React Native With Redux – Avail Benefits of an Ultimate Duo for Mobile App Development

Looking for a Mobile app development for your dream Project? React Native with Redux is one of the emerging duo you can use to build interactive mobile app.

When it comes to creating an attractive Native app, you are left with two option -either create an app using Java for Android or Swift for iOS.

But, it has become a matter of past and you have the option to create a pure native app with the help of React Native that was released by Facebook.

But again, React Native helps developers to create an almost pure native app, but it requires support from other JavaScript libraries such as Redux.

Redux is all about helping React to build a robust native app for cross-platform such as iOS, Android, Windows, etc.

What is Redux and How Helpful It is with React Native?

It’s a strong JavaScript library and helps to write an application which behaves consistently. And with React Native, Redux helps React Native to change to the state of the component by triggering it from other components.

In fact, it’s a state management tools for JavaScript which can work with any framework such as Preact, Inferno, Angular and others.

However, it is mostly used with React Native framework. So, we’ll be talking through the benefits of Redux library with React Native framework.

Is Redux Necessary for React Native?

Though React native is fully independent and developers can write a complete application using only React Native.

Creating an application on React makes it a bit complex and it may not be fully responsive.

So, when you want to make exciting applications for cross-platform, then Redux comes to your rescue.

Is Redux a Framework?

No, it’s not a framework, rather it’s JavaScript Library which helps developers create applications, though it uses Flux architecture to create an app.

Why do we use Redux with React Native?

There can be many examples that justify the use of Redux.

First off, most developers believe that the use of Redux is only with React or React Native, but the fact is that it can be used with many other frameworks such as AngularJS, Vue, js, Polymer, Ember, Backbone.js and much more.

Redux minimizes the complexities of Application made on React Native framework.

What Does Redux Do with React Native?

Redux is very popular and demanding library among developers for front-end development work.

Besides, it also helps many top development frameworks and tools to create a flawless application for cross platforms.

Benefits of Redux with React Native

Redux and React are two different things and both are fully operational even separately, but when they bond together, they provide awesome results.Besides, they together bring lots of benefits which are explained in the following paragraphs.

  • The current state with actions and other parts of applications easily syncs and provides awesome outcome
  • Maintaining codes become extremely easier as Redux contains the strict structure and predictable outcome
  • Redux helps to organize codes in an appropriate manner which then provide flawless performance
  • It is  also helpful for server rendering which enables initial rendering
  • Redux provides tools to keep an intact track on everything right from actions to state changing

Benefits of Redux

Server Rendering

In traditional developing tools, Developers have to go through a complex procedure for server rendering.

But the new Redux has made server rendering simpler for better user experience.

All you need to do is to pass to store, which you have created, to the client side and your work is done. It’s as simple as that.

Developer Tools

The Redux comes up with developer-friendly tools which help to track everything including actions to the state of changes in real time.

That means you developing work becomes quite easy with a tracking system to inform you whatever going on in the app.

Community & Ecosystem

Redux with a large community behind with assistance to use any library is a great help for developers.

The community supports system makes redux more appealing and easy to use. So, make the app development the best out of the top library or framework.

Ease of Testing

One of the biggest development complexities that every developer has to face is the testing system.

Easy testing depends on how small the codes have been written.

Redux does exactly the same by helping developers write pure, small and unique code which are testable easily.

Functional Programming

That’s an open secret that what Redux was built on and what concept it follows. Understanding the functional programming concept is equally important as it is to understand what the redux was built.

So, let’s explore the core concepts of functional programming.

  • Redux treats all its functions as primary objects
  • Functions, recursions and arrays help to control flow
  • All the Functions as arguments passed by Redux when required
  • Functions of Redux are anonymous, pure, closure, recursive and higher-order
  • Various helper functions such as map, filter and reduce are used by Redux
  • Redux excellently chains all its functions together
  • The Redux is immutable, that means the state of it never changes
  • Redux does not give much importance to the order of code execution

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What is a Middleware in Redux?

Middleware is the part of Redux. In fact, it’s a tool/functions that help in improving the functionality of the application on Redux.

It can be used for many purposes such as logging actions, reporting errors, sending new actions and also making asynchronous requests.

The Pros and Cons of React + Redux

First off, ReactJS is library while React Native is a framework based on JavaScript. And, for React Native, Redux is a state management layer which helps to write simple action objects.

However, both React and Redux have pros and cons that you should know before making your choice.

Ease of Writing

JSX enables writing React templates similar HTML with interpolation while Redux removes the complexities that you may face with React Applications.

It is best used for writing nearly similar HTML code which turns out as Moustache templates and final results may be unique and different from others.

Complete Data and Presentation Separation

React combines with Redux and gives best results by allowing complete separation Data and Presentation. However, React alone can do so, but Redux makes things easy to do.

In a simple sentence, any data lost during the rendering process stored in React state, but combining through Redux, it gives excellent result through complete separation of data.

No Re-Rendering Required

One of the biggest hurdles that React solves is its rendering process. Generally, developers have to go through multiple rendering processes which is annoying in some cases.

Using React, it becomes quite simple. Whether it is first to render or 100th render, it is carried out in the same way.

Besides, if it in case of re-render requires, Redux does this successfully on its page.

Easy DOM Binding

The traditional way of doing DOM was Tirey and irritating as it used to go through multiple processes to complete the task.

React Native is a Framework

As many of us think that React Native is a framework, though it’s a framework and it offers declarative methods to define UI. Whereas Redux is a library which quality data store.
Okay… that’s all for the pros of using Redux with React Native, Now lets talk about some Cons.

  • Communities still in its development process
  • The necessity of build tools

Wrapping Up – Best + Best = Excellent

React and Redux are two different things and both are independent, but they together provide awesome development result. In simple sentence, the best + best = excellent.

Hope you are now totally aware of using the duo of React Native with Redux. Feel free to share, comment your thoughts on this article.

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