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If you want to truly optimize your Laravel app performance, you need to have an understanding of the top Laravel Packages that can help you reduce your Laravel app development time while following best Laravel coding practices. Here is a ultimate list of best packages for Laravel development you should know.

Laravel is one of the most popular open-source PHP frameworks known for taking away the pains and hassles of development while maintaining its capabilities as a robust framework. It reuses existing components of different frameworks for creating stunning yet cost-effective web applications. Laravel packages allow developers to access all the framework’s features to its host applications for various purposes like routing, migrations, views, tests, and more. Another benefit of using some of the best Laravel Packages is that they follow the Don’t Repeat Yourself (DRY) principle that duplication in logic needs to be eliminated via abstraction, duplication in the process needs to be eliminated by automation.

According to Packalyst, a Laravel packages repository, more than 15111 identified Laravel Packages. Naturally, going through all these packages is not easy, nor is it worth your precious time. Hence, we have compiled a list of top Laravel Packages for different utilities and applications for your reference. Understand your business requirements and select the Best Laravel Packages that best match them.

Top Laravel Packages List 2023 – As per Function

Here is a list of the best Laravel packages in 2023 that you can use for optimizing your Laravel based app performance divided as per their functionalities and categories:

1. Top Laravel Email Tools & Packages

Sending emails is one of the most fundamental features that any web application offers. Some websites use their emailing feature for collecting feedbacks and responses, whereas some use it to send the newsletter. PHP-powered websites generally use the Mail()php method for sending emails; however, the security aspect of this method can easily be compromised. Hence, Laravel has many advanced features for sending emails with different Laravel packages for different uses. Here are some of the best Laravel packages and tools for emailing.

Laravel Email Tools & Packages

1.1 Beauty mail

Github StatsFork (181) | Star (1000) | Contributors (28) | License – (N/A)

Beauty mail helps developers and marketers create beautiful responsive HTML emails with utmost ease. You can adapt a template from popular HTML email template collections like those provided by Mailchimp and Campaign Monitor.

Key Functions of BeautyMail for Laravel

  • Welcome emails
  • Data exports
  • Invoices
  • Password reminders

1.2 Sendgrid

Github StatsFork (624) | Star (1400) | Contributors (137) | License – MIT

Twilio’s Sengrid is one of the most popular Laravel packages for sending messages. It is very efficient and speedy, and it comes with tracking features. It gives you insights about how many users open your link and how many times, with other important metrics such as the number of clicks on your mail.

Key Functions of SendGrid

  • Reporting/Analytics
  • Alerts/Notifications
  • Chat/Messaging
  • Real-Time Reporting
  • Contact Management
  • Customizable Branding
  • API
  • Contact Database
  • Content Management

1.3 MailGun

Github StatsFork (314) | Star (1000) | Contributors (86) | License – MIT

MailGun is an email delivery service that helps Laravel developers with an easy API for sending transactional emails from their website. MailGun is the ideal Laravel package for ensuring safe and secure mailing services, with additional features like tracking users that click the links in your emails. MailGun allows users to send about 10,000 emails free every month.

Key Functions of MailGun

  • Sending Messages
  • Tracking Messages
  • Email Validation V3
  • Email Validation V4
  • Receiving, Storing & Forwarding Messages
  • Inbox Placement

1.4 Spatie Laravel Mail Preview

Github StatsFork (74) | Star (981) | Contributors (29) | License – MIT

Spatie Laravel Mail Preview package is one of the most convenient and popular Laravel packages that quickly display emails sent by the Laravel application in your browser. Whenever a mail is sent to your application, the package injects a small overlay with a link to that sent mail. This helps the users to test out the mail-in in their browser quickly.

Key Functions of Spatie Laravel Mail Preview

  • Quickly Preview Mails
  • Preview in a Web Browser
  • Making assertions against sent mails

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2. Best Laravel Ecommerce Packages

One of the top priorities for any e-commerce website/application is to ensure security, ease of payment, and a smooth user experience. Laravel is one of the most preferred PHP web frameworks for creating online stores, marketplaces and other ecommerce web apps with several advantages with advanced security features.

Why to choose Laravel Package for Ecommerce Requirements

Why choose a Laravel Package for Ecommerce Requirements?

  • High Scalability
  • Laravel Shopping Cart Management Flexibility
  • Independent Operation
  • Omnichannel Support

Laravel Ecommerce Packages

2.1 Bagisto

Github StatsFork (1500) | Star (4500) | Contributors (137) | License – MIT

Bagisto is a free, open-source Laravel-based ecommerce Laravel package. It pays special attention to accessibility and is designed for all developers to help them develop and expand their ecommerce business with ease. It has various useful functionalities and gives you complete control over your web store. It is an easy-to-use ecommerce package even for a non-technical user. It greatly reduces the resources, cost, and time needed to set up your online store or convert your brick-and-mortar store to an online store from scratch.

Key Features of Bagisto

  • Multivendor Marketplace
  • Multistore Inventory
  • Product SEO
  • Search by Image
  • Core Web Vitals
  • PayPal Smart Button
  • Control Level Access
  • Insights and Reports

2.2 Aimeos

Github StatsFork (904) | Star (5600) | Contributors (17) | License – MIT

Aimeos is a popular Laravel package for ecommerce requirements. You can easily build your basic, feature-packed, fully functional ecommerce website. It also has advanced features for a complex enterprise-grade ecommerce solution such as Laravel multilingual package, SEO-ready tools and customizable themes. Aimeos is highly preferred in the Laravel community due to its impressive web speed and optimized server.

Key Features of Aimeos

  • Multi-Vendor Marketplaces
  • Multi-Channel Marketplaces
  • Multi-Warehouse
  • Free shops till 1,000,000000+ items that render in 20 ms
  • Bundles/Vouchers/Event Products
  • 100+ Payment Gateways Support
  • Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets

2.3 GetCandy

Github StatsFork (116) | Star (438) | Contributors (14) | License – Apache

GetCandy is a headless ecommerce platform compatible with Laravel. It has an intuitive interface that enables the developers to develop an impressive custom web store in no time. GetCandy is a combination of eCommerce API and an administrative system developed to create and support high functioning ecommerce websites that grants the users complete control of the user experience for their storefront.

Key Features of GetCandy

  • Headless Ecommerce
  • No bloatware
  • Complete Control
  • Backend for PWA (Progressive Web Apps)

2.4 AvoRed Laravel eCommerce

Github StatsFork (517) | Star (1300) | Contributors (87) | License – N/A

AvoRed is a free, open-source PHP-written ecommerce app development platform based on Laravel. It provides modular e-commerce services customized as per the users’ needs, with cross-device responsiveness built-in to create mobile-ready web app solutions.

Key Features of AvoRed

  • Product Management
  • Order Management
  • Responsiveness Built In
  • SEO Optimized
  • Developer Friendly

3. Laravel Blogging Packages

Having a blog section on your website is very important, especially when dealing with services and products where you need to showcase yourself as a thought leader in your niche. You could provide information about the latest trends and concepts in your niche through blogs, provide transactional blogs that convince the audience to leverage your services and do much more. Here are some of the top Laravel packages for adding a blog to your website:

Laravel Blogging Packages

3.1 PJ Blog (JCC Blog)

Github StatsFork (716) | Star (2800) | Contributors (24) | License – MIT

PJ blog is an open-source blogging tool built with Laravel and Vue.js. It is designed to look visually appealing while prioritizing convenience and performance. It comes with a useful and appealing dashboard made with Vue.js components.

Key Features of PJ Blog

  • Article Categorization
  • Content Moderation
  • Comments System
  • Multi-Language Support
  • Roles and Permissions
  • Statistical Tables
  • Label Classification

3.2 Canvas – Laravel Publishing Platform

Github StatsFork (492) | Star (3000) | Contributors (64) | License – MIT

Canvas is a fully open-sourced package that helps extend your Laravel website’s capabilities by setting up a fully functional and impressive blog in a matter of minutes. Apart from a distraction-free writing experience, Canvas also provides important insights and stats about your content like monthly trends, content view, and more to optimize your content in the best manner possible truly.

Key Features of Canvas

  • Canvas UI
  • Unsplash Integration
  • Email Notifications

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4. Laravel Authentication & Authorization

Authentication and authorization are important aspects of website development to deal with sensitive data assets. If any of these two are absent, your data is vulnerable to data breaches and unauthorized access. They help confirm the user’s identity and grant access as per their roles and administrative power.

Laravel Authentication & Authorization

4.1 Rinvex – Laravel Authentication

Github StatsFork (13) | Star (132) | Contributors (6) | License – MIT

Rinvex is a powerful authentication and authorization Laravel package with verification capabilities. It provides a complete out-of-the-box solution for all your authentication and authorization requirements.

Key Features of Rinvex

  • Role-Based Access Control
  • Two-Factor Authentication
  • Social Authentication

4.2 Laravel Jetstream

Github StatsFork (649) | Star (3300) | Contributors (188) | License – MIT

Laravel Jetstream is a popular Laravel package that provides the perfect starting point for any Laravel application. It includes login, registration, two-factor authentication and many other important authentication services to set up your authentication and authorization requirements.

Key Features of Laravel Jetstream

  • Email Verification
  • Registration
  • 2FA – Two Factor Authentication
  • Session Management
  • API Support
  • Team Management

4.3 Laravel Breeze

Github StatsFork (239) | Star (1800) | Contributors (63) | License – MIT

Laravel Breeze is a minimal and simplistic authentication package for Laravel applications. It is styled with Tailwind, and it allows users to set authentication controllers and views to your applications that the user can customize as per their requirements with utmost ease. Blade and Tailwind power breeze.

Key Features of Laravel Breeze

  • Simple and Lightweight Package
  • Backed by Tailwind CSS and Blade
  • Clean and Appealing Dashboard Design
  • Easy auth route management
  • Maintained by Laravel Team

4.4 Socialite

Github StatsFork (918) | Star (5100) | Contributors (114) | License – MIT

What’s one of the most needed authentication features for modern web apps? Social media logins! Laravel understands the need to provide easy social media login integration, and this is why it came up with Socialite. Socialite is a Laravel package that allows developers to implement authentication with Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, GitHub, Google, etc.

Key Features of Laravel Socialite

  • Multiple Login Integrations
  • Handles Boilerplate Social Authentication Code
  • Tracking conversions

4.5 Entrust

Github StatsFork (1300) | Star (6100) | Contributors (91) | License – MIT

Entrust is one of the most popular Laravel packages that provides a flexible way to add role-based permissions to any Laravel 5 based application. It creates four tables:

  • Roles Table – for storing role records
  • Permissions Table – for storing permission records
  • Role_user Table – storing one-to-many relations b/w roles and users
  • Permission_role Table – storing many-to-many relation b/w permissions and roles

Key Features of Entrust

  • Assigning Roles & Permissions
  • Soft Deleting
  • Installable Extensions
  • Available Code Snippets

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5. Laravel Testing & Debugging

Testing is the process of identifying a mistake or group of mistakes that’s causing the application to malfunction or could cause the program to malfunction or cause vulnerabilities. Debugging is the process of locating and fixing these mistakes. For any web application, testing and debugging are integral practices that need to be carried out with utmost precision and accuracy. Here are some of the top Laravel packages for testing and debugging purposes:

Laravel Testing & Debugging

5.1 Behat

Github StatsFork (68) | Star (253) | Contributors (16) | License – MIT

Behat is an open-source behavior-driven development framework for PHP. It is one of the top tools for continuous communication, deliberate discovery and test automation. Behat has an extension for Laravel that helps developers begin testing and driving their Laravel applications.

Key Features of Behat

  • Extendable to the core
  • Automated Acceptance Tests
  • Browser-based tests without the need for browsers

5.2 Laravel Dusk

Github StatsFork (291) | Star (1700) | Contributors (135) | License – MIT

Laravel Dusk is one of the most powerful Laravel packages for browser automation. It performs end-to-end tests on Laravel applications. It provides client-side testing by running tests in a browser, letting the developers see the client-side features in real-time to experience what a real user using the app would experience. Also, repetitive tasks can be automated.

Key Features of Dusk

  • Browser Automation
  • Testing APIs
  • Virtual Multiple Browsers Creation

5.3 Codeception

Github StatsFork (1300) | Star (4400) | Contributors (629) | License – MIT

Codeception is an automation-testing framework for Laravel. It is popularly known for its unit testing abilities; however, it also has various capabilities. It is derived from PHPUnit.

Key Features of Codeception

  • Acceptance Tests
  • Functional Tests
  • Unit Tests

5.4 Atoum

Github StatsFork (163) | Star (1400) | Contributors (67) | License – BSD-3-Clause

Atoum is one of the best Laravel packages used for unit testing any application based on Laravel or other PHP languages. It is a modern, standalone and simple framework. The tests written in Atoum are simplified and easier to read. Atoum comes with asserters that enable you to write lesser code and test more functionalities.

Key Features of Atoum

  • Client-side Testing
  • Server-side Testing
  • Fixtures and Group Fixtures
  • Mocks
  • Grouping

5.5 Laravel Debugbar

Github StatsFork (1400) | Star (14100) | Contributors (168) | License – MIT

Laravel Debugbar is one of the best Laravel packages for developers that helps them add a developer’s toolbar to their applications. As the name suggests, this package is used for debugging purposes. It shows all the queries that your application offers.

Key Features of Laravel Debugbar

  • QueryCollector
  • RouteCollector
  • EventsCollector
  • CacheCollector
  • ConfigCollector
  • SymfonyRequestCollector
  • LogsCollector
  • PHPInfoCollector
  • MessagesCollector
  • MemoryCollector
  • ExceptionsCollector
  • TimeDataCollector
  • SwiftMailCollector

6. Laravel Payment Packages

Setting up payment gateways is important for setting up a Laravel shop or even your non-ecommerce website with subscriptions for users to purchase or some merchandise. Adding payment methods to your Laravel web apps opens up channels of revenue by selling products and services. However, you need to make sure that the sensitive data provided by your users to make the purchase are secured against any attacks and vulnerabilities. For this, there are many trusted and credible Laravel packages used by some of the best Laravel development companies :

Laravel Payment Packages

6.1 Laravel Cashier Stripe

Github StatsFork (586) | Star (2100) | Contributors (136) | License – MIT

Laravel Cashier Stripe is an expressive and easy-to-use interface for integrating Stripe’s subscription billing services in Laravel. It can handle almost all of the boilerplate subscription billing code that developers often exhaust themselves writing.

Key Features of Cashier

  • Basic Subscription Management
  • Coupons Management
  • Subscriptions – Swapping, Quantities Management
  • Cancellation Grace Periods
  • Invoice as PDFs

6.2 Omnipay

Github StatsFork (881) | Star (5600) | Contributors (142) | License – MIT

Omnipay is a payment processing library for all PHP languages. It is popularly used as a Laravel package for payment integration for its clear and consistent API and unit testing capabilities. It also comes with a dummy application to help developers use it with ease.

Key Features of Omnipay

  • Single API can be used in Multiple Projects using different Payment Gateways
  • No need to rewrite code for changing Payment Gateways
  • Proper documentation
  • Support for multiple gateways is important, especially for Ecommerce Websites

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7. Laravel SEO Packages

SEO is one of the most important aspects to nail for any website or web app. Your website becomes more visible and relevant to your target audience through search engine optimization. Luckily there are many credible Laravel SEO packages that you can use to optimize your Laravel applications:

Laravel SEO Packages

7.1. Laravel Seoable

Github StatsFork (8) | Star (28) | Contributors (2) | License – MIT

Laravel Seoable is one of the best Laravel packages for SEO requirements. It comes with many SEO techniques that optimize Laravel based applications to rank and index better on popular search engines like Google. It defines some core Laravel functions as per the best practices in SEO like mapping, meta tags, setting custom templates for title and page descriptions and more.

Key Features of Laravel Seoable

  • Mapping eloquent attributes to SEO meta tags
  • Setting customized templates for page title and description
  • Defining custom SEO data for app models

7.2 AutoMeta

Github StatsFork (14) | Star (23) | Contributors (12) | License – AGPL-3.0

AutoMeta is the perfect SEO package for Laravel that helps developers with basic SEO functionalities. It is one of the best SEO Laravel tools that help manage a website’s meta tags. It also helps fix some common SEO issues and make your overall code simpler for search engine bots to crawl.

Key Features of AutoMeta

  • Manage Website Meta Tags
  • Fix common SEO Bugs
  • Make code more Crawlable

To Conclude

These are some of the top Laravel Packages you should use for optimizing your next Laravel project. Set up a comprehensive list of the best Laravel tools and packages before starting working on your project for reducing overall development costs, time to market while improving the efficiency and capabilities of your project.

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