computers.

Is web app available for international customers?

Yes, web app available for international customers.

How do I install the web app?

You don’t need to install web app in system just like desktop app and mobile app. They run entirely in the web browser.

How much does it take time to build web app?

  • Simple web app it takes 1 month.
  • Medium web app it takes 4 months.
  • Large scale web app it takes 6 months.

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