How to Find and Select Android App Development Partner?

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To find Android App Development Partner best suited for your project, you need to take several considerations into account. The right Android Partner for you is not necessarily the best Android app development company/Freelancer in town. This blog will help you understand the economical & technical points that will guide you to make an informed decision when selecting amongst potential Android app development partners for your next project.

Finding the right Android app development partner can make all the difference in the world and turn the fate of your app project’s success or failure. Opting for the wrong Android app development partner can have concerning consequences, impacting your budget, project timeline, and also the app performance negatively.

You might be contemplating to build an in-house Android app development team to mitigate any risks associated with outsourcing Android app project to any partner, and it is indeed, an option worth considering. However, it may not always be the best choice. Let’s explore this option further:

The In-House Android App Dev Team Dilemma

Building an in-house Android app development team might sound like the most logical and straightforward approach to fulfil your Android app development needs. This is because having an in-house team guarantees control and direct management. However, you should also keep in mind the several drawbacks of building your Android app development team:

In-House Android App Dev Team Dilemma

  1. Higher Cost per Resource – When you create in-house development team, you need to set up the entire recruiting and hiring process. Moreover, to maintain the skilled development team, you need to pay them fixed annual salaries which are subjected to increments each year, you also need to consider the cost of employee benefits, training if they are juniors and cost of maintaining your office space as well.
  2. Time Consuming – Setting up the recruitment process, waiting for enough applicants to fulfil different vacancies needed to build an Android team, filtering through the candidates, selecting Android developers and on-boarding them to the team, is definitely a tedious and time-consuming process.
  3. Limited Expertise – Fulfilling each role via an in-house talent or hiring in-house Android developers, designers, testers and other profiles for each role can be very difficult. Hence, your team is more likely to lack important aspects or skills needed for building an efficient Android app.
  4. Limited Flexibility – It is difficult to accommodate and prepare in-house talents to change in project scope, which would result in needing for additional talents to fulfil those demands.

If after knowing these limitations, you feel it is still a better choice to go with an in-house team hiring approach, you should. However, if you are interested in understanding the benefits of finding the right Android app development partner and curious as to how to find and select them, keep reading.

Find Android App Development Partner – The Importance of selecting the right one

The value of picking the right Android app development partner cannot be overstated. A reliable and experienced Android Partner can bring credible experience, cost-efficiency, speed to market, diverse skillset and much more to the table:

Factors of Choosing the Ideal Android App Development Partner

1. Technical Expertise and Experience

Android App Development Partners generally have experienced Android app developers with wealth of expertise across various projects. It is possible to find Android app developers that might have worked on projects similar to yours, which could be highly beneficial.

2. Speed to Market

When you work with an established Android App Partner, it becomes their responsibility to deliver the project on time. Since they are being paid for their services and deliverables, they are more likely to be motivated to stay on schedule than in-house developers.

3. Cost Efficiency

Picking Android App Partners from popular offshore locations such as India or Ukraine could result in significantly reduced Android app developer rates due to the economy and the minimum wage threshold in such offshore locations. This reduction in costs is particularly advantageous when considering the overall budget for app development. As you delve into exploring the cost to develop an Android app, it’s crucial to balance quality and affordability. Opting for offshore partnerships can be a strategic move, enabling you to access a diverse pool of Android talent at 1/4th the price, without compromising the standards of your application.

4. Diverse Skillset

Development Partners that dedicate their time and effort to build your Android dev team generally have access to a wider range of specialists such as design experts, security  consultants who will help you to implement top Android App Development Security Best Practices, and more.

5. Flexibility

When you choose Android App Development Partner that has access to multiple talents and diverse profiles, it becomes easier to accommodate to any changes in your project, allowing you to scale or descale your extended team as required.

6. Reduced Management Burden

Outsourcing your project to an Android app development partner allows you to focus better on your core business activities while the tech partner handles all the technical aspects of your Android app development project.

7. Scalability

An experienced Android app development partner can adapt to your project’s dynamically changing requirements as you scale, ensuring it is capable of adjusting to the user demands and add necessary features as and when needed.

8. Risk Mitigation

Finding an Android app partner can help identify and mitigate potential risks early in the development process. This can help reduce chances of serious errors that could prove costly and setback the project deliverables.

9. Legal and Ethical Considerations

Find and select Android app partner that can guide you through the legal and ethical considerations, especially if you are planning to make a global market Android app, reaching out to local market of different countries. Apart from cultural correction, such teams can help you stay aligned with Android security guidelines regarding data privacy, copyright, intellectual property rights and other such necessary provisions to maintain your app’s integrity.

10. Market Insights

Partnering with Android app development service providers who have valuable market insights can help shape your app’s architecture, and features to align better with user needs and preferences. Hence, find and select Android app development partner who has worked on projects similar to yours.

Steps to Find and Select Android App Development Partner?

We understand the pitfalls and challenges of setting up an in-house team. We also looked at the benefits and value proposition of finding Android app development partners. But the question remains – How to find Android App Development Partner for developing efficient, scalable, secure and user-friendly Android applications.  Let’s get right into it –

How to Find and Select Android App Development Partner?

Internal Assessment – How to Prep Before Finding Android App Development Partners Define Project Objectives
Set a Budget and Timeline
Find Android Partners through various channels
Reviewing Potential Android App Development Partners Review their Portfolio
Read Review and Testimonials
Development Partner Assessment – What to look for in your Android App Development Partner Discuss Your Requirements
Assess their Technical Expertise
Assess their Communication and Collaboration
Review Legal Matters
Discuss Cost and Payment Structure
Understand their plans for Project Scalability
Request for References
Final Assessment – Onboarding Android App Development Partner


Give a Pilot Project to Selected Android App Development Partner
Ensure Clear Communication and Transparency

Steps to Find & Select Android App Developmen
Internal Assessment – How to Prep Before Finding Android App Development Partners

Before we find and select Android app development partner, we should make sure that to be ready from our end. To do so, you would need to conduct an internal assessment to understand what you are looking for, what kind of Android app you need, and what resources you might require to attain your goals.

1. Define Project Objectives

Defining project objective is the first and foremost task to undertake. Before ‘who’ will develop your Android app, you need to answer the ‘why’ am I building this Android app. To do so, you need to ask yourself questions such as –

  • What are the main goals and purpose of your app?

Start by clearly defining the goals and purpose of your app. Are you developing an e-commerce platform, a productivity tool or a social media app? Having an understanding of your app’s primary purpose will be the foundation of finding the right Android app development partner.

  • Who is your target audience?

Identifying your target audience, demographic and requirements can help you convey what kind of Android app you are looking to develop. This information can be very helpful to your app development partner in designing and developing the app’s design and architecture to appeal to your audience.

  • What are the key features and functionalities needed?

Outline the essential features and functionalities you think your app should have. If you come across some apps that appeal to you, keep them as reference for explaining the features you liked to your Android app partner.

2. Set a Budget and Timeline

Budget and Timelines are two of the most important variables and guiding force to pick Android app development partner that aligns with your interests. An overly priced Android app would be difficult to yield revenues from and a delayed timeline would cause loss in terms of competitive advantage, missed opportunities and more. Ask potential Android app development partners questions like –

  • What is their budget range for app development?

Determine your budget constraints. Having a clear understanding of your budget range allows your potential Android app development partners to offer solutions that align with your financial resources.

  • What is their desired timeline for launch?

Building the best Android app alone is not a good enough objective. Especially if you are trying to establish yourself in a new market, you would benefit from bringing your app to market as soon as possible. Also having a clear sense of project deadline helps create realistic expectations and ensures timely delivery.

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3. Find Android Partners through various channels

Sticking to one platform for finding Android app partners is probably not the smartest way to go about it. There are many Android app development partners to browse and select from. Ask yourself questions such as –

  • Where are you looking for potential partners (Clutch, Google search etc.)?

Have you already started looking for Android app development partners? Where are you searching for them? Platforms like Clutch or Google Search are credible options to browse Android app development partners. Review their site, review their list of services, and compare them to better understand their approach towards projects.

  • How are you evaluating and shortlisting candidates?

Have you decided on a selection process? Do you have certain traits or skills you are looking for? You can look for factors such as experience, client reviews, portfolio and other proof of work to assess their skills and caliber.

Reviewing Potential Android App Development Partners

Before contacting Android app development partners, it is important to study about them to be better prepared. You can do this by browsing their website, checking their LinkedIn and other such platforms to get an idea about how the company presents itself and what kind of services they mainly offer. Is Android their core competency? Or is it one of the many services they provide? Such questions can help better assess potential Android app development partners.

4. Review Their Portfolio

Portfolios are one of the most effective ways to assess an Android app development partner’s calibre. Browsing their portfolio and the level of details they share shows their development approach, technology, management process, and other important details. Here are some things you can consider –

  • How do the apps in their portfolio demonstrate expertise in Android capabilities?

Every Android App Development Partner would have a Portfolio Section on their website. This is where they showcase some of their best projects and discuss how they went about it. It is a great starting place to assess their capabilities, skills, technology coverage, industry coverage and all such important aspects.  Check for Android app projects, and the technologies used for building Android app. Check if they build apps on native Android platform (Java and Kotlin) or on cross platform frameworks like React Native and Flutter too.

  • Can they show any previously completed Android app in the same field as you, to demonstrate their industry knowledge and app dev capabilities?

Asking potential Android app development partners for proof of work and concept isn’t wrong. They might refute the request on the basis of client agreement and signed NDA, however, if they have a project they can showcase, it helps a lot to understand their approach to Android development and gives a good taste of their capabilities.

5. Read Review and Testimonials

Review and Testimonials show the client’s feedback on the project completion and project experience they had working with the Android app development partner. Browse through them to get first initial thoughts about what their general perception is.

  • Do they have enough client testimonials in your industry or Android app development?

Check this work portfolio for projects under Android app development and further browse what kind of projects they have experience working on. This can help you identify their area of expertise and you can check if it aligns with your requirements or not.

  • What do clients typically praise about working with them?

Going through the testimonial can be an effective way to gain genuine insight about what aspect of their project handling is generally praised. Are they being praised for being punctual, for transparent communication, effective Android app planning or other factors? This will help you understand what to expect from your potential Android app development partner.

Development Partner Assessment – What to look for in your Android App Development Partner

Now you’re fully prepared from your end with absolute clarity about your project requirements, target audience, and basic features you want to integrate in your app. It’s time to assess and compare Android App Development Partner to find and select the right one for your project.

There are many such areas where you can judge the proficiency and reliability of an Android app development partner. Let’s get started –

6. Discuss Your Requirements

Initiate the discussion by sharing your project requirements. Remember, it should be more of a discussion and not be treated like on absolute extremes. To assess your android app development partner on the basis of your requirements, ask them questions like –

  • Based on my app goals and features, do they have all technical capabilities required?

Since we conducted an in-depth analysis of our project requirements in phase 1, you have an upper hand in knowing exactly what you need. Hence, you can start off the discussion by submitting your RFP, and double checking with them if they have all the technical skills and resources to fulfil your project demands.

  • Are there any particular requirements they foresee challenges with?

Internal audit helps you get a better position to discuss your project with potential Android app development partners.

However, since they are experts in the field who have worked on similar projects, it is advisable for them to go through your proposed features and functionalities, and ask for their honest opinion if any particular requirements can be challenging in terms of implementation, and if makes sense to continue forward with it. Such open-discussions would help set up a level of trust between the vendor and the client.

7. Asses their Technical Expertise

You might have filtered through some of the potential Android app development partners so far. Now you know that the remaining development partners have the potential to build your app. We will further screen them by asking them relevant questions to form a better assessment of their skills.

  • How experienced are their developers with core Android languages like Java and Kotlin?

Start by assessing their proficiency in native Android languages – Java and Kotlin. Having fundamentals clear in these programming languages is essential to ensure the developers’ dedication and experience in the Android platform. It would also help ensure they are self sufficient and can work around any bottlenecks that may arise.

  • What Android SDKs, tools and frameworks are they most familiar with?

Also inquire about their knowledge on Android Software Development Kits, tools, and frameworks such as React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin and others. It might also be beneficial to ask them about their proficiency in iOS app development services, if you plan to cover iOS as a platform at a later stage of your strategy.

8. Assess their Communication and Collaboration Skills

Communication and collaboration are vital in ensuring effective completion of your Android app project. Unfortunately finding skilled developers with proper communication skills is rare in today’s market. However, you should still assess their communication and collaboration capabilities to ensure you stay aware about the project details at all times and have reliable communication flow for raising your concerns.

  • How do they keep clients updated on project status?

Reputable Android app development partners employ variety of communication channels to keep clients fully updated on project status at all times. This could include – regular status meetings, progress reports, use of project management tools and/or dedicated client portals or dashboards.

  • How can I get in touch if I have questions during development?

Ask them for possible communication channels they deploy for clients to get in touch with the team regarding any doubts or concerns they might have. Options typically include – email, phone calls, messaging platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack or others.

Bonus Tip: Search Android app development partners that provide dedicated project manager as a single point of contact for all your queries and instructions.

Legal is not to be taken lightly. For most industries, there are many global standards and compliance in place that talks about the dos and don’ts of app development practices. Pick android app development partner that understands these legal matters and has experience working in the niche your services fall under to ensure a solid legal foundation.

  • What contracts do they require clients to sign?

By now your list of potential Android app development partners would have trimmed down quite a bit. This is where you might find a clear winner! For any app development project, contracts can vary between different Android app development partners based on the project scope, timeline, payment terms and IPR. Make sure that you are in agreement to their available options or request for a payment structure that matches your preferences. Only move forward with partners that are willing to provide that flexibility.

  • Who owns the rights to the source code and app IP?

The answer to this question should be – YOU! Period. Please be careful to clear this out right from the beginning that you should retain ownership on anything regarding the source code. The partner may or may not hold on to the non-propriety components in other projects based on the scope and discussion of your project.

10. Discuss Cost and Payment Structure

You assessed your app development budget in phase 1. Now you need to discuss the project cost by getting an estimation from your potential Android app development partners. Apart from knowing the estimated costs, it is also important to know payment structures they offer. Ask them questions like –

  • How are they structuring the cost estimate for your project scope?

Generally, the cost estimations are calculated and valued based on project complexity, features, Android developer hourly rates and other such cost factors. You can learn more about Android app development cost by consulting to a guide that talks about it.  Ask your client to give you an estimate and discuss any potential hidden charge or fluctuations, so you can negotiate and discuss the overall project budget, better.

  • What payment structures do they offer?

Find Android app development partner that provides flexible payment structures including fix priced contracts, hourly rates contracts or milestone-based contracts. Different projects need different kind of resource allocation and you should only have to pay for what you use.

11. Understand their plans for Project Scalability and LTS

You need to ensure your Android app partner has sufficient provisions and skills for accommodating your app to the scaling requirements of your project. As your app grows you would need to add new features, handle more traffic and so on. Make sure to ask them questions like –

  • How will they ensure the app can scale as needed?

Your Android app development partner should have a proper plan for scalability in place. This can be achieved through cloud-based infrastructure, code optimization, providing provisions for increased user load as the app grows, and a lot more.

  • What long-term support is included after launch?

When you are comparing Android app development partners, make sure to check if they provide long-term support that includes bug fixes, updates and maintenance. Depending on the vendor, they might charge extra for these services. As a general guideline, you can expect your app maintenance costs to be around 20% of your overall Android app budget.

12. Request for References

You already checked their portfolios when reviewing potential Android app development partners. However, asking references is still important since it is not necessary that the partner showcases all their work in their portfolio section. Upon requesting for references, you might find projects that match your project’s complexity, architecture and logic.

  • Can they share references from clients who have worked on projects similar to ours?

Ask your potential Android app development partner to share any previous client project that resembles your requirement. This would help get a better idea about their industry expertise and experience working with projects similar to yours.

  • Can they provide references from projects completed in the past year?

Asking potential app development partners for references from last year is an effective way to check the company’s progression over the years in terms of quality of service and functionalities. It also shows how frequently they get projects and whether they are reliable to trust with your Android app project or not.

Final Assessment – Onboarding Android App Development Partner

By now you should be down to 2-4 potential Android App Development Partners at most. You can onboard and select any one to work on your project or you could go an extra mile and give them a final assessment to concrete your decision.

13. Give a Pilot Project to Selected Android App Development Partner

You can ask the selected Android app development partners to work on a pilot project before trusting them with your entire app development project. Giving such task to multiple Android app development partners can help you assess their skills, approach and expertise, which can help you eliminate certain partners, narrowing down your choices.

Can we start with a small MVP as pilot to test working together?

Asking for a test pilot project is a standard business practice in the world of IT. You can either ask for a dummy project that resembles your project requirements on the base scale or you could ask for them to work on a particular feature of your existing Android app that you want to improve. Depending on how they deliver the MVP project, you can decide which Android app development partner to move forward with.

14. Ensure Clear Communication and Transparency

Lastly make sure they have proper communication channels that promote transparency. You can now partner with Top Android App Development Company that checks all these boxes.

  • How responsive will they be via calls, emails, msgs during development?

Clear communication is the key to successful partnership. Select Android app development partner who commits to timely responses via various channels to address any of your questions or concerns during the development phase.

  • How can we ensure open lines of communication through the project?

Be more open-minded when discussing the line of communication. Figure out common communication tools, protocols and schedules to ensure open and transparent communication is upheld throughout the project. Ensure regular meetings and use of effective project management tools.

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Wrapping up!

Pick App Development Partner after putting them through a thorough selection process. The benefits of doing so far outweigh the time spent on building an in-house development team or hiring freelancers from freelancing platforms. Check this guide for whenever you need answer to how to find and select Android app development partner.

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