Flutter Development Tools To Develop Cross-Platform App in 2024

Flutter is a Google-backed cross-platform software development framework that can develop apps and deploy them on multiple popular app platforms (iOS, Android and more) using a single codebase. This makes life much easier for developers, business owners and everyone involved in the process. Flutter’s immense capacity to make the process of app development simpler and quicker helps you save a fortune on your app development costs and reduces your app development project time significantly. It is used by millions of developers worldwide for creating mesmerizing UI experiences for their applications.

Why Use Flutter for App Development?

Reflectly, Google Ads, Grab Xianyu (Alibaba Group) are some of the most popular mobile applications we all know and love. All of these apps have one thing in common – they are all developed using Flutter.

One of the major advantages of Flutter is the native-like performance and appearance it provides. The Flutter toolkit has all the necessary libraries, components and widgets needed to recreate the native Android and iOS look and feel. Some additional benefits of using Flutter for your app development requirements are –

    • Code Development Time reduces significantly.
    • Time-to-market speed increases substantially.
    • You need to use a unified UI and business logic across all platforms.
    • Apps built using Flutter have native UI-like performance capabilities.

Update: Google comes up with the much-awaited Flutter 2.0 release. Cheer up for developers who are looking for stable release.

Here are some upgrades of Flutter 2:

  • Google announced flutter 2.0 with some big changes to flutter which provide the developers to create beautiful, fast and portable apps for any platforms.
  • With the use of flutter 2 you can use the same codebase to change native apps in five operating systems: iOS, Android, Windows, macOS and Linux.
  • It also embedded with cars, TVs and home appliances providing the most pervasive and portable experience for an ambient computing world.

Top Flutter App Development Tools to Use in 2024

While Flutter is a self-sufficient Google UI framework with capabilities for creating native, web, mobile and desktop apps using a single codebase, it also has room for third-party app development tools that increase Flutter’s abilities and potential. This enables you to get a better full-stack app development solution for your app development requirements. We have compiled some of the best Flutter App Development Tools to Use in 2024:

Top Flutter App Development to use

1. Panache

App Development Tool Category – DesignApp Development Tools

Panache is a Flutter Material Theme editor that helps a Flutter developer create appealing Material themes for their Flutter Applications. With Panache, you can customize shapes, colors and other essential theme components with ease. Once you are designing your theme using Panache, you can export the theme file as β€˜.dart’. file to your Google Drive.

2. Supernova

App Development Tool Category – DesignApp Development Tools

Supernova recently launched an assistance tool for Flutter that helps any Flutter projects get a jumpstart. This tool helps Flutter developers to add animation styles on all devices in real-time, design layers into the native widgets automatically and create responsive flexbox layouts automatically in the background. One of the major advantages of using Supernova is it saves a ton of time for developers. With Supernova, you can import your Sketch or Adobe XD file by choosing Flutter as your export destination. Supernova’s UI is flexible enough to adjust as per your likings. Many Flutter developers prefer Supernova for working on the app design, experience and usability metrics.Β  You can make changes to your Flutter app in real-time using Supernova.

3. Adobe XD

App Development Tool Category – DesignApp Development Tools

XD to Flutter is an open-source collaborative tool for creating apps with the Flutter platform based on designs created in Adobe XD. Using this plugin, the developers can create stunning mobile app designs as the tool provides a streamlined and comprehensive design workflow. It creates a .dart file that the developers can directly place in their app codebase. Adobe XD is also capable of enabling wireframing, prototyping, animating and collaborating from a single source.

4. Codemagic

App Development Tool Category – Integration App Development Tools

Nevercode developed Codemagic, which is the first Flutter-oriented CI/CD tool in the market. Codemagic detects and identifies a Flutter app with the utmost ease. Using Codemagic, you can easily integrate all your favourite Flutter tools for automating the build test and release pipeline. It is an ideal Flutter app development tool for Flutter developers to speed up their development process. With Codemagic, you will not have to waste time on configuration for launching your app on various marketplaces. The automation feature makes the testing and creation process straightforward and more efficient. This helps streamline the launch process and makes it hassle-free.

5. Sylph

App Development Tool Category – Integration App Development Tools

Sylph is a command-line utility used for running Flutter integration and end-to-end tests on iOS and Android devices on the cloud. You can run Sylph on Windows, Linux, Mac and any CI environment as well. It works effortlessly with AWS Device Farm to support hundreds of Android and iOS devices.

6. Count.ly

App Development Tool Category – AnalysisApp Development Tools

Count.ly is one of the most popular open-source analytics tools for Flutter Developers that primarily focuses on your data’s privacy and security. It has a free version that allows the users to track all basic metrics and Key Performance Indicators that help developers see how their app is performing. However, you can opt for their paid version if you need more extensive metrics and access to better features like A/B testing, push notifications and more.

7. Amplitude

App Development Tool Category – AnalysisApp Development Tools

Amplitude is one of the top product intelligence tools for Flutter developers. With Amplitude, you can get a better understanding of how your users are interacting with your app. You can track and monitor various data points and queries for gaining insightful data that can help you improvise your app development efforts.

8. AppsFlyer

App Development Tool Category – Analysis App Development Tools

AppsFlyer is one of the best mobile attribution tools that helps its users identify where their users are coming from. This helps them attribute app installs to specific marketing campaigns. Any marketing effort can only be truly tested for its effectiveness if we can measure its ROI accurately. By using AppsFlyer in your Flutter app project, you will understand which marketing campaigns are yielding results and which are not performing as well. You get access to all of these critical data points in one dashboard that can integrate it with over 600 media partners.

9. Appetize

App Development Tool Category –Cross-platform mobile app development tools

Appetize.io is a cross-platform mobile app development tool that enables you to run native Android and iOS apps directly on the browser without depending on any plugins, downloads or additional permissions. This app development tool can be used for training, app demos, customer support, automation, testing and various other requirements.

10. Instabug

App Development Tool Category –Cross-platform mobile app development tools

Instabug is a software-development-kit (SDK) that derives real-time contextual insights for mobile apps. This data can be used for crash reporting, in-app bug reporting, collecting feature requests, surveys and many other purposes. Instabug has a Flutter SDK that developers can install in their Flutter app, which would allow their users to leave a bug report when they leave the app. Instabug captures a screenshot that you can annotate and blur. It catches the comprehensive logs and device details needed for fixing the exact issue. You can also use Instabug to send dedicated surveys to users to gain a better understanding of user actions. Allowing users to request features and vote on them would make you look responsible and increase user engagement with your app.

11. Screenshots

App Development Tool Category –Cross-platform mobile app development tools

Screenshots provide Flutter developers with a special method to insert in any spaces in their tests where they want to capture a screenshot. This method helps developers store captured screen-images in a known location on the disk. Screenshots is an effective Flutter cross-mobile app development IDE. It uses command-line utility to capture and upload screenshots directly on the stats bar. These screenshots can be integrated with your Flutter applications. These screenshots work seamlessly on Android and iOS platforms. It starts the needed iOS and Android emulators, runs screen capture tests and also processes the images.

12. Visual Studio Code

App Development Tool Category -Cross-platform mobile app development tools

Visual Studio Code is another cross-platform mobile app development tool that helps developers with running tasks, version control, creating and debugging cloud and web applications and more. It is an open-source editor backed by Microsoft, and it supports Linux, macOS and Windows. There are many impressive and useful features developers get access to with this mobile app development tool. Some popular features are – smart code completion, code refactoring, syntax highlighting and debugging support. It works effortlessly with C++ and Python as well.

13. Firebase

App Development Tool Category –Flutter app development tools

Firebase is an app development tool offered by Google that helps developers develop and run their mobile apps with ease and efficiency. With this app development tool, you can develop and launch your apps across Android and iOS platforms. Firebase helps developers unify the back-end by bundling Firebase API together in a single SDK.

14. Vysor

App Development Tool Category –Flutter app development tool

One important app development tool that developers often keep looking for is tools that allow users to mirror their Android and iOS devices to their computers. Most mirroring apps aren’t as compressible and straightforward to use. Vysor is one such screen mirroring app that we think provides the perfect solution for this requirement.Β  With Vysor, you can beam your device’s screen activates on a computer with ease. All you need is a USB cable that connects to your phone and the laptop/desktop. You don’t even need an internet connection for this. Vysor is available as a chrome extension on the chrome web store.

To Conclude
Flutter is one of the top software development toolkits used by millions of mobile app developers. These are the top Flutter app development tools anyone can use in 2024 for making the best Flutter app solution for your requirements. Keep an eye on this blog for the latest updates and changes to know about the latest Flutter App Development Tools to substantially help you with your app development projects.

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