Why Startups Prefer React Native for Mobile App Development?

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Startups using modern technology solve the biggest app development issues in this digital era. Startups come with loads of exceptions, restricted resources, and lower budgets. Startups require result-oriented and simple solutions without sacrificing resources and budget. Among modern technologies, React Startups, and small teams prefer native to build MVP. Be it startup’s or large scale cross-platform app development process. In a nutshell, we can say that React Native (RN) helps in simplifying development efforts, shortening time-to-market, reducing development costs, and more. In this blog article, we will look at why startups prefer react-native for mobile app development.


React Native is a popular JavaScript-based mobile app framework that helps you develop native-like cross-platform applications. Developed and backed by Facebook since 2015, React Native is an Open-source framework popular for integrating web development concepts with mobile application concepts. One of the best things about React Native is it lets you create an application for various cross-platforms using the same codebase. React Native works on the principle of ‘code once and use anywhere.

Currently, React Native is one of the trendiest development frameworks among the developers allowing them to build versatile apps with the support of JavaScript data. The stats provided below will explain the Popularity of React Native.

The popularity of react-native can be seen from the stats provided below:

  • According to Statista, 38% of the developers will use React Native in 2021.
  • Stackoverflow developer’s annual survey 2021 – React Native takes sixth stand with 14.51%. Also, while talking about professional developers, react-native takes the fifth stand with 16.48%.
  • On Github, react-native has 102K stars, 22K forks, and an MIT license.
  • 754,738 React Native Weekly Downloads – NPM Trends

ReactJS Stats

Reasons why React native is ideal for Startups?

Startups consider React Native for developing their product because of the wide range of benefits that RN provides. To help decide on the tech stack for your startups, the following is the list of the benefits provided by React native from both the Business and Technical points of view:

React Native for SMEs

Business Perspective

  • Outstanding User Experience

Whenever the application is launched in the market, one of the important things to keep in mind is user experience. And React Native provides the best user experience for all mobile users. Furthermore, react-native provides various native-like UI components to create native-like apps. The asynchronous JavaScript operates in a native environment, allowing for creating a flexible and responsive mobile UI with fluid interaction.

  • Access to the Larger Talent pool

Since React Native is a robust cross-platform app development platform, you won’t have to worry about finding the right talent for your project. You can go for the freelancing option or offshore development to tap into global talent.

  • Shorter Time-to-Market

Time taken by any application, from being an MVP to getting into the hands of the customer, is crucial to any startup. Over 90% of the code is the same for iOS and Android. And because of the code reusability function of react Native, it enables developers for faster app development. You can quickly launch your first version of the application, an MVP. You can then add further functionality in the next update of the application.

  • Cost-Effective

Budget is one of the critical factors that startups are worried about. You can hire react native developer from India at cost-effective rates of $15. Each startup can cut down both time and cost of the application. The code must be written once in JSX and can be used on various cross-platforms.

  • Development Flexibility

When there are changes in code with react developer must change the code once, and it will be applied, whereas if this was in native platforms, then the developer has to make changes in both Android and iOS.

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Technical Perspective

Following are some of the impactful technical benefits of react native which makes it an ideal choice for SMEs as well as enterprise-level applications:

Why React Native is ideal for Startups

  • Back-end Technology Compatibility

With React Native, you can work with various back-end technologies like Django, Ruby on Rails, Node.js, and ASP.net.

  • Hot Reloading

Hot reloading, to put it simply, allows you to make changes to your app code while it is still running. Because your app can refresh automatically, it speeds up app development dramatically.

  • Reusable component

One of the best things about react native is its reusable component feature. It works both on iOS, and Android ad is enough to update a particular component in each case.

  • Supports Third-party integration

The goal of React Native is to make development go as quickly as possible. You may utilize a variety of third-party plugins and frameworks, such as NativeBase (which lets you construct native-like apps) or Galio (a library of UI components).

  • Single Codebase

Following the great success of Facebook’s iOS apps, the company decided to expand its javascript library to include support for Android. The iOS platform was chosen as the trial platform. The same frameworks offer mobile UI using react native, and both iOS and Android utilize the same codebase.

  • Modular Architecture

The architecture of React-Native is modular. Different software functions may be separated and swapped out using modules and discrete blocks of code.

The design team benefits from modular architecture since developers may go deeper into one another’s projects if necessary, making updating a breeze. React Native features a built-in Modular Architecture behavior that greatly aids programmers by allowing them to quickly upgrade and update their apps and reuse modules that function with both web and mobile APIs.

  • Access to Native APIs

A native platform API which is not fully available in JavaScript is sometimes needed by a React Native app. If you wish to reuse some existing Objective-C, Swift, Java, or C++ libraries, this is a good option. Or when you need to build multi-threading, high-performance code for tasks like processing.

This allows the UI to seem more like JavaScript than a framework. The procedure is simplified, and the UI works seamlessly to offer high-end responsive results, allowing you to create a mobile app for your company with no effort.

  • Declarative Style

Said, it’s about WHAT you want to do something rather than HOW you want to do it, as in imperative style. Imagine you’ve appointed a private chef to prepare a nice meal in your home; in this scenario, you’ll tell him what you want, not how to make it (as in imperative style).

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When to use React Native?

Selecting the correct tech stack for your mobile application can be a difficult task, but knowing the requirements of the business, the budget provided, and available time. Here are some of the scenarios where react-native can be the right choice. Choose react-native when:

When to use React Native

Already have native apps

If you already have iOS and Android applications, you can migrate your project in react native might be the right choice because you don’t require to rewrite your code.

Quick Scalability

When startups need to expand their business rapidly, react native is an excellent choice since selecting and training react developers is simple when working with a top offshore IT development firm.

Robust MVP development

The startups are interested in pitching the investors. But just theories are not enough. It is perfect when you approach the investor with MVP. It will give investors a better idea about your app idea in the market. You can present it cost-effectively to convenience them to invest in your app development.

Tight deadlines

In the early stages of a firm, you cannot afford any delay in your work. You must achieve the best possible outcomes in the least amount of time. This is precisely what creating an MVP with React Native and updating it does.

Limited Budget

If you’re a startup, you may have a limited budget to develop an app, particularly if you’re in a non-technical business or have other pressing concerns. Because React Native uses a single codebase to target various platforms, it may be incredibly cost-effective to develop apps with it.

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When not to use React Native?

It’s not always the case that the cross-platform app is better than a native app each time. There are scenarios where it is better not to use react native in your tech stack.

When Not to use React Native0

  • When your key aim is Performance Optimization
  • Where Security is your priority
  • When your App is graphics-oriented, in simple terms, your application includes custom animations, a variety of screen transitions, and much more in the app
  • When your application depends on interacting with hardware, such as when you’re using geolocation tracking

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Well-known Brands Using React Native

  • Instagram
  • Bloomberg
  • Skype
  • Tesla
  • Walmart
  • Discord
  • UberEats
  • Wix
  • Myntra
  • Soundcloud Pulse
  • Huiseoul
  • Pinterest

Comapnies using React Native
Wrapping Up!

It’s a potential mobile app development platform that’s a lifesaver for startups who don’t want to spend a fortune producing an app for their clients. Small businesses with a restricted budget for app development and a desire to join the market quickly would benefit from the cross-platform framework. And it may assist you by providing the ideal combination of a short delivery time, low cost, and high app quality. With a reliable React Native App Development Company, one can leverage the full potential of React Native framework and get the desired output from their robust featured mobile application.

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