About The Client

Our client is a subsidiary Automobile company from one of the oldest surviving Japanese Automobile engine manufacturers. The company produces entry-level compact cars in Japan and Southeast Asia, which are supplied to global emerging markets under a well-known brand. Its sales account for 4% of the parent group's vehicle sales.

About The Project

Japan has the highest ratio of aging people, leading to a rise in accidents caused by elderly drivers. With a vison to serve the vast aged audience in Japan as well as south Asian countries the client is looking to create a smart solution for aged people with a goal to aid them in improving their driving experience and monitor their health at all times. They wanted to use the iBeacon smart wristband to monitor heart rate that is connected with their car. They also wanted drivers, and their family members to access their health reports through an interactive dashboard via a mobile app or/via a web app, whichever they prefer. Here, we were responsible for developing an admin panel and relative portal and providing API endpoints for the mobile app.

Project Objectives

Our client's initiative aimed to seamlessly integrate AI technology with health data collected by iBeacon wristbands. The primary objective was to provide comprehensive healthcare analysis, predictive warnings, recommendations, and corrective actions to mitigate the risk of serious illnesses or mishaps. Additionally, ensuring last-mile access was crucial to facilitate prompt aid in the event of an accident.

Project Features

  • Employee Management Portal
  • Real-Time GPS-based alerts
  • AI-based insights
  • Chat, contact and mail options
  • Real-Time Data Access to Relatives & Users

How Does the Project Work?

Initially, the project was meant to provide real-time location of the driver through the smart beacon wrist band. This information was then shown in real time on the relative portal, and mobile apps. We were responsible for developing the API endpoints and backend support for enabling this. With these integrations, all the concerned members could track the driver's real-time location and heart rate.

Stepping to the next phase, we integrated Google Weather API into the system. By using Lambda, an AI based tool, the driver and family members could be updated about the current and upcoming weather conditions on the route the driver was on or about to be. Based on such weather forecasts and predictions, the AI mechanism provided alerts for drivers to take corrective actions to ensure safety.

Improving on the AI’s capabilities, we were able to add to its ability to warn and prompt the drivers when they approach a school, museum, library or any other such institute where it would be advisable to drive slowly, and honk less. They would also get speed recommendations.

How Did We Ensure Driver Safety?

The app and relative portal require the driver to fill in certain emergency details of the driver, like the emergency contact number of their relatives/friends. Other than that, the app had all local emergency numbers pre-fed into the system. If the driver would not reply or confirm the status update alert about how they were feeling during the drive, an automatic message or call would trigger the emergency numbers with their location based on latitude and longitude alongwith their contact/message details so the right personnel can reach the scene as swiftly as possible.

Moreover, the relative portal users could access the health reports and all possible insights on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to keep track of the driver's health and well-being.

Project Deliverables

After assessing the key project features by discussing the project roadmap in detail with the client, we analyzed the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats to come up with key project deliverables such as –

  • Providing Monitoring & Preventive Solution for Aged Drivers
  • AI/Based Weather and Driving Aid Suggestions
  • Real-Time Tracking and Emergency Automation
  • Mobile App & Relative Portal

Results – What Our Clients Achieved?

  • Reduction in health-related incidents and mishaps.
  • Decrease in the occurrence rate of insurance claims.
  • Elevated interest in our products and offerings

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