Done with Mobile App Development – How often you should update it?

By Ronak Patel   |   1 April, 2019
Done with Mobile App Development – How often you should update it?

Mobile applications run with a pace of technology enhancement, operating system, software, and hardware capability.

That means each new development in technology including software and hardware requires updates in existing applications.

However, these are not the only reasons for the app updates; instead, you have plenty of other factors that make app updates necessary.
We’ll discuss the involved factors later in this content. But first, we have plenty of other yet most relevant aspects that make you release app updates.

In fact, a first release is followed by a second, a third, a fourth and the process goes on, no matter what the reasons behind.

There’s a general perception that constant and frequent updates in the mobile application are the way to stay competitive and successful in the business. Updates are required for many reasons. For example;

  • To maintain changes to the operating system
  • To meet the expectations of customers
  • To fix bugs that did not appear during the initial release
  • To add new functionalities
  • To keep app fresh and interactive
  • And, the first we mentioned app must pace with technology improvement

Besides, these points are enough to give you the reasons why you need to update your applications.

However, many of our clients keep asking how frequently do they need to update the app.

So, keeping this in mind, we are here with essential suggestions to help you take a better decision during and after mobile app development.

We have explained everything, detailing why need updates and how frequently you should update your app.

Why App Updates Matters

If you already have an app for your business, this is very crucial to understand why you need to keep up with updates.

App updates are the best marketing tool for mobile app developers to promote their creativity and attract the audience at large.

Besides, you have plenty of business-centric benefits of app updates;

  • App updates keep apps top of mind
  • Updated apps will get rank in app stores
  • Apple and Google prefer frequent updates of the app
  • If you initiate frequent updates creates the impression
  • Updates based on customer request makes you loyal
  • Frequent updates express your commitment to the app
  • Regular updates keep app followers reminded
  • You get spread across potential users, online and offline

You may have now got the idea why you need to come up with app updates whenever necessary.

Update App at Least Once In Month, Is It So?

App updates are essential and that we already discussed in the paragraphs written above.

If you look at the most successful apps, they are updated frequently (almost weekly or at least once in a month).

If you don’t think app updates are essential, then you need to reconsider even building an app. That means you are totally wasting your money, efforts and time.

Importantly, the app store also will not reward your app; it does not get updates, bug fixing, and security updates frequently.

When you constantly come up with app updates, it shows your activeness and care that you have for your app and the user also feel that they are getting something new to explore.

Will customers get annoyed with frequent updates?

Of course, frequent updates can be reasons for your customer irritations, but it does not mean that you should not release updates.

Google and Apple have provided options to users if they want updates or not. Simply they can turn ‘auto update’ off in setting.

Besides, if you have gaming apps, then updates are, and the customer looks new updates on play stores.

So, customers have solutions if they don’t want to update their applications. However, you need to keep them asking if the update of the app is crucial for them.

Reasons to Update Apps

When you build an app and deploy it to the App Store, the next step is to maintain from time to time.

Maintenance involves releasing updates, bug fixing, and keeping an eye on consumers’ demand and much more.

In short, there are many reasons why a vendor needs to app updates frequently.

Bug Fixes & Performance Improvements

Once the app is deployed, you will get the actual report after it gets surfaced across the devices.

Post-deployment bugs are prone to occur, and therefore you need to be ready with proper solutions.

In fact, you should set pattern -weekly or fortnightly to release bug fixing updates.

Collect Bugs

Collecting bugs report is equally crucial as releasing the updates.

Your users may report you regarding the bugs if they find. Besides, you should not be dependent on your users and try to collect bugs using tools frequently.

Bugs are not suitable for your app success, though they can be fixed. So, keep the right track of bugs and fix it as soon as possible.

Take User Feedback Seriously

If you receive feedback, explaining about bugs, takes it seriously and make the changes as soon as possible. Generally, the app does not have large followers.

However, you may get feedback from serious users. That means your app is beneficial and important for such customers. Therefore, ignoring can be a big mistake.


Enhancing the App UX/UI

UI/UX also needs to be updated as the time required, depending on the developers when they find appropriate and suitable UI/UX design.

Besides, apps which are very popular and has a large market share, a better UI/UX needs be corrected time and time again.

Developers or vendors need to ensure that the functionality including speed of operation and stability are intact and helping customer users served the purposes.

UI/UX design changes occur in many conditions.

Guidelines Changes

When any significant updates released for the operating system, you need to change the UI/UX according, else the interface would look extremely clumsy.

New operating system requires new apps, and therefore, you need to keep up your app with the operating system.

Obsolete Design

Designs changes according to time and modern UI/UX standard or trend, though are not forced to change the interface. However, matching with trend will keep you ahead in terms of popularity.

Besides, you need to keep checking if the interface is engaging and helping user’s access things in a better way.

Maintaining a Loyal User Base

When you deploy an app on the App store, the most complex challenge you are supposed to face is gaining user’s attention. Well, that will not happen over time.

You need to prove your worth to get your app installed in the smartphone of users.

Honestly speaking, there is no quick formula for this, but you can do by enabling certain things into your business prospects. For example;

  • Take your every user seriously
  • Make them feel special
  • Provide them personalized support
  • Consider their complaint request seriously and act without any delay
  • Appreciate your users’ suggestion

Showing Your Care for the App

You know, when you deploy an app and you got a good user base as well, but if you don’t release any updates, users may forget you.

They will not use your app as they think that you know longer run this app. That’s dangerous even when we think of it.

Yes, app updates are a great way to communicate your users that you are very serious about your applications.

When your users see that you are taking very serious care even for a small error that establishes credibility, that’s a step towards your success.

Promoting the App

If you release frequent updates, that directly or indirectly promote your apps. For example, you may get more mindshare users.

Besides, there are plenty or even hundreds of app available to carry out a single task.

Similarly, if you are release updates, users will get a notification about updates, and it will remind them regarding the updates.

Adding New Features or Integrations

If you want to add new features, you need updates. Besides, when a major software or hardware is updated, you can utilize the capability of the software and can update your app accordingly.

For example, iOS12 is currently having lots of new features including split screens, force touch, and others.

You need to update your app which is compatible with the features.


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App updates are very significant, and it decides how your users will grab the development.

Having gone through the content, you may come across the following solutions;

  • Importance of app updates
  • App updates frequency
  • Benefits of app updates
  • Reasons for app updates
  • And, when to release app updates

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In short, we have covered all the questions in this article that we have got through our clients and also included the point that we found useful while going through online searches.

To be honest, there is no concrete data when to initiate app updates. However, it entirely depends on the users’ demands and whenever you feel need to make any changes and additions.

We as a leading App Development Company have put out all our efforts to make things clear and solve your issues.

However, if you come across any suggestion regarding the article, you can share with us using the “Contact Us” page.

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