How to Find App Development Companies Near Me?

By Ronak Patel   |   22 July, 2021
How to Find App Development Companies Near Me?

Searching the net for ‘How to Find App Development Companies near me?’ Have an urgent app requirement for your business needs? Finding the best App development companies near you can be challenging and tedious if you do not have a plan of action laid out from the start. App development is a rising sector, which will only grow in terms of relevance and popularity as we proceed in the next technology-driven era.

There are more than 1000s of app development companies all around the globe. Hence, choosing the right partner for your app development requirements can be like finding a needle in a haystack. We will help you break it down to consumable, comprehensible and systematic information bits to provide you with a complete guide on finding app development companies near you.

Before we start finding the ideal app development company for your business, we should focus on some ‘App development considerations you should think about before you hire an app development company.

App Development Checklist – How to be ready with your App Requirements

Creating an app development checklist will help your app development company understand your business and app requirements better. Still, it would also help you feel more in control and give you a sense of clarity about what exactly you want. App Development Checklist also enables you to save time and plan out your app development budget.  Here is an efficient checklist for your reference –

  • Why do you need an app in the first place?
  • Who is your primary target audience?
  • Does your app have different types of users?
  • What app development platforms do you want your app to be available on?
  • What should be the distribution method for your app?
  • How much security do you need for your app?
  • Prepare a must-have list of features.

App Development FAQ

Choosing between In-house vs Outsource

Hiring an in-house team for app development can be a costly affair. There are many benefits of having an in-house team like increased agility, improved communication and better cultural fit. However, there are also high non-deferrable expenses like salaries, difficulty in hiring IT experts, time-consuming recruiting and onboarding processes. Alternatively, outsourcing your app development requirements can lead to a dramatic reduction in costs, more effortless scalability, faster time-to-market and hiring top talents. Unless you have a lot of capital to invest and are looking for a permanent team of app developers, outsourcing is better.

Find App Development Companies Near me – Hiring Options.

After deciding to outsource your app development project, you need to think next about finding app development companies near me?  Now there are a couple of hiring options for finding your right app development partner. Let us understand the potential of each available hiring option –

Hiring Options

1. Hire Freelancers near me

Hiring freelancers is usually the first approach taken into consideration by most businesses for their app development requirements. Freelancing is a widespread hiring option. Companies get to work with individual talents with the necessary skills for half the price of hiring an in-house app developer, sometimes even lesser. There are many credible and popular website portals for finding and hiring app developers like Upwork, Toptal and more.

Before finding the right app developer for your project, you should have a basic understanding of the considerations you should keep in mind while hiring a freelance developer.

Freelance App Developer Checklist

  1. Importance of the position you’re hiring for.
  2. Where does the role fit in your overall company?
  3. Are you hiring for short-term or long-term?
  4. How much experience should the developer have for this role?
  5. How important is the project?
  6. What are the basic deliverables you’re looking for?
  7. Do you need a remote or on-site developer?
  8. How much is your budget for this position?

Once you have figured out the answers to these questions, we can move on to freelance websites to help you with your query – ‘how to find app development services near me?’

Freelance Websites

Top Freelance Websites To Find App Developer Near Me


Fees:  Basic – Free | Plus – $4.99/month | Enterprise – Discuss on call

Upwork is a freelancer marketplace where you can find many freelance developers. As a client, you post a project description on the website, and potential candidates bid against each other to win your project. Once you shortlist a freelancer, you decide on a fee. This fee must be deposited in escrow and released once the freelancer completes the work specification mentioned in your milestone.


Fees: Hourly Rates – $60-$250 | Part-Time – $100 – $400/week

Toptal is one of the most credible marketplaces for finding app developers. Many startups and top companies prefer Toptal services to find app developers near them. First, you talk with their industry experts; they will understand your requirements, and based on that, they will find the right developer for your requirements. Then, you get a trial period to work with that developer to ensure they are the right fit.

Stack Overflow

Fees: Not Disclosed – Schedule a Call

Stack Overflow is a dedicated online community forum for developers where they post and discuss various topics. The same company also has a job board where companies can post their app requirements or job requirements with a suiting description. The description will be shown in the relevant places on the website.

2. Hire Onshore App Development Company

Onshore app development companies are such app development agencies that are located in the same country as yours. For instance, if your business is situated in Melbourne and search the net for ‘App Development Companies near me’, Google will fetch all the IT companies in your city, states, and overall country. Most businesses feel onshore app development companies are the best possible solution for their app requirements as it will be easier to communicate with them. However, there are many hidden limitations of outsourcing your app to an Onshore app development firm.

3. Hire Nearshore App Development Company

Nearshore app development companies are any app development firms that belong to the same time zone as your business. When hiring a Nearshore app development company, the general time difference will be around 1-3 hours at most. So, for instance, if you’re a Dubai based enterprise, you could easily outsource your app development project to an Indian app development company and arrange for meet-ups by booking a flight once a month or so.

4. Utilize Local Business Portals to Find App Development Companies near me

Like many dedicated freelance portals, there are also many local business portals where you can easily find top app development companies for your needs. These sources are credible and reliable as they usually have a very effective screening process to select or reject companies based on their relevancy and merit.

Here are the top Business Portals for App Development –

Top Business Portals to find App development company near me


Clutch is a top review and rating firm from Washington DC that covers Mobile and Web App Development Services in the USA, Canada and other parts of the world. An app development company has to go through several qualitative and quantitative factors to be listed on their website. Their team of experts verifies even the client reviews on Clutch, so you know whatever you are; reading about a firm on this portal is genuine. They have more than 7000 IT-related companies listed on their website. Aglowid is of the top mobile app development companies on Clutch.


BusinessofApps is the one place solution for all your app business needs. You can learn about the latest trends, get your hands on world-class news, data and access all-important marketplaces at their website. It is also a B2B directory covering app marketing, app ad platforms, app development, and other important sectors. In addition, you can find dedicated mobile app developers from UK, USA and India from here.


GoodFirms has a research-based approach to help buyers filter out and get professional application development, design and marketing services. To get listed on GoodFirms, an app development company must fill up a form with essential details like email, name, company name and other such data points.


LinkedIn is one of the most renowned employment-oriented online services that is mainly used for professional networking. It is a neutral marketplace for both job seekers to post their CVs and employers like you to post jobs. You can find your ideal app developers and app development companies by connecting with them or posting jobs with your project requirement checklist.

5. Check References to Get info of Near by App Development Company

One of the most old-school yet cost-effective methods to find app developers for your business needs is to rely on your references. For example, suppose you know any company that got their app solutions made recently. In that case, you could always ask them for the company they handed the project to and ask a few questions to learn more about their offerings, commitment, work ethic and capabilities.

6. Search Classified List to get list of Nearby Company

Classified lists are one of the oldest and most reliable tools for finding app developers near you. There are many localized classified list websites and many credible global-level portals too. Most of these allow businesses to post their jobs for free and help them connect with developers looking for a gig. Some of the best-classified lists you should have a look at are –

Classified Websites to Find App Developers Near Me


Codingame is a renowned technology company that acts as a platform for developers to play with programming, solve difficult puzzles and improve their coding skills at the same time. Though it isn’t directly a classified listing website, it has a provision for you to post a basic job description and posting your ad. Instead of waiting for developers to connect with you, Codingame recommends closely matched developers with the right skill set that matches your requirements. So now, all you need to do is choose a developer that matches your requirement the best and hire them with ease.

Dice is one of the best recruitment engines for companies to source developers worldwide. They have an outstanding number of registered developers (3 million) and 2.4 million visits on their website per month. With Dice, you get access to the top talents and a quicker recruitment process.


Mashable is one of the most widely recognized American news platforms, with 25 million followers and 45 million visitors per month. It focuses on topics like digital culture, technology, science and social media. Hence, it is a good bet that the developer you are looking for will likely be on this platform. Mashable also distributes its job ads to various job search engines that help extend the reach of your job posting.


AngelList is more of a networking platform than a classified listing portal with more than 3,300,000 candidates who want to work with a startup and actively seek an opportunity. AngelList is an efficient platform that can solve the ‘finding app developers near me’ query for many countries and cities, as it is widely used and popular.

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App Development Companies – Outsourcing Alternatives

So far, we have covered all the possible methods of hiring app development companies near you. As you can see, while there are several hiring options for finding app development companies or app developers nearby, all of them are fairly expensive, tedious and not that reliable at the same time too. ‘Hiring app developers near me’ is a good option for large scale businesses that probably don’t have the time or luxury to find better alternatives outside. Still, for startups and medium scale businesses, the benefits of hiring an offshore app development company far outweigh the benefits of hiring a local development company.

Why Hire Offshore App Development Company?

Offshore App development companies have many benefits and services to offer for your app development requirements. In the digitally connected world, physical proximity shouldn’t be the limiting factor that stops you from exploring the possibility of global development companies and their expertise. Here are some of the best benefits of hiring an offshore app development company –

Advantages to Hire Offshore App Development Company

Significant reduction in costs

The cost of living in that country, the demand for those services and the availability of potential employees directly influence the cost of any service in a country. The cost of living in most popular outsourcing destinations for app developers like India, Eastern Europe or China are significantly lesser than that of the US, UK and Western Europe. For instance, the difference in app development costs for Android developers in India can go down to $18-$40 per hour, whereas the same service would cost $100-150 per hour in the US.

Easier access to vetted and experienced app developers

There are many challenges with hiring experienced in-house app development developers. The recruitment process and thorough screening can be costly and time-consuming, with no guarantee of finding a reliable developer. Instead, relying on app developers from top offshore app development companies can help you hire app developers with ease and confidence.

Quicker app development solutions

Time is of the essence when building your app, and most offshore app development companies realize that when taking any project to complete. With dedicated resources and personalized solutions, such development teams work around the clock to build your ideal app in your preferred duration.

To better reference and understand hiring app developers in offshore hotspots like India, check out this blog.

Wrapping up!

This was your ultimate guide to hiring app development companies near you. Whether you are looking for onshore app development companies or offshore app development companies for your business requirements, always make sure first to plan out your app development requirements and choose the best-fitted solution accordingly.

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