About The Client

The client is a leading e-commerce store in Japan, specializing in a wide range of furniture including beds, sofas, tables, and storage solutions. Their extensive catalog allows customers to explore products by type, size, material, and design, with filters for popularity, new arrivals, and price. Renowned for their reliability and customer-focused approach, they have established a strong market presence in the furniture industry.

About The Project

The client needed to enhance their inventory management capabilities to keep up with growing demand and an expanding product catalog. They sought a robust solution to streamline product management, stock control, pricing, and shipping estimations. Our team was tasked with developing a custom software solution to replace their manual system and provide efficient inventory tracking, big data processing, and future stock planning.

Here are the challenges we identified with the client -

  • Manual Inventory Tracking : They relied on manual logs and spreadsheets to track inventory, leading to frequent errors and inefficiencies.
  • Disjointed Systems : The absence of a centralized system resulted in fragmented information across different departments, hindering effective communication and coordination.
  • Limited Warehouse Control : Without a robust warehouse management system, managing multiple warehouses and their stock levels was cumbersome.
  • Delayed Order Processing : Manual order handling led to slow processing times and increased the risk of errors.
  • Price Management Difficulties : Adjusting prices across different products and stores was complex and time-consuming.
  • Limited Access Control : There was no secure way to control access to the warehouse, leading to potential security risks.

Project Objectives

The primary objective behind the warehouse management solution was to –

  • Centralizing inventory, product, order, and price management.
  • Implementing a multiple warehouse management module.
  • Enabling future order creation and planning.
  • Improving stock and product quantity tracking, including third-party vendor products.
  • Enhancing warehouse security through IP-restricted access

Key Features Implemented

Comprehensive Inventory Management

  • Automated product inventory and stock tracking.
  • Real-time updates on availability and movements.
  • Barcode scanning integration for efficient handling.

Advanced Analytics and Reporting

  • Big data processing for inventory insights.
  • Customizable reports on sales, stock levels, and performance.
  • Predictive analytics for stock planning and demand forecasting.

Customer-Centric Features

  • Order tracking and status updates.
  • Estimated shipping dates aligned with customer preferences.
  • Customizable alerts for order updates and shipment notifications.

Project Deliverables

We developed a comprehensive warehouse and inventory management system using Ruby on Rails. This solution was tailored to address the client’s specific needs while preserving the essence of their traditional business model.

  • Centralized Stock Management : All inventory data was consolidated into a single platform, enabling real-time tracking of stock levels across multiple warehouses.
  • Product Management : The system simplified catalog management with detailed product information and automated updates to product listings and availability.
  • Order Management : Streamlined order processing from receipt to delivery, including automated order tracking and status updates.
  • Price Management : Centralized price control allowed quick updates across all platforms, supporting promotional pricing and discounts.
  • Multiple Warehouse Management : Enabled efficient management of multiple warehouses with real-time visibility into stock levels and movements.
  • Future Order Creation : Allowed planning and scheduling of future orders based on forecasted demand, improving inventory planning and reducing stockouts.
  • Third-Party Vendor Integration : Integrated tracking of stock and product quantities from third-party vendors, with seamless synchronization of vendor-provided inventory data.
  • IP Restricted Warehouse Access : Enhanced security with IP-restricted access, controlling and monitoring access to sensitive inventory data.

Results – What Our Clients Achieved?

  • Increased Efficiency : Automated processes reduced manual effort and errors, leading to a significant increase in operational efficiency.
  • Improved Accuracy : Real-time inventory tracking and centralized data management minimized discrepancies and improved accuracy.
  • Enhanced Security : IP-restricted access ensured that only authorized personnel could access sensitive warehouse data.
  • Better Order Management : Streamlined order processing improved order fulfillment times and customer satisfaction.
  • Scalability : The new system provided a scalable foundation that could grow with Yamatoya's expanding business.

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