Why Startups Prefer React Native for Mobile App Development

By Ronak Patel   |   12 February, 2019
Why Startups Prefer React Native for Mobile App Development

As the number of Smartphone users are all set to touch 2.7 billion sometime in 2019, Mobile App Development is one of the sectors that will be getting more benefits. Business enterprises, especially start-ups are looking for a massive potential in the rising trend of Smartphones.

Plenty of application ideas and thoughts pop-ups and start rolling out, but that actually create buzz as you need to select the one convincing solutions from the floods of options out there. That’s where the problem begins as many people, especially those having comparatively sound knowledge of technology stacks, remain stuck, exploring the best possible options to go with.

Solution Begins with the Awareness of Need
Yes, to find the right solutions, you need to focus on your needs and purposes of developing applications. For example, you would definitely look for the application that satisfies your goal, achieves your target, fulfills your needs, demand, and matches your preferences.

Ways to Develop App, Next Step to Solutions

Basically, there are 3 ways to develop a mobile application for your venture. For example;

  • Native App Development (using native Android Studio for Android and Xcode for iOS)
  • Hybrid App Development Solutions (One Code for cross platforms)
  • Mobile Web Development solutions (One App to run across mobile and web)

Mobile App Development

Well, considering the rising Smartphone trend, start-ups would go with the hybrid app development solutions. Having decided the application type, you need to select the right development framework or library, and that’s where you seem to lose all your confidence and get puzzled in between a number of frameworks and libraries around you. So, what options are you left with? Complex…?

That’s where I intervene and help you find the right development solutions.

As a start-up, you have to think over many factors that begin from your project ideas, services/product (you are to provide) and the framework you choose. Remember, Smartphone users are already using plenty of applications. If you want your application to find a place in their devices, then you need to come up with completely unique things. It has to be impressive enough from all corners (whether it is services or app performance). If you keep services aside (as it will be awesome and even improve over time), then three main things attract users;

  • The app should be impressive enough
  • Should provide optimum performance
  • Should integrate with all OS (Android/iOS)

When one thinks over all these parts, then there is one that lies over all frameworks -React Native. I am not undermining the other frameworks. There are certainly some frameworks apart from React Native such as Flutter, Ionic, NativeScript, Xamarin that really working good as cross platform frameworks.

That also supports cross-platform development but React Native has the edge over others. It has many reasons behind it. To know what differentiates React Native over others, you need to go deeper exploring the features, functionalities, and benefits that React Native has to offer. Let’s take a look at the reasons here.

Startups & React Native

Now, the question arises why start-ups should go with React Native? The term Start-ups and React Native has been given together for many different reasons, but ultimately these reasons reach the same goal -help start-ups convert ideas into business success. I can say that if you are a start-up company, then adapting React Native can help you in many ways. But before exploring other things, let’s dig deeper what React Native is and how it enables you to grow your business better.

Start-ups need budget-friendly solutions:

This is the one among the many reasons why start-ups need to choose React Native. The framework supports fast development, and therefore, it will help the entrepreneurs get the project completed in comparatively less time.

Look for Cost-Effective MVP Application:

Using React Native, you can get a robust MVP project in record time. That significantly reduces development cost and time. Once you develop your MVP app, integrating the most valued feature/s, it will be most appealing enough to woo your potential investors. The MVP (Minimal Viable Products) needs to be built up keeping investors and users’ interst in mind. React Native is absolutely capable of providing faster solutions using modern technologies.

React Native is the Solutions for What a Start-up Struggles for:

Being a start-up getting your business goal achieved quickly; getting effective solutions and also getting the solutions in budgets are the primary concerns. React Native is the answer to your all queries.

What is React Native

It’s a framework, compiles through native components, develops native mobile applications for cross-platforms such as Android, iOS, and Windows, using JavaScript. When I say native, it means that React Native renders application using native components that give a native-like feel to your app. More than that, React Native cuts down your development cost and helps developers fasten the process.

Why React Native

If I go on describing the whole things of React Native, then it will be a big one. So, my views are stick to the top useful attributes, features, and functionalities that will help start-ups get comprehensive ideas about why they should choose React Native as main development frameworks.

“React Native is one of the best frameworks I have loved working with. The best part of the framework is that it uses JavaScript language with Native support. Developers need not learn any other stack to work with the RN. Besides, the “Learn Once and Write Everywhere” is the best option for me”, says Saurabh Barot, CTO at Aglowid IT Solutions.”

Why React Native

React Native is Fast:

React Native is comparatively fast and provides quick solutions to your project. However, the faster development will depend on the number of factors, such as the number of stacks you are using together; types of apps you are building and much more.

Cross-Platform Support:

React Native is the only framework that builds native applications for cross vary platforms such as Android, iOS and Windows. At the same time, it allows developers to create a single application and run it across all platforms.

Hot Reload:

You don’t need to rerun the whole project if it happens to change a bit of source code on React Native framework. You can check the change live and see if the changes are reflected. The Hot Reload feature of React Native enables you to check the changes live.

Enhanced Security:

JS (JavaScript) is the core development language, thus it contains less or no flaws or breaches. Hackers will find it challenging to detect breakpoints. In simple term, React Native provides robust security to the application.

Saves Development Cost and Time:

Development cost depends on the time it takes to build the applications. Typically, native apps don’t support cord portability, and you may have to create separate apps for different platforms. It definitely takes extra development time and human resources. React Native, on the other hand, reduces 30-35% development time that significantly reduces development cost.

React Native Supports Custom Development:

Through custom development support, entrepreneurs get the flexibility to choose functionality and make complete new applications.

Single Code Base:

As the slogan goes ‘Write once, use it everywhere.’ When you build an application using React Native, it can work on both iOS as well as Android platforms.

Strong Community Base:

That’s the most significant advantage of working with React Native. The framework has a large community with a number of ace developers as members. You get quick solutions if any issue arises.


React Native is ruling the roost in terms of developing cross-platform native applications. As an entrepreneur or start-up, you can Hire React Native Developers of your choice (even fresher developers can help you like a pro on this framework). More than that, you get plenty of other benefits that help you achieve your business objective in a timely manner.

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